Marry Him If You Dare Episode 13 Recap

Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) wants to make me love it again. It knows my weakness for cute stuff and it throws Yoon Eun Hye along with Keroppi and My Melody on my screen to see if I can overlook the lack of bubbling romance. I think if I do forgive MHIYD for the weak middle section, episode 13 did a good job of addressing all the questions, putting for all the open issues, and letting all four leads evaluate their own feelings and choices in life. Even if there is still no palpable romance anywhere in sight. Would it kill you, writer-nim, to just throw in a drunken Kim Shin-Mi Rae making out scene which has no context but then no one would care anyways. It’s with absolute certainty that I can say Shin and Mi Rae love each other, in this time line, in the original time line, in every single time line as far as I’m concerned. The ending segment for this episode was one of the best yet, combining both the unspoken OTP romance and understanding with the network programming setting of this drama. It went a long way with calming my grumbles, and added to that future Mi Rae coming clean with present Mi Rae on everything she had been keeping up her sleeve, I was a happy camper when all of last week I was drifting farther and farther from this drama.

I didn’t want Shin pushing Mi Rae away to either push her into Se Joo’s arms as a consolation choice (which didn’t happen) or for Mi Rae to actually believe he doesn’t like her (also didn’t happen once she quickly learned the truth for why he was distancing himself from her). I want my OTP to be on the same wavelength, to have the same information as each other so that I can see how they would react and behave. Shin showed me that he’s putting Mi Rae first, because this wasn’t about himself but about giving her a better future. Future Mi Rae’s married life with Shin was a doozy of disappointment and pain, but I’m glad she admitted all her own actions and allowed me to continue to hate her for bearing equal share in all the tragedy. I only wished she hadn’t lied to Mi Rae about Shin being a bad person or an ill fate, and I HATE HATE HATE that she screwed with Yoo Kyung and Se Joo’s destiny. Yoo Kyung chewing out future Mi Rae was so satisfying I wish I would have reaching in there to give her a high five. It was Se Joo that went back to losing my sympathy for him in this episode, with all the other three leads making tough choices about giving up and moving on while he still putters around in the same old shallow wading pool “I like you Mi Rae, you understand my lonely student film, I need you.” Blergh, gain a better understanding of love and let’s talk. Until then, I’m of a heart to put smart and courageous Shin and Yoo Kyung together just because I adore their characters, but this episode proves that Shin and Mi Rae love each other in a way worth fighting to change the future for.

Episode 13 recap:

Shin MC’s the Board of Director’s meeting at YG Group which is being held to introduce the new Director Park Se Joo. He walks in and respectfully greets the elders, explaining that he is Miranda’s grandson and was given this position but he has the determination to succeed at his role and make YBS into the window into the world for their viewers. Everyone claps for Se Joo.

The meeting ends and Miranda thanks Shin as she walks out. Shin bows to all the departing directors. Se Joo thanks Shin for doing a great job, there really is a difference with him being the name anchor at YBS. Shin suggests he can summon him for birthdays and anniversaries in the future as well. The two men stare at each other with a knowing smile.

Mi Rae is washing the tears off her face in the bathroom and remembering Shin cruelly rejecting her by saying he never liked her. Writer Bae comes into the bathroom and asks Mi Rae if things are going well with Shin? Mi Rae doesn’t answer so Writer Bae asks again if everything is okay? Mi Rae says she has nothing to do with Kim Shin anymore in the future. Other ladies walk in discussing Park Se Joo.

PD Lee is napping in the meeting room and wakes up to see Se Joo standing over him. PD Lee asks where Se Joo went since its been hard on them since he left. Writer Bae comes in and asks why he quit? PD Lee puts his leg on the table and says they don’t want Se Joo back even if he wants to come back. The other directors walk in and PD Lee quickly gets up to greet them. Oppa walks in and greets Se Joo respectfully but PD Lee is still laughing in disbelief that Se Joo could be their new director. Se Joo is very polite and still calls Oppa Team Leader and tells him not to be so formal. PD Lee finally realizes Se Joo is really the new director at the network.

Mi Rae walks in and is surprised to see Se Joo. Oppa pulls her over to stand next to him. Se Joo says he’s learned a lot in the last few months working here with this team. He’s seen hard work, people with dreams and leadership, and now he wants to greet everyone in his official capacity and thank them for teaching him a lot. Mi Rae stares at Se Joo the entire time looking upset. The other anchors are chatting with Shin about whether he knew his team’s junior VJ was actually the grandson of Miranda? They are afraid he will punish them for any infractions he saw while he was undercover. Shin says Se Joo will do what he needs to do now that he is back being a director.

Se Joo calls Mi Rae into the video depository to meet. She walks in and says he looks very professional all dressed up. Se Joo wonders if Mi Rae is mad that he kept his real identity a secret? Mi Rae isn’t but asks if everything he said was a lie? Se Joo doesn’t think so since his grandma did pay for his education. She asks what his plans are for the future and Se Joo plans to strengthen YBS now that she’s fully rejected him. Se Joo wonders if Mi Rae still remembers listening to music here with him? He enjoyed that experience and wants her to treat him the same way. Not as VJ or Director Park Se Joo, but just a regular person and friend. That is what he wanted to say to her and Mi Rae smiles.

Shin sees Se Joo and Mi Rae happily chatting in the hallway. She notices him after Se Joo walks away. They pass each other in the hallway with a slight head nod. Shin turns around after she leaves but Mi Rae doesn’t see it.

Se Joo makes an official announcement on the YBS intranet about personnel changes at the network. He is planning to create an HR committee to deal with internal complaints. He wants everyone to treat all the behind the scenes personnel better. He also promises that no single person (i.e. Miranda) can dictate the direction of the network and he plans to make the network appeal to a younger audience.

Miranda asks how Se Joo is planning to make these changes and still make money? Se Joo says Miranda’s era is over and he wants to try his management style, promising he will grow the network.

The network is abuzz about all the programming changes to come. The Pandora’s Box meeting is meeting to discuss changing their program content and Shin compliments Mi Rae’s new ideas. Turns out Yoo Kyung is still on vacation. Shin gets a call from the NTN lady and he takes the call outside. PD Lee sniggers that Shin must have a girlfriend since that was a girl’s voice on the phone. Mi Rae tries not to be affected.

Se Joo can’t reach Yoo Kyung so gets her address and drives to see her. He walks up the slope to a very poor neighborhood. When he arrives at Yoo Kyung’s house, I squealed out loud since this is Kang Maru’s house from Nice Guy (The Innocent Man), also a KBS drama. LOL. Se Joo is greeted by Yoo Kyung’s younger brother and crippled mother. Yoo Kyung comes out of the bathroom and looks very distressed to see Se Joo there as he takes in Yoo Kyung’s poor family reality. Yoo Kyung’s mom tries to come out to greet Se Joo, happy to see a friend come by to see her daughter.

Mi Rae and Shin run into each other outside the coffee shop and its a very awkward and curt greeting. Mi Rae takes her coffee and walks away first.

Shin and Mi Rae walk on opposite sides of the street and he keeps looking at her while she just walks straight ahead in a daze.

Yoo Kyung teases if Se Joo is here to put a stamp on the proclamation that he will never be pick her? Se Joo apologizes for coming but she isn’t picking up her phone and he heard she went to see his grandmother. Yoo Kyung explains that she told Miranda that Mi Rae is not Se Joo’s other half and Miranda responded that even if its not Mi Rae it will never be Yoo Kyung. Se Joo apologizes for his grandmother’s abrupt ways. Yoo Kyung says its fine, even though she read on future Mi Rae’s diary that she was going to marry Se Joo and she did dream about it being a possibility but now she’s putting an end to that hope.

Yoo Kyung asks why he’s here just because a little reporter didn’t show up at work? In the past this would give her hope but not anymore. Se Joo promises to watch what he does in the future. Se Joo is here to tell Yoo Kyung that he is re-assessing the strength of all the personnel and its time for Yoo Kyung to show everyone her ability. Se Joo leaves and Yoo Kyung sighs that they probably have no reason to meet anymore in the future.

Mi Rae is talking with Writer Bae about how awkward it is to meet Shin at work everyday. Writer Bae sighs that its always the girls who suffer in work place romance break ups. Mi Rae says it wasn’t really a relationship but she wonders how the broken up couple resolves the awkwardness? Writer Bae says one person will leave, the one who is in more pain.

Shin has dinner with the NTN lady who says its very difficult to scout him. She’s offering him the role as their network news anchor for the 9 pm prime time slot, which he can do for a few years and then he will be promoted to Head of the News Department. Isn’t that a very enticing offer? The lady even brashly admits she was hoping Shin would contact her also on a personal basis, asking if she isn’t good enough? Shin apologizes for the delay since he had a lot to consider. The lady points out that Shin hasn’t been the news anchor at YBS for some time, so what is there for him to think about? Some girls at another table notice Shin and take pictures of him dining with the girl. The lady notices and excuses herself. Later a man walks up to the girls and asks for the pictures they took.

Shin arrives at the YBS office to see everyone crowded around the young news anchor’s desk gossiping. Everyone disperses when he walks up and Shin opens the guy’s computer to see a news article about him dining with that lady. Shin gets a call from Se Joo and goes to see him.

Se Joo offers him the position as the news anchor for the prime time slot back. Se Joo says Shin has shown him that he’s passionate and dedicated, a total professional at his craft. Shin isn’t so quick to accept that reason since Se Joo said before the network is a business that needs to make money. Does this mean Shin is now a profitable asset? Se Joo admits it and says Shin is their best asset and he wants to place him in the most visible slot. Se Joo doesn’t think Shin will decline since Shin is a very practical person. Shin agrees to consider it. Se Joo admits he saw the picture of Shin dining with that lady and asks if he doesn’t just have Mi Rae?

Mi Rae gets a text from her friend with the link to the article. The friend says she was right about Shin being a playboy. Mi Rae puts the phone down and goes to talk with herself, saying that it’s over now and she needs to get a hold of herself. Se Joo comes by and tells her to cheer up and eat something sweet at this time. Too bad he doesn’t have anything with him but he can treat her to a vanilla latte. Mi Rae starts crying and grabs his jacket, asking why he’s so nice to her, it’s only going to make her feel even worse and more apologetic to him. Se Joo leans down and tells her that its alright.

Future Mi Rae meets with Miranda and says that if Park Se Joo doesn’t marry Mi Rae then his life will be shortened. Miranda calls future Mi Rae a liar because she’s not having dreams she’s from the future, right? Though she doesn’t really believe Yoo Kyung, she wants to hear the truth right now. Future Mi Rae says Yoo Kyung is right, she really is from the future but she doesn’t have much time left here.

Future Mi Rae tells Miranda the reality of the future – Park Se Joo married Yoo Kyung but after Miranda dies everything falls under the control of Seo Yoo Kyung and Park Se Joo is totally under her control. Future Mi Rae says Miranda met Seo Yoo Kyung and can tell what type of person she is. Miranda can choose now – Na Mi Rae or have Se Joo be controlled by Yoo Kyung. Future Mi Rae leaves Miranda to think over her words.

Mi Rae and Se Joo walk in the park drinking coffee and she admits to him that the car wash water incident was intentional on her part. Se Joo laughs that she does have a bad side and its his turn to admit that when he said he was giving up if he knew she would be happy, it sounded like it was for her benefit but its actually for his. She’s the first person to understand his student film. When he sits in the Director’s seat, he thinks of what she said and how he seems to have it all but is lonely. Se Joo takes her hand and says she’s someone he really needs.

Shin is leaving the office when Yoo Kyung finds him. He hears she’s coming back to work tomorrow because Team Leader Na says he can’t do without her. Shin is pleased that her talent is being recognized and tells her to keep trying hard like this. Yoo Kyung wonders why he’s talking like someone who won’t be around for much longer? Yoo Kyung asks him to buy her a drink since she just got her heart broken.

Shin and Yoo Kyung sit down for a drink and she insists that she’s alright and feels better now that that she put everything on the line and got a response. She asks if the reports are true he’s dating but Shin is annoyed even she thinks so. He wonders why everyone cares and can’t he meet with a woman? Yoo Kyung actually knows who that woman is since she’s carrying a bag that only has one in the entire country. She is the third daughter of HOM Group and the Vice President of NTN. Shin laughs and says Yoo Kyung should be a detective rather a reporter. Yoo Kyung asks if NTN is trying to scout Shin to be their anchor? She thinks if Shin accepts, future Mi Rae’s future will be coming true. Shin says no because this time Na Mi Rae is not by his side.

Mi Rae goes to see Oppa and finds him taking medicine but he claims its for indigestion. Mi Rae asks for the referral again about going to work for a production company. Before she walks out, she smiles and tells Oppa that she won’t let him worry about her in the future anymore.

Yoo Kyung finds future Mi Rae at the network and drags her out to talk. Yoo Kyung calls future Mi Rae a really bad person, to change her own life she’s done so many things to so many people. To Mi Rae, Yoo Kyung, Shin, and Se Joo (and even others), she has changed their lives. How dare she do such things just to make her own life better! Future Mi Rae says she doesn’t want to make anyone unhappy, she’s doing this to make everyone’s lives better.

Yoo Kyung points out no one is happy right now! That’s what imma saying! What about Yoo Kyung herself, future Mi Rae took away the man she loves. Future Mi Rae apologizes to Yoo Kyung but asks her to be in her shoes. Yoo Kyung says if she was future Mi Rae, she would never do anything to bring unhappiness to others to brings herself happiness. Yoo Kyung leaves future Mi Rae sitting there taking in what she said.

Mi Rae runs into Shin in the elevator and she asks if he’s annoyed at this awkwardness of working at the same place. She offers to leave first. Shin says they were never in a relationship and suggests Mi Rae asks Se Joo to transfer her to another group instead to solve the problem. Mi Rae understands and walks out of the elevator first. Shin sighs after she leaves and calls the NTN lady and says he will give her an answer today.

Mi Rae meets with the production team her Oppa recommended her for. The interviewer is impressed with Mi Rae’s work and her favorite segment was the old man who donated all his money.

Oppa and future Mi Rae meet with the doctor who says Oppa was hospitalized for stress induced stomach ailment but that allowed them to diagnose an early cancer that can be treated with surgery and medication and he’ll be fine. Both of them are so relieved. The doctor says he should be thankful that his stress helped save his life in the long run.

Oppa thanks future Mi Rae because her appearance in their lives was the stress that caused him to get hospitalized. He thanks her for coming to the past and future Mi Rae just cries because this is the first time someone has thanked her for coming to the past. Everyone else just yells at her for coming and says she made their lives worse. Future Mi Rae tells Oppa to get married and have kids this time around. Oppa says when she returns to the future she’ll have nephews.

Se Joo selects new coats for the entire team to wear for their outdoor shoots for a random PPL for outerwear. Oppa is super happy when he arrives at the team meeting where folks are marveling at the new company largesse and everyone laughs at the change in his attitude. Writer Bae gets a call that her son got injured on the playground and needs surgery. Oppa tells her to leave and says the team will handle today’s program, deciding that rather than finding another writer to just have Mi Rae handle the entire program as the main writer.

Oppa tells Mi Rae to follow Writer Bae’s script and do her own closing and trust in herself. Mi Rae promises to do well and gets to work. The team is scrambling to ready the program and Mi Rae takes charge of all the preparation. Shin comes in and asks where the script is since he hasn’t gotten it. He hears Writer Bae is out and Mi Rae has taken over the script for the program.

Shin goes to meet with Se Joo and asks if he’s being given the prime time news anchor slot to get him away from Mi Rae? Se Joo says he’s not that immature or that lacking in confidence. Shin came to confirm this because if Se Joo is like that, Shin was planning to punch him in the face first. Se Joo asks what Shin’s decision is then?

Mi Rae comes home and hears Oppa talking with future Mi Rae. She wonders how Shin is doing but Oppa says Shin heard everything and can only end things with Mi Rae now. Future Mi Rae never thought to tell Shin everything – how could she tell him that in the future he died because of her? Mi Rae drops her purse to hear this bombshell. She is stunned and asks what is going on?

Future Mi Rae tells Mi Rae everything finally. After they lost it all, one day they just stopped talking. They were like strangers living under one roof. Sometimes future Mi Rae couldn’t take it anymore and would pick a fight, but Shin would never respond and would just go back to his room. For 20 years they lived like this. One day, he went back to his room and she was so angry at him that she…. Mi Rae asks what she said? Future Mi Rae yelled at Shin to go die! The look Shin gave her, future Mi Rae still remembers it vividly. He was like he was crying and laughing at the same time. Shin went out and he stepped into the middle of the road and was hit by a car.

Mi Rae asks how future Mi Rae could be such a scary person. No, she corrects herself and says how she could be such a scary person. Mi Rae asks if Shin knows this now? Future Mi Rae says she told Shin. Mi Rae starts to sobs about how future her could have done this to Shin, she feels so terrible. Mi Rae sobs while future Mi Rae tries to comfort her but all Mi Rae can think about is how much Shin must be suffering. Oppa stands outside and listens to all this.

Shin meets with the NTN lady and asks for more time. She wonders why he needs more time, doesn’t he want build NTN into the top network by her side? Shin knows she leaked that picture and asks why? Why is she pushing him when they are discussing it professionally. She was trying to raise his profile so that when he jumps to NTN, it will cause an even bigger stir. She tells him to decide quickly since she doesn’t have much more patience.

Future Mi Rae is trying to calm Mi Rae down and tells her to rest since tomorrow is the broadcast of the special New Year program. She covers Mi Rae with a blanket and notices the scar on her ankle (from the ghost house filming). She asks how Mi Rae got it but is ignored. She checks her own ankle where there is no scar. Future Mi Rae goes up to her attic room and takes out her journal and inside there is no change. She remembers Oppa joking that when she returns to the future, she will have nephews.

Future Mi Rae goes outside and summons the Time Cop, telling him to come out because she knows he’s around. The shy guy comes out from behind a pole. Future Mi Rae tells him that her diary and present Mi Rae’s ankle scar, what is the correlation? Is there something she doesn’t know?

Yoo Kyung is at the harbor getting ready for her segment while everyone at the network is getting ready for the broadcast. Mi Rae checks with Yoo Kyung to make sure she can hear her. Yoo Kyung is rather dismissive of Mi Rae but then wishes her a Happy New Year and wishes for succeeding in her first main writer program. Shin walks in and goes to his broadcast seat. He looks around and touches the chair before sitting down.

Oppa is with Yoo Kyung at the location filming and he goes into the broadcast van with PD Lee. Mi Rae walks up to tell Shin to wish him good luck on today’s broadcast. Shin keeps his head down and says of course. Mi Rae looks at him sadly and then walks back to her writer’s table. Se Joo arrives as the program goes live.

Shin starts the broadcast by interviewing the guests in the studio seated at the desk. Oppa gets Yoo Kyung ready for her segment and discovers that she can’t hear anything from her ear piece. Mi Rae hears that Yoo Kyung’s ear piece is broken and she says this out loud and you can see Shin is taking note of it even as he effortlessly continues the live interview. The segment is about the custom of releasing sky lanterns to make wishes for the new year. Mi Rae says the team needs more time to fix the ear piece.

Shin buys the team more time by asking the guests to explain the custom. The Head of the Network arrives and is pissed about this mishap. Mi Rae calls Yoo Kyung on her cellphone and tells her to talk with her using the cell phone ear piece. Mi Rae will then use gestures to show Shin what Yoo Kyung is reporting onscreen so that Shin can talk as if he’s live on air with Yoo Kyung. Shin makes an awesome OK hand gesture to the side to show Mi Rae that he heard her and will do it.

The interview goes live as the camera switches to Yoo Kyung reporting from the location of the sky lantern release. Mi Rae and another camera man draw a picture of sky lanterns being released with wishes on it. Shin asks what some of the wishes are and how the mood is at the scene. Yoo Kyung says its very heartwarming here. Mi Rae shows Shin and he picks up her cues and says the mood is very heartwarming in the studio as well. He asks her to interview some folks.

Yoo Kyung goes to interview a couple and Mi Rae picks up a toy Keroppi and My Melody dolls and uses it as the interviewees. Shin continues to read all her gestures perfectly and knows that she is talking about Yoo Kyung interviewing a soon to be married couple and their wish is to have a healthy baby in the New Year. The sky lanterns are released and everyone breathes a sigh of relief as this segment is successfully wrapped up. Even the Head of the Network is impressed.

Se Joo smiles and walks over to Mi Rae to compliment her on a well-earned success. Shin stands up from the desk and everyone claps for him. Mi Rae wants to get up when she sees Shin stand up but Se Joo asks to speak with her, looking like he is about to pull something out from his pocket.

Shin stands before the entire studio and announces that today is his last broadcast. He is leaving Pandora’s Box and YBS. Mi Rae stares at Shin and he stares at her.

Thoughts of Mine:

Where do I start? I love the ending sequence for this episode so so much. The way Mi Rae rose up to the occasion as main writer for this program as the overarching success, but for her relationship with Shin it was their unspoken collaboration that warmed my cockles because it finally gives my OTP some sweetness even if its of the bittersweet kind. If Se Joo says Mi Rae understood his student film and he needs her, that’s all fine and dandy but does he understand her back? No, and that’s the sad reality that love is a mutual requirement and his will always be a one-sided feeling for her. Mi Rae’s heart was given to Shin and it’s always been there through all their fights, misunderstandings, and intentional break ups. Mi Rae has eyes only for Shin just like Se Joo has eyes only for Mi Rae and Yoo Kyung has eyes only for Se Joo. Somewhere along the way one person has to stop and turn back, and it’s Shin who loves Mi Rae so much he’s willing to change his own personal and professional future for her happiness. I don’t think Shin ended things with Mi Rae because he was trying to prevent his own future death. I think he did it to prevent her from living a marriage of pain and suffering with him. This goes against every part of his personality which tells him to make his own destiny, but for her sake he’s willing to be passive rather than dare to love her back. It’s almost like a possible future this dire is what he’s not even willing to risk if there is a chance she will suffer. I can’t believe after Gun’s death they spent 20 years not talking to each other. How much Mi Rae and Shin both suffered, even if they both played a part in the suffering. The problem is that they were both so stubborn and the pain just built until there was no way out other than a drastic end for them. Did future Shin commit suicide? Probably, and he was probably waiting for Mi Rae to tell him to go die so that he could release her from their two decades of misery. This is so sad, and I’m glad we didn’t get a flashback because I would be bawling if I watched it.

Se Joo was back being supremely annoying in this episode. I wish his thought process in this drama was more than just (1) learn about YBS to run it, and (2) liking Mi Rae. He is only ever interesting nowadays when he is with Yoo Kyung, otherwise he’s relegated to nice second male lead clinging on a snowball’s chance in hell to win Mi Rae’s heart. Mi Rae was awesome in this episode with how she continued to give Se Joo no hope, while thanking him for being a good friend and being a friend back to him like he asked for. It’s not her fault that he’s blinded by his own fixation on his feelings for her. That is why Yoo Kyung is also a much more compelling person because she takes Se Joo’s rejection with such honesty and dignity, even finding humor to help break the awkwardness. She is also someone not fixated on future events or even achieving her own goals. Even knowing she was supposed to marry Se Joo in future Mi Rae’s world, she doesn’t persist this time around and accepts Se Joo doesn’t like her back now. Seeing her family background with the handicapped mother and a younger brother makes me respect her hard work to succeed at the network even more. She is not a saint and is willing to swallow her pride to succeed but she doesn’t reveal her family hardships or make excuses because of it. I also like how she faced Se Joo with her head held high after he saw her family burden. It really is a shame the writer isn’t even letting her and Se Joo develop a believable romance even this late in the drama. I don’t believe future Mi Rae that the marriage of Yoo Kyung and Se Joo is one where she controls him and manages the YBS companies. And even if that were the case, future Mi Rae doesn’t know that Se Joo isn’t happy with Yoo Kyung and okay with her running some companies. Who is future Mi Rae to meddle to this extent, especially if her primary intention was to prevent Mi Rae and Shin’s marriage. All that talk at the beginning of the drama for Mi Rae to marry a rich guy continues to rub me wrong because it has nothing to do with Mi Rae’s decision to subvert a tragedy with Shin and all about having an easier go the second time around for her present self.

I’m excited at the end of the episode again because I feel like there is major change in the horizon what with future Mi Rae’s discovery that she is different than this present Mi Rae with the missing ankle scar. If she learns from Time Cop that the future has been changed already, what with Oppa’s illness being detected early and cured, then I’m going to be even more pissed that she came back without fully learning the rules of time travel. If all she needed to do was tell everyone the truth, then people fell in love as fated but then have the knowledge not to make the same bad decisions, then why do we need all this pointless angst? At the end, Shin and Mi Rae grew as individuals and as a couple because they are fighting for a love that is more difficult and precious this time around. I only wished I could see the same grow and maturity in Se Joo but instead he’s standing still while everyone moves forward. At this point, even if Mi Rae doesn’t end up with Shin, there is no way she’s ending up with Se Joo. She might as well go work at the other production company and with her newfounded confidence and nice haircut, she’ll get a beau fairly easily and have less of a hard time dealing with the remnants of a romance that couldn’t be. This drama has been a disappointment in execution but its hardly a resounding failure, and definitely not one of the worse K-dramas by any stretch of the imagination. It provokes discussion and debate. The development of Shin and Mi Rae’s feelings have been slow burn when we want scorching fire, but it’s one of the onscreen character couplings where we are allowed to see the rainbow dating moments juxtaposed with the hard marriage times, and still we root for them to make it work. I am back to a mild enthusiasm for the final stretch as it appears the writer isn’t totally running around like a headless chicken writing herself into a corner. She’s got an end goal in sight and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that it’ll be worth sticking around for.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 13 Recap — 20 Comments

  1. Future Mi Rae has killed this drama for me. I really do not think this drama is well written. This drama circle round a old woman’s selfishness and not willing to accept responsibilties for her mistakes and push everything onto her husband. Thus she messes around with everyone’s lives to mend the pain in her heart.

    • How I’d wish this time travel thingy exist. I don’t feel future mi rae is selfish, given a chance I too would go way out to prevent sadness in life. The two deaths is devastating for anyone to bear, so why not just do whatever to ensure that does not happen?

  2. Romantic or not, it’s obvious that Mirae needs Seju, as much as Seju needs Mirae. Mirae knows that Seju genuinely cares for her, whether she reciprocate or not, so her crying her out to him like she did in this episode, just makes it even harder for Seju to just leave her alone. I think we should take into account that they are friends too, regardless of the love issues so I really don’t expect them to just ignore each other and go on with their lives like they don’t know each other even if Seju decides to slowly let his feelings go. Seju had nothing to do with Kim Shin and Mirae not being in each other’s arm at this point. He’s only giving Mirae the emotional support she needs, other than that Kim Shin and Mirae have issues of their own to resolve. I still think there’s more of Yukyung, particularly of her marriage with Seju that is not being shown that can make a sense out of Seju not falling for the same woman at present. Seju and Yukyung might not be the happy fated couple we thought they are. As for Kim Shin, I don’t really understand his hostility towards Seju. What has the guy done to him, that is so serious and drastic? Can’t think of any. Or was that just him and his pride and ego? I’m also giving the writer, the benefit of the doubt. If there’s one thing she succeeded at, it’s her characters… compelling and thought-provoking. The characters and the actors are the saving grace of this drama. Seju, Yukyung and lately, Mirae are my favorite characters off this drama.

    • I think the only reason Seju and Yukyung are not “fated” this time around is because writer-nim needs Seju to be the third-wheel and keep viewers guessing (and shipping) until the end.

      Everything we’ve seen of Yookyung’s real self shows that she’s a wonderful person, right up to how she lets go of Seju and admonishes Future Mirae in this episode.

      And how do you explain Shin and Mirae getting flashes of his actual timeline with Mirae, but not Seju and Yookyung. PLOT DEVICE.

      Offtopic, this is just my speculation, but remember how F/Mirae said Seju is incredibly successful in the future? I’m reminded of the saying “behind every successful man, there is a strong woman”, and that’s Yookyung. Just like when she told him off for being too heartless and business minded, and thinking of his job when he came visiting her home.

      Also, I’m annoyed that the despicable F/Mirae is still trying to mess with Seju’s life, but at the same time looking forward to (any) Miranda’s interference with Seju and Yookyung. Unless, of course Seju remains obsessed with Mirae till the very end (which seems likely to me).

  3. this episode might be immersed within the first 10 episodes of this drama , too late at this point .I don’t like the writer . she must leave the proyect a long time ago if she didn’t have enough confidence .too late I bet the ratings went down again. Future mirae is not the problem , she’s an actress doing her work , all the cast is working good , in this drama the big problem is the writer, that’s for sure .

  4. Wasn’t this drama marketed as more of a romantic comedy? I’m sort of surprised at how depressing it can be sometimes and how like you said, it’s sort of devoid of actual romance.

  5. I like where the story is going now, I just wish she would’ve done this a few episodes ago, there is only three episodes left and I feel like she is just going to rush the story. I really wanted to see more development between the two couples, specially Sejoo and YooKyung, like when she said that she has had dreams of her marrying Sejoo, I wonder if it’s something like when Shin and Mirae had dreams about eachother. I wish they would’ve done that.. At this point I don’t know if the writer is really going to give us that satisfactions since she seems to be stuck in pushing SeJoo into Mirae.

    Notice how they finally said that Shin does die because of FMR and no one is surprised anymore, everyone’s reaction is like “Yeah.. we figured, what’s next?” That’s when you know she failed in the plot delivery.

    • I agree! writer Hong is getting on my last nerves with this drawn out situation. More romance PLEASE! The best thing to come out of this drama for me is Kim Shin. I`m so in love with his character right now. He’s smart, direct, pretentious, confident and unapologetic for being who he is yet he still has empathy for those around him which makes his personality so alluring. I see and feel nothing for Se Joo`s character because he’s basically the same old run of the mill down-to-earth Cheobol Prince, that’s been done too many times. You know with or without Mi Rae by his side he’s gonna be alright. I’m with everyone on the fact that they needed to bring the info of Shin dying two episodes ago. The writers need to give the audience more credit than this.. most of us knew the plot set up two or three episodes in, just waiting for the writing to catch up so we could get to the good bits that were promised. ROMANCE.

      As always, thanks for the recap! 🙂

  6. Thanks Koala for your recap and thoughts. Though this drama did not produce a drama which was originally marketed as romance-comedy, it successfully engaged netizens to speculate and provide their thoughts on the characters and script. However, it is a disappointment that it did not deliver the romance we viewers long for. I approve of the the characters’ growth in this episode especially after knowing the truth about FMR’s meddlesome ways. Mirae’s personality in the beginning seemed to be insipid though we saw glimpse of occasional fortitude. I’m glad to see the slow but steady improvement of her character. I just hope that she will have a chance to improve her and Shin’s communication to prevent any future tragedy in their relationship. I also admire the way Yo Kyung continues to be straightforward and yet she is not afraid to show her vulnerabilities to Se Joo. She is even candid about her situation in her conversation with Shin. Yet despite her heartache and challenges, she moves on. I think she is the best written 2nd female lead that I’ve watched so far. The nuances of her personality is enjoyable to see and probably the most honest of all of the leads. Shin’s journey in growth is interesting in that, he learned self sacrifice. I don’t agree in his execution of it though. Hurting someone for their own good is not the way to handle challenges, rather good communication would probably be more beneficial. He could have been forthright with Mi Rae about everything he knew, and they could have worked it out together, instead of leaving her out of the decision loop. With Se Joo, I like his determination to see his feelings for Mirae to the end, but he needs to take into account Mi Rae’s feelings for Shin is not ever going to subside. I hope in the end he will learn that he could not force Mirae to love him and move forward.

  7. AHhhhhhh, I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes. I love Yoon Eun Hye, but SHIN was the reason for continuing to watch this show. This show would have been awesome for YEH if they had a romantic script. Or even minimal romance. Yoon Eun Hye is hella talented and knows how t deliver, so they lost out on that. But at least she was on my screen again. So hopefully this goes out with a bang and no last minute romance. I hate that catch up romance in kdramas. I hope Yoon Eun Hye does a movie or something awesome. But she wants rest soo….sigh ill wait.

  8. Honestly,if you know you will have a bad ending and kill the one that you love so much, will you still go ahead.

    Thanks Koalas for the recap but I disaggree as if Shin has decided to made sacrifice will Mirae be the same. Moe than dozen of us knew that Mirae is kind at heart and she will care and that’s why there is a connection between future Morae and current Mirae. They love the other so much everyone around her so they rather not be by the side of tehir love one to see the other live happily. Rather not having the child and lost him and rather Shin be happy than living miserable. Rather having a better TV network than a totally all for profit and being controlled by YooKuyng who is calculative….If it is you?Will you do the same? Fighting for your love at this point seems pointless to me as it is clearly a better future. Unless the writer has some better resolution but I rather accept things better as a whole than ..a fighting for your love madly eventho you know they will suffer.It’s too selfish.May be Mirae will not be with either Sejoo or Shin but will be standing as a strong and candid writer at a network with a different family, Seejoo ends up with someone who can help him with his view, I’d rather have him a honest person than a man is crooked with money and bottom line with his station sinking, Shin will rise up as a anchor with the help of powerful woman. And btw, I love their romance, it is not having skinship and totally hugging from the back to know you love a person. The emotional connection are there, just a hand is held you feel love, just a glance and a stare you know, an aching herat you know that it is love too.My 2 cents

    • YooKyung was not calculative though, FMR was obviously lying to Miranda when she told her that, remember in the first episode shebsiad that Sejoo inherits the company and makes it into the strongest broadcasting networkn she says something like “he controls Korea” because of how powerful his company is, so FMR lied to Miranda. Also YK has been nothing but supportive to Sejoo.

      So far, other than jealousy, there is not a legit reason for FMR disliking YK.

  9. I dont want either Shin or Se-Joo to end up with MiRae. It’d be cruel to both men having their futures destroyed! MiRae is weak and irrational and is not the heroine that one can root for like in Lie to Me.

    What a waste of great acting talent! It should have been an unforgettable drama for 2013- and LDG’s return drama. Alas it seems best forgotten!

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