Picture Spoilers for the Final Week Episodes of Prime Minister and I

Monday is right around the corner and with it comes the last two episodes of Prime Minister and I. It’s out-and-out my favorite rom-com in the last two years and barring a unprecedented collapse ought to retain that goodwill. Some rom-coms enter the final stretch either just dragging along a conflict with an easy solution or waiting for the OTP to finally confess their feelings without any caveats. I don’t think the current obstacle confronting Yul and Da Jung has either an easy solution nor does it feel like beating a dead horse. The return of first wife Na Jung was set up in Easter egg hints from the beginning but the hammer wasn’t dropped until just two episodes ago. Yul has a major major problem on his hands and it’s going to impact both his personal life and his political career. He wasn’t elected by being a devoted widower as the citizens knew he was dating Da Jung already. That helps a bit in whether the public sentiment will skew towards his reconciliation with his first wife. I don’t know what Joon Ki or Na Jung wants but frankly could care less. Hye Joo and In Ho will be on Yul’s side and that’s a major relief at this point. How Yul resolves the mess will be a testament to what story this writer wanted to tell since the first wife being alive story line was always intended. I wonder to myself whether it really was necessary to have this twist in terms of telling a compelling love story being a emotionally withdrawn Prime Minister and a cheerful warmhearted tabloid reporter. Probably not and this twist hasn’t affected the ratings much either way. I’m strangely content with remaining unspoiled about what’s to come and there hasn’t been a lot of spoilers for this drama anyways even if I were to start digging. That being said, fans caught Yoona filming at the Yeouido train station and in a separate sighting she was doing a street scene with her onscreen hubby Lee Bum Soo. Seeing these new stills fans have jokingly noted that this drama should change the title to Prime Minister Retrieves His Wife what with the foreseeable amounts of Da Jung staying away and Yul trying to bring her back. That’s a cute title and I can handle some run-and-chase since there is just two episodes remaining. All I ask for is a real open mouth kissing after the couple breaks through all obstacles, and this time I won’t even mind the cheesy 360 camera angle shot.


Picture Spoilers for the Final Week Episodes of Prime Minister and I — 15 Comments

  1. Lol at the open mouth kissing. But yeah, that should be the icing on the cake after all the goodness that this drama is.

    I myself find PMaI to be a personal favorite in more than a couple of years, since The Greatest Love actually. Hoping for the best in the upcoming finale. I have enough faith in the writers that i don’t even feel the need to cross my fingers that much.:)

  2. Ditto! I guess a bed scene is too much for Yoona, but is it too much to ask for a real passionate kiss with no blocking of any type, pretty please???

  3. this drama steal my heart. so sad we will say goodbye soon. still have extra 2 weeks from kbs world. pm & i definitely my most fave drama ever.
    i dont want to think what will happen tomorrow. hope it will have good ending. a warm hug, pasionate kiss always welcome.

  4. All I can say is that I hope your optimism proves justified. Like you, I don’t think it was necessary to bring NY back from the dead at all. I’m also a little miffed that her return overshadows a side character I actually DO care about, DJ’s Dad, who it seems will die soon. I would much rather have seen that event, the catalyst for DJ even accepting the contract marriage in the first place, given more screentime and the opportunity to create credible emotional drama without the tropes dragged in by zombie wife’s undead return.

  5. Everybody is really really praying for a happy ending… a passionate kiss is an added bonus… just so excited for tomorrow’s epi and yet sad coz the ending is just around the corner… PMA has been a part of my routine these past 2 months and even set my alarm at 12am here in the Philippines just to catch the epi raw… PMAI SARANGE

  6. I am optimistic of a good ending.

    Not so for a real genuine kiss. More a short peck and the camera panning out for the ending. In which case, I would be ready to stomp on whoever is the prude stopping some realistic acting.

  7. i hope our otp wont reconcille in the last 5 mins of ep 17. at least, they give them some more minutes to spend with each other and show a one big happy family. well, this is one of my wishes for this lunar new year.
    monday is coming tomorrow!

  8. Yes !!!! open mouth kissing.
    I think Yoona will inform LSG that she will openmouth kissing LBS the way He done Suzy in GFB. LOL!!!! it’s an even right ?

  9. What everyone wants is what we can say the most typical and expected ending. So, why is the drama keeping the ending secret ? I think there is going to be a twist in the end. Doesn’t mean bad ending but somehow different ?

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