Pretty Boy Holds Press Conference and Premieres this Wednesday on KBS

We’ve arrived at yet another premiere week in K-drama land, and this one comes courtesy of Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) taking over the time slot vacated by Secret on KBS Wed-Thurs. Starring Jang Geun Seok, IU, Lee Jang Woo, and Han Chae Young, I’m approaching this one with a dash of hesitation but an open mind since I’ve a fondness for manga or manhwa adapted dramas. Producing is production company Group 8 which has a hit-or-miss track record with adaptations in the past. This time around, the production company is apparently so confident in Pretty Boy that it compared this drama with one of its biggest hits Boys Before Flowers and said this one is even better. It also mentioned how KBS has had a string of male-oriented drama hits such as Nice Guy and The Equator Man and now PB will continue in that vein. Put aside those two dramas were melos and that genre does well generally, if we take PB has having an anti-hero for a hero and watching him redeem himself, then I suppose that is a hook that has worked in the past. The production company has compared the journey of male lead Dokko Ma Te and his quest to seduce 10 super wealthy woman as a “success story journey” and I’m going to have to take their word and put it on a mountain of salt for now. I’ll decide after I watch it. Jang Geun Seok officially debuted his new short hair cut, which is hilariously a buzz cut on the side ala his Beethoven Virus days but then with an oddly curly teased mound on top. I haven’t decided if I liked it, but it is a refreshingly change from his three-plus years with the same limp shoulder length hair. The four leads all look decent at the press conference, with hot new real life mom Han Chae Young rocking the bling bling, IU in respectable black and white, Lee Jang Woo going for a hobo suited look, and Jang Geuk Seok breaking out the color and velvet but still nowhere near as wacky as his Mary Stayed Out All Night press conference get up. That one was indescribably ridiculous. The drama released an 8-minute long preview so check it out below for yourselves.

Long preview for Pretty Boy:

[youtube id=”Z8xpCdBUeAw” w=”650″ h=”450″]



Pretty Boy Holds Press Conference and Premieres this Wednesday on KBS — 25 Comments

  1. Don’t judge me but I’m excited for this to premiere. This seems like it might have the right amount of silly and cheesiness to make it fun

  2. It looks like most of the actresses are going for white top and black skirt these days…first it was PSH and Krystal and now IU..

    anyway…gonna give this one a try….I loved similar cute and colorful looking Playful Kiss…hopefully this will be good!

    • This is what I thought as well and not just three storylines but three different genres. The stuff with IU in the police station seems typical romantic comedy while the previous things with the mother and the hospital and the funeral seem revenge thriller (cue music). My Korean is not good enough to understand it all. Is that how they are building in sympathy for his character; does the lad start out on a mission of revenge/slash I hate the world because of what it did to my mom?
      Sigh–LJW looks adorable and he will end up alone.

      • Yea it felt like watching 2 different dramas and none had seducing going on 😛 dunno i don’t understand korean but thats all i saw

  3. Sorry…. don’t get me wrong… but I feel bored watching it.. At least they showed already the preview and Am not into it… I really like JGS in YOUR BEAUtIFUL… haysssttt…

  4. I have no idea what’s going on in the preview, but it looks interesting if a bit confusing. JGS and IU have no romantic chemistry in the preview though, but I expect that for awhile.

  5. Jks purple red suit and iu z white black emsemble reminds me too much of the heirs lmh and psh clothes .. expect tht they were better thn these .. no hating . … i like these kinds of dramas i ll chk it out … ps to all cordi nunas dont u read news paper or watch tv ?? Y dress these ppl up so similarly

  6. I admit the title was weak n my interest level drop. but the writer is good n the preview is good. I love the cast. Can’t wait to watch it

  7. JGS got eye bag….?? is he tired or been crying or working all night?? I hope this drama is good. I really like him in MSOAN..and still think his best leading lady is MGY.

  8. The pictures from the press conference showed JSG being very distant from IU, what a way to show chemistry. The preview actually looks better than I expected, might give it a try.

    • Why is it only JGS , if u noticed the pictures IU was not even smiling in many of them. Sticking to eachother offscreen doesn’t really speak for what is about to come onscreen.
      As far I noticed IU prefers to be reserved and distant from people in public appearances .

      • Poor girl I know bcz some stupid comments from past history against her she doesn’t want to add more , I hope her success <3

  9. Yea I’m so up to watch this a can’t wait to start comparing it towards Heirs my Wed-Thursdays are already hectic enough now I’m going to be Obsessed with a whole new drama, I Love It!!!!

  10. I love JKS with short hair. He looks hot and young. This drama will be good. I will call it Bel Ami instead of Pretty Man/Pretty Boy/Beautiful Man. JKS’ acting never disappoints me. Man, this boy can act!

  11. Contrary to how flimsy the “Beautiful Man” title may sound, I think the drama may actually have a interesting and reasonable storyline. Character Keun Suk is playing is not the comic relief but a serious person with an ultimate objective in doing what he does, not just for the money or for satisfying his male ego in “conquering” all those women. Keun Suk also appears to have already been in character as he displayed a less playful (as in MSOAN), more matured, less talkative, less smiling persona during the press conference. His behaviour is quite different from all the previous press conferences. He did mention in the past too, his wish to portray the role of the antagonist. Look forward to watching it!

  12. Is it just me or do they all don’t really look particularly thrilled at this press conference? Their expressions veer from glum to carefully schooled features to constipated. Plus one smiley Fighting! photo.

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