Puff Guo Marries Heechul of Super Junior for We Got Married Global Edition Season 2

Okay, this I gotta watch. Season 2 of the Global edition of Korean variety program We Got Married is about to kick off filming soon and the casting has just been leaked. I watched the first season purely for the hilarity and cuteness that was Taecyeon of 2PM and Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie) and those two did not disappoint in the least. I doubt they would ever date for real what with the language barrier and all though English and hand gestures worked plenty well during the pretend marriage. Gui Gui also laughs and aegyos a lot and that usually helps smooth over a lot of awkwardness. The Taiwanese media was the first to confirm Gui Gui’s pairing with Taecyeon way back when and now it’s doing it again by revealing yet another Taiwanese singer-actress is heading to Korea to “marry” a K-star. The lady in question is none other than popular girl group Dream Girls maknae member Puff Guo (Guo Xue Fu). And her future hubby is one of the most 4D guys on the planet and I can only be talking about Heechul (aka Kim Heechul) of Super Junior. In Season 1 of the Global edition the other male K-star was Lee Hong Ki of F. T. Island belonging to FNC Entertainment and I wouldn’t be surprised if the other male K-star in Season 2 also comes from FNC and is either a CN Blue or F.T. Island member. Puff is reportedly flying to South Korea as early as next week to start filming, which might put a damper on all the recent Dream Girls activity since they just released their first full length album 美麗頭條 (Beautiful Headline). Their first two were both EP releases though both did decently well on the charts. SM has already confirmed Heechul’s participation while Puff’s agency merely admitted to talks with the production but stopped shy of confirming her involvement though its pretty much a done deal. I’m hoping Puff knows some basic Korean phrases what with working with her Dream Girls unni Song Mi Jin for the last 3 years. If not at least she can fall back on her own brand of 4D silliness. I don’t know what sparks will fly when Puff marries Heechul but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Fans of the popular TW-drama Just You have been urging Puff not to forget her onscreen hubby Aaron Yan once she “marries” Heechul. Both guys share the same androgynous pretty face I’m sure she’ll be reminded of Aaron once she meets Heechul. Or maybe she’ll have her hands full trying to figure out what the heck strangeness Heechul will drag her into.


Puff Guo Marries Heechul of Super Junior for We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 — 27 Comments

  1. Omg I always try not to watch wgm but they always tend to come up with couples that makes me wanna watch the show. Let’s see if I’ll actually finish this one though bc the only wgm couple that I actually watched all the eps is the adam couple haha Watching this for Puff btw Heechul has been irking me lately.

  2. Wow just so looking forward to this couple pairing. heechul is one naughty guy. Would think they send someone from suju m for they can converse a little in mandarin.

  3. What’s funny is that she followed him on Instagram today and her on Weibo was like, “If I can’t confirm WGM why is the news the first thing I saw when I opened my FB page?”

    Should be interesting…Heechul can be a complete mess at times.

  4. I have never watched this show, but this pairing may make me watch. Oh Puff, what have you gotten yourself into? Also, Heechul. Do the WGM people know that he cannot be controlled? Did someone forget to send that memo?

    • hahaha I hope they’re prepared… he’ll probably do and say a lot of things that’ll spark all kinds of scandals… hahaha he does warn people of this… telling them that just being around him five minutes is a scandal hahahaha .

  5. i’m aaronpuff shipper and also an ELF (super junior’s fan)..
    this new pairing seems interesting… i’ve doubt how they will interact later, but i think it will be okay coz i know heechul know some chinesse thanks to hangeng who’s his best friend (or couple??? kkkk) in super junior ^^

    i’ll watch their segment for sure then… haha.. curious enough how will puff react to 4d heechul (or may i expect gentleman and romantics heechul??)

  6. Omg so excited. Its Heechul oppa. ^_^ This is going to be a blast to look at. Maybe we fans will even see the other members. Spazzing here…. Kyaaaa can’t wait. >__<

    • Watch any variety show with him in it and you’ll probably get his 4D personality plus he has like zero humility which is funny because he he’s half joking and half serious when he makes egotistical comments. 😛 plus he’s got a sharp wit so if you could get your hands on some of the really old variety show like X-man you’ll see how he’s always in some kind of jokey argument with Kang Ho-Dong

  7. Any chance for Han Geng to cameo if his “unofficial ban from Korean medias” has been lifted? It’d be fun seeing him as their interpreter – he’d mess around Chullie for sure.

  8. Lmao, who would’ve thought?!? Heechul is hilarious in this really odd way. I can’t wait to see him in WGM even if this show confuses the crap out of me. I can never seem to draw the line between fiction and reality. But whatever, I’ll watch it for both of them.

    I hope Aaron makes a special appearance in the house warming party. So many guested in Gui Gui and Teac’s. That’s the only season I even watched so I guess I’m into the global edition then lol.

  9. Hope she speaks Korean, ’cause Heechul doesn’t speak Mandarin, or much English either. I think I’d heard him say a few phrases like: “Nice to meet you” …but maybe he’s been learning Chinese from Zhou Mi…I know Zhou Mi translates his Weibo acct. I’m not a fan of Let’s Play House but I like Heechul.

    • “Let’s play house” Ha! That’s gold. They should’ve just named it that instead of the literal but totally confusing WGM.

  10. OMG LOL! So this is the lady that’s going to “marry” Heechul. Definitely going to watch and I know it’s going to be entertaining. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to handle Heechul because he is like a peacock, you literally don’t know what he is going to do next.

  11. well wgm cast sometimes idols with rumors about being gay.. like heechul has with his bbf that is everywhere with him and who heechul confessed is a lot important for him being into his life plus bed scenes selcas together. lol

  12. I was like OMG because I sooo want to see my 4D prince marry and have some funny times 😛 I’m sure I’m going to be ROFL the whole season… this might just be the pairing that brings me back to WGM after having escaped it’s clutches well over a year. Meanwhile I’ll be having prayer sessions for Puff Guo because Heenim isn’t known as 4D prince for nothing… seriously. <3

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