Pretty Boy with Jang Geun Seok and IU Drop to 2.9% Drama Ratings Low

There are plenty of K-dramas that garner low ratings, nowadays more than ever since the audience seems to be dwindling and there are so many other options beyond the Big Three networks including the rise of cable programming. Despite all that, I’m still stunned to see the current KBS Wed-Thurs drama Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) with Jang Geun Seok and IU hit a new drama low of 2.9% ratings for today’s episode 7. I don’t think I’ve seem a prime time drama with ratings that low since Playful Kiss, and funnily enough that drama starred Kim Hyun Joong who is on deck for his Age of Feeling to take over the time slot of PB. Even more coincidence between these two guys goes back years and years ago when they were both up for the role of Ji Hoo sunbae in Boys Before Flowers. Jang Geun Seok was actually offered the lead of Gu Jun Pyo but he wanted to play Ji Hoo but that role was already inked to Kim Hyun Joong so the rest is all Lee Min Ho career making history. I thought episode 1 of PM was much better and less stupid than I expected, but I was rather bored by episode 2 despite it still staying really watchable. Over the weekend I caught up on episodes 3-4 and the drama really isn’t bad at all. IU is wonderful here and reminds me of Jung So Min in PK but with her own flair and character tweaks that freshen up the obsessed girl trope. Jang Geun Seok is also decent and plays his character straight yet with a sense of irony and self-mockery of the whole “prettiest man alive” conceit. The story isn’t anything to write home about but there are stakes and acceptable reasons for why the characters go down certain paths, and the growing closeness of the OTP is slow and funny. I’m sad for this production to garner such low low ratings and I hope this drama stays good and ends up with a second life on video or overseas. I plan to keep watching but it doesn’t hook me to the point of having anything insightful to write about. Check out a well-made MV and see if maybe you want to give this one a try.Β 

Fun Pretty Boy MV:

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Pretty Boy with Jang Geun Seok and IU Drop to 2.9% Drama Ratings Low — 95 Comments

  1. My friend enjoyed watching this drama and said that their interactions are funny. IU looks really cute! But somehow I just can’t bring myself to watch Jang Geun Seok’s dramas, he looks a bit too girl but I’m glad his eyeliner is not as thick as before.

    • I’ve been seeing that kind of hairstyle lately on drama actors … lot of hair on top but the back and sides are almost a buzz-cut (JGS: Pretty Boy, KWB: Heirs, JJH: Medical Top Team).

      Personally I don’t like it on any of them.

  2. i seriously don’t know what’s happened to jgs. seems he can’t live without eyeliners since YB days. the hair.. trying too hard.

  3. IU is terrific….pretty, sweet, vulnerable, quirky…while Jang Geon Seok is flat, preening, and sleazy. I kinda like the story but keep thinking how much better it would be with a talented actor like Park Shi Hoo.

    • I don’t know… Park Shi Hoo has never been my cup of tea… actually I find him yawn inducing. And I think JGS has talent especially when he turns on the switch but sometimes it’s not on, and I think it’s fluctuating in this drama… sometimes he’s so compelling and at other times I just speed through the scenes.

      Other Flower boys who could play this part at the moment (JGS hasn’t made an imprint of his character yet in my mind so for the moment he’s interchangeable)… uri Jung Ilwoo? Song Joongki if he weren’t in the army at the moment…Yoon Si Yoon also a good choice… aegyotastic Joowon, pretty pretty boy Lee Jong-seok, charismatic Choi Siwon (I would swoon at his feet, hahaha) also magnetic charisma Lee Jae wook or my handsome oppa Lee Junki πŸ™‚ so many to choose from! let me go drool over there by the corner. mwuahahaha

  4. What happened to JGS’s hair? He looked very tired and has aged a fair bit. He is a good actor but seemed to have taken on projects that limited his growth. IU is pretty funny here! Can’t believe that ratings have gone so low.

  5. JGS is a good actor but he’s been choosing bad projects recently. He better make a better choice next time, the rating for his dramas are dropping and dropping.

    • Its sad cause after Love Rain he already said he would choose carefully for his next project and yet this happened! But not gonna lie, I knew this drama wouldn’t get good ratings from the beginning as it seems similar to Playful kiss which those viewers did not enjoy. But I had no idea the ratings were gonna drop that low… Thought it would just hover around 5- 7% ratings.

  6. It’s really sad, but at least is quite popular overseas (well not as Heirs but its a second place). IU is doing a fantastic job, I love she isn’t afraid of doing weird things. Even if her character is really weird.

    • Yes as of now. But in the long run, I think Pretty Man will make more lasting impression on international viewers. While only in its 4 episodes Pretty Man has made it into the 2nd place of this korean drama ranking site with the same percentage of vote like that of Heirs (very minimal difference), surpassing other k-dramas (most of them 0% votes) even those that are considered hits in Korea.

  7. Agree, this story is absolutely nothing to write home about.
    That said, it’s a decent watch. What i will compliment this show on is its showcase of strong, fierce woman and the little(but smart) things we learn about life. Let’s face it, when the synopsis first came out about this show, I scoffed at the part where they say he’d conquer several beautiful women. Okay maybe, maybe these women do end up falling head over heels in love with him, but these are independent, SMART, strong, likable women that don’t get nearly enough fleshing out since show seems to be going with a woman-of-the-week format. One major issue for me is how disconnected both leads feel in terms of story and living. Ma Te seems to be embarking on this “mysterious” journey all the while learning what it’s like to climb the social ladder, while Bo Tong and second lead Choi David are winning the hearts of viewers by doing their own thing. I thank Ma Te for that, because if not for his sock dilemma we wouldn’t get cute Bo-Tong David moments. Everytime Ma Te comes barging in interrupting their cute no-one-understands-but-you kinda world, i sort of dislike him for it. Yup, second lead shipping syndrome leggo, and im sure I aint the only one.
    The mystery is somewhat dull for me and rather predictable, but i like the characters we’ve been introduced to thus far.

    • This is a rare story, and interesting. JKS’s role, the character of seducing women with pretty face is unacceptable in the real life. JKS should not take this drama because his actions are all the same in Mary stay out night, Love rain, and You’re beautiful. Pretty man is indicated to JKS. The director should not put LJW in the second lead who is equally handsome and more manly than JKS. So, second lead syndrome audience and idealistic audience won’t happy much. I like the way LJW’s expression changed whenever IU say oppa oppa. Both he and IU are cute. Han Chae-Young is prettier here than in Ad genius. Since only KBS is available in our place we have no other choice to watch on Wednesday and Thursday. I am going to watch till the end. This show is not so so great but entertaining.

  8. The low ratings is not surprising at all. The Heirs got majority of the viewers right after Secret ended. For fans of Pretty Boy, might as well enjoy the show and just face the fact that it’s being largely ignored by the Korean viewing public.

    • Don’t worry we are enjoying the show. In fact not only the loyal fans of JKS are enjoying Bel Ami, non-eels had their share of fun as well watching it. By the way this is not the only drama being ignored by the Koreans, even Medical Top Team gets the same viewer rating. But what I’m happy about is that Bel Ami has been garnering millions of viewers via internet compare to other korean dramas that have suffered as well in ratings. And from the very beginning of production of this drama, the fact that the production has considered talking to TVN to air it, it seems not that obsessed in gaining the national (korean) viewer ratings favour. As for the other dramas with actors without that so much strong grip with overseas fans, then they have bigger problems. Well with Jang Geun Suk still hot overseas (several countries have already bought it in fact) then that helps a lot. Many fans of JKS have already face that fact after all not all of them are bunch of teenagers. But who knows, in the future strange things can happen.

  9. Holy heavens that is some low ratings. And I though Blade and Petal had the worse. Not gonna say I’m surprised though because JGS isn’t all that loved in Korea any longer. This time slot has been pretty easy since secret went out of the scene. MTT and PM are actually competing each other for the lower ratings. No wonder heirs is doing well, they have nothing against them at all.

    Should be interesting with new shows in the line, although until age of feeling comes along, it’s definitely gonna be a 2 way street. Not that I think AoF is gonna fare any better…

  10. I’ve been watching here from the States and out of the mix of recent drama’s, it’s very fun to watch. Nothing too heavy, it follows a clear procession plot wise and as said before IU is really playing it up.

  11. Sorry to said, but this year IU-JJS pairing attract k-netz attention more than IU-JGS. Both drama not so compelling but YTBLSS hv shin-shin couple chemistry to save the show but in BA still couldnt see any click between main OTP.

  12. I still seriously question why IU even took this role. It had low ratings written all over it. Though I doubt anyone expected ratings this low. I guess it’s experience if nothing else.

  13. On top of wtf storyline,JKS acting is quite bad. He can do emotional scenes well but he focus more on portraying himself as ‘pretty man’ which can make people cringe.Unless you are his fans,you will find him pretty.For normal people, it is just horrible.
    IU acting was decent.But her role is pathetic. Really.

    • I like JKS and I know he has good acting chops although recent roles he’s taken haven’t IMO shown that.

      I think he’s appropriately playing this part of a vain-and-kind-of-campy-pretty-boy well, it’s just that the persona is very close to the image a lot of people have of him in real life which isn’t favorably look upon by a lot of people so it feeds his detractors.

      • I used to like JKS and he used to have good acting chops.However,it is obsoleted.His role as ma-te is just cringe-aworthy.He always chooses Rom com and keep choosing his roles as flower boys.I don’t understand.Does he want to be an actor or flower boy?

        It is sad actually.Actors from his generation have tried various roles and have at least one drama with solid performance and good ratings.I hope it is will not go as low as 1% when ‘man from star’ starts to air.

      • @mini I agree the roles he’s choosing are not best but I do think he’s still capable of good acting as I still see glimpses of it here and there even in the “bad” ones… I follow him a little so I know he’s a bit of a free-spirited character personality-wise but I’ve been hanging with him amidst a lot of criticism he receives… I hope things turn around for him.

    • Ehhh…he is acting pretty , because he is the pretty man in the story, a man who uses his pretty face to gain connection. Oh sorry….it seems that the average viewers in Korea are like you , he, he, he….. use your brain think, think….it’s called pretty man and the story called for JKS to be conceited. Good Lord are the viewing public there this brain dead dumb? I’m from the States ….

  14. The biggest problem it has is that they cast Lee Jang-Woo as the second lead in a drama called “Pretty Boy.”

    I like Jang Geun Seok and think he’s a cutie but hot-daaaaamn Lee Jang-Woo is beautiful.

    • Totally agree with this. JGS is pretty in his own way, but then LJW comes onscreen with that beautiful, angelic smile and I’m taken out of the moment by wondering why he wasn’t cast as Me Te instead. Also, he and IU are sooo cute together!

      • Lee Jang Woo wasn’t cast as Mate, easy answer – he doesn’t have Jang Geun Suk star power, not yet. And acting wise Lee Jang Woo is good but Jang Geun Suk is amazing! Though I like Lee Jang Woo even before he was cast in PM. That’s why I love this drama, watching two beautiful, handsome stars.

      • @j kriss I understand JGS has more star power so I get why he’s the lead. I just think it would have been more effective and less distracting to cast a 2nd lead actor who wasn’t as competitive in the looks department to avoid any argument that inevitably were going to arise about who is the best-looking guy in this drama.

    • Acting ?
      Ever thought of that ?
      JGS is a Good Actor , I don’t think LJW would be able to pull off those different looks every two episodes and constantly show versatility in his acting.

      • You may be over-reacting a bit to our comment… in another remark I made (pointing up), I said I know JGS is a good actor. The point we’re trying to make is that LJW is a particularly fine looking male and it’s overshadowing JGS as the “pretty boy” in this drama… the hairstyles they’re giving JGS haven’t helped him either.

      • @djbullock No….I’m not over reacting. If u are taking it on to another level I can’t help it. I jus simply told that his acting is much better than LJW. It’s understandable that many people look to the Goodlooks of an actor/actress prior to Acting but angel looks doesn’t help if one’s acting isn’t up to the point.

        Jus because the title says beautiful man it doesn’t mean they are totally aiming for It. LOL

        Moreover JGS is ageing and It’s quite visible haha. Good for him he hasn’t got a PS to hide it πŸ˜‰

      • @Saman I don’t know, I really liked LJW in I Do, I Do. He’s not amazing but he shows a lot of heart in his acting. He might not be the best choice for this role but as @djbullock mentioned, he does outshine JGS at times. Especially with the new horrible ramyun-hair. Ugh. I never thought I’d say this, but I wish he hadn’t cut his hair. Or that he’d cut it again – very short.

      • @Saman The tone of your comment is that we overlook JGS’s skills as an actor because of LJW’s good looks… if you didn’t intend it to be that way then I can’t help that… it’s the way it came across.

        TBS… I full well know how people are influenced by the looks of an actor… Shin Ha Kyun is my favorite SK actor and when he played the lead in “All About My Romance,” I was appalled at how many people said they were passing over watching it because he looked like an “old ahjussi”… it killed me.

        The only thing we’re saying here, which you seem to acknowledge to some extent, is that acting skills aside JGS, while still a nice-looking young man is less appealing to look at than in some of his earlier dramas. I will also point out that LJW is slightly older than JGS so I don’t think using JGS’s age is a plausible excuse to be using.

        As for the title of the drama, I do think it’s meant to be taken literally based on the reactions they’ve shown of women when he walks into a room.

        Istand behind my original comment.

      • @djbullock Looks like you haven’t caught the satire I played. JGS is younger to LJW I know that , am not saying it as a excuse , I don’t either think jgs is the most beautiful man out there LOL but Atleast he didn’t get a PS done to look like an angel . Haha.

        You are free to say ur opinion and I’ve jus put up a point to why Jgs shud b playing the lead and not LJW.
        Can u agree to that IU is a average girl like they literally meant ? Of course not , but HCY is definitely Prettier than her that doesn’t mean she could play Bo tong. Even if they make her look average she will not b able to play the character of bo tong as adorable as IU.

        I rest my case here .

    • @saman I understand you’re implying that LJW’s scenes are being shot with a filter or some kind of special effect to make him more attractive than he actually may be. If that’s true then I absolutely would question the judgment of whoever made the decision to do so that because that’s like intentional sabotage to JGS’s ability to perform as the “prettiest boy” lead.

      IU and LCY… the title of the drama isn’t “Prettiest Girl” or “Average Girl” so I don’t see a conflict.

    • But But…..LJW doesn’t have sex appeal. He doesn’t have sex appeal period and he can’t carry the lead, if he does it will be unbelievable. Cute face ? as most Koreans label their actors, which I feel is derogatory…to be labeled cute in another dimension aside the Korean means you have nothing going on beyond that face. Babies are cute, puppies are cute, monkies are cute, get my drift. Please stop labeling grown man as cute. This is a Korean thing I suppose, how shallow! It seems that Koreans doesn’t like JKS for other reasons-but the rest of the world gets him. He is truly the Asian prince.

  15. Well am not sure to wat extent It’s true that “Koreans” its wrong to include the whole nation let’s jus say household Korean viewers dislike the male lead which is affecting the ratings.
    The drama which made JGS popular also had single number digits most of the time during It’s run and by that time he wasn’t even that popular or had a huge love/hate relationship with Korean viewers. It’s kinda complicated to understand what Korean viewers prefer at times.

    On the other note the drama is not bad at all…JGS acting is pretty good and unlike the shallow written synopsis of the drama initially the main character mocks himself and also get those teasing mockery from Bo tong abt his looks , I laughed so hard at a scene where she says “you look cheap” in a scene. Any ppl who hav a misconception abt the drama thinking It’s all about Goodlooks am sry to say It’s not. The story is progressing well.

    IU’s character can get annoying at places but still her character holds up the lightness in the drama. Lee jang woo am sry to say he’s jus the second lead and hav no scope to showcase anything good. His acting is pretty pale and flat , he goes Expressionless many times. IU is much better than him being a new comer. HCY is only their to give out some Creepy smirks Ugghhh.

  16. Wow, that’s surprisingly low. I guess with the buildup to Heirs’ finale people are watching that instead (why, I cannot fathom).

    You’re right, Koala Unni (can I call you that? hehe), it’s definitely very watchable but nothing spectacular or new. It’s actually a lot better than I though based on the premise, which sounded horrible. But Bo-tong is less of a doormat than I expected, Han Chae-young’s character is not a straight second lead but has her own reasons for getting Ma Te to “conquer” the other women (still weird, but I’m rolling with it) and I like how the leads’ relationship is developing.

    I thought he’d be the typical asshole who treats the main girl like dirt, a la Playful Kiss (not that I didn’t enjoy that drama) but he actually treats her exactly like a younger sister. No more, no less. He does tease her and order her around, but it’s at a biological-oppa level, not an jerk chaebol level (even though he is an actual illegitimate chaebol – ooh, another LMH connection!). Although I’m enjoying his new jealousy of David in eps 5 and 6 and his awareness that he doesn’t like it when she doesn’t pick up his phone calls. No comment on the “I’ll let you take 10 pics of me” and her overjoyed reaction though. That’s one part of the drama that does annoy me. But I’m hoping she’ll wake up to her own self-worth soon. Maybe with the help of adorable Manager Choi, who worships the ground she walks on. (So cute!)

    • It’s Han Chae-young’s character that is bothering me the most in this drama. I’ve seen a few things she’s acted in but she’s never really made any kind of impression on me. In this part, however, I’m really bothered by the conniving sneer she seems to have plastered on her face in every scene and there’s something very unnatural about her looks to me even though I can see where some would call her extremely beautiful.

      I get annoyed with Ma Te when he starts looking for a way to dodge the advances of some of these women he’s been intentionally targeting… it’s contradictory to me. I don’t know if the writer’s intent is to make the audience think he only takes their money but he would never sleep with them… if so, I’m calling bullshit on that.

      • Her character can go a little over the top with the sudden I’m-up-to-no-good changes in expression, but I do like the fact that’s she’s playing something different than her usually beauty-next-door roles. And while her methods seem strange I can at least understand her motivations, to get her daughter back and take revenge on her totally evil ex-mother-in-law. I actually like her unusual looks, although she’s wearing way too much makeup in Pretty Man.

        Yeah, that part makes me roll my eyes a bit – there is no way a guy in this kind of situation would keep things innocent. Are we supposed to believe Jaek-hee got him an apartment and even proposed to him but they never slept together? Come on. I think the drama kind of implies that does get intimate with these women but it does its very best to ignore/gloss over that point. Because we don’t want to think too long on the fact that our male lead sleeps around for money… especially if we want to root for him to get together with the super-naive and innocent heroine (being pretty for money is apparently a-ok though).

        I dunno, there are sooo many issues with the premise of this drama if you start picking it apart, but the reason I enjoy it is that it’s a fun watch and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so I try not to get too caught up in that stuff. It’s at least not offensive with its inconsistencies, the way Heirs is. πŸ™‚

      • @Laica I like your take on it. I’m going to continue watching as I like the campiness of it even though it uneven in a lot of places.

  17. I have been catching up with Bel Ami and i really love the storyline. The value of each episode if so meaningful that it pass by in our daily life without us realizing it. The lead actor and actress acting is really wonderful. Please give a try to watch this drama. Is is light heart and you will enjoy every single bits of it with laughter.

    • Agree!! Bel Ami was bored at the first two episode, but then I could more enjoy in watching this drama. I thought the producer decided to make this drama different than others. And who ever have the sense of humor could really enjoy this drama because there are many silly and funny scenes in this drama. And JKS could play the main character very well, he uses his pretty face to gain everything in his life but actually he has his heart and kind of funny and loveable guy. I finally love IU. Hope the rating could be higher than before.

  18. Oh dear. Goodness, I can’t believe it is that low. It is making the low ratings of LTM look pretty good. And second, Heirs is what the korean viewers want?? The quality of kdramas has gone way down or so it seems to me.

    I think JGS needs an army break and then come back and make a real serious acting comeback. But it’s his life so he will do what he will with it.

  19. Hi everybody! I’m not trying to be biased or anything… preference for drama is personal and to each, his/ her own. I’d like to offer a bit of a different point of view to this drama and its rating results, which I think is quite neutral in a way. In addition, it is written by a Korean reporter so it might give us an insider insight as well. The English translation title of the article is: “β€˜Beautiful Man’ is trying to teach lessons openly, but why I don’t hate it?” and the original source (in Korean if you can read Hangeul) is this: . The link I’m gonna share is posted already in a Jang Keun Suk’s fanbase blog, yes, but this doesn’t mean I’m taking sides (although I’m indeed a loyal noona eel). Here it is and please spend some time to read this, just to see a different angle… as things are always two sides of a coin ;):

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  20. I like Bel Ami.. i love IU & LJW. Their characters are both so weird and funny…I also like HCY..her character is very interesting. Everything about this drama is interesting if I have to compare it with Heirs…..but of course I am only speaking for myself. As much as I love was difficult to watch the almost nonexistence chemistry as lovers between him & PSH. Heee..

  21. I had pretty low expectations when I started watching this but I was surprised to find myself enjoying this. It’s wacky and over-the-top with a very strong manga vibe but it has a decent plot, interesting side characters and is surprisingly deep sometimes (unlike a certain popular drama that I won’t name). I love IU’s KBT and would love JGS’s acting too if it didn’t feel like he’s played this character too many times before. Actually it feels like JGS is just playing himself which may be why the Korean viewers aren’t impressed.
    It feels like this drama is aimed at Japanese watchers which may be a smart move for JGS because I don’t think he jives with Korean ahjummas at all and trying to win their love is probably a lost cause.
    The thing is I rarely enjoy the Korean dramas that get 30

    • Sorry, I accidently pressed the post button mid-comment.
      Anyway I find most 30%~ Korean dramas unwatchable so I’m thankful that there are productions making these quirky dramas that don’t appeal to the makjang loving ahjumma population but are interesting watches.

  22. Well I’m really surprised to see the ratings though it seems I’m in the minority.This drama is entertaining in it’s own way.Granted, it doesn’t have a story that makes you think or contains any strong message but it’s light,funny and the characters do make sense sometimes.I personally believe there have been many worse dramas with better ratings this year than PB so it makes me sad to see the viewers reject this drama due to current unpopularity of JGS.

  23. I’m with you, Miss Koala! I wasn’t going to watch this drama but I got bored for something light and gave it a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. I think IU’s character is adorable. I normally hate the stalker, obsessed girl character but for some reason she is so delightfully weird and quirky that I love her and find her really funny. Plus I like her chemistry with JGS. I’m really sad about the ratings. This isn’t a world burner or anything but it’s a delightful show thus far and well worth watching if you are looking for fun fluff with a heavy dose of quirky.

  24. I think the problem with Korea is they focus too much on rating. I can also predict what type of drama will garner higher rating. The focus on rating limit genre and creativity. I am not saying this is a very good drama, but at least it is different from other dramas.

    So far JKS’s character is not well-liked. But that is the whole point, to show how this character grow into a truly beautiful person in the end. I like some of the lessons this show try to teach but i think the fact that each women stays in the story for too short period of time makes it hard to really connect with them. It is also weird to see the male lead trying to woo so many women in a drama.

    Overall, still a entertaining drama that definitely does not deserve this low rating.

  25. agree with Mz.Koala. This drama is fun to watch, but not enough for me to wait for another episode to be broadcasted. I have been watching two episodes at a time, fast forwarding just to see IU’s funny scenes. JGS’s acting has not improved since YAB. LJW is more beautiful to watch imho. HCY ajusshi is annoying, fast forward fast forward…

  26. this drama is amazing and really doesn’t deserves this low ratings ?!! i enjoy every single ep of it and learn a new lessions in life plus JGS is gorgeous and an awesome actor and IU is sooooooo funny ?! i watched alot of kdrama but this drama is really unique and so funny and has its own world ,! korean people are so stupid for missing this drama out and watch the borings to death heirs with no story or plot what so ever .

  27. LOL JGS rejected the offer of Goo Jun Pyo?
    I find that pretty ironic since Hwang Tae Kyung is pretty similar to Goo Jun Pyo in many ways.
    Maybe he decided to try that kind of role after all.

    • I heard him saying in an interview that he had a choice between Beethoven Virus and BoF and chose Beethoven Virus because he wanted to work with Kim Myumgmin. He felt he would learn more. Sigh. I miss the serious actor JGS.

      • I really liked him in Beethoven’s Virus. I think he made the right choice between the two roles.

      • Beethoven virus JGS is soo refreshing both in terms of looks and acting.
        Can’t believe he’s the same guy who made such wise decisions about serious acting back then.

        His role in BV is 10xxxx better than being a lead in BOF (I hate that drama for all sorts of reasons somehow lol)

        He should re discover his passion for acting.
        Wen he was young he played such mature and diverse roles .Such a good actor wasting himself in some bad works makes me feel frustrated as someone who admire his acting a lot.

  28. I don’t get how they got those low rating figure from??? Ep7 is sooo funny, I haven’t had a hearty laugh from drama, aside from CoolKizInTheBlock KBS variety show recently, but I just blurted out when I saw IU’s face drew on ahahahhahaha

    I enjoy Heir as a breeze watch, but the one that i look forward is actually Bel Ami. I almost couldn’t watch it due to Jang Geun Seok, I even discussed with a friend of who could’ve been a better candidate to be pretty man (we agreed at Won Bin – though no chance he can be in this drama), but it is entertaining and I am curious to see the “woman obstacles” that DokGo Mate have to conquer, it is a must watch drama on my list

    • I think JGS is the one who suit with Ma-Te character. Won Bin is the first korean actor whom I like, but he is too old, and btw where is he now? hahaha oh btw I really love the scene when Bo Tong was trying so hard to get Ma Te attention by acting so gracefully, but she failed coz she gave him a bottle of sauce instead of bottle of water. So Silly and I like it

  29. KBS has made a special program for Pretty Man 120 minutes. It will air on December 15 Sunday 13:15 kst. Group 8 has tried to explain that the low ratings in Korea has no substantial impact on Pretty Man (Bel Ami). So Bel Ami fans be happy & look forward to that special program. Wow this is the first time that a network will present a special program on a drama that by kvr standard is not a hit. Then what makes PM so special? As IU said Jang Geun Suk is pretty enough to change the history πŸ˜›

    • @tinykdramafan i don’t care about you because you are just a tiny nothing of importance too. Don’t you know how to read I’m inviting those fans of Bel Ami to look forward to that special program that was made especially for Jang Geun Suk’s drama. It doesn’t include you, is that clear?

      • Agree! i just watched ep 8 with eng sub. It’s the best ep so far. Ma Te has grown wiser, Bo Tong is hilarious, David made some progress. OMO! I just love this more than YAB

      • yes ep 8 was amazing so awesome ?! i just love how JGS stated to fall for myomi even though he knew she was lesbian ?!! i’m so loving this drama one of the best this year really πŸ™‚

      • @Randa now with Myo Mi’s confession I think she’s just pretending to be a lesbian because of her secret so she can have an alibi if one tries to disclose a clue to the public that she has a child. And Ma Te reached that conclusion, now the question is what’s next between them, will Ma Te pursue Myo Mi?

      • oops… posted it at the wrong place. I’m still very high after watching ep 8. kkkkk. I agree with jkriss with her comment. This drama is just so entertaining and refreshing. Maybe teenagers can’t appreciate it, they will prefer cinderella story.. chaebol and super duper extremely poor girl (well, have we ever seen that happened in real life?). I am loving this smart drama with satire humor. JKS is not a prince charming here, he’s a jerk, a villain, who slowly becomes the hero with the lessons he learned. How many kdramas dare to make the male lead a jerk? So for those who said that he is typecasted, should give this drama a try. If JKS is claimed to be typecasted for playing the villain role, then how about another male lead who played as a high schooler in a cinderella story twice? Geez… pls be fair, kdramalovers. Don’t be prejudice. Enjoy the quality and fun of a drama. A real drama lover won’t be steered by rating? fyi.. the drama has been sold to 8 countries.. and many more are coming. Koreans abandons JKS, the world wants him so badly

    • See I told u no one was going to watch the special program of Pretty Man but eel’s and gay’s and you guys are still no one of importance

      • It seems to be your comment have nothing to do with the drama but with JKS. JKS is very popular outside Korea…I’m from the US, we find the typical poor girl , rich guy, formula drama stupid and boring. It is geared nothing but towards financial profit- Heirs is laughable but got high ratings because of LMH- but really nothing new in that story. Koreans like poor girl, beaten up by society, HS stupid story. If this Kdramas want to go beyond Korean this kind of dramas won’t make it to the international market. I suppose the rest of the world is more discerning and intelligent dramas are most welcome. Pretty man, Love Rain is welcomed by the world. Heirs…world wide rating went to the toilet, we (US) are not stupid , we speak our minds like JKS, we don’t let anybody shove a stupid drama down out throats.

      • @ tinykdramafan Just saw comment again from this tiny brain pathetic fan.

        @ Cara LMH drama got far better ratings in korea, but internationally Personal Taste & Faith didn’t do well outside Korea even read it from netizenbuzz that Faith went red (airing was cancelled due to low rating) in Japan. Maybe thats the reason that up to now Faith in other few countries that bought its copyright could not find a courage to air it. So we’ll see what will happen to Heirs. While JKS Dramas from YB, MMM, Love Rain keep getting repeat airings.

  30. I dont get it. Its quite quite enjoyable so the very low ratings are truly surprising. Must be diferrent sense of humour or something.

    • some took roles so seriously. all we must do is just enjoy the drama, that’s all. nothing personal for the actors or actresses here. now, we just continue to love our idols no matter what. ask them to take care of themselves, retain their balance moral values no matter what and be happy that they have projects going on, for sure we will miss them if they’d stop working hard for us fans and for their own achievements in chose fields. zikzin JKS. you inspire me a lot.

  31. Yea, this drama has interesting story line and delivered more about important values and tips to reach success. A really different genre of Kdrama. Maybe many people who used to watch similar type of drama just could not get it.

    Koala, I learned many things from this drama and it reflects in my mind over and over again at each episode. Please check my website: . I wrote the reflection thoughts on this drama because I got it and want to share about it to readers.

  32. pretty man is so amazing so funny and really fresh drama that i really cant wait to watch every week ?!! i just love how like the drama has it own world and every body would say the same of the really watch the drama and not just making up their mind on haters comments ?! IU is so funny and JGS is so gorgeous and talented actor , the story is really unique and really dosent deserves this low ratings?!! but group 8 already sold it for 8 countries and many more are in the signing for it ?!! cuz JGS popularity is crazy big over asia and esp in japan and china and i heard that it was sold to japan for 200,000$ per ep and

    ep 6 of it was watched by 23 millions viewers in china ……… so yeah who cares about the ratings ?/!! if it that famous overseas ??!!!

  33. I only watch this drama for IU…she is really good..JGS is like his usual character but i enjoy watching this drama for its funny and easy plot…

  34. Whoa, I never knew the ratings for Playful Kiss were that bad. I know there are a lot of people who hate it but I’ve seen quite a few who’ve loved it (similar to Boys Over Flowers). It’s probably a Kim Hyun Joong thing. Personally, I’m not a fan of Jang Geun Suk though I was at first after watching You’re Beautiful. Pretty Boy seems uninteresting to me though strangely enough, I liked Playful Kiss a lot. However, since that was my first k-drama, I think that was bound to happen. I hope Age of Feeling has better luck than Pretty Boy. It’d be a shame to see both dramas of pretty boys KHJ and JGS go down. Although, with those flower boy faces, those boys can probably gather even more fans with dismal drama ratings.

  35. Im from india..the reason why I started to watch korean drama is JKS.I cant belive there are many haters for him in korea being such a talented young handsome actor.Even though PM rating it low in is a huge hit internationaly.I am downloading all episodes of PM.I love JKS

  36. i cant believe PM recieved low ratings..i found it pretty enjoyable and funny. JKS is great…i gues its the different taste we human beings have. Personally JKS is one of my favorite kdrama actors..i can watch any thing as long as it has his handsome face in it lol

  37. Seriously, I am suppose to be in episode 6 now but dropped it. I just get turned off watching. IU is really cute and lovable i love her but OPPAS character just no for me. He uses women, And I feel sorry for IU. Man, even if he does all the goodlooking act I get disgusted. -__- his character as oppa has problems or maybe its how his acting really is just all about.

  38. Just because JKS has been seen in public since he was little doesn’t mean that he has to stick with his baby-faced image. Wow! Really? JKS is Asian Prince! That’s legit. Newbie S. Korean actors have flooded in the industry nowadays but there’s only one Asian Prince – a legendary one who can sing, dance and act. I have watched Bel Ami and I truly respect JKS and IU for this masterpiece. I love the missions assigned to Dokgo Ma Te; he was able to successfully finished very chapter of each mysteries to uncover. I love IU’s character, her loyalty to his oppa Ma Te and her voice (she’s really the Little-Sister type lover). I love how the comic concept has been incorporated to this series. I give 5 stars for this drama not because of my Kpop idols but because of the over all masterpiece. Thank you JKS & IU! Much love and respect for the two of you!

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