Prime Minister and I Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Prime Minister and I dipped a toe into more serious territory and reminds us that behind the hijinks and warmth of a contract marriage is two very different people trying to live a real life behind a public charade. Yul and Da Jung are being as candid and sincere as they can be under the circumstances, and I continued to be blown away by their ability to communicate and resolve issues. All the ducks are lining up in a row as the stirrings of romantic affection starts butting up against the reality of the political battlefield. Right now Joon Ki is the villain of this piece with him gunning to take down Yul for both personal affronts and professional inadequacy. The truth is that marriage to Yul is not easy and I applaud Da Jung for being aware enough of her reality and cognizant that she’s finding happiness in this situation. I was pleased that In Ho’s confession to Da Jung was resolved with candor and mutual agreement to move past it. In Ho can’t help like Da Jung, she doesn’t like him other than as a friend, and he cares for her to the degree he’s willing to remain a friend to her and set aside his feelings. All of this unfolds in Yul’s eyes but he is one step ahead of it all, dealing instead with trying to protect Da Jung’s feelings and well-being.

Hye Joo keeps on surprising me with her attitude and actions, taking no shit from Joon Ki towards either Yul or herself and giving him a taste of his own medicine. I quite like her now and hope she moves on from Yul soon and finds a nice guy of her own. She may have let her envy rear its head around Da Jung a few times, but ultimately she has never interfered with Da Jung and Yul’s growing fondness for each other. The kids are pretty much in the bank for Da Jung and it’s refreshing to see the drama reach this point without fanfare and instead delivers the growing closeness of a blended family coming together. Yul’s team of bodyguards and driver remain the cutest helper cupids ever and great for an amusing reaction shot or three. The narrative continues to surprise me with a combination of feints and daydreams that suggest the OTP may be reaching mutual confession stage, except in reality the big moments just don’t matter in this drama as the little details remain the richest source of watching satisfaction. Yul and Da Jung’s falling in love is built on learning about each other, and my love for their romance continues to be built on the very satisfaction of seeing love grow by spending time together.

Episode 10 recap:

In Ho and Da Jung are set up by Joon Ki and Reporter Byun to be discovered together at a hotel late at night. Yoon Hee and her cronies walk past them in the hallway but In Ho protects Da Jung from being recognized. They fail to escape undetected and are cornered by all the reporters assembled by Reporter Byun. In a quick save by hubby Prime Minister, Yul arrives just in time to bail them both out. He concocts the perfect cover story about being here to celebrate the 100th day anniversary of their wedding. Yul walks Da Jung into the hotel room leaving In Ho storming out and Reporter Byun pulling his hair out to be thus foiled. In Ho brushes past Hye Joo and races off in his car.

Turns out Yoon Hee and her two cronies are at the hotel based on her hunch that Joon Ki was having an assignation there with Hye Joo. She saw Joon Ki’s secretary booked this hotel room and this hotel is the one owned by her dad so it’s doubly an insult for her. They walk into the same hotel room before Yul and Da Jung does and does a Three Musketeers rah-rah cheer to catch the cheaters in action. When they hear the door opening, they dive into the closet and hide inside. Yul asks Da Jung what happened back there and her explanation about being set up is enough for him to understand. He doesn’t want to talk anymore and is exhausted by all this but that sets off Da Jung who lights into him for being tired by her whereas all she thinks about is not adding to his burden with anymore of her slip ups. Da Jung thinks Yul blames her for everything but that’s not the case.

Yul pulls Da Jung in for a hug and explains he’s not mad at her nor does he blame her for anything. He’s upset at himself for letting things like this happen to her. Da Jung is rattled by the hug and stammers that she was expecting things like this before they got married. The hug spurs her to to keep talking to say what’s on her mind. She really respects him a lot and even though their marriage is a contr…..

Yul notices out of the corner of his eye a slip of cloth caught in the closet door and tries to shush Da Jung and leans in to kiss her before she finishes her sentence in a reversal from the last time Da Jung needed to quiet his lips.

Yul then walks over to the closet and pulls the door open and Yoon Hee and her two cronies tumble out hilariously. They quickly make an excuse for being in the wrong room and then hightail it out of the room. I love how one ladies blurts out “have a good time, Prime Minister-nim!” as she’s running out. After they are outside, the two cronies are cackling over how manly the Prime Minister is and how this is a totally different side of him.

In Ho storms to a meeting Joon Ki is having and then goes all ninja warrior as he takes down Joon Ki’s guards to barge him and see him.

Yul and Da Jung sit awkwardly after they are finally alone and she asks why the ladies were here. Yul doesn’t know and then takes a call from Hye Joo that it’s safe to leave at last since the reporters are all gone. Da Jung gets up her courage to ask if the kiss was because he knew they were hiding in the closet? Yul says of course since why else would he kiss her. Da Jung points out he could have used his hands to shush her and then Da Jung realizes that he hugged her first to comfort her. Yul lies that his hug was also because he knew the ladies were hiding in the closet and he had no choice.

Da Jung is not happy and points out that he violated their contract by kissing her. Yul reminds her that she violated it first when she kissed him before to silence him. Da Jung points out the difference which was back then Yul was holding her hands so she couldn’t use them. Yul starts stammering and calls this a lip press and tells her its no big deal. Da Jung huffs off leaving Yul sighing in the room.

Da Jung goes out and Hye Joo tries to talk with her but Da Jung is in such a bad mood she yells at Hye Joo first that she did nothing wrong today. She then eschews the backseat to go sit in the front passenger seat. Yul walks out and when Hye Joo tries to talk with him he sighs and asks to speak about anything tomorrow. The car drives off leaving Hye Joo wondering what’s going on?

In Ho and Joon Ki have a face off and In Ho reminds Joon Ki that he said Nam Da Jung was off limited. Turns out In Ho recorded all his conversations with Joon Ki and if he tries to hurt Da Jung again then In Ho will reveal what Joon Ki wanted him to do. In Ho ends their cooperation now and uses the blackmail to keep Joon Ki in line. After In Ho leaves, Joon Ki calls to ask for a background check on In Ho.

During the drive home, Da Jung is muttering to herself in the front seat complaining about Yul. The sweetest driver ever decides to play a syrupy love ballad to change the mood and both Yul and Da Jung tell him to turn it off. Da Jung orders the car stopped and she gets out and storms off into a club. Yul tries to stop her but she doesn’t want to talk to him right now.

Yul’s attempt to enter the club is blocked by the bouncers since only under-30 can enter the club. Turns out tonight is an under-30 theme night at the club.

Da Jung is drinking by herself at the bar when a dude sits down next to her and tries to pick her up. Da Jung tells him that she’s married and then tries to walk away. The dude follows her and won’t take no for an answer. Punk rocker Yul walks in with his bodyguards, all of whom have changed their attire to look younger. Yul stops the guy from bothering Da Jung and informs the douche that he is Da Jung’s husband. The bodyguards push the guy away but Da Jung still refuses to go home so Yul has the bodyguards pick her up and carry her home.

Da Jung is deposited in the courtyard of the mansion and Yul comes straight out and apologizes to Da Jung. She asks if a simple apology is enough and Yul asks what else she wants. Da Jung wants to slap his rude mouth and Yul puts his face in front of her and gives her a chance to punch him. Da Jung confirms he’s okay with it and then balls up her fists but doesn’t have the heart to hit him.

Na Ra is bugging Woo Ri for why he’s out all the time and asks if he’s still in a band? Yul and Da Jung come home and everyone stares in shock at the new younger Yul. He tells the kids to go to bed since it’s so late before hurrying off.

Yul goes to the bedroom and finally soaks in his transformation for the night. He smiles and ruffles his spiky hair as he takes off his jacket. Sadly Yul changes into his proper wardrobe and sits down at the desk to deal with serious matters. He calls Joon Ki.

Reporter Byun is at Scandal News and confronting Hee Chul for stealing his pictures and giving it to Yul. He also accuses them of messing with his plan at the hotel. Hee Chul chews Reporter Byun out for doing such shady things and asks who is behind it. Reporter Byun is cowed and runs out with his tail between his legs. The editor comes in and tells Hee Chul to come clean about everything, the hotel and the pictures.

In Ho hands all the snow play pictures to Yul and explains that Joon Ki got a hold of them from Reporter Byun. Before he could resolve it the trap at the hotel happened. Yul tells In Ho it is not his or Da Jung’s fault since Joon Ki is after him. In Ho wonders how Yul isn’t asking him about the pictures or his relationship with Da Jung? Isn’t Yul curious? In Ho says this is a contract marriage otherwise wouldn’t Yul be in pain seeing pictures of his wife with another man. Yul flashes back to seeing pictures of his ex-wife with In Ho’s brother. In Ho continues that if it was him, he would never forgive his ex-wife or that other man. Yul quietly says that it doesn’t matter then because the heart has already left and nothing will bring it back.

In Ho runs into Da Jung in the mansion courtyard and goes up to greet her. He apologizes again for what happened yesterday and she says it’s not his fault and no big deal. In Ho says its all a big deal, her getting into the contract marriage for her dad and then having to work so hard at it afterwards. Da Jung says there is no other choice, when she decided to marry Yul she knew there would be a lot that could happen. She’s not naive and she will face anything that happens. She likes it here and likes the role she plays. In Ho looks sad that she is happy despite all the challenges.

In Ho tells Da Jung that he will keep his distance from her starting now as he doesn’t want to add to her problems or cause any misunderstandings. Da Jung asks if they can’t go back to being comfortable friends since she enjoys talking and hanging out with him. In Ho says nothing and Da Jung says bye and walks away.

Joon Ki comes home and Yoon Hee is waiting for him with vitamins. She tries to ask where he went last night and why he was home early? She can’t get anything out of him but it also confirms he doesn’t know she ran into the Prime Minister last night.

Yoon Hee and her cronies call Da Jung out and act all friendly so they can get Da Jung to convince the Prime Minister to forget about last night. Da Jung wants to know why they were at the hotel and one crony accidentally slips up that Yoon Hee suspected Joon Ki of being at the hotel and having an affair with Hye Joo. Da Jung says Hye Joo is so beautiful and accomplished she would never fall for a married man. That makes Yoon Hee feel insulted that Da Jung thinks her Joon Ki isn’t attractive enough as a man. Da Jung tries to explain its a misunderstanding but then Yoon Hee feels like Da Jung is insulting her for being suspicious for no reason.

Yul is thinking back to his conversation with Joon Ki where he tried to warn him to stay away from Da Jung. That pisses off Joon Ki even more that Yul is so protective of her. He tells Yul that he will never not exploit the woman who is now Yul’s weakness. He leaves Yul reeling at the direct threat to Da Jung’s welfare.

Hye Joo asks Yul if he wants to handle Joon Ki directly? Yul can’t since he’s the kids uncle and he’s now more worried that Joon Ki is aiming his attack at Da Jung directly. Hye Joo hands Yul the marriage registration and tells him to register it lest Joon Ki find more evidence to use against him.

Hye Joo is called out to meet with Da Jung who is there to warn her that Yoon Hee was at the hotel last night and thinks Hye Joo is having an affair with Joon Ki. Da Jung confirms nothing is going on and tells Hye Joo to be careful. Hye Joo tells Da Jung that she’s also a force to be reckoned with as well. Hye Joo tells Da Jung to go home now and not come to the Prime Minister’s work place otherwise the other civil servants will notice. After Da Jung leaves, Hye Joo crumples up her cup of tea and seethes at Yoon Hee.

Yul comes home from work and sees Da Jung piggybacking a sleeping Man Se. They put the boy to bed and we see his room is littered in stuffed frogs. Da Jung explains that tomorrow is the auction and she’s almost done. Yul notices that some of the frogs don’t have matching appendages so the two of them work together to fix and finish the frogs. Da Jung thanks him for the help and then asks how his homework is coming along?

Yul pauses and looks at her before saying the homework is fine since he has an answer. Da Jung is happy for him and wonders if maybe Yul’s homework is Joon Ki? Can’t the two of them just make up. Yul wishes he could but it’s too difficult. Yul can deal with it but isn’t Da Jung scared? She isn’t since she’s someone to be reckoned with as well. She compliments Yul on his quick thinking at the hotel and then asks if he remembers that this Saturday is the real 100th day anniversary of their wedding. Yul appears to want to say something to Da Jung but decides to save it for later. The next day, Yul sits at his desk and looks at his wedding registration with Da Jung. Go register it, dude!

The Scandal News duo arrive at the charity auction and Da Jung thanks Hee Chul for helping her out at the hotel. Hee Chul asks if something is going on between her and In Ho and Da Jung clarifies that she is just friends with In Ho. Hee Chul then warns her to be on the look out for Yoon Hee and her cronies. They arrive and Yoon Hee orders the driver to deposit all the frogs on Da Jung’s table. Da Jung asks if they are ready to help out with the auction but they snottily proclaim that they don’t do things like this. Da Jung threatens to call Yul here so they quickly change their tune and get ready to bake goods and do whatever else is needed.

Da Jung calls Yul who hears that not a single frog has been sold. Da Jung sounds very down and Yul asks if she wants him to go help. Sadly he doesn’t do this but tells her that if she sells it all he’ll buy her something delicious to eat. That gets her spirit up and she vows to sell it all.

In Ho is being all mopey thinking about Da Jung wanting them to be friends like they used to be. The driver passes by rushing to pick up Da Jung since it’s raining and In Ho offers to go with him. The charity auction is over and Da Jung sold nothing. Hee Chul is mad on her behalf but the editor tells her that she picked the wrong product to auction off with all the rich ladies. Da Jung wants to sell it elsewhere but the editor reminds her that it’s raining outside. Hee Chul gives his noona a “fighting” before dragging the editor out.

Turns out Yoon Hee sabotaged Da Jung by ordering all the rich ladies to purposely not buy the frogs. The three of them cackle over Da Jung’s embarrassment. They notice Da Jung leaving with her bag of frogs and purposely bump into her and cause her bag to tip over and all the frogs to fall out. They deride Da Jung on picking the wrong idea but Da Jung tells them not to worry and she’ll handle the frogs herself. She apologizes for asking the wives to do something not suited for them but she also thinks a brand name auction is also not suited for them. The wives tell her that she’s the one not suited for this club and its not like the Prime Minister will be Prime Minister forever.

The wives leave and Da Jung goes to pick the frogs up in the rain. In Ho arrives and looks at her sadly and walks over to shield her from the rain. He hands her the umbrella and kneels down to pick up the frogs for her. Yul sits at home and looks at restaurants for the 100th day celebration.

In Ho takes Da Jung to Subway and orders a giant sandwich for her. It cheers her up to see such a big sandwich which she thinks Man Se would love. In Ho now regrets confessing because then they could have stayed friends. Da Jung asks again if its not possible for them to go back to being friends? In Ho doesn’t want to be either her friend or guardian angel. Da Jung’s face falls and then In Ho laughs that he was just joking. He won’t do anything to upset her so if she wants then he will be her friend and guardian angel until this contract marriage ends. Da Jung jokes about her allure and then laughs that after the marriage is over she’ll be a divorcee. In Ho teases that his heart may not be constant until then either.

Da Jung gets a call that all her frogs have been sold. Of course its her hubby using a fake name to buy all the frogs which his driver has brought home. The frogs will be washed and then donated to a charity. Man Se comes and calls his dad out to eat a sandwich.

Yul, Da Jung, Na Ra, and Man Se sit down to eat the giant sandwich. After the kids get their sandwich they run off to eat it and Yul points out that Da Jung is in a great mood. She reveals that all her frogs ended up being sold to some person. Yul suggests it’s someone wanting to resell it. Da Jung says it’s someone who is kind and generous, unlike someone who just orders her around and tells her to get it done. Yul tells Da Jung that he’ll take her out to eat on Saturday for their 100th day anniversary. Da Jung is thrilled and reminds him that it has to be something expensive.

Hye Joo is reading news about netizen buzz on the port construction. Joon Ki comes by and Hye Joo is all friendly, calling him sunbae and going to sit down next to him. She reminds him that they used to chat like this back in school. Joon Ki wonders what has gotten into her? Hye Joo asks if what he said still holds true, that he will stop everything if Hye Joo goes to his side? Joon Ki laughs and asks if she’s doing this for Yul?

Hye Joo turns around and tells him to explain it to the person who just arrived. Yoon Hee is standing right there glaring at them and all three stand up for a confrontation. Joon Ki tries to explain the misunderstanding but Yoon Hee is ready to rip Hye Joo’s hair off. Joon Ki stops her and Yoon Hee is crying that he’s taking her side.

Hye Joo walks away and Joon Ki goes to ask if Hye Joo did this to set him up? Hye Joo did but it’s nothing compared to him setting up In Ho and Da Jung at the hotel. Joon Ki should thank Hye Joo for not making it worse and scheduling this meeting in a hotel room as well. Hye Joo walks off leaving Joon Ki fuming. Yoon Hee walks over and slaps her husband deservedly on the face and calling him a bad guy.

Da Jung is daydreaming about what Yul has planned for their dinner. She dreams that he wants to thank her for what she did for his family but thinks this is not like his style. Neither is calling her out to berate her for doing things wrong. She laughs out loud at the absurd thought that a confession might be coming.

Da Jung notices Woo Ri leaving but he won’t tell her where he’s going. Na Ra explains Woo Ri has been to church a lot which is out of character and the two ladies decide to follow him. Turns out Na Ra wants to catch Woo Ri in the act so she can blackmail him to give her his manhwa books. The girls enter the church and discover that Woo Ri sings in the church choir now. Na Ra notices the good looking oppa playing the piano accompaniment when Woo Ri is singing.

Hye Joo hands a report to Yul about the public commentary on the port project. She asks if Yul has dinner plans tonight and Yul does. He has a lot to say to Da Jung tonight. Yul asks if Hye Joo will support him with whatever decision he makes since she’s been by his side for so long. Hye Joo nods and asks if his decision concerns Da Jung. Yul nods and confirms he’s made a big decision with respect to Da Jung.

Da Jung sits with Woo Ri and Na Ra, with the latter begging oppa to introduce her to the cute piano playing oppa. Da Jung gets a call reminding her about dinner tonight and she goes to change and even puts on hair extensions.

In Ho is sitting with Da Jung’s dad and keeping him company. Dad wonders why In Ho has no family and hears both his parents are dead and his hyung raised him. In Ho hears from Dad that Yul is taking Da Jung out to dinner tonight since it’s their 100th day anniversary. Dad compliments his nice Kwon son-in-law who is so good to his Da Jung.

In Ho goes to his brother’s hospital room and finds him missing. He hears from the nurse that a man took him out on a walk. In Ho runs through the hospital and finds Joon Ki wheeling his hyung on a walk. Joon Ki asks if In Ho’s brother is Kang Soo? And he is the reason In Ho is beside Yul right now? Joon Ki tells In Ho to explain everything.

Da Jung and Yul are dropped off at dinner and he wonders why she has him dressed down a bit. She did it so no one can recognize him and then happily runs into the restaurant. The place is crawling with couples and dinner starts off with one guy proposing to a girl from the stage. Da Jung laughs and wonders how Yul picked this place and hears that Yul asked his driver to pick the place and he didn’t know it would be like this.

After the proposing dude sings, the MC calls up Mr. Kwon Choong Ri (Kwon Prime Minister) who is here to celebrate his 100th day anniversary and wants to sing a song for his wife. LOL at Yul’s expression. The MC keeps calling him to go up and we see the adorable driver sitting outside being all pleased with himself. Da Jung giggles as Yul tries to pretend it’s not him. He locks eyes with the chubby bodyguard and asks if he did it and hears it was the driver. Yul finally goes onstage and the MC points out his unusual name and how he seems so familiar. Yul laughs it off and the MC hands him the mic so he can say a few words to his wife.

Yul takes the mic and talks about how he promised his father-in-law that he will never let his daughter cry. But she’s cried a lot since the marriage though she is even more beautiful she smiles. For his wife who has cried for him and smiled for him, he dedicates this song.

Yul sings a song about how he thinks of her when he’s tired. Da Jung sits in the audience and stares at him with a smile as he sings for her. The song goes into how she’ll become a memory that gives him strength even if he can’t see her anymore. Yul thinks back to all their interactions together since they first met.

Thoughts of Mine:

The look on Da Jung’s face as Yul was singing to her was totally the look on my face watching this scene. It was such a moment of sincerity and openness, made all the better because she received it with her heart wide open. I smiled as Da Jung imagined all the scenarios Yul had planned for her but the reality ended up being better than anything she can fantasize about. Yul is not a guy she’s falling in love with by idealizing, he’s the man she’s fallen in love with knowing all his emotional baggage. She can insist to both Yul and In Ho that she’s fine being in danger’s way by marrying Yul but that doesn’t see Yul will stand by and let her remain in danger from Joon Ki’s machinations. I do see the drama as trying to lessen Joon Ki’s villainy by not completely letting him cross the line as he roots around for weaknesses to use against Yul rather than full blown orchestrated attacks. I wonder of his sister confided her unhappiness in her marriage to Yul before she died hence Joon Ki is nursing the world’s biggest oppa grudge against Yul? I’m glad In Ho immediately ceased aligning with Joon Ki once Da Jung was dragged into it but it’s hard to make a deal with the devil and then try to back up. Clearly Joon Ki knows who In Ho’s older brother is and looks like we’re learning more about what happened 7 years ago and that fateful accident.

Episode 10 was a rather low energy episode but as a whole felt like a snuggle in a warm blanket with all the sweet gestures from Yul to Da Jung. The night club wife retrieval interlude was adorably cute. I love how their fights are always so petty and resolved in even sillier ways. Da Jung riles him up by daring to talk about why he kissed her into silence, and then she got all upset that he seemed to brush it aside as the smacking of lips again. It’s not like Yul is blind to Da Jung’s affection for him since she’s not trying to hide it at all, but they don’t really have the luxury of falling in love leisurely. But in the short three months since Da Jung entered his family, she’s stepped up as both wife and mother to his kids to the point where she’s already covered for Yul’s lackings with the kids. The bigger hurdle is getting Yul to unlock his heart after he locked it up when his wife died. He’s clearly wallowing in guilt over whatever part he played in the accident and I want the truth to come out for all parties involved so that it can be addressed rather than remain the giant pink elephant in the room. I think the port construction project as well as Yul’s security in his Prime Minister role will become a bigger problem even if he can clear things up with Joon Ki soon. He’s going to need all the help he can get to become the best Prime Minister in both love and work.

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Prime Minister and I Episode 10 Recap — 45 Comments

  1. The mix of daydreaming to flashbacks makes up for a good paradigm shift and I salute the writers again. PMAI continues to be one hell of an entertaining & heartwarming drama!!!!!

  2. Once again, thank you so much for your recap. I’m hoping KY won’t play the “I love you so I’ll send you away to protect you” card. If feels like it’s heading that way. Hope I’m wrong. Let’s get all the hidden cards out in the open so we can head to an ending we all love.

  3. I do see the “must send her away to protect her” move coming up, yes. But at least compared to male leads who have no reason beyond “my grandma/cousin/dog does not approve”, the guy does have a very good reason.

    Then again, life is about dangers. He can’t stay alone and afraid forever. The kids can’t handle him like that forever. Maybe what will happen in Episode 11 will get them both to realize how short life can be and how they should fight the dangers off together. They will come anyway, two people looking out for each other is better than one.

    So, noble idiocy coming up, but maybe it will also be resolved quickly, as all the conflicts have so far.

    • LOL if Kwon Yul would ask Nam Da Jung move out of the residence, and then Na Ra and Man Se would choose to live with her.

      But how exactly can Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung end their marriage right now, just separate? They have not officially registered their marriage yet, so there is no need to officially divorce right? Like paper works and lawyers are not needed.

      • if nam da jung moves out, where would she live then? her old apartment? and isn’t it awkward? everyone knows she is the prime minister’s wife, and suddenly she is living on her own. excited for episode 11!

      • If the date to register it goes past and it has not been registered, it is considered void. So they will be legally single.

      • @Orion There is a limit to how long you can wait to register the marriage after the wedding ceremony? Do you know exactly how long?

  4. Worried for ep 11 judging by the preview.yeah felt that ep 10 rather low with the usual speed and I hope it wont go to makjang teritory.that is not so PMI.I swoon over yul’s serenade..thanks for recap.

  5. hey koala, what a great recap… as always I mite add… I really enjoy reading your recaps every time. Please keep it up and thank you 🙂 I absolutely love this show

  6. Thank you!!! Watch it raw and subbed I’m so worried about the next episode. Ang why Hye Jo is sitting on Da Jung’s chair? And he hadn’t registered the wedding yet. My head hurts with the upcoming angst ahead… I hope him getting stab have a good outcome like realizing he likes DJ a lot and won’t let her go something like that… I know this story will be angsty and for me it’s overdue than usual… So I guess I have to bear it but I hope not, I want to see more screen time for them… 🙂

  7. I marathoned ep 1 – 9 during the last days. Watching the eps back to back I got some very strong vibes reminding me of ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier.

    We’ve got the young, inexperienced, slightly naive girl who marries an older widower. We get hints, that not everything is kosher with his wife’s accident, another man is involved in it, her room is kept untouched and there are people in the present time (Secretary Seo) reminding wife no. 2 again and again, that he will never forget his first wife.

    Let’s see where the end will take us. How will the prime minister be involved in his wife’s death and does he really love her?

    • not sure if they will have the PM being involved in wife’s death (the holly movie version of Rebecca also made it an accident) but I’m getting the mrs denvers vibe from bro-in-law jun-ki rather than secy seo. waiting to see what the writer’s have in mind….
      maxim in Rebecca married for love but was disillusioned soon after. that is unlikely here with 3 kids, unless man-se is not PM’s bio-kid!
      some Korean makjang is not unexpected, although the drama has been doing well in that count so far.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful recap and personal insights, Koala. I broke my previous commitment to stay away from forums and blogs before having watched the actual episode. I just needed to know why some people doesn’t seem to have enjoyed episode 10. And I’m glad to see, based on your recap, that everything looks to be still consistent with the general tone of the drama.

    Can we really have a love story without conflict and angst? I, for one, would eventually be bogged down if we’re all getting rainbows and flowers from the main couple. I’ve been hearing about a potential danger to Yul coming up, as well as a hint of a separation. My guess is, if Yul did end up getting hurt, then Dajung will probably move heaven and earth to stay by his side and care for him. She has already shown her resilience and courage in facing up to Yul when necessary, so i know she can convince him to let her stay by his side if he’s hurt.

    I’m also, like you, amazed at how these two people can communicate well. Even if they bicker and shout at first, what’s good about them is they try to finish what they started, so they always reach some form of consensus in the end. And I think this is what’s special about the story. Something that’s lacking in all the recent romcoms I’ve watched in a while. Dramas usually rely heavily on sexual tension to show developing feelings, that they forget communication between the two lovers is what’s more important if they are to build a lasting and stronger relationship. I’m crossing my fingers that PMAI will continue in this vein until the end.


    • That is what I love about Prime Minister and I too! That the lead couple actually have conversations – they have issues, and then they resolve them.

  9. Really loved episode 10!

    Some people may be disappointed with the kiss not being a confession of love kiss, but the episode follows faithfully with the narrative. A confessional kiss right now would be out of character (for the story as well as for the the characters themselves) because there are still a lot of issues to be resolved. Also, it is a relief that Kwon Yul has not really confessed his love for Nam Da Jung if he is going to push her away.

    • I know right? Honestly, I was hoping the singing part is not real, too, because it just seemed out of character for Yul. So now I’m glad to hear that he was forced to do it, instead of actually orchestrating the whole thing.

  10. Thanks for the recap. I was pretty much smiling ear to ear the whole episode, pretending I didn’t see the preview. LA LA LA I can’t hear you LA LA LA LA LA

    You didn’t mention the skunk fur Seo Secretary was wearing; it was worse than the yeti furs from My Princess and completely out of left field. Viki commenters had me LOLing I didn’t pay attention to the scene.

    OK. YOu know the part where before PM sings, they kept showing Audry Hepburn? I totally thought he was going to sing “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” which is absolutely the PERFECT love(ish) song for this pair. He is like Henry Higgins, even if she isn’t exactly a poor flower girl like Eliza Doolittle.

    Here is one verse:

    I’ve grown accustomed to her face.
    She almost makes the day begin.
    I’ve grown accustomed to the tune that
    She whistles night and noon.
    Her smiles, her frowns,
    Her ups, her downs
    Are second nature to me now;
    Like breathing out and breathing in.
    I was serenely independent and content before we met;
    Surely I could always be that way again-
    And yet
    I’ve grown accustomed to her look;
    Accustomed to her voice;
    Accustomed to her face.

    Nat King Cole sings it here.

    The rest of it is just as apropos. I hope he does eventually sing this one. I would be a puddle.

    • Thanks for the recap. After reading the recap I feel better about the episode because the comments after the ep aired live today had me worried. We shall see what happens tomorrow but I’m hoping that the show continues to surprise us in a good way and that are OTP cont to communicate and be there for each other. Trying to look at things in a positive way…hopefully whatever hurdles they have to safe (coming up) will bring closer together and will finally help them accept what they are feeling for each other.

      @Jomo, thanks for sharing the song. You are very right, I think the song is perfect for them. I love the OTP.

      • Hi there raindrops1! We meet again…. so you are into PMI as well? I am totally in love with this drama, even more than The Heirs (oops). I just love the chemistry between the OTP and love the way the writer makes each episode ends nicely. Every conflicts ends quickly and although the ending of each episode makes us want more, it somehow leaves the viewers with a sense of satisfaction.

    • kwon yul should have used this song!

      the song he used in the drama is all about “letting go of something precious” and just “living with just a memory of it” – while this being about nam da jung is romantic, still does not bode well for future episodes.

  11. Also, Seo Hye Joo and Kang In Ho are awesome second lead characters!

    Seo Hye Joo have been liking Kwon Yul for years, and the marriage situation between Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung probably irritates her to no end. But still, she acts professionally and with wit and grace. People thought that her warning Nam Da Jung was out of spite. But if she truly believed herself what she said to Nam Da Jung (that Kwon Yul would never get over her first wife), then she really said those things out of concern. Was concerned in the preview for what Seo Hye Joo was doing with Park Joon Ki… But this reversal is so good!

    Kang In Ho is a layered character. He has his reasons for revenge, and he has reasons for protecting Nam Da Jung – he does not realize yet that he can not have one without having the other. When he realized that Nam Da Jung truly wanted to go back to when they were friends, how he refused first and then agreed with her later. *heart breaks* But this is better, happy Nam Da Jung and Kang In Ho are the next best thing in this drama!

    And Yoon Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon looks really great together! If Yoon Ah is not dating Lee Seung Gi in real life, Yoon Ah dating Yoon Shi Yoon would make sense – have you guys seen their BTS videos and photos?! At this rate (with this drama narrative as well as real life situation), the pairing of Yoon Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon is possible but only in a different project like a drama or even a movie.

  12. Ooh, here is a speculation about Kwon Yul’s first wife and Kang In Ho’s brother.

    What IF Kang In Ho’s brother is in love with Seo Hye Joo but he knows Seo Hye Joo is in love with Kwon Yul. He thinks that Kwon Yul and his first wife are unhappy in marriage, so he orchestrated this plot of Kwon Yul’s wife cheating with him so that they will divorce. Or is this too makjang for a romantic comedy drama?

  13. I found this the weakest and dullest of the episodes to date by far. Nothing at all happened in the first 4o minutes, and the OTP made no forward movement at all, until the song at the very end. I’m not talking giant leaps, there was not even any incremental deepening and stregthening of their bond. The hotel room sham kiss was same old same old, Kwon Yul getting scared of his feelings and retreating into harshness, and Da Jeong continued to be irritatingly naive around Kang In Ho. Her persistent “niceness” and “let’s be friends” makes me scared that the writers are losing their nerve and might pull a switch on us, bailing out of the OTP in a caving to negative netizen feedback. I really, really hope I’m wrong.
    If it weren’t for the truly awesome takedown of JK and wife that HJ set up, and the growing warmth between Da Jeong and Na Ra, this episode would have been a complete zero for me.

    • But Kang In Ho brooding and angsting while Nam Da Jung is being uncomfortable around him makes the unrequited love seem more than it is. Them being friends seem to be the lesses of two evils.

    • i suppose they take it slow because to him, this s still a marriage contract, & a lot of people around him always remind him about his ex-wife (JK, HJ) and the like, which s why he s hesitant to make a step forward. as for DJ & IH, i suppose for IH, the fear of losing DJ is even greater than his feeling not being returned. haha, juz my randomness 😉 this s juz entertainment lah

    • I don’t think they will pull a switch on us because even the local Korean viewers ships the main OTP and actively express they enjoy the story at it is. It’s a completely different story compared to its drama predecessor where K-netizens were leaning towards the second pairing and the writers caved to that.

    • Hmm…no forward movement? It may seem like it but the smallest things resonate. After the club scene, Yul apologized. He even asked her to hit him it would make her feel better. DJ was taken aback by his request and ultimately took the wind off her sails. They smiled…and agreed to let the matter drop. They have reached the point in their relationship that they’re attuned to each others feelings…which feels organic! Then there’s the singing…Yul’s realization? The answer to his homework is that he can have room for love again? Well, that is what I’d like to believe. 🙂

  14. Another question, the usual live streaming site for Prime Minister and I (the Girls’ Generation based one) was not available last night because of vacation or something. But anyone knows for how long exactly? Will the streaming not be available for tonight’s episode 11 as well? Tried other streaming sites but none seem to be working.

    • From what I know, the streamer was away. He’s at Thailand and attended Soshi’s concert last Saturday. He stated last week that he won’t be able to stream this week’s episode.

  15. Thank you for the recap, Koala!

    Episode 10 was lovely in its own way, seriously, what a smooth sailing episode. My favourite scene was when PM came home to Dae-jung rocking Man-se to sleep. Wonderful acting by Lee Bum-soo.

    Question: Does anyone know the song Driver Shin listened to in the car outside the restaurant? I’ve seen a clip of someone singing it live on Immortal Song 2. Thank you!

  16. This episode is about misunderstood in love, understanding love, accused in love, one sided love and above all falling in love.

    Love is simple, once cupid shot an arrow thru its a done deal
    BUT there are still trials and tribulations along the way of love that need to be surpassed.

    And I like to continue watching PM & I as it is still teaching us about LOVE.

    Applauds to the actors, writers and directors for giving me a wonderful ride on PM & I.

    Sincerely I thank all in PM & I for making it possible

  17. When Park Joong Ki tried to frame Nam Da Jung and Kang In Ho in a hotel room, Kang In Ho was so mad at him that he tried to break their partnership of destroying Kwon Yul. But Park Joong Ki discovered his brother, will he then use it to blackmail Kang In Ho to work with him again?

    I was so hoping Kang In Ho would switch sides finally and not end up a villain!

  18. Raw episode of episode 11 is up at Hmmm I think the wife is still alive!!!! Looking at the preview of episode 12. I didn’t understand anything there are some cuteness scene etc on episode 11… I’m waiting for the whole sub but I feel like the next episodes will be angsty… And Hye Jo will be resigning and switch to The pathetic prime minister!!!! Yikes!!!

      • Yes the evil one. I’m so worried she is switching sides but maybe she will try to dodge the evil plans of that joon ki. I watch it raw though I base it on what see… 🙂 I will never call Yul pathetic. But a bit disappointed coz I think he send DJ away!!! 🙁 and the preview I think I saw the wife I’m like NO NO NO!!!! I want Yul and DJ this is romcom right not melo drama? Cases like that only happens on Melo… See if the wife is alive then there is no hope for Yul and DJ… 🙁 the kids would want their mommy back and DJ will be like Nanny McPhee…. Haaaayyyy!!!! My head hurts again this happens when I’m invested with a drama which is this one…

      • @Mcharmkn, Na Young and Yool did not have such a happy marriage. And two of the kids have not known her as a mother. You can’t return 7 years later and just go back to how things were.

        Even if they did go there and she is alive (which is probably not the case and the scenes were trolling), there is no way that family will get back together. Da Jeong is the one the kids love now and Yool loves her too.

        So let’s not worry over this yet, when we don’t even know if those scenes are from the present or the past.

  19. Hi, does anybody know whats the title of the song, the prime minister sang at the last part?
    i wanna know the title and listen on youtube,,

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