Lee Min Ho Confirmed for Noir Gangster Movie Gangnam Blues

Striking while the iron is hot, Lee Min Ho wrapped up Heirs this week and his agency promptly confirmed his long rumored casting in the upcoming gangster noir thriller Gangnam Blues. Lee Min Ho was offered the script back in September and he’s been considering it ever since. I think it’s a no-brainer choice to say yes. The script was first offered to Hyun Bin but he’s done gangster noir before in the criminally underrated and magnificent K-drama Friends: Our Legend. So Binnie went the sageuk route with A King’s Wrath and this plumb role landed in Lee Min Ho’s lap. Directing is famed directed Yoo Ha, himself no stranger to the noir gangster genre having helmed A Dirty Carnival with Jo In Sung, where he finally shed his pretty boy image, and even earlier did Once Upon a Time in High School with Kwon Sang Woo. Yoo Ha also wrote and directed the famous erotic sageuk A Frozen Flower also with Jo In Sung and that one netted Joo Jin Mo a Baeksang for Best Actor. The bare-bones synopsis of Gangnam Blues surrounds the rise of the land development boom in the Gangnam area of Seoul in the 1970s. No word on what type of character Lee Min Ho will be playing (straight up hero fighting corruption? Anti-hero finding redemption?) but the setting will involve shady corporate and mafia power struggles to gain control of the prime real estate in Gangnam. The movie starts filming in early 2014 and will mark Lee Min Ho’s first headlining movie as well as his first big screen project in six-years. He said prior to Heirs that the drama would be his last time playing a high school student and I’m sure everyone has an opinion as to whether he was believable as one. I thought he was easier to watch as a high school student than I expected, too bad Kim Tan was not a well-written character. I’m looking forward to Lee Min Ho taking another step in his career away from fluffy fare and challenging himself more.


Lee Min Ho Confirmed for Noir Gangster Movie Gangnam Blues — 19 Comments

  1. Yaayi I just knew and came yo tell so u beat me to it koala ! Im so extremely happy and cant cotain my happiness ! You go oppa! Im sure he will be amazing ! And I hope tjis movie will be so amazing that will be sold world wide and cone here !lool

  2. I had a feeling he would finish up heirs with a movie following after since he’ll be going off to the army very soon. Wonder if he’s going to wait till the very last minute or leave us after he finishes gangnam blues on a high.

  3. I follow writers/directors almost as avidly as I follow actors so I love seeing more projects from writers/directors I like with actors I like.

    Once Upon and Time in High School and A Frozen Flower were wonderfully directed so I’m looking forward to this.

  4. Great career choice for LMH. Had enough of seeing him in pretty Flower Boy roles with pink lipstick. He needs to do a tough guy role and get that shirt off to show off some jaw dropping abs! And I do like Yoo Ha’s direction. He’ll make a real man out of our Min Ho. I loved A Frozen Flower.

  5. This is another break for LMH and its going to be a good role for HIM hence HE was making great at CITY HUNTER, we’re looking forward to this!

  6. Yeah I am thrilled. LMH will always be special to me and I will always be a fan. Someone like me would never be expected to watch BOF. I chanced upon it and found myself cringing but then this guy comes onto the screen and starts exercising his facial expressions with a vengeance, i was in awe. Then I just had to have more. If i could just watch him do his thing. Then came City huNTER and I was speechless. Heirs was a disappointment because I didnt see him do what he does best but I guess if it wasnt him playing it, then it would have spiralled elsewhere. He needs a role to express himself more, Heirs limited him a lot and his character was underdeveloped and stagnant. I am not above criticism where its due and I am happy he’s moving to the big screen and away from pretty boy roles. God knows he has a lot more untapped potential and charisma than people give him credit for.

  7. @saranghaelmh
    everyone know lee min “hot” is good actor, no doubt. i luv @ll five of his dr@mas. now lookin’ forward to his 1st movie gangnam blues:-)

  8. Minho!am waiting!gangnam blues!what about gangnam dance?is it included?you must dance it and walk,talk,dress gangnam style(kekekekeke).Leeminho?you are just too much!BAM!endorsement everytime!my dear,hope you always create time to rest?Nobody can cheat nature,eat well,drink water well,and A LOT of rest!hope your?????hmmm is not complaining not having enough time with you,if am the one,I wl jealous

  9. I know its going to be a great movie as long as ur there love all d movies u acted nd besides y shouldn’t he act a preety boy movie after all he is really preety

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