Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Prime Minister and I

Does anyone else think Kwon Yul is reverse aging in Prime Minister and I? I already think Lee Bum Soo is the bees knees but in the last two episodes of PM he’s literally so smexy I wonder how Da Jung can keep her hands off her hubby. Forget giving him time to figure out his feelings, I’d just kiss first and then talk later. The written preview is out for episode 14 and is a nice little treat to help stave off the wait until next Monday arrives and dealing with the return of Not Dead Na Young and what it means for the future of Yul and Da Jung. The question of why she played possum for 7 years will clear up her mind set and likely reveal what she wants now by returning. I don’t see a reason good enough to exonerate a woman who would leave her kids behind and also let her husband grieve as some sort of bonus payback for being not there for her. I don’t want to write her off as a vile family deserter but the problem with her return is that it’s so late in the game I simply don’t care about her as a character. It’s easier to write her off if she’s selfish and self-serving, but to explore her side of the story for the car accident faked death the drama would need to spend precious minutes on her and it’s those minutes I don’t want to waste on a character that is no longer important in the lives of the people I care about. Yul has moved on from a failed marriage and accepted his fault in it. He has grieved her death. Her children have grieved her death and endured 7 years of mother-less existence and is now just starting to bask in the warm glow of a two-parent household. I dislike her return for the disruption and intrusiveness, and less for her being a threat to the OTP. If Yul takes her back for the sake of his kids or some sort of pity party then he doesn’t deserve Da Jung. If Da Jung gives up on Yul then she also doesn’t cut it to be with him because that man has baggage in the past, present, and likely future with his career choice. I want the remaining four episodes to give sick Da Jung dad some more screen time, to allow Da Jung and Yul some romantic together time, and to let In Ho, Hye Joo, and Joon Ki to work through their disappointments or mistakes in life and become better people with a new and improved future path. All of that is more interesting than what the heck Not Dead Na Young has been up to, and definitely more worthy of the drama to explore going forward. All that is needed is to dispose of Not Dead Na Young and return her from whence her Not Dead rear end has been hiding.

Written preview for episode 14:

Yul’s sincere confession bring happiness to Da Jung. Yul smiles at Da Jung and the two of them bask in the glow of the happy mood. On the other hand, Kang In Ho hears from Na Young that she was the cause of his brother’s car accident. Na Young comes back to the Prime Minister’s mansion and wants to see Man Se so follows him to the kindergarten. Da Jung discovers there that Yul’s first wife is still alive…….

Episode 14 preview:

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Prime Minister and I — 30 Comments

  1. I’m glad that Yul and DJ are happy now, and they’re basking in the glow. But why only a smile drama???? I don’t want a stinking smile…I want MOREEEEEE!!!!

  2. stil have to wait till Monday.. counting back day, oh no it’s only Thursday!!!

    Want to watch it at once after it ended, but I can’t resist the temptation to watch when a new episode is out.. otokke yoo?? :{

  3. Whutttttt. How dare Na Young try to see Man Se after basically having nothing to do with him and her family for the last 7 years. Wait. Now I’m super confused…how old is Man Se? I thought he was in kindergarten, that makes him 5–6 at the oldest. I think someone’s got the story line confused lol.

  4. Look it as a struggle to get through the first half of this drama because of LBS hotness. And I’d finally calmed down then this last episode I hit the skids again.
    And I don’t give one rat pellet about NY. I can’t deal with the abandonment. He issues with Yul are one thing but leaving her children? And that choice was made long before the accident gave her a clean exit.
    There’s no excuse or sob story (whether mental health related or not) that will get me to understand leaving your children, then being audacious enough to pop back up again with tears in your eyes. And she’s approaching the children?! Yuck!

    • I agree. Nothing can make me feel an ounce of pity or concern for this woman. She was lonely, she fell in love, she wanted out – it has always been all about her – and there’s nothing she could possibly do to make up for the seven (!) years that her innocent children have had to struggle through without her (not even getting into her manipulation of Yul).
      And while I don’t believe in noble idiocy, I could agree to Yoona’s character gracefully stepping aside – just long enough for Yul to kick that ex-wife to the curb.
      Show better not try to make Not Dead into a sympathetic character, because that’s illogical, rank manipulation and show and I will have Words.

  5. IKR, i also said he is SMEXY. i am looking forward after yul confession, more kisses and bed scene coming. No more i sleep at studying or man se’s pairing bed but they really sharing bed. i hope yonna fans wont beat me up for this.

    the biggest problem to me was passed, yul dare to love again. so the wife return should be 2nd issue. Seems she only want to be with the kids, to payback missing time, doesnt mean she really want back to yul’s side.
    you are right, this is another test for OTP if they are deserve for one another. again is da jung what i am worrying will waver not Yul. she might give up her own happiness for the sake of yul’s kids.
    our pm must try his best to keep his woman, to prove his vow never let da jung’s hand go.

  6. Have everyone notice that Yul looked so damn hot in that green shirt. I don’t know why but compare to others episode, I love this green shirt wardrobe more .. best outfit so far he he .. yet simple, but look so yummy :p. Maybe DJ will waver, but Yul would never let go of her hand, as he vowed her that. Can’t wait for the next episode. Glad this story start to unfold not in a cheesy way. I would careless with the NOT DEAD wife, I won’t ever feel sympathy for her as well. The way she abandoned the kids, especially the baby Man Se (new born Man Se, I supposed), totally unforgivable.

    • oh yesss love the green shirt. i noted he has abs too and was on cover men’s health magazine. i think it’s get along with his role as a man in love, his aura will glow and look younger.
      if i were dajung, i will make excuses to share the bed with him everynight. i wonder if my hubby will look as great as him if he wear the same green shirt. Sigh…..

  7. Oh yah.. so it seems that iam not the only one who considered LBS hot, yummy and sexy in that green shirt… expecting some intimate scenes with his Yoonah… their really look good together…

  8. Yup, LBS is totally smexy and after spending so many hours with a co star that is 20 years younger certainly does wonders to him physically and emotionally, he practically glows in his latest scenes, maybe it was makeup, lighting or whatever.
    Yes, love him in that green shirt, that colors suits him really well.
    Thanks Ms Koala for the update.

    • He did glow in the last episode, didn’t he? Heh. I had to practically throw my tablet out of reach last night, er, early this morning, just so i would stop rewatching that scene when he and Dajung met at the library, that time they were at the beach, the dukkbokki cooking at the hotel, and the green shirt.

    • He’ll probably acquire back the 10 years he lost in the past couple of episodes, thanks to Dajung, once he learns about his wife.

  9. Honestly, I used to think that the melo of a second part of the drama would be due to revealing the contract marriage and mystery of Yul’s wife death (and also how everyone would react to this). But now when Na Young is back I hope they leave contract marriage alone; it would be to much fuss for only four episodes left. Also think that Na Young’s comeback is caused by the fact that she was discovered. If it wasn’t for In Ho she’d probably keep staying away.

  10. Da Jung fill in the empty space in Man Se heart….so does for Na Ra. I thought that the only person that still remembering her is Woo Ri. I doubt that Man Se will easily fall for his mom, since he really fell for Da Jung. there and Da Jung already there fill in everyones heart for several months. I think the writer desperately want to write something that shout “DRAMA” so the viewer will realise, ah soo this is drama…makjang. #sigh…..I don’t think so there’s a woman will abandon her baby and take care her lover then suddenly goes back ?….what a shame. Well, Primeminister will not take her back…no way!! it will jeopardize his character and his family good graces. I think its time now for Da Jung to have her already big heart to become so big, she have to accepting all PM dark past including his big secret. If I were him, I won’t or never let Da Jung go, for whatever reason is. Both of you..Fighting!!! and Na Young…well well, what a sibling they are, her brother willing to deal with the devil for his career, and now the sister ?? abandon all her family for the sake of Love ? geeez… Show us their family character…

  11. I chuckled at your last comment about the not dead Na Young returning to wherever her not dead self has been hiding. That’s my sentiments exactly. I don’t care and don’t want to know her excuses/reasons, just deal with it and let’s move on to KY, DJ and family. Please let it not take a whole episode to move beyond her.

  12. drama crack so good now we have the angst of non dead wife


    she should go away

    7 years from you baby you want to ome back for what


    i hate her

    oh i am on edge

    but smexy man i have a new oppa

  13. Like everyone else, I too am distrased about Na young’s return…not just because its a threat to the otp…but also to the drama itself.Though it seems she was meant to return cause her role is played by a known actress but how will the writers handle it? I hope that she came back to reunite with the children but not her husband…maybe thats how it will play out…cause she wasent sorry when she left.

    By the way I have a confession. ?.I wish park joon ki and suh hye joo to end up together…but I also feel bad for yoon hee so I want her to go with the her sons father….and I iwsh in ho finds someone else….but I still ship park joon ki and suh hye joo.. (GOD DAMIT IF ITS NOT ABOUT PITYING THE SECOND GUY THEN IT WILL BE ABOUT PITYING A COUPLE WHERE ONE OF THEM IS MARRIED)

  14. LOL! I am literally agreeing with everyone (comments)
    PM in green shirt is to lust after.
    Reminds me of the time I saw my husband then boyfriend in green.
    So i got hubby a new green shirt.
    Dream on everyone.
    Staying contented till next episode

  15. Why so slow to show ep 14, 15, 16, 17. In Korea this show already end! I can’t wait to watch it pls pls pls show us now, I can’t slp.

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