Jin Se Yeon Takes Over for Kim So Eun in Age of Feeling

This isn’t going to come as a surprise to folks who read my last post about he upcoming KBS drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) but it’s a relief to have confirmation either way. Second female lead Kim So Eun has dropped the drama due to scheduling conflicts, what with the drama pushed back almost 3 months from its initial premiere date which was taken over by Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) with Jang Geun Seok and IU. The official line was that AoF needed more time to shoot and it’s not a flimsy excuse to lose cast members with the schedule shuffle. I think the production didn’t want to release the news that Kim So Eun was out until they cast a replacement, and today the drama secured Jin Se Yeon to step in. I actually chuckled out loud two reasons. The first being Jin Se Yeon doing another period drama set during the conflict between Korea and Japan which sounds exactly like her drama Gaksital (Bridal Mask) with Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. I would think the girl would want to branch out rather than be type cast. The second chuckle came when I remembered that Jin Se Yeon’s last drama was when she stepped in as the last minute replacement when the drama chucked its female lead. That drama was Five Fingers on SBS starring Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook, a drama that was going along swimmingly until leading lady Eunjung found herself in hot waters with a scandal associated with her pop girl group T-ara. Jin Se Yeon is young and eager to make a name for herself (only 3 years ago she was playing younger versions of the female lead character such as in The Duo) so I’m not surprised she’s available to take over this role. I was looking forward to seeing Kim So Eun working with Kim Hyun Joong but I’m sure it’s no great loss either way since both girls are about equal in acting ability with plenty of fresh-faced charm. The drama is currently filming in Seoul but will hold a press conference in early December before packing up to head to China for a extended location shoot. Fans captured some new BTS footage of male lead Kim Hyun Joong sporting very realistic make up so that he looks totally beaten up.


Jin Se Yeon Takes Over for Kim So Eun in Age of Feeling — 16 Comments

  1. I find this really surprising… something of a step back for her even though her acting isn’t the best (but is she really any worse than any one of the various male idols littering dramaland at the moment?).

  2. I’m not that dissapointed…I was hoping Kim So Eun would drop this since I felt that she has bettter acting chops than the leads here and could do better….Jin Se Yoon’s decent but I think Kim So Eun is more talented, so with her gone, I’m probabl not going to stick around to watch this

  3. I’m so glad Kim So Eun is out cause I really don’t want her to be second lead to a leading lady who is so crap! She should be the lead! FULLSTOP! Anyway, even though Bummie is now taken by MGY in real life, I’m still waiting and hoping hoping hoping and praying praying praying to dramagods that my So-eul ship can reunite in reel life for a rom-com. Sigh! Far-out dreams but a girl can always hope 😉

  4. I like kim so eun . she is pretty, but her acting is not that good; she always second lead actress; her dramas are NOT big hits. Overall, she not that popular. wish her better luck in future though. she’s young and still got a long way 2 go.

  5. I don’t really like Jin Se Yeon. In Bridal Mask, I didn’t care that she died at the end because she was boring…I prefered the other girl, Han Chae Ah. And it’s the same in Five Fingers. There was any difference in her characters. And the kiss scenes of Ji Hoon are usually hot…but not in this drama…

    • I agree completely! To me Jin Se Yeon’s acting isn’t very special. Disappointed Kim So Eun dropped the drama but also happy cause she doesn’t deserve second lead. But according some news site Jin Se Yeon would be the lead and love interest to Kim Hyun Joong… So would that mean Lim Soo Hyang got downgraded?

  6. Yep, I thought about the two things that Ms. Koala chuckled.. But what i see from character description, she’ll be doing the same character as Mok-Dan in Gaksital, right?

  7. i dont like jin se yeon for very subjective reasons LOL

    I dont like at all her in bridal mask, then the worse in five fingers since I like HAm Eun Jung…

    but well… who knows I’ll like her later just like jung so min, I didnt like when the first time I heard her name being khj’s lead female in PK, but after that I got addicted to them, LOL

    KHJ, fighting!!!

  8. I guess I must be in the minority when I thought she did pretty good in Gaksital for a debut project. I wonder if the annoying character she played had anything to do with the dislike people had with her. Everyone fell in love with han chae young who stole the show. I certainly did.
    If there’s one thing i’m sure of, she’s definitely better than the current Lee Elliya from Basketball. Who woulda thought i’d prefer even wonder girl’s park ye eun over her.

  9. Can someone tell me what’s Kim so eun projects for this year???
    Its good that Kim so eun drops AOF. I really want her to lead in a drama or pair up with Kim hyun joong. I hope Kim so eun will take great projects for the future…..Fighting

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