Latest Set of Pretty Drama Stills of the Three Leads in Prime Minister and I

Even with the hint of makjang in Prime Minister and I with the reveal that the male lead’s first wife isn’t deader than a doornail like we all thought, I’m still ridiculously pleased with this drama. It’s just my kind of rom-com with funny that doesn’t overstay its welcome, romance that unfolds naturally without too much quippy banter, and a battery of obstacles that are dealt with and resolved before any single element becomes a broken record. It’s ending in less than two weeks and I don’t really see any rom-coms on the horizon that interest me. Initially Jang Hyuk‘s Mozart Romance was supposed to come after Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds) but now that drama has been shelved for Big Man which based on the synopsis does not sound like a rom-com in the least (I’ll write about that drama once casting starts). That just means I’m going to have to savor every little thing about PM before it wraps up and this weekend there are lots of pretty new stills of the three leads Lee Bum Soo, Yoona, and Yoon Si Yoon that are floating around. Because I’m not so fond of his character Kang In Ho in this drama, my eyes tend to glaze over anytime Yoon Si Yoon has a scene and that is such a bad fangirl behavior in me since I love him so. The crew cut is decidedly not suited for him and makes him look like a Q-tip but it’s counterbalanced by all the snappy suited attire he wears. Nonetheless this look above makes me drool because I love a man in black plus throw in a vest and a pocket watch and I’m putty in his hands. The Yoon Si Yoon stills accompanied a news article about how fans like his character in the drama because of his torment over revenge and liking Yoona and being all angsty all the time. I beg to differ, his character needs to wise up and get a swift wake up call in the rear end. Lee Bum Soo tweeted a BTS photo of him studying the script for a scene clearly to remind us of how hot the PM is though I’m not blind and am reminded of that any time he shows up on screen. With the written and video previews both out for episode 14 there isn’t any more hints of what’s to come though today a fan spotted Lee Bum Soo filming at a certain location and snapped some pics. Check it out below and maybe it gives us a hint that all is still well in the course of the OTP romance.

Wuri Prime Minister was spotted filming at a flower shop called One Terrace this weekend. Flower shop? Buying flowers for the wifey? It has to be for the good second wife, not the bad undead first wife, otherwise skins will get flayed by moi. Yay for more wooing of Da Jung!


Latest Set of Pretty Drama Stills of the Three Leads in Prime Minister and I — 17 Comments

  1. Really love this drama! Can not wait for the new episodes!

    Topstarnews also released BTS of Oh Man Seok cameo with characters Seo Hye Joo and Na Yoon Hee!

  2. Love this series! Im anxious how the not so dead first wife would be played out.. I really hope those flowers are for Dajung or else!!

  3. I am hoping Drama gives us all sorts of cute scenes of PM officially wooing Da Jeung for real in tomorrow’s and Tuesday’s episode and leave like the last 2 mins for the angst bits about not-dead-wife outing herself.

  4. Somehow, I wish there’ll be a scene where the whole Kwon family give a surprise or something like that for Da Jung. Da Jung has done so much for the family, and I want them to return it. 🙂

    • My review (totally irrelevant) is that Yoona has reached Yoon Eun Hye’s Coffee Prince level. I hope her career takes off based on her acting skill (excellent) even though she would get some wrinkles about 10 years from now. Yoona, Hwaiting!!

  5. Oya, One more thing, looking at the previous episodes where KY and DJ always talked to each others with understanding, I think they’ll do it too about NY’s matter. So, I don’t really worry for the OTP, but yes, I do worry with the kids’ reactions.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow episode!!

    • I agree. I think they are connected already. I’m not worried about his reaction knowing the deadly wife is alive. I’m actually a little excited for any jealousy.. I know this may sounds meeeeh looking at who is to be jealous from! (dead person) I wish they wont turn it to a whole melo though.

  6. I certainly hope that the drama ends well for our OTP. It’s been outstanding so far, for all the reasons you mention, and any change to the pairings for the end would be a makjang meltdown imo. I was disappointed to read this post and discover that Mozart Romance has been shelved. I guess that effectively means it’s been binned?

  7. YSY’s role, to me, was fashion model. Everything looked good on him.
    Whoever PPL his clothes should be very happy with his work.

    My fav fav fav fashion model as character is THT in My Princess. My Lord those three piece suits, turtle necks, bath towels, winter coats looked damned fine on him…sigh…

    • Why do you suppose the Princess Lee Seo was so worried about her Park-son-in-law boyfriend when he was away with “Britni? Catherine? ….” in the United States. Oh yes, he is one good looking guy.

  8. My favorite drama at the moment is emergency couple and I would, only 2 episodes are out but it’s co recommend it to anyone looking for a good rom com to watch. It’s completely hilarious and addicting, not to mention that the otp are song ji hyo whom I love in anything and choi jin hyuk who is always nice eye candy 😉

  9. wuri PM can be a watch ambassador too, i will buy everything he wear, shirt checked, watch checked, pants checked, shoes checked, tie checked.

    and ….my husband might not as yummy as him LOL

    • Just watched the RAW ep .. was sooo good. The secret started to unfold. Ep 15 will be crucial he he .. though will be sad coz it seems Nam Da Jeoung leaving (she’s dragging her suitcase out of the residential house). Need to wait for the Eng Sub in couple of hours .. (hopefully will come fast)

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