In A Good Way Cast Attends SETTV Year End Party Celebrating a Stellar 2013 Drama Year

It’s not a stretch to say SETTV had the best outing among all the TW-networks in terms of raking in the dough from dramas in 2013. With Lunar New Year right around the corner, the network held it’s annual Year End Party (尾牙) this past Friday that brought together 1600 of its employees from corporate to production to famous stars acting in its dramas. SETTV was celebrating its commitment to producing dramas in Taiwan rather than importing from Mainland China and last year 70% of the domestic dramas filmed were produced by SETTV. Normally I would shrug since quantity does not equal quality and until In A Good Way came along I would have said that SETTV dramas were mostly duds. I think the network does well on the cheerful low key dramas such as dailies like Two Fathers or Love Family, but when it tries to go rom-com-melo like in Love Around or the currently airing Deja Vu it’s like a trainwreck. IAGW is an ever rarer beast of a cast without a big name anchor and a story that is free flowing and rather episodic. I love it to pieces and for producing IAGW the network gets my thanks. I almost forgot that SETTV also did King Flower in 2013 which was ridiculously addicting despite being completely nonsensical.

The Year End Party is a staple of all Taiwan companies and is a time to celebrate and pass out year end bonuses if the company did well that year. Big companies hire famous stars to MC or perform and SETTV being an entertainment network easily had its own star employees get onstage to entertain the crowd. The entire cast of IAGW was there including Lego Lee (Liu Chuan), Kirsten Jen (Jia En), Jay Shih (Ren Wei), Smile Wen (Bai Xue), Steven Sun (Ah Qing), Jack Yao (Ri Qi), Josh Lu (Ah Di), Jenny Huang (Xiao Wei), and Apple Lin (Tracy). I have no clue why Lego is so bipolar with his fashion sense. Sometimes I want to nod my head in approval and other times I cringe on his behalf. His party sweater is dizzying and makes me want to look down, down, down… Kirsten appears to have raided Lego’s wardrobe and went for the “my boyfriend’s clothes” menswear look that is decent but uninspired. They are taking a pic with the head of SETTV drama production who is flanked on the other side by the three leads of Deja Vu Mandy Wei, Yao Yuan Hao, and Jenna Wang. Mandy appears to have put a bow on her satin toga but at least Yao Yuan Hao and Jenna represented the looking good contingent rather than making it a total bust for the leads of SETTV’s currently airing popular dramas. Since Lunar New Year is coming I’ve tossed into this post as a treat the latest RongYi photo spread and BTS video from their cover shoot for the inaugural edition of iWalker magazine. Enjoy!

RongYi’s iWalker photo shoot:

RongYi BTS for the iWalker Magazine Photoshoot:

[youtube id=”HxqwjGcqOfc” w=”625″ h=”445″]


In A Good Way Cast Attends SETTV Year End Party Celebrating a Stellar 2013 Drama Year — 20 Comments

  1. Wow, I never realized how cute the actor who plays Ah Di is. The middle hair part he has in the drama does nothing for him in the looks department.

  2. Just boarded the IAGW boat today(i know, i know. im late to the game). Finishing up ep 5 and i am shipping this OTP hardcore. Just curious, but looking at a few of their BTS — taiwanese actors seem to not give a eff about all the skinship. Or is Kirsten and Lego just happen to be really close offscreen? I find that a rarity in k-actors/actresses, but maybe cause they have to tip toe around the media who likes to make scandals out of the smallest things. Anywho, watching them interact in the BTS just adds to the chemistry onscreen and makes me glee.

    • TW stars are more candid and less pre-packaged in BTS than their K-counterparts, but Lego and Kirsten are wayyyyyyy closer than even then usual Taiwan costars who get along off-screen.

      • Don’t forget Ella and Jerry’s BTS for down with love. …too much skinship and the most I’ve seen in a T-drama bts.

      • Really? I also assumed that during events like this one, he is being dressed by his stylist. Well, good thing he’s handsome. 🙂

        By the way, I’ve seen the interview for MTV taiwan and I assume it was after the fansign event coz Rong Rong was wearing the same outfit, but Lego change out of his yellow knitted sweater (and thank God for that). And this is the best look I’ve seen of Lego from all his interviews. And their interactions are really so natural and just fun to watch.

        Anyone care to translate? please? 🙂

  3. was just taking a breather from studying, so I decided to check my favorite playground and waddaya know, an update on IAGW!!! Lub you Ms. Koala. I can now go back to studying with a happier mood.

  4. Josh Lu aka Ah Di from IAGW is actually quite good looking, i almost can’t recognized him due to the hair different. Hope SETTV knows that the tv audiences need quality shows, drama, and if it can comes in quantity the network can really rise the glory days of TW-drama.

  5. Ms Koala, did you notice that in the IG photo, Kirsten deliberately mis-tagged herself as Lego and vice versa? Think she wore the grey blazer and blue shirt because it channels Liu Chuan in Episode 6 (X’mas party). She mentioned in the latest MTV I Love Idol’s interview that everyone thinks they look like twins or siblings, because they look so similar! Thanks for the recaps & news about IGAW! 🙂

  6. Just got on the IAGW bandwagon, never too late to enjoy the cuteness and goodness that is IAGW right? Wow, Ah Di looks like a different person here, took me a while to remember him, too bad Jacky wasn’t there, it would have been hilarious! I thought Kirsten was dressed a bit too casually here, with torn jeans, and what was Lego wearing??? Haha, my mind wandered accidentally into the gutters for a moment as the triangles on his shirt seems to point downwards very conspicuously… I don’t watch a lot of bts, but I really like IAGW’s bts since they’re more of improvised skits than the usual NG scenes of filming. They seem to have loads and loads of fun despite the grueling schedule 🙂 Though I wonder if the homoerotic overtones seen in the bts is common or just unique to IAGW? I don’t think I’ve ever seen male leads being paired with other male actors, even in a hilarious way so often as I’ve seen in bts, but it does stand as a testament to their closeness and sense of humour 🙂 I can’t believe I have to wait for two weeks for the next dose of cuteness :(, since they have chinese new year celebrations right? 🙁

    • Not sure about the homoerotic part, but I am also impressed with this cast improvising. It feels like they have known each other for ages. The T-drama world is not that large that their paths must cross often and their d-wiki pages show their filming past together.

      More than anything, I think this drama succeeds on the strength of the casting. It feels so real because every character feels real in the actor’s skin. I swear that Jack Yao belongs on a bike.

  7. “Down down down” and “bow on her satin toga” LO (very) Loudly.

    These BTS make me look for skinship clues, which, of course are THERE, I wonder how much understanding what they are saying adds?

    I love all the hand holding and arm hugging, yes, most I really like when they sing together. He listens to her a bit, and waits for the perfect moment to jump in. It reminds me of when my husband and I started dating.

  8. Oh is that Ah Di’s usual hairstyle? Wow.he is quite good looking huh. Other than cute pair lego and kirsten, i will look out for him now on in that drama. lol

  9. Ugh, I just watched episode 11 of IAGW and it is PERFECT. It’s so heartfelt and simple and beautiful. I cried twice (!).

    I need MORE! 🙂

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