Se Joo Idiodically Proposes to Mi Rae in Episode 14 of Marry Him If You Dare

What the #!@& is going on here?!?! Has Marry Him If You Dare actually gone insane? I doubt it since episode 13 was sensible albeit romance-deprived, but then why do we need to see Park Se Joo take his ridiculous and completely one-sided feelings for Mi Rae all the way to the end and propose to her and waste everyone’s time with this nonsense? if she accepts him despite having zero romantic feelings for him and crying/moping/missing Shin all day long, then she’s a hopeless moron and I’m done with her. If she turns him down, that’s just prolonging Se Joo’s determination to win Mi Rae against all rational and emotional better judgment. She told you no, dude. Many times. In plain Korean. Since Se Joo went to Yoo Kyung’s house and it’s the same house used by KBS to film Nice Guy, post-accident Seo Eun Gi could tell when Kang Maru was being mean to her and rejected her. And she had the mental capacity of a kid during the arc! If Se Joo is going to run YBS, I fear for the future of the network and Shin needs to bolt for NTN now. Forgot his life going down the drain in the future because of his own pride and stubbornness, his career is wasted at a network run by a guy who cannot get it through his thick skull that GIRL DOES NOT LOVE YOU BACK.

Mi Rae doesn’t hate Se Joo and definitely appreciates him as a good friend, but that does not mean she would marry him or that he even should ask her. This entire proposal scene is so dumbass I can’t even. Even if she said yes it’s not love! I was able to gloss over the possibility at the end of episode 13 when Se Joo put his hand in his pocket because prior to that Mi Rae and Shin was pretty much communicating by gestures and telepathy and showing their OTP mind meld to the world. If I flashback to the scene prior to when Se Joo decided to bring a ring to the party, it was when he watched Mi Rae sob her guts out over Shin and then took her on a walk with some vanilla latter and a confession that he needs her because she understands his lonely soul. Somewhere along the way, this drama became a chore in thinking without any commensurate satisfaction in feeling. I want that happy feel so bad, and if Lie to Me proved anything it was that dramas that made viewers drunk on love is satisfying even if it makes zero rational sense. Sometimes there is too much sense and too little sensibility. Here’s to hoping Mi Rae tells Se Joo to go see a shrink for his fixation on her and hands him back the ring with a pat on the head. I can’t even feel sorry for Se Joo’s heartbreak because he’s been bringing on himself since episode 6.

The only time Mi Rae looks happy in the stills above is before Se Joo whips out the ring. Afterwards she looks like death warmed over and when Se Joo is hugging her he’s basically hugging a human shaped log. In case anyone forgot, the OTP in this drama is Shin and Mi Rae. They actually look happy and madly in love in the stills even if its all future Mi Rae’s flashback scenes. If Se Joo needs a lesson in how to spot when a girl likes you back, he should study these pictures and realize Mi Rae never looks at him like that. EVER.


Se Joo Idiodically Proposes to Mi Rae in Episode 14 of Marry Him If You Dare — 51 Comments

  1. Hoo-leee ****…. O_O

    Well this drama has officially gone down the crapper for me. Doesn’t look like there’s any other way to interpret that scene…. >.<

  2. There are so few episodes left in this drama that I can’t believe that the writer chooses to continue to focus on this. I don’t get it.

  3. On the bright side, Miranda might now interfere because his obsession with Mirae has driven Seju to cuckoo-land and (based on the preview) affects the board members’ opinion of him.

    OMG was he really going to pull out a damn ring right after yesterday’s Pandora recording?! >.>

  4. I had same problem with Youngdo from Heirs. But atleast YD is an interesting character to watch. I Hate It when second leads keep pursuing girl even when she has zero feelings for them.
    YD left otp by the end of episode 14. Hope Seju will do same at the end of episode 14 of MHIYD.

  5. Ha3. You are so funny koala. My hats off to your comments. Yes, one-sided blind love is sad but it happens a lot in real life. To me it is short of a miracle when two soul mates marry. Let us watch what happens. I, too agree with Mirae & Shin being OTP.

  6. Omg!! WTH is happening to kdrama land! Holy drama! I’m literally watching this because of YEH and LDG! If you are going to cast these two in rom-rom you better give a rom-com! I honestly thought this would be a light rom-com drama which they actually could’ve done if not that stupid death plot!

    Now there are no turning things upside down! Either they have to accept their fate and try to overcome the future or change it! I’m no longer interested in who ends up with who as long as they give logically acceptable ending I’m fine!The drama narration wise is good and acting is good. Only the unrequited plot twists!

    God help us survive this and I’m sorry for my anger tone.

  7. Sadly to say this is where I officialy drop this drama. I thought the story was finally going somewhere and now this, I love the cast so I tried to hang on as much as I could but this is just ridiculous. I’ll read your recap for the final episode and maybe I’ll watch it.


  8. uggghhh sejo cannot move on! 3 more episodes and se joo even doesn’t realize the woman he search all the time is yoo kyung not mi rae..
    i read article somewhere that yonghwa even frustated with his character.
    why writer-nim? whyyy you make him like that?

    shin and mi rae so adorable together, so does se joo and yoo kyung, unfortunately, the writer didn’t realize that 🙁

    • try to not watch ep 14 today before i read your recap.
      please keep writing the recap, so it will tell me i should watch it or not.

  9. GOD! this drama is SO frustrating! I just HATE when the second lead became this STUPID because of a girl besides she rejected him TWICE! even YK accepted her manipulated fate aaaaiiisshhh!
    seriously writer! why are you doing this! episode 13 should have happened weeks ago! and in ep 12 sejoo got rejected for the second time! and now THIS! what the HECK!!! ! ! !!
    crying for what could have been between MR and KS T______T

  10. Future Mirae will be more miserable bcoz she married the man (SJ) she did not even love! The take-home message of this drama is “don’t try to change the future if you cannot control the present”… what a mess!

  11. I am so sad for Yoo Kyung for falling for a guy like this…

    If only Mi Rae and Shin could stop being stubborn and stop hurting each other WHEN IT’S SO OBVIOUS THEY WANT EACH OTHER then I guess that’ll put an end to Se Joo’s pursuit.
    … On second thought, I think even then he will compete with Shin until the day Shin and Mi Rae become married.

    But all blames go to Future Mi Rae. Seriously. Se Joo would’ve been such a sweet guy to Yoo Kyung if he fell in love with her first. His persistence can be used in a good place.

    P.S.- the only nice thing about Park Se Joo is that I am AWED by how much Jung Yong Hwa had improved in acting.

  12. Mirae. If you end up with sejoo, that’s ok for now. Marry him. It’s ok. But in 2035 please use the time machine. Go back to the present time and tell present mirae that SHE MUST MARRY SHIN BECAUSE HE IS YOUR TRUE LOVE!!!!!
    Sigh. I am tired with this drama.

  13. If she accepts the ring, she’s an idiot too, and they’ll get married idiotically, and they would have to rename this drama “Marry Me if You’re Dumb”.

    • LOL!
      But, hey, that’s better than the gloom and doom title we are working with now: “Marry Me and You DIE.” Who couldn’t support an OTP with that future?

      • Hi jomo!! Miss you!! The episodes are getting so glum now…just knew this would happen. So who do you think she’ll end up with? I used to think Shin but now I’m not so sure, seeing the amount of time she and SJ spend together. In fact she spends so much time with him and hardly any at all with poor Shin I’m beginning to think the writer decided to pander to YH’s fans and wrote in a lot of scenes for him and YEH. It’s so weird…the supposed OTP’s romance is so vague and sketchy it leaves me feeling frustrated.

  14. You’re sooooo funny Captain!

    OMG! That second pic of Shin and Mirae is Love!

    I want making out seen, that’s all I’m going to wait for now!

  15. @YY I’m puzzled. Pander to YH’s fans for? To raise ratings? To make this drama more interesting? I doubt YH’s has that much power and if even if they do, YH’s fans want writer-nim to make Seju drop Mirae and look at Youkyung instead.

    I think the writer is pandering to the Korean viewers’ opinion. It seems they don’t like Kim Shin.

      • there’s not connection between mirae and sejoo , she doesn’t like him , he’s just a friend .They can’t end up together because the girl is not in love of him .I don’t know what drama jyh’s fans are watching but jyh is not the male lead , face it please .would be ridiculous if mirae choose him , she loves shim.

      • I didn’t say a thing about shipping. If you can’t see the obvious fan service in the last two episodes especially I can’t help you.

    • It’s fanservice pure and simple – YH is one of the major selling points of this drama abroad and I see this emphasis on his character as damage control after having given up on the domestic market.

    • @carolina Not all Jung Yonghwa fans want him to end up with Mirae, in fact a lot wants him to move on and also not everyone who wants Seju and Mirae has to be his fan…There are a lot of viewers out there, who are not a fan of any of the actors so quit pointing fingers to JYH fans all the damn time when you’re unsatisfied.

  16. I knew it , this writer wants to kill this drama, doesn’t care if she kills the cast’s effort . I don’t have any hope for this drama , happy ending for me was mirae and kim shim deeply in love, but probably it ends with sejoo and mirae married without love . I wanna cry.

  17. Wow, this drama reminds me of Ohlala Couple where the writer gave viewers false hope by shoving the second lead on our face. But it was easy then, the male lead was an ass, a cheater even go as far as ‘accidentally’ killed his unborn child for his affair. I rooted for the second lead all the way and he even got more screentime than the main lead in last episodes. However, since the writer was a jerk, of course the main female ended up with her trash husband. Although I hope that OTP twist happens here.

    I really want the OTP to end up together since Shin is million times better than the male lead on OS and the second lead here is such a stubborn, clingy, and making me want to punch him on the face.

    And that guy was creepy as hell, didn’t he ‘let go’ of Mirae two episodes ago? Mirae let him held her hand and he proposed her instantly?

    See Mirae, this is why you shouldn’t give this dude false hope.

    It’s funny that clingy second lead happens to male a character whereas I usually find the female second lead is the expert in this field.

  18. At this point the only person I care about is Shin. I feel bad for Mi Rae but she is basically encouraging Se Joo in his delusions… she has no one to blame but herself when she ends up marrying him out of pity and making both of their lives miserable.

    This drama is a disgrace.

  19. Future MR said YK would be in control of SJ in the future, what if…. what if it was Miranda herself that let YK be in control because SJ doesn’t have the mind and means to be a good president? LOL

  20. Maybe if Kim Shin grows some backbone and actually do something than just mope around and surrender to his fate as relayed by FMR, then maybe I’d be pissed at Sejoo too but just NO. Sejoo is not even the reason why Kim Shin and Mirae are not together… Kim Shin is the problem. I don’t think Kim Shin deserves Mirae. I don’t pity him one bit. It makes me wish Mirae actually had feelings for Seju and they’d be better off than her having to deal with and endure Kim Shin’s pride, distrust, arrogance and noble idiocy.

    • I agree with u…. Shin shouldnt run away from his feelings n should try to change his future… did he turn his back bcoz he is afraid that he will die like FMR said!!!! It would have been nice if MR had feelings for SJ instead of shin…. i really dnt knw whats going to happen n how they r going to end it!!!!

  21. Why are you so upset? All kdramas are like this. And besides, I find Sejoo’s persistence admirable. When you truly love someone and think they’re your happiness, you’ll fight for them, even when there is no hope.

    • What about the other person’s happiness? It takes an astonishing ego to believe that pushing oneself on someone who’s hurting after losing the person she truly loves is a good thing in the long run.

      • Seju is not getting in the way of Mirae’s happiness – Kim Shin. The reason why he can’t seem to fully let Mirae go is the fact that she’s miserable because of Kim Shin. Seju is not doing anything to prevent Mirae and Kim Shin from getting together. The only thing he’s doing is staying by her side and he gets called an idiot. While there’s Kim Shin who got swallowed by his pride and cowardice to face the knowledge of his future. Is he even thinking of actually trying to do something to prevent whatever nasty stuff is supposed to happen to him and Mirae? Maybe if he finally stop being a coward and noble idiot then maybe he can put out Mirae out of her misery and maybe Sejoo can move on for real.

    • See Joo is a spoiled brat who can’t take no for an answer. Actually he’s a good match with Na Mirae because she’s so lame. I’m actually glad Yoo Kyung and Shin are spared from having fate with them. YBS will go bonker with his leadership.

      • It’s not like he’s pushing her to love him. He’s staying by her side because she’s in no way happy with the man who’s supposed to have her heart. Maybe when your “Shin” finally have the guts to do something with their future, maybe Sejoo can actually find it in his heart to leave the miserable Mirae.

    • Agree, at the end if it doesn’t work out at least he tried his best. Who doesn’t have painful love, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find happiness with other person. I too find SJ character’s persistence admirable! Also, enjoy the drama very much. It’s entertainment, please don’t project it to your own life.

  22. At first I admired Se Joo’s persistence pursuing Mirae because it showed that his feelings are real
    What annoys me now is that he seem can’t accept the fact that she already rejected him. Twice. If he loves her then he should be man enough to respect her decision and her heart.

    • He’s not unaware of his rejection. He knows it and he knows where he stand in Mirae’s life. But you have to understand that Seju is not just a man who wants to be loved by Mirae, he is also a friend to her. Is Mirae a picture of a satisfied and happy woman now? NO. She is miserable because Kim Shin’s noble idiocy and just decided to give up on their future. It’s Mirae’s misery that is making it hard for Sejoo to let go completely plus he obviously cares for her as a friend.

  23. Na Mirae doesn’t love sejoo , she loves Kim Shim. And kim shim loves more when you truly love someone you sacrifice everything , he doesn’t want mirae suffers even for a minute for him , you can call him stupid , jerk , but he supported mirae in decisive moments, chance sejoo just wants win the girl he’s not deeply in love his obsessed as a child .

    • I agree ,this is worst that fashion king .I wish yoon eun hye and lee dong gun find as soon as if posible a better proyect like this , and this drama doesn’t affect their careers .

  24. I want Se Joo woth Mirae. It will be different. Second lead eventually get the lady.
    Se Joo is kind. So, it’s okay. Love will come. Just in my imagine. Lol.

  25. I want Se Joo and Mirea together,I Know many of my friends watching the show are all hoping the writer will make it happen. It will be boring if kim shin and mirea end up together at the end.

    • @annie and mae ,jyh is not the male lead , face it . if he ends with mirae this drama is just a fan service it that happens. And will be the most ridiculous drama

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