More Angst Coming for Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang in Empress Ki Episode 19

It’s been two weeks since there was a new episode of Empress Ki and I’m interested to see if the drama returns from its hiatus with renewed vigor and a jump start on what had became a rather plodding love triangle plus palace intrigue combo. I thought if the drama ratings increased steadily it would have past 30 by now but instead the ratings seem stuck around the 20’s, which is a far cry from a female-based sageuk hit like Queen Seon Deok that MBC was clearly trying to recreate. I personally like EK better than QSD up to this point, but EK lacks a compelling presence like Go Hyun Jung eating up the screen as Mishil. Sneering immature Tanashiri doesn’t quite have the same gravitas, LOL. I honestly have no clue what the writers have in store on the romance front since nothing substantive has happened yet but looks like Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang are going to have a candid talk in the latest stills for episode 19. She likely tells him about the fall out from his throwing the Goryeo gang under the bus way back when which led to her father’s death. Even if Seung Nyang has given up on killing Ta Hwan for revenge because she doesn’t want the fall out to harm all the Goryeo people in the Palace and beyond, it doesn’t mean she’s forgiven him. And I don’t see how she can forgive him because its not like there is a misunderstanding. She knows Ta Hwan did it to save himself and buy time to get rid of Yeon Chul. The problem is that Ta Hwan’s motivations isn’t something that Seung Nyang feels tied to, which is different than how Wang Yoo’s end goal is the same as Seung Nyang’s. Since MBC so grandly lauded EK at it’s year end drama awards, I expect the drama to rise up and validate it by upping the ante on everything. On a side note, can the MBC costume department do something about Ta Hwan’s costumes with its ridiculous colors of hot pink, purple, and now turquoise. I already have a hard time taking him seriously with all the whining, its even harder when he reminds me of a glorified peacock. 


More Angst Coming for Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang in Empress Ki Episode 19 — 11 Comments

  1. Yay! Empress Ki is back. I personally like the colorful costumes worn by the empirial court. I’m glad TH and SN are finally having a heart to heart talk instead of him childishly trying to get her attention.

  2. I think the reason why EK can’t get stellar rating is because the Mon-Tues dramas this time is quite competitive. One Warm Word and Prime Minister & I are quite decent drama, they both have a solid writing and good acting from their actors…

    Three of them, EK & PM & OWW are so damn good…

  3. I like the gorgeous costumes of ek. There has being a huge debate regarding th actions in the past but most came with the conclusion that it was the only viable option th could made. Sn dad was already in death bed and would had died no matter what, and et would had mostly likely kill them if th didnt lie back then.

  4. One Warm Word is a very adult drama. The actress who plays Ji Soo is doing a phenomenal job. I would say the writing is more convincing than Empress Ki which seems to be riding the hype. One Warm Word is a sad story – at times too painful to watch.

  5. I’m soooo excited to watch this episode. Finally the OTP that I ship will have a heart to heart talk. SungNyang and Ta Hwan keep the sweet act coming.

    • Count me in loved the cute glorified peacock.I thought the chinese costumes are vibrant in color.At least now the baby emperor knows all the consequences of his betrayal.I don’t think he had any choices either.I hope that he’ll be able to redeemed himself.

  6. TH would like to be alive and be the emperor and I would say WY would like to go back as the King of Goryeo- so both of them have the same goal just different means on how to achieve it. Of course SY is from Goryeo. She’s loyal and loves the king very much.

  7. EK is nowhere near as thrilling and tightly written as QSD was nor does it have such fascinating characters like for example Mishil or Bidam. There is no real character development outside the main love triangle and that gets very boring very fast.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love EK, but while it is an entertaining watch, it doesn’t make my heart pound with excitement.

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