Tan and Eun Sang Deliver a Heart Stirring OTP Hug in Episode 13 of Heirs

Many thanks to the drama gods who heard my cries for actual mutual romantic action in Heirs/The Inheritors instead of staring, hang grabs, wrist pulls, silencing forced kisses, road blockage, and whatever else the writer wants to pass for romance and instead comes off mildly icky to mostly disturbing. Park Shin Hye has been getting a lot of flack for being a frightened doe or a cold fish in all her romantic moments with Lee Min Ho. That’s true and all but the writing is more to blame for letting the OTP basically forgo spending actual fun times together. Their interactions are either longing, run away-and-pursue, or trying to stay away but still going back to each other. Since this is a teen drama, let them act like teens some of the time. Use their unchecked libido and impulse control to actually relax their worries and enjoy each other’s company, then worry about the future. For all they know, Tan and Eun Sang could get the entire world’s blessing to be together, only to break up in college because she finds him too stupid and he thinks she’s too mopey.Β With that said, I am loving the latest stills from the drama showing a genuine close hugging moment between Tan and Eun Sang.

This is way better than the kiss stills that were all about posing, these actually convey real emotional connection between the two characters. Looks like Eun Sang hugs Tan first, which is all the better. Even if the world is going to fall on her because she dares to love Kim Tan, at least love the boy back first while she’s at it. I want her to start acting along the lines of what she said it to Rachel “if I’m going to get slapped for something, let me at least do it first.” Occasionally when Eun Sang’s spit fire spirit bubbles forth, I absolutely adore her and her tart tongue. Too bad she’s being punted around by all the rich and powerful guys in this drama. Episode 13 will revolve around Tan getting kicked out of the house while Chairman Daddy makes plans to ship Eun Sang abroad. All the while Rachel stews over the knowledge that Tan is illegitimate but Young Do warns her to keep quiet about him. I don’t know what makes me tune into Heirs like clockwork every week, but if this was Kim Eun Seok‘s master plan all along to frustrate and entice me with dribs and drabs then she has succeeded in her quest to conquer the drama watching world using flashy bling and storytelling mediocrity.


Tan and Eun Sang Deliver a Heart Stirring OTP Hug in Episode 13 of Heirs — 43 Comments

    • I find that sometimes hugs are more emotional than kissing, specially in Jdoramas and kdramas. Jdoramas kisses are mostly .. I don’t know how to call it fake or sometimes forced? and kdramas like this one use kisses as a way of dominating someone or something. Hugs are more genuine I find.

      • especially if it’s actresses like PSH that makes kissing looks like it hurts or its a painful surprise. just hug…hug like you mean it. πŸ™‚

      • the only enjoyable kiss PSH has delivered so far was the lipstick AD kiss with Jang Geun Suk. I agree that all her drama kisses look painful… ha ha ha

  1. I actually hope Eun Sang goes abroad! It’s always been her dream and everything.. I wouldn’t mind a time leap to the future just for that to happen XD

    • yea if she was real life person I’d tell her to go abraoood!!! I mean they’re both young anyway and can have time to worry later might as well take advantage of it πŸ˜› then again if she accepts it from them chairman it’ll be like he bought .. so the question is: Is Tan worth letting go of her dream?

      • Who wants poor Tan to become like his sad brother ? The guy that treated his girl so bad that she didnt mind getting bought by his father.

        Eun Sung should go abroad on her own terms to study and not by selling out Kim Tan and proving Daddy Chairman is right about regular poor girls are beneath him, his boys.

    • I wouldn’t mind a time leap to the future either and hopefully not 10 minutes before the end of the last episode! I would really want to see how they will interact as adults in the future. Like to see the characters really mature and come to some serious realization about what really matters most to them.

    • Yes, ES goes abroad on Daddy Chairman’s money. Then Tan follows her abroad on his own inheritance or Mama’s clothing allowance money. happy ending πŸ™‚

    • BTW… He’s too tall for her, she had to tip-toe. Lol… (Poor Eun Sang, she have to reach up) They could at least let her grab around his waist “very tight”. Lol….lol!!!

      • isn’t better that he’s too tall. imagine if KT were shorter than ES, it would be LOL big time seeing ES bending down to kiss him.

  2. I must be going crazy. I wanted to cry at the sight of these pictures. Lol.

    I’m just so happy that we get something else, as you Koala mentioned, other than the staring and wrist-pulls. These pictures are so touching I love them -alot-. I guess you can say that I really wanted Eun Sang to embrace Tan since he was crying and displaying his weakness in front of her and my wish came true. Couldn’t have been more satisfied πŸ™‚

  3. They are the cutest main lead in all the dramas I’ve seen this year. I’ve been having second lead syndrome since the beginning of the year. I love this two together. Too much cuteness.

  4. If anyone interested in watching Park ShinHye in a great drama “Kimcheed Radish Cubes” another name “Just Love”, she is such a great actress. PSH was only 18 in this drama. None of the young actresses in Heirs can even be compared to PSH at the same age. If PSH and LMH seemed to be “sleeping and staring” in Heirs, this must be due to poor directing, since we know they both CAN act in other dramas… In spite of it all, we are still waiting with bated breath for each episode ‘cuz Heirs is so much fun to watch. She must be treated with great respect like a sunbae in Heirs… And she is only 23 right now…

    • My favorite work of Park Shin Hye is Stairways to Heaven. She blew me away as a child actress. However, over the years her acting has become unappealing to me…she’s lost some spark.

      • If you watched the drama My Flower Boy Neigbor, she’s good at it..Se conveys her part really well. That time, Ive said that PSH actin has matured.

  5. Koala Why are you so fast to post just wait the other stills hahaha πŸ˜€
    I am looking forward to watch heirs πŸ˜€ EP 13

  6. In ideal world ES go abroad to study come become a stronger and successful person in the society. And get together with Tan if he still available. If not move on….this is just high school love haha

    You will find someone later

    But I am enjoying the drama with all so good looking people

  7. Actually, Park Shin Hye is a cold dead fish in pretty much ALL her kiss scenes with ANY co-star. Is she embarrassed? Is it bad acting? I wonder.

  8. I may be in the minority here…but this OTP still looks odd to me. I just don’t see or feel any chemistry between the leads. It’s been a real disappointment.

    • I’m with you. High School romance, young love; it’s understandable if the kisses are chaste and hugs are sweet, the drama need not show anything more. However when the leads have the chemistry of a polar bear and a beluga whale, it takes some imagining to see the romance. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I feel that there’s something missing. The thing is I like both leads individually as actors and the others as well, so I continue to watch even if the narrative is a bit bleh.

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