Yoon Si Yoon Steps Up his Second Lead Pursuit in Prime Minister and I

It’s a testament to how into the drama I am that when I see Yoon Si Yoon hugging Yoona in the latest stills for Prime Minister and I, I started screaming “get your hands off her, you jackass!” before realizing I was yelling at my baby Si Yoon. His character Kang In Ho is turning into an easy target to just say “talk to the hand” because nothing he feels moves me. His brother is a vegetable? I would care if I knew his brother or even knew why, but without either it’s just some random dude that elicits no emotion from me. Compare that to Da Jung’s dying dad who I love with fiber of my drama loving heart because he’s wonderfully detailed even in broad strokes and I care about both his love for Da Jung as well as her love for him. In Ho’s vendetta against Yul is also impossibly remote of a cause to get behind. Not that anything could make me think poorly of Yul, but I really don’t get how In Ho’s brother’s car accident which was likely the same car accident that involved Yul’s ex-wife, could have anything to do with Yul unless he was the one driving them off the road. Other than that, using proximate cause like Yul did something unrelated to the car accident but maybe led to a chain of events resulting in it is the type of logic fail that makes me laugh at rather than pity In Ho. Then comes his crush on Da Jung, which could have only happened after she became Yul’s pretend girlfriend, which means its fully developing while Da Jung is Yul’s wife in a contract marriage. I want to smack In Ho and tell him to back off because he’s so over-the-line it’s not even funny. He can nurse his sad crush inside since I can’t control his right to have feelings, but no-no on the hugging Da Jung inappropriately and definitely shove it with the confessions. But can I get out of drama analyzing mode and just comment on how lovely the newly released pictures of Yoon Si Yoon and Yoona are? The back hug picture captures In Ho’s longing and Da Jung’s shock and discomfort, while another set of playing in the snow pictures show them looking young and playful against the white backdrop with Da Jung wearing a gorgeous red coat while In Ho is in blue. In some alternate universe I could ship these two but sadly its not here and definitely not now. I need Yul to step up his game, STAT.

My baby also needs to tone down the one-sided lip curl smirking.


Yoon Si Yoon Steps Up his Second Lead Pursuit in Prime Minister and I — 29 Comments

  1. I don’t fully believe he likes her and it’s not some ploy to get back at Yul for whatever reason. And Yul is too good of a man for me to think any sort of revenge against him is warranted. If they kept him the childhood friend/first love (as originally rumored) he wouldn’t annoy me so much because at least then he would have liked her before she was involved with someone else. Da Jung isn’t trapped into a marriage she didn’t want. She also has her own reasons for being in it.

    Does Yul need to step it up? Yeah, but I think their progress is good and they are fine as they are right now with getting to know each other and falling in love. In ho is just in a the way because he has an agenda and I want him to stooop it.

  2. Haha, Koala, you’re so funny! I’m not even watching this drama but everytime I see Shi Yoon I wish he would’nt have taken this role. He needs to get his leading role – he can do it. And I want him to get the girl – not THIS girl though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. After thinking about it, I can still change my mind later. I think yul is too old for da jung, not just age wise but spiritually. I would be more okay with the age difference if he was more youthful at heart. Yul and his family needs da jung more than she needs them. Thats how I see it.

    • But she does need them. Otherwise, why would she be reaching out to them when that’s not part of their contract? I know Yul and his kids are pushing her away right now. Except for Manse. But these are scarred people. We don’t know yet to what extent, but we have some idea based on what’s been shown so far. It’s not gonna be easy getting through to them. But we as the audience can see how they’re needing someone like Dajung to care for them.

      One might argue that Dajung can just find others who would appreciate her. But who does she have, really, aside from his father? We can only deduce that she had not connected with anyone else before she met Yul.

      Although they married under the pretense of a contract, the rest of their relationship were not premeditated. For example, when Yul promised Dajung’s father that he won’t make Dajung cry, that’s not part of their agreement. I’m sure Dajung took note of that, the same way she took note of what she overheard Yul said how Dajung’s reputation is important enough to him that he would resign as a Prime Minister candidate in order to protect her.

      And this is why she had been making an effort as his wife. Not so much as because of the contract, but because she feels she owe it to the man who would give up his career for her, and also promised her dad he won’t make her cry.

      • Nam Da Jung is reaching out to the kids because of Kwon Yul, she realized this end of episode 7.

        When Kwon Yul was going to resign his position because of the scandal, was that action something that he was willing to do specifically because the one involved is Nam Da Jung? It was because of his principles, is it not? The one involved could be a different woman, he will still do the same thing. And when Kwon Yul promised Nam Da Jung’s father that she will not cry because of him, is that something he said specifically because of Nam Da Jung? It could be because he is a father of a daughter himself so he understands. And it could also be because he feels guilty being a widower and having three kids (remember his conversation about this with Kang In Ho?).

      • Da jung owns him.nothing. They were both caught in a compromising position and they both helped each other out. I really dont see your reasoning as a strong reason why she needs them.

      • I was actually trying to point out why Dajung would make an effort as Yul’s wife. It’s not about Yul resigning for Dajung, but the fact that someone at his stature would be willing to sacrifice his career for someone he hardly knows, just because that is what he feels he should do. In the same way that he would promise Dajung’s dad he won’t make her cry, when he didn’t have to. I’m sure, more than anything, Dajung has taken note of Yul’s sincerity in each of these circumstances, and that’s the basis, however unconsciously made, for her making an effort to be a good wife.

        I actually like the direction this drama is heading. Forget about need. Both Yul and Dajung are moving towards respecting each other. A good way to earn respect is being imperfect, but inherently good, which both of them are. Respect then leads to trust. And then, affection. Perfectly good reasons to build a relationship, don’t you think?

    • I don’t think so. We haven’t seen Yul let loose all that much, even with his kids he’s closed off. It doesn’t seem like he even remembers how to have fun, but he’s not incapable of it. That will obviously change as the drama goes along. I also think she does need him and the kids. She doesn’t have anyone but her dad, who is dying. She seems to want to be part of Yul’s world and be a real mom to the kids, so that’s obviously something she’s craving.

    • In some ways, your comment that Kwon Yul and his family needs Nam Da Jung more than she needs them somehow has a point…

      Kwon Yul needed a wife, and his kids needed a mother, and the whole family needed someone to bond them together… They have other people around them (some even years!) but no one was able to elicit any kind of change or influence until Nam Da Jung. On the other hand, Nam Da Jung does not really need a husband, the kids, or a ready-made-family NOW… She could focus on her sick father, or her career, or heck even romance by going on dates or having a boyfriend.

  4. OMG Koala your last sentence is hilarioussss but so, so true. He’s overdoing the smirk haha. I’m with you about In Ho, but I mostly am still impartial towards him. My only quibble with the show is that YSY is so underused in this show, so hopefully they up the ante in this one in the coming episodes.

  5. It’s been a year or so
    Since I fell in love with a drama… I decided to stop watching for a while occasionally visiting koalas page for new dramas and news for my favorite Korean actors and actresses… And now I’m back… I’m so in love with P&I!!! It keeps me wanting more and more the story moves fast and bit draggy well the draggy part is the reason for the wife’s death… Hmmm… Crazy but maybe the wife is having an affair with In Ho’s big brother and they were caught at Jeju??? Maybe there was an accident that leads to the wife’s death and big brother’s state… Could be? Possibly? I don’t really care… All I know is that I’m watching 2 wonderful character fall in love in a passionate way… ๐Ÿ™‚ few more hours and new episode will be up!!! Thank you!!!

  6. i love YSY… and while i do like P&I, it’s getting really annoying when the storyline requires Da Jung’s character be abused by everyone in the household including the ajumma… why is it that she is treated like a second-class citizen. was she the only one to benefit from the contract marriage that she is expected to just take everyone’s abuse? shouldn’t there be a healthy fear from disrespecting the Prime Minister’s wife. this really distracts me from the story. truth be told, i am wondering why she hasn’t fallen for YSY character yet coz he seems to be the only one who treats her the way she deserves.

    • What abuse?

      The housekeeper has pretty much backed completely off (barring a snark here or there) after the Christmas present, all of the guards adore her, and Man Se is completely smitten. Na Ra is halfway to liking Da Jung. Notice how she was happily listening to Da Jung play the piano and how she immediately sought out Da Jung when Woo Ri ran away.

      Nothing the Prime Minister has said lately have I found baseless or unreasonable to an extent that we could call it abuse. He was angry because she lost the contract after her told her to destroy so it wouldn’t be found by the spy. He got angry that she hid things from him about his own children. Those are two very reasonable angers.

      /Losing/ the contract is whatever–though this is why he told her to destroy it in the first place–/hiding/ that she lost the contract when the spy could possibly find it was dead wrong.

      He had a right to be angry and yet he didn’t even scream at her. He just explained very clearly in his usual stern voice that she should have at least told him and that this isn’t a game for anyone.

      The other “abusive” moment is when she kept something secret from him about his son. While I get why she did it for Woo Ri, she also doesn’t quite have the “mother privileges” that would allow that kind of authority yet. He told her to write the journal so he’d know how everyone was getting along not so she could hide things from him about his kids.

      And that’s what he told her. Don’t try to hide things from him about his children ever again. A fair enough request when their relationship is this nebulous “what are we even doing” thing that neither can or wants to define.

      The first thing anyone who wants to date someone with children should know is that they should be careful trying to tell that person how to raise their kids. Single parents absolutely HATE that ish.

      (PSA to anyone who wants to date a mom/dad, don’t do that. Let them give you the go ahead before you try to raise/punish/teach their children for them.)

      When Woo Ri said Da Jung wasn’t his real mom, it was also understandable considering. He was a total little brat about it but it’s still a valid question. She’s not his mom and he literally met this woman like a month ago. Now she’s all up in his life, telling him what to do with it. Her heart’s in the right place but any normal teen would hate that, let alone one that’s so close to the edge like Woo Ri already is.

      I have not found anything that happened in the last 2-3 episodes to be overly abusive towards Da Jung. I’m not saying Da Jung is in the wrong either but emotions are tricky. Right and wrong aren’t always so clear cut.

      Why are we expecting these damaged, lonely, and grieving kids to be sweet angels just because we like Da Jung? Why are we expecting a month’s worth of a fake marriage is enough to break through the 7 year barrier in the PM’s grief over his wife? That is so unreasonable to me.

      • Exactly what you said. We seem to love real abuse in other dramas, but two people working out their issues through mutual respect and understanding despite arguments is suddenly getting too “abusive”? That just does not make sense coming from a drama fan.

      • Nam Da Jung might NOT be as ‘broken’ or as ‘scarred’ as Kwon Yul and his kids, but is that enough of an excuse to think that the feelings of Kwon Yul and his kids should be more important as in a hierarchy?!

        Most drama watchers of PM&I have that kind of thinking, based on a lot of comments. And that is really puzzling to me. A lot of people can rationalize why Nam Da Jung is treated the way she is, and it seems that the judgement on her actions are always made by those who look at her at the outside and do not really make an effort to understand her situation.

        Watching this drama, I understand where Kwon Yul and his kids are coming from but at the same time I also understand where Nam Da Jung is coming from. Both Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung are flawed, realistic people.

      • Their feelings should not be more important, but Da Jeong’s shouldn’t be placed above theirs either, especially when she is the one consistently making mistakes that can hurt them all, herself included. Da Jeong does have the pain of her father’s illness, but that family is carrying way heavier a burden. So she does have to think about what she can do to them since she is the one with more power to hurt all involved (including innocent children), not they.

        Yool needs to lighten up and let go of his pain and Da Jeong needs to mature and learn about responsibility. So the fact that Yool chastises her is not the random abuse we get in other dramas, it is in fact helping her mature, because he expects more of her, because he respects her and knows her potential. Because he trusts her. Just like she cares for him and, despite her flaws, tries her best.

        I just notice that most of the commenters who are trying to find faults in the main pairing always mention either the age gap or then In Ho’s better suitability. And being the second lead’s fan or not liking a pairing does not mean there is something inherently wrong with the writing.

      • @angel101 I didn’t mean that her feelings are not as important as Yul and the kids’. I’m saying that her earnest desire to help them is fine but the way she’s doing it may not have the results she wants.

        I def think that Yul could stand to loosen up when it comes to things outside of the two parts I mentioned: hiding the lost contract debacle and hiding things about Woo Ri.

        Like, the way he scolds them at the dinner table is so uptight. He needs to not do that like Da Jung suggested. The way he has her writing this report (period) but in double spaced, 12 font, lmao. Is this her final thesis? lord jesus

        He was a little harsh when he fought with her but not so harsh she is being oppressed over it. Her crying was not 100% cuz he was angry it’s also because she knew she did wrong with the contract. She even says so!

        Yes, Yul could do to soften his uptight and stern attitude/tone but often the things he gets angry over are usually valid. I never want Da Jung to take some hurtful ish that is unfair of him to say. Like way back during the expensive wedding ring scolding. He was WAY out of line then, especially when she didn’t spend any money. She was right to clap back at him for that and I LOVE that she actually did.

        When it comes to the children, however, they def need more care. Because they are children and Da Jung is an adult. Unless they are being outright evil little brats to Da Jung, they are still children who’s emotional development is more important, imo. They are in a critical period of their lives and their emotional fragility is more worthy of protection than it is for an adult who can protect herself/himself.

        I’m of the opinion that she shouldn’t just accept back talk from them but at the same time she, as an adult, is far more likely to be resilient to emotional damage. She has more control over herself.

        Woo Ri (and Nara, to an extent) was lashing out at the idea of Da Jung replacing his mother because he still has strong feelings/memories of her. His mother is dead and his father is emotionally distant, his temper tantrums are normal and as an adult Da Jung can handle whatever juvenile thing he says.

        She shouldn’t accept a disrespectful tone and she shouldn’t accept him actually leaving the house but she should understand the emotions behind his behavior.

        Anyway, it’s the viewers who are considering this “abuse” not Da Jung. She is clearly hurt sometimes but overall she is shown as understanding exactly why Woo Ri keeps acting out. She is stronger than people keep implying.

        IMO, it is our duty as adults to protect the innocence and emotional development of children so that they grow into good people. And I think Da Jung is doing that just fine.

  7. …and so, the jealousy pangs begin for Yul. This kdrama set up never grows old with me…the fun now really begins, well it has started since episode 1 but another kind of fun will begin most definitely…can hardly wait for Yul to go crazy ha ha ha!

  8. I believe In Ho truly likes Da Jung. But reason behind his actions are purely to get revenge. Maybe he doesn’t want to destroy Kwon Yul as Prime Minister but as a man, so he’s hitting the soft spot. Please drama, you’re too good to be true, don’t let In Ho’s character mess it up. I really hope he’s only the โ€˜jealous’ factor, the motivation.
    Anyways, I’m really exited a few more hours. That’s all I have to wait.

  9. Well hopefully In Ho’s actions will be explain. I don’t understand why he blames Yul for his brother’s estate. Unless the accident with Yul’s first wife cause his accident to. Either way I can’t get enough of this drama. I want to see episode 8 already.

  10. yoon si hoon…you are not good with black hair!!!you look so..ordinary!! hehehee i prefer your hair in boyfriend next door!cool!!!

  11. Personally, I like seeing adorable Yoon Si-Yoon as the betrayer instead of the victim for a change. And it makes me feel better about him losing the girl in the end because he deserves it.

    • He gets the chance to play a villain and one with a justified motive at that, which is always better than a caricature. It is a challenging type of character and he is smart to try it.

      I’m surprised so many fans of his complain rather than admire him for it. We often place our own wishes above the actor’s and what will best help him evolve and develop his art, it seems.

      • Funnily, I’ve never warmed to YSY until this drama (I couldn’t watch the last one because of his hair, yes I know what a lame excuse haha) dare I say it I find him extremely hot now…even if I’m still waiting for whatever he’s going to do.

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