Veteran Actor Choi Il Hwa Preemptively Confesses to Sexual Harassment During His Career

The real domino effect is here with the K-ent reckoning of the #metoo movement where victims of sexual harassment and even worse are finally voicing their stories aloud and the perpetrators are paying the price. Today another takes accountability in veteran K-actor Choi Il Hwa, whose name may not be readily familiar but whose face definitely is for K-drama watchers as he’s played so many daddy characters over the years with nearly three dozen dramas under his belt. Choi Il Hwa had not been accused of anything but released a statement that he was guilty of sexual harassment during his career and was ready to take responsibility for his actions. His last drama was Two Cops and currently isn’t in a drama so that will be one less K-drama trying to quickly erase a perpetrator from the screen. Continue reading

KBS Holds Early Drama Press Event for Age of Feeling as the Cast Heads to China for Filming

I’m pleasantly surprised by how good the cast of the upcoming period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation or Generation of Youth) looks in character. KBS trotted out the sprawling cast yesterday for a drama promotional press conference, which is … Continue reading