Kim Woo Bin is a Introspective Lonely Boy for Vogue Korea January Edition

If ever there was a reason for me to re-watch Heirs the first one to come to mind would be for Kim Woo Bin. I’ve seen him in dramas before and acknowledge that he’s got that innate knack for acting which is all the more surprising since he came from a straight up modeling background. Sometimes models are excellent at posing but cannot do animated acting, and the same goes for great actors who deliver terribly dull photo spreads. Kim Woo Bin has that off-kilter vibe about him that works in the edgier world of fashion and somehow he’s finally flipped the switch for me in terms of seeing him in the world of acting. He was the scene-stealer extraordinaire in Heirs even if his character was rather bipolar with one side that was despicable and another side that just called out for hugs. The way he was styled in Heirs was equally as bipolar, going from slicked gangster ahjusshi hair in the first half to emo biker boy in the second half. I much prefer the younger emo look and that’s the one he sports in the January edition of Vogue Girl Korea magazine. It’s a magazine that skews younger in its target audience that its older sister magazine Vogue Korea and I think Kim Woo Bin’s age and acting trajectory might make this his last Vogue Girl appearance before he graduates to the big leagues of Vogue. In addition to Heirs (or maybe inspite of it), Kim Woo Bin is enjoying a bona fide box office crowning with the success of Friends 2. I still haven’t check out that movie though the original Friends was fantastic but its the K-drama adaptation of Friends: Our Legend which is easily one of the top-10 quality K-dramas of all time. It’s a great franchise to be a part of and Kim Woo Bin really had a stellar 2013 all things considering now that I remember he also started the year off with a bang being in School 2013 with Lee Jong Seok. I’m loving the quiet introspective moodiness of this Vogue Girl spread, all the more so because it lets Kim Woo Bin look younger and more vulnerable than his usual steely aura onscreen. This is really how the character of Choi Young Do in Heirs should have been presented.


Kim Woo Bin is a Introspective Lonely Boy for Vogue Korea January Edition — 17 Comments

  1. Unni, even though you didn’t say it, I know you made this post just for me Hahaha I would like a Woo Bin post to wake up to every morning, please! It would make the world a better place. That plus maybe a Drummer Boy post plus some Jailbaits? Hehehe Happy Woo Bin Wednesday!!

      • more like I hope he doesn’t get any more work done, going by past pictures he had surgery to his jaw to even it out (but not slim it). His unusual looks are such a huge part of his USP that any further PS is unnecessary and I hope he doesn’t go in for anything of the sort now.

  2. He was also just confirmed a few days back to be in a new heist film called The Technicians in which he plays a safebreaker. Lee Hyun Woo(playing hacker), Kim Young Chul and Go Chang Suk will also be joining him.

  3. Korea is definitely fascinated with this boy. To be quite honest though, im surprised at the level of popularity (really, he’s everywhere nowadays) considering it’s not like he’s played a lead role in a hit project — so in a way (although quite different in vibe), he reminds me of song joon ki, who was immensely popular before he even headlined his own drama.

    He definitely has a certain charm/charisma, so i’ll be excited to see what else he has to offer us aside from his alluring screen presence.

    • Korea’s fascination with Kim Woo-bin is not unlike Britain’s fascination with Benedict Cumberbatch – unusual looks and a filmography ith roles that aren’t typical main lead material is definitely something they have in common. It’s astounding to think that, for all the buzz around him, Woobin has never actually played lead in a drama yet – that should be rectified soon (pair him up with Kim Ji-won or Lee Yubi, drama gods, please)

      • Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely BRILLIANT as Sherlock (and I promise I’m not a crazy fangirl of his) so the fascination with him is understandable. Heck, he’s pretty much enarmored the US with his role in Star Trek, Sherlock. His voice acting of Smaug especially in the scene with Bilbo in The Desolation of Smaug turned me into a real fan of his. That was just spectacular.

        Kim Woo Bin hasn’t had a starring role but he’s electrifying in everything he’s done so far. He has a promising career ahead of him.

  4. Ah, the first picture that you have chosen is a killer!!! He does have that vibe about him that attracts you when watching him in a drama.

    So far he is one of the few actors that has a really good record in terms of what productions/projects they join.. I like all of them. I can’t wait to see what 2014 drama/movies he will do.

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