Jo In Sung and Kim Bum Head to Japan for That Winter, The Wind Blows Drama Event

Kim Bum is singlehandedly giving a lesson on living the jetsetting lifestyle. Even for an entertainer his non-stop travels seem a bit extreme, though his country hopping in Europe last month was some well-earned time off with new girlfriend Moon Geun Young. Nothing makes travel more bearable than a new honey to do it with. Kim Bum showed up at Gimpo airport today to hop on a plane for Tokyo where he’s attending this weekend’s drama promotional event for That Winter, the Wind Blows. The press was there but it was nothing compared to the circus four days ago when he and Moon Geun Young landed at Incheon airport back from their European vacation. Kim Bum appears to have gotten a much needed a haircut and shaved off his holiday stubble, returning to the role of actor Kim Bum rather than devoted boyfriend and protector Kim Bum. Both guises are good with me. Moments after Bummie passed through security, his TWTWB leading man Jo In Sung arrived to catch the same flight. While Kim Bum looked like a dashing young star at the airport, Jo In Sung hilariously looked like the male version of the hobo bag lady. Despite being one of the tallest male stars in Korea, he chose to wear a super long coat that flapped unattractively around him. Paired with a beanie, sunglasses, and a backpack, he really went all out to look mismatched. Oh wells, I’m sure both guys packed their good suit for the drama promotional event. I’m not sure why neither leading ladies Song Hye Kyo and Jung Eun Ji are attending the drama event in Japan as it would have been nice to have a full cast reunion. I really liked this cast and my issues with the drama are with some inexplicable narrative lackings and flimsy motivations but it remains quite watchable.


Jo In Sung and Kim Bum Head to Japan for That Winter, The Wind Blows Drama Event — 25 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with Jo In Sung? Black cashmere coat, camel cashmere turtleneck sweater…looks pretty good to me. I’ll take him!

  2. Ya, Kim Bum definitely looks better with straight hair instead of his natural curly locks. Yes, it’s true that Jo In Sung looks in complete utter mess of outfit but guess what, he is the clean one here.

    You can tell if the man is a hygenic or not by his shoes. See Kim Bum’s shoes, that’s the same sneakers he wore when vacationing in Prague and Austria if I’m not mistaken and he can’t get them clean in time to wear them again or don’t he have a personal assistant to do that for him. I dislike unkept guy like this.

    Jo In Sung might have looked horrible in his assemble but his shoes are sparkly clean and I give him credits for at least being hygenic.

    • @Hi Ran
      Have ya seen kim bum’s other outfits (and shoes) at the airport before and at red carpet events in da past? the guy is clean cut and hygenic, but just not this time. whatever!

      as for why song hye kyo and eunji not attending, I’m not suprised bcuz I see k-drama actors traveling overseas to fanmeetings and promotional events all the time. they go more often than the women do. for some reason, most kdrama actresses don’t go on fanmeeting tours like the men do.

    • are you kidding! you judged a person like that… you just don’t like him.. period. you are so superficial. Instead of looking on the shoes, look at the nails and toes. The guy is a nice person, look at some of his videos, especially his travels, then judge him after that.

    • Hello? It’s a sneakers.

      Shoes keep it clean, Sneakers get dirty.

      Sounds familiar right?

      Besides I opt to wear well travelled shoes..:-)
      Those shoesthat took me to some beautiful places.

      A little dirt wouldn’t kill yah.

  3. Kim Bum is simply gorgeous, I also prefer him with shorter hair. Can’t wait to hear what he have to say about our Moonie at the show (we all know that he’ll be grilled).

  4. Hmmmm, frankly, they both don’t look well dressed (that leather raincoat looks horrible on Bummie), but also, who cares.

    They’re flying somewhere. If it were a red carpet event that were dressed like that at, then, I’d get the issue with it.

    But they’re being caught by paparazzi on their way to fly to another country.

    I really don’t get the outrage.

    Let them dress however they like when going somewhere as long as they don’t show up that way AT the events….

    • @Ok
      No, if jo in sung and kim bum (like other actors) film new dramas/movies, they’d still go 2 (for example) press conference event/red carpet event with their leading female co-star, no matter if the men are in real-life relationship or not.

  5. Wow Kim Bum looks like a teenager. So adorably cute. His smile is heart-stopping but I notice (could be my opinion) he is not as happy looking as he was on his return trip from Europe. Amazing what a haircut and shave can do to make someone look so delicious. Scary talk from someone my age but just look at him. I am so glad he is off the market and belongs to someone that I believe deserves him.

  6. @Sonia I agree with you, Kim Bum is doesn’t seem as happy here. I’m guessing the reason is because Moon is not with him. He’s missing his girl already.

  7. I can’t get over GeunBum couple!! I just love they so much!! ❤❤❤ I hope they ask Bummie about his new girlfriend (I’m sure they will)
    But this isn’t about them, I wish them the best at their promotions, I think EunJi is with Apink promotions so she can’t come and maybe Song Hye Kyo is promoting ‘The Grandmaster’ . I think both OTP in TWTWB where so cute and adorable. And it had beautiful music (I lovedYesung, Gummy, The One and Taeyeon) and shots were so pretty.

    • @meli
      despite SHK and EJ (maybe) busy doing other stuff,have ya noticed kdrama actors travel overseas to different countries for promotional events and fan meetings way more often than actresses? i ain’t suprised dat song hye kyo and eunji didn’t go.

      • That’s because most hallyu fans are women. So we as girls rather like to see hot man than pretty ladies. Just like Heirs. Park Shin Hye❤ is pretty popular but most of its fan base is Lee Min Hot! So obviously they are more demanded. I would definitely pay to see Kim Bum and Jo In Sing than Song Hye Kyo and EunJi (even if I love both)

      • @Meli
        Yeah, everything ya said is true. It’s unfair for the women, but 2 be honest, I’d much rather see KB and JIS rather than SHK and EJ. so i agree with you.

      • @meli
        just 2 add to your comment..yeah, i’d rather go see lee min ho too instead of park shin hye. it’s good to be men (such as kdrama actors or even kpop male idols). the men got way more privilege, opportunities, make more money, get more respect from many countries.

  8. If you really want to know if a person is really clean and hygienic look at his fingernails. I have seen a lot of people who look really very clean, nice clothes but voila! you see the fingernails and oh so yuck! Clean looking does not mean really clean or hygienic. Oh but but the fingernails and toe nails say it all!!! That’s where you will see if the person is really clean and hygienic.
    You can’t expect a pair of shoes/rubber shoes, etc to be clean all the time since it was made to be worn on the feet.

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