Full Sun Heads to Thailand with Main Cast for Pivotal Overseas Filming

Currently the cast of the upcoming KBS melodrama Full Sun is in Bangkok, Thailand filming the overseas shoot portion of the drama. Based on the synopsis the location shoot will be integral to the central plot. K-dramas are no strangers to overseas shoots and last year in 2013 there were some high profile such eye candy filming. IRIS 2 had tons of overseas shoots and included one in Southeast Asia as well by going to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Heirs had a protracted overseas portion with the first four episodes set in Los Angeles, California, though I would argue there was no point in having any part of that drama set overseas other than as a flimsy of an excuse to throw two random lead characters together in the most absurd of ways. The main leads of Full Sun including Yoon Kye Sang, Han Ji Hye, Jo Jin Woong, and Kim Yoo Ri were all in Thailand for the overseas shoot and I’m a big fan of Thailand as a K-drama locale after one of my favorite K-dramas Time Between Dog and Wolf used it to great effect. I’m finger-crossed Full Sun will do the same as well though perhaps with a more edgy execution since the PD of the drama was quite creative with Wild Romance. The story line happening in Thailand involves a jewelry exhibit and a diamond heist that leads to a shooting incident. The shooter is the male lead played by Yoon Kye Sang, the deceased is female lead Han Ji Hye’s fiancee who is reportedly a cameo appearance by Song Jong Ho. The synopsis says the melodrama is about a blood diamond and tragic fate that binds the two leads together in vengeful love. Check out the first cast filming pictures from both in Korea and Thailand.


Full Sun Heads to Thailand with Main Cast for Pivotal Overseas Filming — 14 Comments

  1. Omo… I luuv Yoon Kye Sang.. and I luuvv melo drama..but I luuv Ji Chang Wook also…So I hope Full Sun will get good rating and acknowledgment from Korean viewer…but I don’t want Empress Ki’s rating decrease…Ohtokke…why they have to get the same time slot…Hiks…

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