Written and Video Preview for Episode 16 of Prime Minister and I

I quite loved the ending to episode 15 of Prime Minister and I. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a satisfying pull along scene and I was fairly screaming at Yul to drag his runaway errant wife home. The lack of much conversation was even better because nothing needs to be said between them at this point. Da Jung can tell him that she thinks he’s too old and she doesn’t want to mother her kids and she wants to tup In Ho instead and he wouldn’t believe her. She’s doing this for the sake of the kids and both of them know it. It’s not even for the sake of Yul, which really is so not fair to him. But then again, if Na Young hadn’t abandoned them all, he wouldn’t have met Da Jung, so let’s call it even. It’s weird writing about the previews for episode 16 since normally that is the last episode of most prime time dramas. We have two more episodes left and I think episode 16 will be a fast paced doozy. Da Jung’s dad looks really sick and might actually pass away before the drama ends, which is both comforting that we were able to share his touching father-daughter story and see it to conclusion. It might also help change Da Jung’s mind about her decision to return Yul and the kids to Na Young. She can return the kids, no need to return her sexy smart husband. From the previews it all indicates that Yul is unwavering in wanting to be Da Jung, and also uninterested in rekindling anything with Na Young other than setting up a co-parenting arrangement. Joon Ki might have some harebrained desire to shove them back together but I hope he gets a clue fast since he went through this drama without one. I’m fine with Da Jung and Yul’s separation for now since it gives Yul time and space to find a solution and make it happen.

Preview for episode 16:

[youtube id=”VdtjVR6NvtI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Written preview for episode 16:

Da Jung leaves after saying very harsh words to Yul which hurts him. Yul is unable to bring Da Jung back with him. Joon Ki has seen Na Young and rushes to halt the proposal to remove the Prime Minister and goes to talk with Yul about bringing Na Young back to her place. On the other hand, Yul prepares his resignation letter and meets with Na Young to tell her to be prepared to do what a mother needs to do………


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  1. Oh dear! I’m feeling another unsatisfied ending… Worst an open ended one maybe… Maybe Yul will resign divorce NY and Yul and DJ will meet somewhere down the road kind of thing… Or we will see DJ writing her story PMI something… I’m not putting my hopes up with the ending i have to maintain my lowest expectation since I as a viewer had watch very few wonderfully executed Korean drama… I think I’ll save myself another heartbreak and expect less or not expect anything at all… It’s sad that this drama gave and gave and gave and then last 3/4 episode it takes and takes and takes Ooohhh well. I enjoy this drama so much there’s less nonsense the development of the characters the sincerity the conversation/communication between our OTP is just amazing so spot on… I’m not married yet but how they talk and understand respect and bickering each other is ideal for me. The worst for me is that Yul with his wife while DJ watching on TV or looking from a far or they walk pass by each other then DJ is on her way to meet In Ho like that’s my big WTF. Thank you Ms K I’ve boarded your ship again with PMI.

  2. I think a separation would be needed. Yul needs to solve this Na Young thing plus he has to figure out his future in politics. I know he doesn’t want Na Young back as his wife, but he may want her back as the mother of his kids. Da Jung probably feels if Na Young does return to the being the kids’ mother then she wouldn’t be able to play a role in their lives as she has been doing.

    • I don’t think Yul has anything to figure out about Na Young. I mean she disappeared from his life 7 years ago, and he moved, learned to live with it and opened up to someone else. I just think that in the case of that couple I don’t think a separation is needed. He can figure out his future in politics while with Da Jung, and leave it for the children to figure out (over time) how much they want their mom to get involved in their life. In any case all this can be done while Da Jung is in their life without really bothering anyone. At this point everyone is used to Da Jung their and its Na Young that needs to adjust.

  3. It always amazes me how forgiving Korean dramas are with their female villains. A woman can kill, maim, kidnap, toss enough water in enough faces to sink the Titanic, and ruin the family fortune of ten generations, but all she has to do is admit a tearful apology and she’s back in everyone’s good graces.
    This woman so needs to be kicked to the curb (and then allowed to visit her kids on alternate Thursdays) and yet there she is, propped up next to the PM, everyone shattered but her. I may do something unprecedented and drop a show two episodes from the end.

    • I don’t think it’s correct to say that everyone’s shattered but her – if I understand what she was saying correctly, Na Young has been purposely staying away from her kids for seven years in order to punish herself for abandoning them and causing Su Ho’s accident. And someone who is so consumed with guilt to the point that she is sabotaging her own life because she feels she doesn’t deserve any good thing cannot be described as happy in any way, shape or form. While Da Jung and Joon Ki might be trying to “restore her to her place,” she herself doesn’t seem to have any desire to resume a relationship with Yul, though she does want to be able to see her kids. So I’m not sure why you’re so upset about this plot point, especially since Na Young can’t be really be called a villain. She’s an essentially decent person, who has mental health issues, and who made some bad choices which ended up hurting others, which she has then spent the rest of her life hating herself for. I don’t think it would be unfair or excessively forgiving of the narrative if it allows her to find some peace and have the opportunity to become a part of her children’s lives again.

      • thank you. you just made me realize why i couldn’t get behind the “i-hate-nayoung-bandwagon.

      • People keep forgetting this woman was diagnosed with depression and she was getting regular check ups at the hospital for a long time due to her inability to cope with her husband’s neglect. Her choices were made in that state.

        Even more, her psychiatrist ignored all ethical medical conduct in the history of forever and entered into a sexual/romantic relationship with her.

        None of this 100% absolves her of responsibility in her choices but it most certainly makes her not as evil as other characters from other dramas.

        Even though I firmly believe that Da Jung and Yul are the best for each other and I have no desire to see Na Young remarried to Yul, I cannot completely agree that she deserves to be thrown to the wolves.

        She’s a sad woman who made bad life choices that hurt a lot of people but she was also a victim of her own mental state and the gross breach of conduct by Kang Soo Ho.

  4. I knew join ki had a sister complex.no wonder he was out to take yul downfor so many years. But to ask him to take his sister back?! How can he ask that when if places were switched he wouldn’t take the woman back. As a brotherand aman , he should only bring them together for them to make a clean break without scandal

    • yeah. that’s what i didn’t like reading in the preview. i hope joonki’s meddling wouldn’t take up much of the next episode. i’m still hoping to see some semblance of a bromance between him and yul before this all ends.

      also, i would like to see nayoung’s redemption as woori, nara and manse’s mother. i could sense that na young is basically a decent person, and i reserve my judgment of her leaving her family on that fateful day. i think the more important thing now is that she knows what she did was wrong, even unforgivable, and she has no desire to break yul’s current marriage. besides, everyone deserves a second chance. she only wants one as a mother, and who are we to judge that she couldn’t be good at that? if woori loved her so much, then that means she was a good mother to him before, right? i want to see her be like that to nara and manse.

      i have faith that the writers can make this less than ideal setup of yul, dajung and the kids living together as a family, with na young given free access to the kids, work out in the end. i can actually picture them like that even now. we’ve seen the goodness in these characters (except na young, that is) develop all throughout the series that i actually don’t have any trouble conjuring up an image of them harmoniously, even happily, living in this unconventional scenario.

    • thank you for sharing. got all teary-eyed reading the article. i’m such a sucker for any show of family love. that’s probably why i got hooked in PMAI in the first place.

  5. I’ have to cry my heart out for the last episode. DJ is such a warm abd kind person to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of the children.
    But i,m really wishing that our OTP will end in each other’s arms and live happily ever after… Just like a fairy tale…

  6. yeap, seperation is needed, they all said absence makes the heart grow fonder. in this case, kwon yul need to clean everything on his past before he can move on with da jung. and da jung, she really need to feel the consequence of being apart from her husband. returning mother position is always right but not the position as the wife. i didnt see na young still has love for kwon yul, all she think about her kids.

    i guess, he learned from his past, if he cant handle 2 different things perfectly, he must choose between happy life and family or a good prime minister. from the past he learned he can be one good but not both at the same time, so he prefer to sacrifice his politic carrier. he learn how empty and failed his life after he losing his wife and he doesn’t want to suffer the same thing again.

    i have no doubt if we will have happy ending OTP, it will ended with da jung narrated about her life with his pm hubby at the press confrence or her journal, whatever.

    na young, well every sinner deserve second changes but not all changes, after all she did, she still the mother, there is ex wife, ex husband, but never ex mother.

  7. Nope. No way, no how. I demand that these two work it out now and find abundant happiness RIGHT NOW! None of this jump crap. No noble idiocy. Nope. Won’t stand for it! These two have always stood face to face and worked it out, so they should do the same in present time. I’m so irritated that the ending of this fabulous drama may get all screwed up. Don’t do it writer! Give us a good, well thought ending. One that makes sense and makes us happy! (Rant over)

  8. My bet is there won’t be a jump. I have a feeling it will be like a restart. The drama started with marriage and they never went through courtship. I think after the KY settles the issues with NY being alive. He will come back to start with her the right way.

  9. i should have not read this ep 16 written preview. it is breaking my heart. haaaaay…
    i am expeculating different scenarios of what can happen. it is giving me a headache. need to stop, it might keep me awake tonight.
    for those celebrating the lunar new year, enjoy the fireworks!

  10. ok i cannot help it, i have to say one scenario playing in my mind. i think it will be the kids who will bring the pm and dj together. ep 16 preview shows man se and na ra playing with grandpa. i think they went to the hospital thinking of seeing dj. with the unfortunate event of dj’s dad in critical condition or dying, they will tell/call pm-dad. pm-dad rushes to hospital, seeing dj and pm remembring his promise to dj’s dad of not letting go of her hand. then love happens again.

    • too bad i have other scenario about dj’s dad. he was halucinating got visited with the kids it made him smile before he died.

  11. @sweetness… its a possible and a heart warming scenario as well… keeping my fingers’ crossed here.. its really saddening that our PMI will soon be saying goodbye to us…

  12. I really want DJ still with KY and his old wife I want her to die or any thing happen to her that they can’t see her another time … Hhhhhhhh I’am so angry from her

  13. Hi guys! Im a newbie in korean dramas. Saw about 4 korean dramas of which, all have an unsatisfying or has an open ended ending. BUt i dont know why im still hooked at watching Kdramas. Which lead me to PMI. Didnt know it was still an ongoing series else i wouldnt have dare watched it. I hate it when i go zombie over a series which still has no ending. When do you think episode 16 will start?
    im still a bit high strung with the story coz i love it. i literally cant sleep knowing theres still 2 more episodes to wait for. Hoping for a fairy tale ending.

  14. Oh no, will DJ’s dad gonna pass? Will that drive DJ away from the Kwon family more or is it now the turn of the kids to comfort her? -sigh – i have too many questions and can’t wait for Ep 16…

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