KBS Releases First Character Stills for the Cast of Age of Feeling

The cast of the upcoming 1930’s period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) held a press conference last weekend to start drumming up positive interest early for the big-budgeted drama and I can’t say it was a bad idea. Even if it turns out to be a hot mess if more people tune in to check it out the odds are better than it’ll hook some casual viewers rather than flying under the radar. I’m still casually keeping up with Pretty Man (Bel Ami) on KBS, which is the drama AoF is slated to follow, and it really is not bad. It’s way better and less stupid than the concept and trailer indicated, but it feels like the drama just passed all the audience by and made nary a ripple. KBS released the first set of official character stills today and I must say I’m underwhelmed. I saw BTS stills of lead Kim Hyun Joong in beaten up make up for the poster shoot so I knew he was going to appear looking like he went twelve rounds in the ring. He looks the part but I don’t feel it. Same goes for his two leading ladies Im Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon. I’m not pining for Kim So Eun who dropped out of the project, but Jin Se Yeon just looks wide-eyed and eager but I don’t get any feel for her character. Im Soo Hyang dresses the part of a Japanese woman who has a love-hate relationship with Kim Hyun Joong. Something about his dad being the cause of the death of her dad or some sort of parental generation woe. The only character still that jumped out at me was Kim Gab Soo and he’s got charisma enough for the whole cast, it’s too bad he can divide it up and infuse it on his younger cast members. I really did like Kim Hyun Joong’s take on Naoki in Playful Kiss because it worked despite his limited acting range. But here he’s playing a freedom fighter and obviously dealing with large scale issues and I just can’t see him emoting to the depth and breadth. Kim Jae Wook must’ve joined at the last moment because he’s not in these first official stills but he can act circles around Kim Hyun Joong and still have enough time to take a nap. I don’t believe the thesis that good looking guys are naturally limited actors since Kim Jae Wook disproves that hypothesis, so I’m left hoping Kim Hyun Joong at least has enough gravitas to carry this show on his shoulders. It’s a heft burden and I want to see him succeed above all else.


KBS Releases First Character Stills for the Cast of Age of Feeling — 8 Comments

  1. Kim Jae Wook is going to out act Kim Hyun Joong for sure… How he isn’t the lead is a mystery for me. I just lean back and wait for Kim Jae Wook stealing the show. 🙂

  2. Gastikal was in the same time slot in the same channel last year. And it had some huge ratings. But then again, it also had a very capable actors playing main lead and villain (who is one of the best villains I’ve seen in kdramas). I hope this does well for KHJ. CC was already a huge set back, and MK was such a fail in ratings. I don’t think he can afford another bad project since I’m assuming this would be his last acting gig before enlistment.

  3. I am open to the idea of Kim Hyun Joong improving upon checking out the premiere. However, i’m not going to have any hopes up that he’ll be able to portray the necessary depth required to portray a 3-D character such as this. Joo-Won was able to portray that depth for his character in Gaksital, even if some don’t like his acting style.
    You really need to put an experienced actor in a role like this, cause even then this character could be challenge to seasoned actors.
    I will be checking this out, but if the story doesn’t do it for me, it’ll become a sack of hot potatoes.

  4. What u said about Jin Se Yeon is so true U can see eagerness in her eyes but somehow that not enough. I was able to see that eagerness un Gaksital but was so underwhelmed by her character. I dunno if it was because the character was badly written or her acting was soo bad ir both, but in Gaksital there were 3 other leads who were very well written and acted so i was still able to enjoy it but i dont know about this 1.

  5. Ah well – I’m going to enjoy it for Oppa anyway, knowing how limited his acting range is. He’s just so good natured and lovable, and with his increasingly buff bod, I think I’ll enjoy the show. One needs to have realistic expectations and then there’ll be no disappointment. But the last minute addition of Kim Jae Wook is great. He’ll lend his much needed acting chops to this production. And it’s doesn’t hurt that he has those fab cheek bones.

  6. I so agree about Kim Gab Soo Charisma.. the only character still that looks like playing a character. The rest are just like..playing themselves..while putting on some garbs. heee..

  7. KIM 3×1: Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Jae Wook and Kim Gab Soo. If I had to chose from favourite as an actor it would be 1.Kim Gab Soo 2. Kim Jae Wook and 3.Kim Hyun Joong. In terms of looks 1. Kim Jae Wook (love his japanese features) 2.Kim Gab Soo (sexy ahjussi with beautiful eyes) and 3.Kim Hyun Joong (handsome and beautiful smile but not my type). But my favourite would be 1.Kim Hyun Joong (I love him as an idol and SS501 member) 2. Kim Jae Wook and 3. Kim Gab Soo

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