Age of Feeling Releases Kim Jae Wook Character Stills and Third Teaser

Having joined the cast of the soon to air KBS drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) late, it’s no wonder Kim Jae Wook hasn’t been in many promotional materials for the drama other than looking like he was poorly photo shopped into the full cast poster. Originally Lee Sun Ho (Tamra the Island, Mary Stayed Out All Night) was supposed to play the role of second male lead Kim Soo Ok but his dropping out and Kim Jae Wook coming in was so quietly done I have no clue what went on behind the scenes. It’s funny both guys were in Mary Stayed Out All Night and generally give off the same haughty refined aura so either would work in the role of a sophisticated artist in 1930’s Shanghai. Of course Kim Jae Wook is one of my favorite actors so seeing him back in dramas so soon after last Summer’s ridiculous supernatural cop stinker Who Are You is a boon. His character is described as Jin Se Yeon‘s character’s first love, though he still loves her but she’s moved her crush over to Kim Hyun Joong‘s character.┬áRather than simply being rivals in love, the two male leads are also best friends. Sigh, I’m betting money now one or both don’t survive this 24-episode ride.

Jin Se Yeon would be smarter to stick with the guy who loves her rather than pine for Kim Hyun Joong’s character who is in love with Im Soo Hyang‘s character though she is seeking revenge on him for causing her father’s death. Aish, it can’t be a period thriller without all this “you killed my daddy!” angst. The first official stills have just been released of Kim Jae Wook and its such a contrast to all of Kim Hyun Joong’s stills where he looks terribly beaten up and all muscly. Kim Jae Wook is going for classy refined gentleman and I’m in the mood to swoon over his perfectly tailored suit and dashing great coat. The third trailer has just been released and it still looks snazzy and sleek but I’m really weirded out by Im Soo Hyang’s character (along with her face). Her Japanese warrior lady with the swords schtick is wholly bizarre to behold. She’s like a Geisha Xena and feels so out of place in this drama. Jin Se Yeon also looks really fish-out-of-water like a high school theater student suddenly dropped into a Broadway production. Folks might worry about Kim Hyun Joong but I like him enough and its the two leading ladies I’m concerned I’ll have problems with either the acting or the characterization. I find Kim Hyun Joong rather eye-catching in the teasers and his character is finally a totally different type than his usual quiet reticent perfect gentlemen. For all intents and purposes, that appears to be Kim Jae Wook’s character this time, heh.

Third teaser for Age of Feeling:

[youtube id=”b2zWOKsGTM8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Age of Feeling Releases Kim Jae Wook Character Stills and Third Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. I’m only semi-interested in this, but I’ll admit that this latest teaser looks pretty amazing. I will probably check it out just for the pretty. ­čÖé

  2. I’m in complete agreement with you, Captain Koala. I’m fine with the way Kim Hyun Joong looks, even if his acting remains a question mark until the drama airs. It’s the ladies who are taking me out of the moody vibe that Age of Feelings seems to be trying to set. Im Soo Hyang looks like a caricature – Japanese geisha donning Chinese qipao wielding twin daggers? is this Kill Bill 3? – and Jin Se Yeon looks like a teenager playing dress-up in her mom’s clothes – if her mom were a singing/dancing bar madam.

    At least Kim Jae Wook looks happy and playful in his stills. Such a 180-degree change from his angsty sad eyes in Who Are You. He probably won’t end up happy and playful after this drama is over, but I’ll just slurp up the handsome while I still can.

  3. Wounded hero with complicated past:checked
    Hero best friend is his own rival:checked
    Nightclub dancing ladies:checked
    Badass female leading lady:checked
    Japanese Occupations:checked

    You can apply these to Bridal Mask.ha. It will surely get series of comparison. Of course. Acting may not be up to Bridal Mask standards.We will see.

  4. Thanks for the pictures of Kim Jae Wook because there is no such thing as too many pictures of Kim Jae Wook,

    However, I need to make a shout out for Kim Gab Soo. I will probably check this out some just to see him in action. That man is great in EVERYTHING. Even his cast stills were better than everyone else’s.

  5. I’m only watching for Kim Gab Soo and Kim Jae Wook so I hope the 3 leads won’t suck too much and create a vortex of suck that would affect my watching experience.

  6. After Iris 2 I just expect Im Soo Hyang to be a badass machine and I’m here for that…still waiting for the special of just her and Kim So Yeon exacting revenge on Iris and NK.

    I would have been extremely surprised if she didn’t fight during the show.

  7. I’ve always been distracted by im soo Hyang’s nose. I’ve long accepted plastic surgery to be a staple of the Kentertainment industry but her surgeon did a very bad job on her nose.

  8. It does concern me that we don’t actually see KHJ deliver any lines in any of the trailers.

    Although I like the vibe of what I have seen so far, I am not sold. I am kinda hoping I will be able to get into this one since everyone will be talking about it. Good or bad.

    Still… I worry.

  9. Kim Jae Wook looks dapper and dashing in the stills. Can’t wait! He needs to be the male lead in his next series. Also can’t wait to see KHJ on screen again!

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