KBS 2013 Year End Drama Awards

It’s time for the KBS 2013 Drama Awards and this one was once again a mixed bag. I was expecting the Daesang to go to Lee Bo Young since she headlined the biggest ratings drama of the year with My Daughter Seo Young for KBS but its airing dates may have worked against it since it started in September of 2012 and wrapped up in March of 2013. Lee Bo Young didn’t even attend the KBS awards and was instead hosting the SBS 2013 Drama Awards on the rival network. That left the Daesang for Kim Hye Soo and her well-received Queen of the Office. It wasn’t a ratings hit but did a lot better than its bookending dramas Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and Shark. The other Mon-Tues drama to win the ratings battle was Good Doctor and that drama made out like a bandit in all the awards categories ranging from top acting prizes to popularity to couple’s awards for the main cast of Joo Won, Moon Chae Won, and Joo Sang Wook. The other drama to win lots of awards was the melodrama hit Secret with Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, and Lee Da Hee all winning actor nods. Ji Sung even thanked his new wifey Lee Bo Young when he gave his speech which was uber cute. I’ve made it clear that giving awards for unfinished dramas is pretty silly but since its happening anyways I was dying of laughter to see Yoona bag a best actress award for Prime Minister and I after just 7 episodes and she also went onstage with her co-star Lee Bum Soo to accept a best couple’s prize. I think Yoona’s acting has improved by leaps and bounds but giving her an award now is just an indication of how much KBS likes her. I thought she was the prettiest dressed actress at this particular awards show even though she was wearing the favorite color of the evening for the ladies which was once again Winter white. I’m glad KBS didn’t preempt both episodes of PM for this awards show and other year end activities since it was a major snore for me from fashion to winners plus some of my favorite actors and actresses had dramas that tanked on KBS such as Marry Him If You Dare and Blade and Petal so they didn’t attend.

Jin Se Yeon

Bae Soo Bin

Yoo In Na

Hwang Jung Eum

Jo Jung Seok

Lee Mi Sook

Lee Bum Soo


Im Jung Eun

Lee Da Hee

Han Joo Wan

Park Se Young

Jung Woo

Lee Tae Ran

Jo Yoon Hee

Joo Won

Ji Sung

Boa and Daniel Choi

Moon Chae Won

Here’s a full list of the winners:

Grand Prize (Daesang) – Kim Hye Soo (Queen of the Office)

Top Excellence Actor – Joo Won (Good Doctor) & Ji Sung (Secret)

Top Excellence Actress – Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

Screenwriter Award: Moon Young Nam ( Wang Family)

Excellence Award (Long Drama) Actor – Jo Sung Ha (Wang Family) and Jo Jung Suk (The Best of Lee Soon Shin)

Excellence Award (Long Drama) Actress – Lee Tae Ran (Wang Family) and Lee Mi Suk (The Best of Lee Soon Shin)

Excellence Award (Mid-Length Drama) Actor – Joo Sang Wook (Good Doctor)

Excellence Award (Mid-Length Drama) Actress – Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)

Excellence Award (Mini Series) Actor – Oh Ji Ho (Queen of the Office)

Excellence Award (Mini Series) Actress – Yoona (Prime Minister And I)

Excellence Award (Daily Drama) Actor – Kim Seok Hoon (Ruby’s Ring)

Excellence Award (Daily Drama) Actress – Lee So Yeon (Ruby’s Ring)

PD’s Choice Best Actor Award – Joo Won

Best Supporting Actor – Bae Seo Bin (Secret)

Best Supporting Actress – Lee Da Hee (Secret)

Actor of the Year, Awarded by PDs from 3 Broadcasters –

Newcomer Actor – Han Joo Won ( King Family) and Jung Woo (The Best of Lee Soon-shin)

Newcomer Actress – Kyung Soo Jin (Eun Hee & Shark) and IU (The Best of Lee Soon-shin & Bel Ami)

Netizen Award – Joo Won (Good Doctor) and Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

Popularity Award: Ji Sung (Secret) and Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)

Child Acting Award Yun Joon Suk (Shark) and Kim Yoo Bin (Mandate of Heaven)

Best Couple: The Best of Lee Soon Shin: Jo Jung Suk and IU, Secret: Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, The Queen of Office: Oh Ji Ho and Kim Hye Soo, Good Doctor: Joo Won and Moon Chae Won, Prime Minister and I: Lee Bum Soo and Yoona..

Female Excellence Award (Special drama) – Han Ye Ri (Yeonu’s Summer) & BoA (Waiting for Love)

Male Excellence Award (Special drama) – Yoo Oh Sung (The Devil Rider) & Choi Daniel (Waiting for Love)


KBS 2013 Year End Drama Awards — 40 Comments

  1. Out of curiosity, who were the other nominees for YoonA’s award? I can’t think of any other “16-ep” mini series on KBS that didn’t totally tank (ehm, MHIYD), and since the Daesang went to Kim Hye-soo…

    But I’m not going to lie, SM holds all sorts of strings over at KBS. Yoona was bound to win something; I’m just glad we didn’t get another Suzy moment by giving her a massive award.

    Anyway, I’m just happy LBS and Yoona got the couple award after so much backlash. Hopefully this will prevent the drama from going into crazyville

    • Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Hye Soo, Jung Yoo Mi, Yoon Eun Hye and Yoona. The first two won bigger awards, Jung Yoo MI I’m not sure which drama and YEY for MMIYD.

      • So it was basically between Jung Yoo-mi and YoonA–honestly, it’s not that bad. Not giving it to Jung Yoo-mi will not ruffle feathers and YoonA has her massive fan base + small Da-Jung loving following. I may not like the choice, but it’s not like usurping GHJ for Suzy.

    • hey, in Yoona’s defence, at least she can act, unlike Suzy, so an award isn’t so out of place.

      It’d take a LOT to rival the obvious bullshit of the MBC awards though, they are getting dragged back and forth by netizens and I will not lie, I enjoy it – serves them right (also, they had the crappiest weekday dramas of all the three networks so they deserve to be dragged for poor programming choices too)

      • lol please. Yoona as just as bad as Suzy when she first started. Yoona has more experience and is just getting better now.

        She was as bland as Suzy before. And Suzy may lack acting but her screen presence is still better than Yoona’s that in the wrong role is dead/and doesn’t have chemistry with k-stars.

        Plus, it isn’t about Yoona can act but she acted better than the other actress she went up agaisnt?

      • @omona – Yoona was bad, yes, but not this bad – I’m comparing her circa Cinderella Man, when she was Suzy’s current age. I didn’t like that drama, but even then, she wasn’t too bad in it.

        Suzy otoh has absolutely NO talent for acting, despite the vaunted ‘screen presence and chemistry’ excuse offered up as an excuse for why she should have an acting career, that screen presence only draws more attention to how wooden she is onscreen and frankly, her chemistry with Lee Seung-gi in GFB was not the romantic kind at all. She’s lucky to have had projects with writers who try very hard to work around her lack of skill, but even the resulting performances need to be judged by a specially lowered standard to be judged as ‘bearable’.

  2. Moon Chae Won had bucket loads more chemistry with Joo Sang Wook than she did with Joo Won… I’ve only ever liked him with Uee.

  3. Lee Mi-sook has the best hair of the night, no contest – and she looks sensational! She and Yoona are my best dressed of the night (never saw the hype about Yoona’s looks before, but in these pics, I totally do, she’s so prettyyyyyyy!), which makes me smile to remember them as mother and daughter in Love Rain.

    Also awww @BoA and Daniel Choi – I liked Expect To Date, he should be in more things and she should act more, she was good there.

  4. The most deserving tonight was Hwang Jung Eum, she was amazing in Secret. I’m also happy for Ji Sung,Joo Won and Moon Chae Won. These awards were a bit better than the MBCs.

  5. Are we not going to talk about Kim Hye Soo’s clothes? She decided to come as dracula! And the cape, it’s priceless :p. Anyway I love her confidence LOL.

  6. LOL at the hipocrisy with the awards that Suzy/Yoona won. Both can’t act to save their life, but here everyone is OMG, OMG, OMG Yoona. People should acknowledge the REAL talented people and not just idols for the sake of popularity. And just a few idols fulfill this list, Eunji and Dohee, for example. I didn’t agree with Suzy’s award AT ALL but the bashing show that went on here with the girl I really didn’t expect. Sigh

    • Yoonas performance in PMAI is far superior to anything Suzy ever did. I never thought of Yoona as some amazing actress but if we are talking about her performance in Prime Minister she is doing a great job,definitely above the standard idol level.

      And i honestly don`t understand the hype about Eunji she was great in Replay 1997, but her acting in WTWB left a lot to be desired.

      • Hah. yesterday people were all about ” look who Suzy is against, she doesn’t deserve it! ” Today is like ”Yoona, she improved she deserve it, doesn’t matter other actress she was against were etter than her” lol the bias.

      • You really need to take off your stan goggles to see beyond what you want. Yoona may have improved but to call her acting a great job is way too much. She is the definition o bug eyed/ open mouth acting. More absurd is her and Suzy winning awards at all. To put her above Eunji is just… bye.

      • I`m not a Yoona stan , i never really cared about her before PMAI (although she was cute in Love Rain) i just say it the way i see it.
        Yoonas performance is far better than Suzys. Also i`m not the only one saying it, cause everybody agrees with this. It`s Suzy stans that are blinded and think she is in the same rank as other actors when she sucks even for idol standards. And i have nothing against Suzy, she is a beautiful girl and i felt bad for the backlash she got, but maybe MBC will learn something from that for the next year.
        And i don`t care who is older and who has more experience, i`m pretty sure Yoona never won Top Excellence Award at age 19 so even if she sucked, at least she wasn`t awarded for it.

      • Isn’t it funny that YEH wasn’t awarded for her role in Mirae’s Choice just because the drama didn’t do well in ratings?

      • @flore
        Jung eunji is a good singer for sure, luv her voice, but her acting overall is meh and shes not pretty or hot. in TWTWB, she’s okay. in reply 1997, she’s not that great cuz her character is just like her in real life, so that ain’t really acting.

      • @flore
        not sure why my comment to you went down below, but yeah, Jung eunji’s acting and looks are meh, but she can sing.

    • Yoona did not win Top excellence like Suzy… Suzy winning excellence probably wouldn’t have caused much stir, which is why I wonder why MBC didn’t give it to her.

    • Well Yoona is actually a decent actress and is doing very well in the drama she’s in, unlike Suzy who was the definition of a miscast and subpar acting. They both ave screen presence though and Suzy is just a beginner so I forgive the bad acting. BUT Suzy won top excellence for a sub-par performance, which is all kinds of ridiculous and Yoona won just an excellence for a good performance, not the very best but good.

      • Yoona is just decent playing her bubby self. Melodramas she is terrible, not emotion at all when she cries. All she does is pouty and one tear drop – plus I’m watching 9 end and 2 outs and omg, it was her first role I think, and I’m cringing at her.

  7. I was happy Yoona and Lee Beum Soo won best couple award cause honestly they are my favorite couple of the year and with the best chemistry imo.

    Yoona winning best actress is maybe an award for her improvement , cause the girl managed to shine an hold her own opposite an acting giant that is Lee Beum Soo and that is not an easy feat.

  8. I liked it! KBS knows how to satisfy everyone. LOL at giving best couple to everyone! But it was cute!

    I can’t think of anyone deserving but was left behined. At least KBS was way better than SBS!

    btw, was Iris2 not nominated for anything! That drama sucks anyway!

  9. I knew Kim Hye Soo would win. Very well deserved. I’m also glad Bae Soo Bin won something. His character in Secret made me more anger than anyone has in quite a while and his ugly cry at the end was amazing.

    KBS does a good job at giving out awards and not making anyone mad.

    Yoona and Lee Beum Soo deserve best couple. They are already one of my favs and even if their drama off the rails they’ve already been sweet enough for me to like them forever.

  10. Yoona and LBS won a couple award? I am not watching that drama but is it that good? just curious since I was one of those who couldn’t really picture them together..

    But then again, I see Joo Won and Moon Chae Won, and I kind of just give up on the awards even making sense.

    As for Yoona winning an acting award… why is everyone comparing her with Suzy at this point? Compare with other nominees… I also didn’t think Suzy deserved any award, but neither did Yoona, if it’s for improvement. What kind of award is given to the most improved? It doesn’t even make sense.

    • Hold your horses people:

      1. These awards are BS no matter the network. These are all just nods of popularity, and in that respect, “strategically given”

      2. Suzy did not, no matter how you dice it, deserve the award from an acting standpoint. She didn’t improve, she had been miscast, and she was up against some big names for a TOP Excellence Award. Winning that award clearly will make people angry in those circumstances, (not to mention the poorly done acceptance speech)…the should be winner is rather obvious.

      3. YoonA doesn’t “deserve” the award either, but she had ONE feasible opponent who was not all that visible in her role. The award YoonA won was one of the smallest of the night. Clearly YoonA winning would not make people do much more than chuckle, so NO, it is not being “biased” by claiming YoonA’s award is perfectly fine. YoonA is doing fine as Da-Jung, so it’s not like we’re giving it to someone who was incompetent and miscast.

  11. So happy Jung Woo finally got an award. He deserved something ^^ Joo Won had a bunch which was tot amazing, he shines in any role he’s given. Love them both ^___^

  12. KBS > SBS > MBC

    They seemed more fair tbh. The dresses here aren’t so nice. MCW, what is she wearing? 🙁
    It seems as though only Yoona’s dress was pretty. Joowon<3

    Why are people fighting over Yoona/Suzy? They won, that's it.
    I'm personally really liking Yoona in PMAI. Never thought I would, she definitely has potential to be great but she'll need to step up her game. She has improved a lot though! Much more natural on screen.

    • I actually liked MCW’s dress – she looks fabulous and elegant in it though it could have been a wedding dress. LOL. Overall, I thought she looked gorgeous.

  13. Woah, no award to our darling superstar Yoon Eun Hye! This is the Biggest snob to-date. I think, its about the perfect time Miss Yoon Eun Hye get out of S.Korea, and conquer the World; S.Korea is already too small-a-world for her radiance, she’s already known anyway in every corners of this planet. Go Miss Yoon Eun Hye, fighting!

    • @kristine dear we know our yooneunhye is the best actress in korean. so she don’t need those award, and she already won best acress at korean entertainment in japan.

  14. I am looking forward to the day when an independent awards body will be formed in Korea to give awards based on acting ability and not the drama’s ratings.

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