Prime Minister and I Episode 17 Recap

It’s emotionally exhausting watching dramas live. It’s like walking towards something with a leap of faith and no certainty for what awaits at the end. I can handle the weekly waits because patience can be an acquired virtue. What I will never ever be able to reconcile is the feeling of devastating disappointment that guts you like a child at Christmas opening the biggest present under the tree and discovering Grandma knitted a year’s supply of holiday sweaters in an array of hideous yarn colors she picked up for sale at the craft store. A child wants satisfaction of the most visceral and straightforward of ways rather than being told to like Grandma’s present because its the thought and effort that counts. Prime Minister and I wrapped up today like a lame present hidden in an exciting package. Perhaps I can takeaway the effort of the cast and crew, maybe the moral of this story was true to life and subtly stirring, it could be this drama works better with time and distance between us. None of that matters though in changing my gut punch reaction when the last scene rolled in episode 17. That’s it? That’s all? Am I supposed to be happy?

Should I call foul and ask for the last four episodes to be completely rewritten so that even if nothing makes sense and hobbits and orcs suddenly show up in the story as least the rest of the episode is filled with Da Jung and Yul in bed reading, kissing, and making babies. If a drama is far-feteched and silly but ultimately works, then it’s almost unfair for the writer to make an about turn at the end and try to be serious at the expense of giving viewers a satisfying pay-off. I’ll never understand the K-drama predilection to start off a rom-com with so much absurdity to sink a barge (A contract marriage? Agreed to by a Prime Minister?) and then insist on ending in a whimper of trying to please the sticklers for convention and housewife morality clucking. So Yul’s first wife isn’t dead – big fucking deal. It’s a legality only that Yul can rectify with a divorce and a practicality of integrating her back into the lives of their kids gradually. The end. So easy, so why did this drama make it such a prolonged bout of angst and woe. I’m finally ready to say out loud that Da Jung had a lobotomy in the last few episodes. She had a functioning brain about to think but her thought processes and personality morphed into a wet blanket of a passive giver without any of the courage to be bold and forge a new path in her own life. Yul remains the stand out in this drama from the first frame to the last, a male lead of amazing emotional fortitude and moral character who remained true to his own heart. Once he decided on something, he never wavered even if the going got tough. I lost all ability to connect with Da Jung in this episode and by the end just wanted this story to be over so I can move on.

Episode 17 recap:

Yul is walking around Seoul thinking things through when Da Jung finally tracks him down. She is worried that he resigned and  wasn’t answering his calls but wants to leave now that she’s confirmed he’s fine. Yul stops her and asks if she can really live without him? He’s been thinking about what his life would be like without her. He’s lived a long time without her and it was tiring, but once he thinks about a future without her then he’s losing confidence in himself. Before he met her he never worried about the future but now he’s scared and uncertain.

Yul stops and looks at Da Jung before saying “I miss you.”

Na Young lurches like a zombie through the streets of Seoul thinking back to her accidental meeting with her three kids in the hospital. Man Se remembers her as the ahjumma near school while Na Ra thinks Na Young looks like their dead mom. Woo Ri lashes out that their mom is dead because otherwise a mother would come back and look for them! YOU TELL HER WOO RI! He takes Man Se and Na Ra away while Na Young just looks totally devastated. Serves you right witch!

Na Young cries on the street and I totally want to throw a party.

Yul accompanies Da Jung to visit her dad and she’s all smiles thinking her dad will be so happy to see him. They find her dad asleep already and he can’t be roused by Da Jung so she goes to summon the doctor.

The Kwon kids sit at home discussing how that ahjumma looks just like their mom. Na Ra is certain she looks just like their supposedly dead mom, she remembers all the things her mom did with her. Woo Ri says that woman looks nothing like their mom and then storms off. Man Se is left being all sad that he doesn’t have any memories of their mom.

The doctor has stabilized Da Jung’s dad who went into cardiac arrest when his blood pressure dropped during sleep but he’s fine now. Da Jung sends Yul home but he wants to stay there and keep her company and has already told the housekeeper he might not be home tonight.

Na Young is crying to Joon Ki and Yoon Hee about how Woo Ri totally rejected her. She explains running into them at the hospital and Woo Ri saying out loud in her face that his mother was dead because if she was alive she would have gone back to see them. Na Young thinks what Woo Ri said is correct but Joon Ki tells her to be strong so she can reclaim her past. Joon Ki storms off but Na Young tells Yoon Hee that she never thought about reclaiming the past and just seeing the kids is comfort enough for her. She is sad Woo Ri hates her but Yoon Hee says Woo Ri loves his mother. Yoon Hee wonders if Yul told the kids everything including about Soo Ho?

Yul and Da Jung sit beside her dad until he wakes up the next morning. He’s fine and can recognize them both. Da Jung walks Yul out and thanks him. There is nothing to thank since her dad is Yul’s father-in-law. He reminds Da Jung to eat and not to cry too much in front of her dad, promising to call her later.

The doctor goes to visit with Da Jung’s dad who is totally alert and not even exhibiting any signs of dementia. He asks how long he has to live? The doctor doesn’t answer and dad knows he doesn’t have much time left. Da Jung comes by later and dad asks for the diary because he wants to write down what he did yesterday since the kids were by and so was his Kwon son-in-law. The pen is missing from the diary so Da Jung grabs one from her purse and finds the present left by the kids. Dad shows her his furry hate present as well.

Da Jung opens the box and its Woo Ri telling her to come back soon because he’s being annoyed to death by Man Se. Da Jung smiles at the pretty necklace present. She gets called out to meet with a doctor so her dad rifles through her purse to look for a pen. He finds Da Jung’s diary and flips it open to read and looks totally shocked and dismayed.

Da Jung is wearing the necklace immediately and texts Woo Ri her thanks for the present. She returns to her dad’s room and he confronts her about the contract marriage and the kids birth mother being alive.

Na Young calls Yul out to meet and accuses him of telling the kids the everything including Soo Ho. OH SHUT YOUR TRAP! If you don’t want people to know the shit you did, then don’t do the shit you did! Yul says he never told the kids anything but Na Young claims he must’ve have since Woo Ri rejected her. Yul tells her the kids are angry and hurt and will need some time to get use to it. Na Young apologizes for her accusation that Yul told the kids. She turns to leave and Yul stops her because he never told her something very important. He thanks her for being alive.

Da Jung tries to explain to her dad but he’s angry that she lied to him. Da Jung apologizes for the earlier lies but right now she and Yul really love each other. Dad says that isn’t enough especially with the kids mother being alive now. How could they have done something like that and lied to everyone? Did she do it for him? Because he was dying? Dad says it’s all his fault and Da Jung did nothing wrong since he was the reason she made the mistake. He should have died faster and him being alive is the mistake. Da Jung cries.

Dad sits in his hospital room that night and flips through Da Jung’s diary. He ends up writing in it but we don’t see what he wrote.

In Ho visits his hyung and finds Na Young by his bedside. He asks if things are well after meeting Yul and Na Young nods because Yul told her that he was happy she was alive. She’s become greedy since going back to being Park Na Young, being alive is a miracle and getting to see her kids is a miracle. So now she will be patient and wait for the miracle of when her kids will be willing to see her. And she will be patient for the miracle that Soo Ho will regain consciousness one day. In Ho smiles and says he will wait for that same miracle.

Da Jung calls Yul to reveal that her dad knows everything, the contract marriage and Na Young being alive. She ends the call and doesn’t see In Ho standing there watching her. Da Jung goes back to her dad’s room and he’s no longer lucid and thinks Da Jung is coming home from school. He wants to go outside for a snowball fight and make a snowman.

Da Jung cries and pushes him outside on the roof in a wheelchair. Dad is happy that it’s snowing while Da Jung tears up because it’s not snowing at all. Yul arrives at the hospital and finds the room empty.

In Ho is called back to his hyung’s hospital room by Na Young who thinks Soo Ho recognized her. In Ho runs back and calls his brother and we see Soo Ho’s eyes look towards In Ho. He asks if Soo Ho can hear him talk and recognizes him? Soo Ho stares directly at him and blinks. In Ho cries big fat tears of happiness.

Da Jung wants to take her dad inside since it’s so cold up here. Her dad compliments his considerate and beautiful daughter and thinks no man is good enough for her to marry. He wants her to marry a man who only thinks about her and wants what is best for her. Da Jung assures him that there is such a man. Dad wants to walk her down the aisle on a snowy day and Da Jung reminds her dad that it already did happen. Dad suddenly has a memory of walking Da Jung down the aisle, and then his head lolls to the side and his hands fall limp.

Da Jung finds her dad not responding to her and calls him a few more time before breaking down in tears since he’s passed away peacefully. Yul walks through the hospital and finds Da Jung crying beside her dad on the roof.

Yul stands before Da Jung’s dad’s memorial display and apologizes.

Da Jung talks to the kids at the memorial hall and Man Se asks if they won’t be able to see grandpa anymore? Da Jung explains grandpa will always live in Man Se’s heart and he can talk to him anytime. Yul walks over and asks Woo Ri to take his siblings to the car first. Na Ra cries during the walk to the car and Man Se comforts her that she can talk to grandpa in her heart. Na Ra calls Man Se an idiot for believing that since grandpa died. If that was true then they could see their mom as well. Man Se cries and Woo Ri says that it’s true they can’t see grandpa but they can still see their mom.

Da Jung thanks Yul but he wants her to just cry it out. Da Jung feels like she has no right to cry because she hasn’t gotten her dad’s forgiveness yet. But she’s fine if her dad doesn’t forgive her as long as he is around to yell at her. Instead he passed just like that and she can’t forgive herself.

Da Jung packs up her dad’s hospital room and puts all his belongings into a box. She opens his diary and finds only a few lines written down. Dad wonders what to write in the diary? His son-in-law played cards with him. His daughter’s birthday. His name. Then he writes Nam Da Jung over and over again. Da Jung clutches the diary and breaks down sobbing and apologizing to her dad.

Yul is at the basketball court with Woo Ri and asks why he changed his mind to meet his mom. Woo Ri says the passing of grandpa made him grow up because passing is the only time he can’t see someone again. Joon Ki and Yoon Hee bring Na Young to meet Woo Ri and mother-son slowly walk towards each other. Woo Ri greets her awkwardly while holding back his tears.

Na Young touches him on the cheek and Woo Ri calls her mom. She asks if she can hold him before pulling him into a tight embrace. Woo Ri cries on her shoulder.

Yul and Joon Ki discuss that the meeting with Man Se and Na Ra will happen later since they are still young and its harder to explain. Joon Ki agrees and then asks him to forget what he asked of him with respect to taking Na Young back. He knows he did a lot of wrong things in the past and asks if Yul will accept his apology. Yul laughs that this is not like Joon Ki but he is willing to let time take care of it since they are friends after all, right? He asks Joon Ki to take care of Woo Ri. Before Joon Ki leaves, Yul says he’s learned a lot from Na Young being alive which is to not let the people close to him be lonely. He advises Joon Ki to not make the same mistake as him.

The Scandal Duo discuss what is going on now that the Prime Minister has resigned and Yul doesn’t have a job. They wonder if Da Jung should be given her old job back? Da Jung arrives and asks to store a box with them and she’ll retrieve it later.

Da Jung sits with In Ho and reveals that she’s going on a trip to visit all the places she wanted to go with her dad. He asks if she’s going alone but she’s going with her dad. She congratulates him on his hyung waking up, it’s such a miracle that the day her dad passed his brother regained consciousness. In Ho says this is her dad’s gift. He wonders if Yul knows she’s leaving and she hasn’t told him and she doesn’t know when she’ll be back.

In Ho reports to Yul that tomorrow is his last day because the new PM is taking office. The kids have moved to their new residence but Yul wants to spend his last night at the mansion. In Ho tells Yul that Da Jung is going on a long trip alone. In Ho is worried about her and thinks Yul should stop Da Jung. What if she doesn’t come back? Yul reminds In Ho that he said the contract marriage will one day require them to pay a price. He knows Da Jung may not come back but he doesn’t think he has a right to stop her from leaving.

Yul walks through the mansion and thinks back to all his memories with Da Jung. He turns around and sees the real Da Jung standing there as she’s come to say goodbye in person.

In Ho runs into Hye Joo as he’s leaving work and she reveals that she quit her job with Joon Ki today. She’s not going back to Yul but is going to walk her own path. She’s here wanting to have a drink with Yul but In Ho smiles that she’s a step too late since a guest arrived first at the mansion.

Yul and Da Jung sit across from each other at the dining table and he doesn’t feel like he’s really leaving. He thanks her for teaching him a lot during their time together. He doesn’t regret any of it. Da Jung tells him that she’s going on a trip and he asks if she really has to go? Da Jung thinks if they are fated and can begin properly at that time, she’ll take his hand first. She asks Yul to be well going forward. She was very happy during their time together. Da Jung leaves Yul sitting there alone.

Yul bids farewell to his ministerial staff including Hye Joo who is there to see him off. He shakes hands with Hye Joo and In Ho and thank them for their hard work. Yul takes one final look at the mansion before getting into the car.

Some time later, reporters are gathered waiting for someone to arrive. A car pulls up and Hye Joo gets out of the car and is immediately flanked by reporters. They ask which party she is planning to join but Hye Joo says she is planning to start her own party. He wants to know if she’s putting her name into the election and she derides Reporter Byun for the stupid question.

Joon Ki and Yul are watching their kids play basketball. Yul is getting ready for the presidential election and asks Joon Ki for help. Joon Ki will doing it secretly since he’s the son-in-law of a chaebol. He teases that Yul can’t get elected since he’s divorced and not remarried – Na Young is with Soo Ho and Nam Da Jung has left him.

Yoon Hee arrives pushing a stroller and complains about being tired. He goes to check on their baby girl while Yoon Hee invites Yul to eat lunch with them all. Yul declines since he has somewhere to go. Joon Ki notices he’s holding a kids book called The Bread Loving Frog’s Happy Adventure and asks if Yul is trying to be a good dad. Yul laughs at that.

Da Jung is showing her new kids book to the Scandal News duo with her editor laughing that she spent all her savings and traveled the world for a year just to write this lame book. Hee Chul thinks the book is awesome and Da Jung smiles and explains she’s back because the book is being published today and its also the anniversary of her dad’s passing. Hee Chul tells her to wait here since they have to head out for a quick interview and will be right back.

Da Jung grabs her box stored there and looks through it. She takes out her dad’s diary and flips through it first. She then takes out her own diary and in flipping through it she finds a new entry written in the back. It’s the one her dad wrote before he passed. Dad wrote a letter to his beloved daughter Da Jung, who he loves so much. What he wished for wasn’t that she got married but he wished for her to smile and be happy. He tells her to be happy with the Kwon son-in-law that she loves. Even though they didn’t start in love he believes they will end in love. Da Jung cries as she reads this.

Da Jung heads to the memorial hall with flowers and her book but finds that someone has already been by and put her book in his case. Da Jung talks to her dad that she read his letter left for her. She brought her book for him and asks if she did well?

Yul is waiting for an interview with Reporter Byun in a garden, and it’s a testament how bored I am that I first recognized it was the Schedulers garden in 49 Days before registering Yul sitting there. Reporter Byun is running late so In Ho moved the next interview up. He heads out to check that other reporter is ready but pauses as he walks away and gives a small grin.

Yul sits there and checks his watch and remembers Da Jung wanting his time to continue forever. He hears a voice call out “Prime Minister!” He stands up and Da Jung walks towards him. They stare at each other and she corrects her greeting to “Presidential Candidate”. She officially introduces herself as the writer of the frog book. She’s here to interview him for the new book she is planning to write.

Yul asks her what the title of that book is and Da Jung reveals it’ll be called “Prime Minister and I”. Yul asks her if the lead in the book is the “I” or the “Prime Minister”? Da Jung says it ought to be both. Yul asks how long the interview will be and Da Jung wonders if he’s going to give her ten minutes like last time? They smile at each other and Da Jung asks if he’ll help her? Yul says he’ll help her but not sure how much help that’ll be.

Da Jung holds out her hand and introduces herself again. She is Nam Da Jung, and Yul takes her hand and introduces himself as Kwon Yul. They shake hands and Da Jung smiles and says “shall we get started?”. If by “get started” you mean promptly take off your clothes right after the handshake and make love right there in your own personal Garden of Eden, then by all means do so. All things else, please talk to my hand.

Thoughts of Mine:

So in the end this fairy tale the Prime Minister and his Scheherazade reunited together by shaking on it. Lovely, I couldn’t figure out if I was watching a CBS drama aimed at the geriatric set who can’t handle too much sizzle or a Saturday morning sitcom for the tween set who needs to be shielded from the more adult side of romance. The fact that this drama ended slightly less aggravating than it’s predecessor Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) is like being pleased the bomb hidden in the mailbox didn’t go off. Dude, I still got a freaking bomb in my mailbox!!! Way to limp to a finish, PM. Even the knowledge that Yul and Da Jung got together in the end doesn’t erase the bitter and annoyed taste from my mouth. I said this was slightly less aggravating than MHIYD since in that drama the camera cuts away before the audience sees the leading lady actually make a choice. The problem with PM is once again the writer forgetting one of the basic tenants of rom-com writing – you have to give your loyal audience S.A.T.I.S.F.A.C.T.I.O.N. See, I spelled it out for her because I’m nice like that. Otherwise I might as well live my life gobbling up entertainment of any form that basically consists of three lines “A meets B and they fall in love. Trouble arrives and they face adversity together. They conquer obstacles and end up happily ever after.” That basic Romance for Dummies outline is everywhere and the job of a writer is to flesh it out and shows us the details. We got NONE OF THAT in the final episode of 17. Everything happened off camera and the reunion was so anemic I actually felt for the first time ever in this drama that it was uncle Lee Bum Soo shaking hands with his niece Yoona. Way to ruin my ardor and cool my love for this story and pairing, writer-nim. It’s no longer enough that the ending is one where the leads are together in principle, I refuse to sit back and accept second rate knock-offs for what ought to be soul swooning moments of grand passionate union.

It almost feels like everyone BUT Da Jung and Yul got satisfying conclusions. The most well-written bits were probably Da Jung’s relationship with her father and watching him enjoying his final days before passing away peacefully. His letter to Da Jung ended up being the catalyst to give her the courage to begin anew with Yul, and his passing also brought Soo Ha back to life from laying there like a vegetable. Selfish twat Na Young not only got her kids back, she got her other man back as well. I have no clue what type of moral of the story this writer was trying to accomplish by making Na Young part of the story in the second half but for me it backfired in every conceivable way. She ruined the OTP happy times together and created an artificial reason for them to be apart. She was also such a wholly unpalatable human being that her redemption arc (if you call it that, I call it “Na Young gets away with everything” arc) was neither deserved and made all the worse because she ruined the drama narrative for me. The last few episodes were all about her and people dealing with her return and I could care less about her! I would have loved to see Hye Joo’s story get more screen time, more In Ho would be fine, hell even more Yoon Hee and Joon Ki would not piss me off nearly as much. Instead the fires of this drama got put out in the hands of a last minute interloper and PM became a dour after school special on forgiveness rather than a rom-com. What is the first rule in writing a rom-com? It has to have romance and comedy! By the end PM had neither and the so-called happy ending for Yul and Da Jung made me stare at this screen with an “I am not amused” face. It’s even more painful because I loved their characters so much and their romance had me fully invested in their eventual happiness with each other. The damn drama didn’t even have the decency to give us a hug at the end (forget a kiss, that’s like asking a pig to fly at this point). A handshake? A freaking handshake! I get the symbolism what with Da Jung saying she’ll take his hand if she sees him again, but a handshake is like paying money to go to a strip club and you end up watching a Sunday school teacher sing a choir song and take only her jacket off during the performance. I want my money back!

Because the ending was so unsatisfying, it triggered my angry buttons so much that it’s harder to analyze the actual rationale behind everyone’s decisions in this episode with a discerning eye. I see red and man it’s hard to parse through that and try and be objective. Da Jung felt guilty her dad died and therefore continued to stay away with Yul, this time going on a trip around the world? Oh c’mon! It’s like the Na Young returning bit was already a stretch to give her a reason to stay away, the drama there in another lame reason. If her dad died before finding out about the contract marriage would she have gone back to Yul? She ought to go back to him no matter what. The whole ending arc felt like the writer manipulating story lines to give Da Jung a reason to leave Yul rather than an organic development. I hate writing the means to an end. The writer didn’t even bother delving into the negative effects of Da Jung leaving three kids who have bonded with her already, it was like “sayonara” and she was outta there. Na Young’s return isn’t the same, it’s not like you can switch out one mother figure for another. This type of shoddy writing in the end if what is so hard to stomach since the beginning was all sorts of practical and delightfully sane. The set up was far-fetched but the conversations and interactions totally relatable. Joon Ki and Yoon Hee got tossed a tacked on happy ending along with Joon Ki’s abrupt turn to the good side. If I cared enough about them I would be annoyed but I don’t so at least it was one loose end that did wrap up nicely with a bow. This drama was ultimately about Nam Da Jung and Kwon Yul and the writer’s number 1 priority ought to be maximizing the sweetness of their romance above all else. Instead that very fundamental requirement was shelved for everything else and it’s sad that my takeaway from PM will be disappointment rather than delight. I don’t hate this drama and may in fact still harbor fondness for it after some time has passed, but it’s such a sad place to be in when the early parts were so promising and my dream of a perfect rom-com once again cruelly dashed against the rocks by the waves of K-drama’s inexplicable aversion to crafting a brave ending.

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Prime Minister and I Episode 17 Recap — 150 Comments

  1. Ratings are bad, so why can’t the writer be more gutsy and make it a cult favorite, rather than end so couldn’t-be-bothered blandly.

    The beginning and the end make the most impact, the start was great, such a pity this ending.

  2. I totally had the same reaction. This episode just really floored me. How could it go so wrong in the very last stretch?! Argh! I mean, technically we got the “happy ending” but it lacked so much in satisfaction that it was downright a crime! Shaking hands? Really not even a hug?! Where did all that passion go?! It’s like finding yourself in a bad dream… *SIGH* I think with some time distance I probably won’t find it so bad (maybe) but right now… yea not happy at all >______<

  3. For me, it was not the lack of hug or a kiss that was the issue. It was the lack of family. We saw an empty house, the kids barely got any time with Da Jeong and we did not even see Na Ra and Man Se’s reaction to hearing they’d see their mom again.

    They went back to square one, but you can’t take back time. Square one should have been them as a family, getting to have another go at it and that should have been shown.

    The core of this, up until a point, was a young reporter who thawed a sour man and brought a family back together with her as their shining center. We never got closure for that Yool-DaJeong-NaRa-WooRi-ManSe family. We were left with an empty home and long flashbacks of their romance. And even after the ending, we got a montage of said romance, just to remind us of what they *should* have ended the series with. The family reunited and ready to be a real family again. Not the two leads meeting for a few seconds and shaking hands in a vague “Yeah, they’ll probably try again” ending.

    Do they think being vague and open automatically makes a work poignant? They need better lessons in writing or better decision makers, if these bad decisions were forced on them. Which, seeing how lovely the series was up to a point, might well have been the case.

    It’s still one of the best Korean dramas I have seen, but yet again, what could have been brilliant had its potential let down and shot dead by a few bad decisions.

    • I agree that the arrival of Not-Dead-Na-Young totally knocked this drama sideways. It had been a heartwarming story about a family healing itself with the at-first-unwelcome addition of a cheery and sensible woman. I adore stories about families that find themselves, so I was all along for the ride – but then it became all about angst, and artificial constraints, and the kids and the new family were kicked to the curb.
      If I want a show about the reformation of a bad woman, I’ll watch one. To have one grafted into a rom-com at the last minute just turned my rage-o-meter on high. I detest Not-Dead, I hate everything about her weepy self, I do not believe that people forgave her so willingly, and I am incredulous at how her story was handled (I couldn’t believe the writers had Yul saying “Thank you for being alive.” It couldn’t be more artificial if unicorns suddenly dashed in strewing rainbows.)
      Bye show, I will watch you again never.

    • I totally agree with you. You’re spot on! I am currently having a headache after finding out the ending. I am not kidding. That’s how disappointed I am!

    • Agreed. The biggest disappointment was the lack of kids in the finale and the total turn-about of DJ since she found out about the wife. What are the kids to take away from this? An adult is a person who can choose to go away for 8 years and then reappear randomly and they have to hang out with her. We are not even sure they liked their biological mom, she did not seem so cool to me. Then another adult they had just gotten close to goes on a trip for a year!!! An uncle gets a new baby the minute the first irresponsible adult returns, because now everything in his life is ok and he can even sleep with his wife. What utter non-sense. I actually would have liked a funny romance between JK and his wife and a baby for KY and DJ, who actually had already a well established love line.

    • Yeah.. totally agree with the koala’s comments and others.What the?! the ending?! the story was good and very promising at first but the ending it totally destroyed my expectations… well, it would not change the outcome and the writers wont read our cries!! i hope the ending of other upcoming drama wont be like this.. its ANNOYING

  4. What the hell kind of ending was that?! *rips hair off*

    The last 3 episodes were so bad! How could my beloved drama end like this? *sob*

  5. This has got to be some of the laziest writing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I cannot believe this is from the same people who wrote Sweet 18, which was adorable and had a decent amount of skinship. For god’s sake, Yul and Da Jung are both adults, they love each other, but we don’t even get a proper kiss in the entire drama?! I don’t see how that’s too much ask… this is (supposedly) a romance drama. But in the end we got such a lackluster conclusion to everything… even I could have written this finale in a more satisfying, coherent way than what the writers delivered.

    I’m totally swearing off watching dramas live after this. I’ve just been disappointed too many times.

  6. Again, Ms. O thanks for your hard work. Agreed with your analysis about this drama; but knowing Korean’s doesn’t go for this kind of story, stop torturing international audience. Still, would like to give credit to LBS for his portrayal as PM.

  7. I didn’t even mind the last few episodes with Na Young even if I wanted to slap her whenever she showed up, but I expected for the writer to at least get back to the heart of the drama, wtf?? I am so pissed right now. I don’t understand how can they be ok with ending the drama in such a lousy note a handshake.. – ROLLEYES – It’s so frustrating because I actually loved this drama all around and while NaYoung being alive was a bit annoying I could have put it behind me if I had gotten a better, more passionate ending.

  8. I don’t understand why in the world they thought anyone would care about Na Young at all. She gets her kids back and she gets the man she left the kids for while she takes over the finale of the drama. Amazing. What in the world happen to DJ being the kids new mom? I guess that’s gone since their real mom has returned and there weren’t any moments with the kids again. I really wanted to have the two little ones see DJ again and hug her and show how much they missed her.

    I don’t know why they decided to kill the romance, but it sucks they did. The age difference? Her dating news? She’s an idol? It can’t be the ratings since they were never good. Who the hell knows. I know the end points to them getting back together, but it’s just not the same. I could totally see it in another way, two people who cared for each other and who helped each other grow meeting again and remembering the good times, but not necessarily getting back together. Their meeting was just so weak and lacking in chemistry I also could totally feel the age difference for the first time.

    Anyway, two bad shows in a row for KBS. I think I’ll avoid them in the future. This isn’t as bad as Mirae’s Choice by any stretch of the imagination, but it does bug me more since this drama had a lot more promise and only fell apart near the end with the return of the zombie ex-wife.

    • Ratings actually went down when Na Young is revealed to be alive, and went down more when romance disappeared. Romance and comedy kept it afloat.

      It’s the writer’s decision I feel, out of spite?

      • Yeah, the Yul stabbing episode is when things started to go down more, but Na Young definitely killed what little ratings they had.

        We’ll never know why. I don’t understand why they try to “fix” things so far into a drama to get ratings. It’s too late and you might as well tell the story you originally wanted to tell. Same shit as the drama before it.

    • There is possibly interference that happened, but it is probably not the age gap or YoonA’s idol status. NDJ and Kwon Yul had lip smacks, body slams (usually by NDJ), hugging, and sleeping on the same bed in the earlier episodes. If the age gap or YoonA’s idol status were really such an issue that they couldn’t go beyond that then at the very least they could have done more of the same. Or just ended the series with the Kwon family together with NDJ. Or even just KY and NDJ together as a couple at the very least.

      But the series ended with NDJ and KY starting over – while the possibility of KY and NDJ ending up together is there, it is way too vague as compared to KY and NDJ together already as a couple. It is like the series refuses to show a definite happy ending (as a couple or as a family) for KY and NDJ. So this might have something to do with the first wife and biological mother PNY being alive, which is all the more irritating because even PNY got a good ending like everyone else. But it seriously seemed like KY and NDJ got punishments instead – NDJ’s dad found out the truth and then died, KY officially stepped down from his position, KY and NDJ were no longer together, and NDJ leaving…

      Watching the episode with English subtitles might help in understanding more about the episode though. And I still think the series is really good, but kind of sad because it really has the potential to be even more. *sigh*

      • Correct! I think the writers tried to balance the situation with Na young alive. That’s why they ended in that kind of ending. though the story could have gone far and more satisfying.

  9. It’s like Da Jung walked into a portal and came out a completely different person. Whatever happened to the girl I loved from the outset?! Where did her spine and her spunk go? Which noble idiot possessed you, Da Jung?! Urgh!

    By the way, thanks for all your hard work Ms Koala.

  10. I felt cheated… XD Surely ONE kiss couldn’t have hurt?? I mean really? You end it with a handshake???!! T.T

    I oved this drama though, it’s the first drama I watched from beginning to end since… City Hunter, probably? 😛 No makjang crap, no ridiculous misunderstandings, no moushache twirling evil daddies or mamas. All in all a good watch, save for the end, I still can’t forgive them… XD

  11. Hey at least he didn’t end up wearing a fur coat in a swimming pool and getting shot while she was talking to him on the phone.

  12. I’ve mostly just been following and reading thoughts without really commenting much for this show but the ending left such a bitter taste in my mouth.
    I don’t get why its so hard for some k-writers to end on a satisfying note by wrapping up loose threads and delivering tons (or atleast a decent amount) of OTP goodies. It’s only hard when you bite off more than you could chew, but such was not the case here. There’s a smarter, more direct/straightforward way the writer could have handled the Na Young conflict to wrap it up in a timely manner. Maybe then she would be able to focus on the family/OTP in these last few episodes.

    I would much have preferred Na Young NOT be brought back from the dead(and even wonder how different it would be had she been introduced in the middle), but I wouldn’t have been so angry about it had the writer used this conflict to serve as a short-lived hurdle/bump in the road for the OTP. I was thinking it would make their relationship stronger..raise the stakes and up the character developments.

    A kiss instead of a handshake would have been one less thing to be angry about. Weakest weaksauce ending i’ve seen in a while — atleast all the crazy dramas ended as crazy as it started. Was this writer not ballsy enough to include a make-out session? If you hear us writer-nim, we would have APPROVED.

    For me, where this show started losing its magic was with the introduction of dead wife. Followed by our heroine who started off so headstrong and adorable but ended up frustrating at most towards the end.. Yes, this is yet another issue we run into in dramaland where our heroines undergo lobotomies and so I end up losing a bit of affection for em. Cheon Song Yi, please learn from this and please stay awesome forever. I cannot handle another bad ending again so soon. I cannot.

    I just think it’s such a disservice to the loyal fans who have been following this project from start to finish. The show is already tanking in ratings, why couldn’t she have dedicated this last episode to all things happy and joyful for the OTP/family? Maybe she didn’t realize the ending was so unsatisfying, maybe she didn’t think people would care because of the tanking ratings, or maybe she just gave up on her story. We’ll never know what goes on in the heads of k-writers towards the final stretch — maybe they smoke crack and forget to make a sensical ending..

  13. Why they do this.I can’t believe this came from sweet 18 writter
    that drama gave satisfaction ending. Ant the girl way minor than dj but she get hot kiss,bedscene and lots skinship but what dj git?
    Is there any connection because its yoona?but in love rain she kiss jgs way daring.think drama ends on episodw 14.thats it.since ny brought to live this drama sucks rom com at all.the writter needs to go back to rom com classes.

  14. Finally,,, its officially ended,, thank u so much miss koala for keep recaping this until end,,, hate na young so much hehehehe

  15. Finally,,, its officially ended,, thank u so much miss koala for keep recaping this until end,,, hate na young so much hehehehe,,, don’t like the ending,, I wanna something sweet but,,,, hmmm ill wait for yoona’s unni next drama xoxoxo

  16. I was hoping for the best & planning for the worst. Looks like I got the worst.

    On a positive note YoonA did a fine job & hopefully will get more chances to showcase her talent. Maybe a series with her new boyfriend….

    Thanks for all the great recaps.

  17. The ex wife seemed not needed to come back and should have more consequences. However the claims of the lack of passion for the leads. Have to remeber we got 2 1/2 kisses which is more than most Kdramas. The ending went well with fate for them to be together. The dad was suppose to die from the begining. One question though it was going to be 15 episode i wonder how they change the story.

    • I don’t know what kind of romance K-dramas you been watching but 2.5 lip presses in this drama is not kissing. Seriously. Yul said it right, it was more like an accident than kissing. I accepted it thinking there would be MORE and REAL kissing later on. Yeah, totally got nothing here.

      K-dramas have hot kissing often. And sometimes in the most awesome of contexts:

      Me Too, Flower – “It wasn’t me” scene. Thank you Yoon Si Yoon and a pair of handcuffs.

      Coffee Prince – “I’m warning you” scene. Thank you Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye’s legs.

      Don’t accept substitutes when we deserve the real deal.

      • The MTF scene was amazing, some serious awesome chemistry going on there. I however was expecting more kissing scenes later.. so they just tease us with that and then no more..

      • Damn coffee prince kisses were sooooooooo good *sigh*
        Lie to me had great chemistry as well. And as much as i hated i need romance 1 and 2, their kisses were hotter than fire

      • dont forget jang geun seok and moon geung kiss at the alley (marry me mary). tilt the face, jaw movement, am i asking too much ????

      • Or many scenes from the first couple eps of I Need Romance 3.

        (also…I just wanted to say, I <3 you for this comment…and for your entire blog)

      • And who can forget the sizzling refrigerator kiss in K2H? PMaI, was one proper kiss too much to ask?

    • goong and coffee prince had the best kiss scenes! yoon Eun Hye might be the common denominator there (which is why MHIYD should be banished from all our collective memories since that show barely had any)

      QIM was great too but being on cable prolly helped along with the actors dating for realsies hihihi

    • Other than Mirae’s Choice (and even that had one real mutual peck) and now this drama, I actually haven’t seen such lack of kisses in a romcom kdrama before. Both of kisses were accidents played off as a joke. Yea, you have bad kisses where the female is a brick wall, but at least there is an attempt at romance. Here there just isn’t anything.

    • Yeah we count kisses and fyi lately it’s more like 8 to 10 kisses per drama. And no lip smashing by one party is not kissing.

  18. Ooh really…this is toooo frustating ending to me. Even implicitly it states that KY is reunited with DJ…it is so hurt that we cannot see their happiness to be together. even without a kiss, at least a bed scene of them reading a book together will be okay. Ouch..i got insomnia last night after watching this last episode.

  19. i share the outcry of everyone. well, they gave a closure certainly ky and dj will end up together. however. the ending is so BLANT! i cannot figure the taste it left in my mouth.

    i cannot still reconcile the handshake ending with all love and endearment ky and dj shared together. there so many elements that they could have used to give a better ending. the ring, dj kept the ring, rather extending her hand for a handshake, she could have shown the ring still in her finger. this will re-ignite their emotions. ky could have pulled dj in his arms and share sweet whispers of missing each other. then, the end. i think that is a more pallatable ending.

    the writer’s intent is to give them a proper re-start, is too subtle. it did not fit their initial outrageous concept prime minister getting into a contract marriage with this young reporter.

    i dont want to bash out pmai. this is the only drama i waited patiently week after week. i loved it. i still like it.

  20. Miss K . . . Thanks for the final review.

    I agree that the writer and who ever held a poker to his/her hand made a good drama – TRASH.

    To have given the last 4 Eps to NY alive and end with a hand shake is truly truly SHOCKING.

    To the management who may read this blog. – Any revenue you may have made on the sale of this drama has gone out the window with your hand shake and the NY (I’m a cheating, child abandoning good mom)party.

  21. Same sentiment: That’s it??? I mean that is all??? This is the ending? With Da Jung’s “Shall we get started?” Yes, it felt like we’ve started all over again from episode 1. My head hurts. Ugh! So lame. No, frustrating? No, exasperating? Not even a real kiss in this entire show? Unbelievable. I mean the guy was once married. What’s wrong with this writer, gee. Is this a kids’ show? I mean this is Lee Beum Soo. It’s a shame I never get to see him kiss passionately here (yeah what a waste, lol! No, I shouldn’t be laughing). At least Joon Ki and Yoon Hee has a baby girl, oh but I really don’t care about that. I wished that baby is our OTP’s. Gee, really show. You even thought about a baby, why didn’t you think about our OTP? Really. Was that really too much to ask? I am, indeed, extremely disappointed.

    But Ockoala thank you so much for the recaps although it ended like this, gee.

  22. Thanks for the recap. As always, you write so brilliantly! I like how you likened the ending to a bomb that dis not take off.. No one died opening it but it is still a bomb in the end!

    The writers wasted such a potentially great romcom.. Now i cant even say this is a romcom.. But what it is when it doesnt fall in any genre? The last 4 episodes took us for a ride that ended right where we began.. No development.. No happy ending..

    The writers totally messed up big time! They gave happy ending to everyone, even the errant sinner wife Nayoung but forgot to show one for Yul, Dayoung and the kids.. I really still can’t get over how the show gave a reward for nayoung’s bad behavior? She got her cake and ate it in the end too.. Shouldn’t they show how bad behaviors and mistakes has to be paid for dearly especially if that mistake is grave and affected most everyone around you? Where was karma when it was most needed?

    Really, really disappointing ending to a supposedly great story!

  23. I thought Prime minister would hold DJ’s hand and pull her and close her for real, but NOPE they didn’t. They ended there with a handshake LOL

    Omg, I can’t… What happened?? did Yoona fans didn’t want kiss scene for real, or is it because she is dating and so they thought they might not put a kiss scene there… hmm… the hell.

      • It had nothing to do with Yoona or her fans they just decided thats, the best ending(for what ever reason).Yoonas fans were actually hoping for REAL happy ending ,with kiss and hug and all thing but it didn`t happen.

    • Ha… I kept watching, hoping of the same thing and was stunned when the credits started rolling and it was over. WHY couldn’t they have at least hugged?

  24. I used to wonder why the ratings aren’t showing good numbers. Maybe, people really didn’t buy the OTP, which I did at first. But they were doing great as the show progressed that I soon forgot about this age issue. Then they made the ending so frustratingly unbelievable that instead of making people buy the set-up, it is now yes, unbelievable!!!

  25. Why korean dramas always have a plot of “anticlimax”? I really love this drama, even crazy searching for recap, cmbecause i couldn’t watch it till the next day when there’s no sub. I woke up this morning with such expectation to read such a great ending. Why don’t the writers give us a BIG hug of the PM and DJ and maybe a little “even-smack” kiss, again??? Seriously… are we the audience, being to greedy to expect that? Even NY have the right to be greedy!!! My gosh…i don’t care if DJ take trip around the world even for a long-long time, but pleaseee, give us the unforgettable warm-ifcannotbehot ending…Jeez…does the drama is all about “a warm christmas present”??? Now it’s totally cold an freezing now!!!!

  26. I will always love this drama for all the romantic comedy it gave me in first part, and amazing chemistry between LBS and Yoona. Also Yoona showing huge acting improvement, i am really looking forward to seeing her in something more exciting.

    The ending was anticlimactic and it did nothing for me. The entire last two episodes looked like they didn`t belong to this drama. They made Da Jung into a brainless mess and Na Jung as this sacrificing mother worthe of forgiveness.At least they left Yul as strong and honest as he was entire show. I wish we got more of the kids in last two episodes but considering we barely got any OTP, it` to much to ask.

    I will hold this drama as a nice memory for its first 7 or something episodes that made me fall in love with the story of Kwon Yul ,Nam Da Jung and the kids. Everything else will stay forgotten.

  27. I hardly comment in this drama here in the playground, mostly because the drama was a pleasant rom-com with good OTP that had decent chemistry and there wasn’t much in the storyline that elicited strong opinions from me.

    But but BUT the ending, in some ways, is worse than MHIYD. In MYHID, while it was not crystal clear who was Mirae’s Choice, there was some satisfaction and even mild catharsis in seeing the epilogue where the ahjumma Mirae was going through the photos from the time capsule with Shin’s hand wrapped around hers and was somewhat consistent with the general mood of the show.

    This handshake ending in PMAI was a complete contrast to the warm, cheerful tone of the drama (at least up till when Na Young appeared), heck I would take a makjang or cheesy anytime compared to this handshake!

    In my mind, this is what happened – DJ put out her hand for handshake and Yul gradpedher hand, gave s tug and pull her into is arms and kiss the bejeezus out of her, then cut to a scene / epilogue of Man Se running towards her into her arms at their new place with Yul, Na Ra and Woo Ri looking on smiling.

    I pray pray pray Oh Ji Young becomes Miss Korea and ends up happily ever after with Kim Hyun Joon!!!!

    • Agree. Or how about this… DJ walks up to Yul as he steps out of his car in front of a restaurant where the kids are gathered to celebrate Manse birthday. They have their sweet private reunion outside (handshake, hugs, kiss, whatever) then walk into the restaurant together to reunite with the grinning children. Manse will be so delighted at such birthday present!

      I also want to see reunion not just with Yul, but the kids as well, coz lots of screentime was spent to show her bonding with the kids. Sigh…. Need some time to get over my disappointment for the last few minutes of this show.

  28. This drama.. is still one of the best… though we did not get what we wanted the fluffyness and butterflies in the tummy feeling… but.. it was so clear that both KY and DJ will be together… he has been keeping track of her work… and she has been too… so they will be living their story…

    Love, Reconciliation, Forgiveness… lastly… moving on…

  29. I thought this will become one of my fave drama……..
    it just failed…dissapointment award of the 1st drama year !!!
    geeez……felt like I got cheated !!!

  30. Firstly thank you ms.koala. faithfully i come every week to read your recaps before watching the drama. but the last 3 to 4 episodes i was WTH is going on. i was hoping/praying they will not screw up the ending. what just happen?..this is my second lee bum soo drama after history of salary man. i notice in history of salary man, he never kisses the other lead, even here we have an “accident” kiss which i dun even consider, isit because he never kisses, i am not sure. can someone explain to me about that. second of all a handshake?..what was that about? after all we saw they went through they end with a handshake. tats freaking awesome. cheating the fans. the drama was already have a shitty rating from the start, why they give the fans what they want instead, the typical fairy tale ending instead of coming up with the post ridiciolus ending ever. how come the evil na young gets happy ending. joon ki gets happy ending but yul and da jeoung gets a handshake.super duper fantastic. *irritation mode on*

    • Lee Beom Soo kisses quite boldly and has done so in two of his dramas and many of his movies. Yoona also kisses, even if in a more reserved manner. Whoever made the decision to kill the romance after a certain point and give this kind of an ending, it was definitely not the actors and was definitely not thinking about the story’s best interest.

  31. speechless—…aaackkk worst ending i never thought before!!!!

    i will download last 2 episodes just to keep in mind i will never trust kbs’s dramas again!!!

    sbs…I’m comingggggggggggggggg

  32. What kind of ending was that?????! Gakk! the story was really great, then every thing went flat at the end!!! Cant believe I wasted my time on this drama 🙁 *grabs scissors and runs away while shouting*

    oh well.

  33. And yes. I felt veryyyyyyyyy dissapointed with unsatisfying ending like that. And why dont the writers or maybe kbs people upload a better ending on the internet? We need satisfaction. Our time for waiting every week, must be paid with a good ending. Huhu.

  34. “mucha do about nothing” should be the title of this drama. In the end, there is nothing sweet to linger upon. This bitter after taste is so unbearable… yikes!

  35. Thank you Ms. K! What next? I’ve been ranting about PMI since the break of dawn!!!! Arrrgggghhhhh… Yes I half expected this to happen but half expected for a miracle as well. I’m like riding a bicycle going and along the way enjoying the ride the view the scene even if I want more but I know how Kdrama is so yes fine I’m happy enjoying the OTP the supporting cast and just when I’m about to reachy destination I got a flat tire and then still up to the very end I’m hoping hoping that they will give some and then there it is a HANDSHAKE and the END… Kick my nike on curb and walk to get my expected frustration off!!!! I’m so in love and invested with this drama how the characters of the story interacts the story evolves laughed and cried and adored each and everyone even Joon Ki… My favorite and the standout character here in this drama and I believe who stick to who he is and never change is Yul I love his characters he has a lot of faults a lot of angst I understand her hesitation towards loving DJ but then he choose to be happy and stick with it he never wavered no matter what he risk it all in the game of love he put his everything… I admire him for that I admire his ability to let go accept the love and his transition from a cold PM hubby to a warm PM Hubby…. Now DJ i love her like love her a lot from the beginning till episode 15… While I understand her letting go and hesitation I expected more from her and then wam bam bam… She fell flat on what I think she could have shine brighter… I love how slowly this two totally complete stranger fall in love slowly deeply almost passionately had the wife did not appear… Their failed attempt to what I see is to put depth to the story which for me they already had done by gradually falling in love in a mature way the conversation and how they come out strong in every adversities they face I just don’t see the need for the wife to resurface… I can name probably 5 conflicts which can take place and put angst and the relationship of the OTP to test the dead wife’s ressurection could have happen in season 2 which we know Kdrama doesn’t do too often. But either way I love this drama and probably recommend till episode 14 and a little bit of episode 15… Because the element of DJ and Yul in the story or the narrative is gone by probably half of episode 15… I forgot how much I love LBS and now it rekindles and looking forward to his next drama. Yoona on the other hand my first time to watch her I must say not bad she’s good her portrayal of DJ makes me want to be DJ. DJ’s live for the moment thing determination and dedication and not taking herself seriously and sensitivity is so spot on. Thank you so much Ms K again your amazing! 🙂

    • I love the whole story (except the ending, is that the last 2 mins). I love the actors – LBS, Yoona, the kids, the guards…everyone. Not many like the last few eps. Ep 16, showed the love of Yul to DJ and not letting go. They stayed in love though being apart. Ep 17, it brought me to tears when DJ’ dad died but they stayed as family. In DJ dad’s crypt is the wedding family picture (i am tearing up while writing this).

      We are all having these adverse reactions because we did not get our “fairytale” ending. (again and again, i like the story and i still dislikes the ending…like a broken radio!)

  36. ughh i feel cheated. feels like i am walking down with treasure map imagining to find a secret cave fill with gold and sparkling stuffs but yes i found the island with a tiny treasure box and a written note “You’ve the treasure, it’s in peace in your heart”. CRAP! !!!!

  37. Another K-drama lame ending. The ending of this drama kind of reminded me the ending to “Feast of the God” where the 2 OTP meets up again after 1 year and then just look at each other on opposite ends with no hugging, kissing, or even talking? Really unable to understand these K-drama writers and where do they come up with these writing concepts that just doesn’t make sense or doesn’t click. if it wasn’t for some good acting skills by the male lead I don’t think I would have stuck by this drama until the end.

  38. I TOTALLY FEEL YOU. I WAS LIKE WHAT-THE-HELL WAS THAT? The whole plot has been looking soo good until the last 2 or 3 episodes. It made me cry a bit though, but it disappointed me more! :3

  39. Thank you ms Koala.. for all your hard work in recaping over the last couple of months.. it was you who made this drama a fun to watch… so kudos to you… hope to visit your page often…

  40. Whaaaattt????is that all?? I am very dissapointed with this drama..the ending is so unpredictable in a bad way..
    I have been wasting my nights…I don’t think I will re-watch it again…>_<
    thank you miss K for bringing the recaps all this time…

  41. So, there’ll be season 2 with tge title “President and I”? No??
    So please, I need someone to hypnotize me, PMAI was ended at epi 14 minus the zombie wife appearance. Coz right now, even the sweet moment from epi 1-14 cannot erase my disappointment. I should have learnt to not love drama too much, coz I can’t bear the pain of drama cheating. Enough. And thanks once again for the recap coz I think I can’t handle watching it.

    • couldn’t agree more with you… while I was waiting for the eng-sub episode to go out, I read Ms Koala recap (thanks for the hardwork) but I cant handle watching the last 2 episodes, I already am so disappointed reading the recap, let alone to see the actual episodes. we should file complains to the writer and ban her/him from writing drama stories ever again!!

  42. Such a disappointing ending. Up until the appearance of the dead wife, I felt I was watching one of a few great, feel-good rom/coms. The show slide right off the scale of enjoyable from that point on. Thanks so much for the recap; you saved me a few hours of wasted my precious viewing time!

  43. i think the ending not bad at all because before nam da jeung go to trip, she said that when the fate meet her with kwon yul,she will the first one to hold his hand. As we can see after nam da jeung come back from the trip,she is the one who start a new conversation and ask to start all over again. so for the beginning the hand shake is acceptable. And i think they are start falling in love once again. they start to create beatiful memories.

  44. Ending aside, kudos to the cast of actors who made it enjoyable to watch. The last 4 episodes were definitely not romcom, even though some endings like DJ’s fathers death were inevitable. Nonetheless, it could have been written differently. I wonder if KBS influenced the ending, thinking being nonsensical would help. After all EK nonsense and WW adulterous theme seemed to jerk ratings.

    Again, thank you actors. I see LBS so differently now due to this drama. I have also become a Yoona fan. The child actors were fantastic and the 2nd leads were wonderful.

  45. dear ms. ockoala…

    firstly, i am a fanatic reader of your recaps and i thank you for the wonderful journey you have taken us on with PMI. you have done justice to each and every one of these episodes (and other shows as well). though i never comment on anything, your site is on my daily list of sites to visit not just for the PMI recaps but for other tidbits as well. i do adore your writing and enjoy the comments from your readers.

    but alas, i must part ways just a bit with you on this ending with PMI. although i would have loved the romance, swooning, kissing and making babies part, i was quite satisfied with the return of NDJ. it was a new start for the both of them… a new beginning. it was such a nice and subtle tie to the previous episode where our prime minster held her hand and said he would never let go… and when she opted to let him go, it was also her who returned back to him (with the promise that if their fates put them back together, that she will then hold his hand). i swooned over that. and have to say brought some tears to my eyes and the simplicity of it. i love that it was a fresh start for them… along with the introductions. now they can start their relationship anew with the proper courtship she never received to begin with. my imagination can only take me to all the things and places that our prime minster will do/take her on.

    i do understand the annoyance coming from a lot of PMI fanatics though. it really could have been a much better ending. but alas, we have yet to meet a “perfect” rom-com … but this came close. VERY CLOSE.

    again, thanks for all the recap! i am looking forward to other shows you will be recapping in the near future 🙂

  46. thank you ms. k for your wonderful recaps, honestly i don’t want to re-watch ep 17 with sub, that’s enough, i don’t want to gain more pain.
    this is totally sucks, like a plain cake without icing sugar and strawberry on top.
    what’s the hell with that, they gave us 15 sweet episodes but bitter and worse at the end?
    this is the most conservative drama i ever watched. no a single kiss or warm hugs from a couple finally reunited? handshake is the most romantic and intimate gesture in k-dramaland? wth
    i think i need to skip drama with tittle romcom.
    i hate and love this drama in the same time, and it gain more respect to my most loving actor lee bum soo, he truly give his all, delaying his surgeon for this drama, act perfectly as PM. i will add this drama into my favorite list that i will watch it again (of course skip ep 16, 17).
    waiting for his next project, alas, he better stick with mafia role

  47. Thank you Miss Koala for your recaps! Helped me much with the series especially since I can’t understand 90% of it (still learning Korean)

    I liked the ending. Honestly, I don’t feel cheated or anything of the rants most viewers have. For me, it was a beginning, a start for both of them. There are loads of things that are unclear (Manse and Nara’s reaction to their mother and Da Jeong’s separation to their father, how they secretly hid the divorce issue of Kwon Yul and Na young), still I liked it.

    Through this show I’ve come to like YoonA, I’ve loved Lee Beom Soo before this having watched Salary Man and Dr. Jin (yes, Dr Jin, because of my love to the original drama and Lee Beom Soo)

    Let’s all move on, there are still a lot of dramas to watch out.

    Let’s cheer for Oh Ji Young tonight! Miss Korea figthing!

  48. I am upset with a year jump of self development story. So stupid that DJ cut ties with the kids just like that. No closure or explanation from her. How much trustst can they have for her. they were already abandoned by their mom.

  49. That’s it!!! Oh I feel like my 17 hours are wasted for that ending. I can see that they wanted a ending like that of a coffee prince, but still, was a hug too much to ask? How about Man Se? Could she really leave them behind just like that?

  50. I agree with almost all of you that the ending crushes all our hopes of hug and kiss and happy forever.

    What bothers me the most is Mr. ‘perfect’ PM. I expect more from him once he realized his feeling to DA Jung, instead I see a stiff and awkward person, and lack of initiative and gesture of someone who is falling in love, to at least holding Da Jung hand when they were walking together which is often. Or maybe it is because generation gap and his status dictating his mannerism? But he is not as old as my parents who were born during WWII! What makes me frustration more is the distance when they were talking is too far, you need to shout to each other to be heard!

    I like and respect Mr. PM principles and see him as a good person BUT oh my god he is also a man who is falling in love and there is also a tendency for people in love to touch. If he’s man enough he should pursue his woman!

  51. found out about the ending from the soompi forums and even i was mad and i haven’t seen it yet? i only have 3 episodes to go, which i’m seriously considering not watching at all. first, woori forgave his mom way too quick. it should have been a slow progress getting back into the kids’s live with man se and nara accepting more immediately but woori not as much since he’s the oldest and suffered with the memory of losing his mother the most. then add to that that he had to overhear that his mom had left them to run away with another man ( he did overhear his uncle say that right?), na young got off easy. i don’t know what happened to the writer but be it screenplay, book, poetry, essay or any kind of writing, you have to be true to yourself and the story. don’t try to please anybody and write what you want to write. don’t write what’s trending or what would be acceptable, because in the end you’re audience is going to hate you for it. why set up such a wonderful story, making us fall for it, just to shaft us in the end with a cop out handshake of one of the best OTPs in a rom com in a long while. if it was me, i’d have yul use his PM powers to block da jung from leaving korea. or follow after her with or without the kids to bring her back. and that barely there one minute ending reunion, i would have had yul hold her hand, caress it, than hold it tighter as he pulls da jung close to him for one hell of a reunion kiss, no accidental smacking lips kissing allowed! of course da jung will be all “president candidate!” and the show would end with yul saying “that’s what you get for letting go of my hand.” then they go sit down on the bench and catch up and act all lovey dovey as if they were still married and never seperated. no resets, better yet no going away to think stuff when its been done to many times. starting where they left off in their h

  52. …..*they left off in their pre na young happiness and loving as natural as breathing is what we should have gotten. man, i really don’t think i can watch it til the end now. you messed up writer. maybe Prime Minister and I should’ve have gone to the writer of Queen In hyun’s man and a cable network.

    accidentally sent what i previously written in mid type. so upset at the ending that my fingers are flying and hitting all kinds of keys.

  53. UGH YET AGAIN SHITTY KDRAMA ENDING. i swear to god i can’t remember the last romcom kdrama that had a really satisfying ending. they ALL start off great and fumble the ends so bad. how hard is it to write something decent? this is why i stayed away from watching live dramas for almost a year cause i always felt so ripped off. i haven’t had time to watch the last 4 eps but couldn’t help spoiling myself with the end after reading your recap previews.

  54. jaw dropped down to the basement after watching the ending. now I am not even sure if my stay ups to watch it online was worth it. thanks for breaking my heart writer-nim. Gotta think twice now before I start indulging myself in ur future artwork.

  55. Well the endings……….
    I have waited and watched PM&I tirelessly.
    I knew there would not be romanticsmexy kissing but I did really hope for a HUG.
    Predictable ending
    What was given in the last episode was what we fanatic fans knew for sure that that’s going to happen. If the writers didn’t give us that, we sure “to get it”.
    What I was hoping that it should went 2 or 3 yrs later. With KY n DJ in the presidential mansion in a happy marriage with 4 kids galore.
    Am I asking too much

  56. Gah… what makes me feel more bitter is that it was such a good drama and they had to go ruin it with the whole Na Young storyline and then to end it without even a satisfying kiss or even a freaking hug, where there doesn’t seem to have been any reason for her to leave for a year… Oh well. I’ll just have to try and remember just the first 3/4 of the drama.

  57. Aw!very dissapointed by the drama,it started very wel then NY returned & things jst fell apart.why ws she back?yul &DJ wer gud together.there ws no kissing in this drama at all & I dnt understand why,its like bread wtout butter.the ending ws also boring;(thanks miss Koala for the recaps….

  58. How do they make Na Young the heroine and give her a complete free pass, with absolute ZERO consequences to her for abandoning her family and deceiving them all for 7 years? Everyone gets a happy ending EXCEPT the OTP. They get a handshake while runaway Mum gets everything she wanted? Aish! Thank you so much for your recap, I spared myself the last 20 minutes of watching by reading this instead, and I’m very glad I did

  59. I agree with 100% on everything. What the hell happened at the end here? I don’t understand why they couldn’t give us the ending we wanted (needed) and ultimately made sense. Like….wtf? I’m in shock and enraged. Never before has a drama so wildly disappointed me. I mean, there have been dramas that change direction and get loopy, have crappy writing, have crappy acting, etc. But this was such a joy from the get go and I feel like that joy has been ripped from my hands.

    I honestly thought your recap would consist of nothing but screencaps with ‘wtf’ written under each one.

    So, soooooooo disappointed.

  60. Actually I was expecting this. The main consensus at sites such as bestiz was ‘I watch dramas for escapism; a young pretty girl with her whole future ahead of her slaving away for a middle aged man AND his three children is much worse than even my reality so why would I willingly watch it?’. So if they had given us the cute rom-commy ending that we were hoping for, I would have been happy but the internet sites would prob have burst into flames due to the bile poured on by commenters who usually only ‘read’ things about dramas without bothering to watch them. I also think it was a deliberate decision to keep NJ and the children apart once they all found out about the not-dead mum. Ah well, as they say, there’s always fanfic.

  61. Ending on a limp and a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    God forbid you do something to earn that damned 15 that kept showing up and taunting us, KBS.

  62. Thank you for your recaps.

    I had such high hopes from episode 1-15. It was because it was so well done and had such mature characters. Then the tone changed, I don’t know if the writer has outside pressure, or lost the plot or what? But it all changed.

    It felt like a cop- out and I am bitterly disappointed. It could have ended up as one of the best written rom com in the last few years. But why did the writer and PD ruin it?

  63. I CAN’T EVEN!!!! Really PM you dropped the awesome sauce in the last 2 episodes????????? TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! How hard could two more awesome lovey-dovey episodes have been to write and produce????????????????? I mean really! Words fail me at the moment this is almost as much of a bomb ending as 49 Days, how appropriate it took place in Schedulers garden! I really can’t stand when just the last two go down the toilet it sours the rest of the series, put the not so great in the middle writer-nim start on an awesome note and end on at least a pleasant not WTF note! These last episodes made their entire marriage and courtship basically null and void, couldn’t we have seen them sealing the marriage deal for real????? I was so hoping that’s where we were headed and then the rug got freaking pulled out from under me!

  64. Thanks Ms. Koala for your brave comments! The writers of PM should learn from you. They owe us a lot but sadly didn’t gave back what we least expected. We exactly have the same frustrations…all of us who were tirelessly and patiently waiting for every live stream just to get a glimpse of the next episode first hand! I can only sigh and stare at my monitor last night. Ok..given the lame handshake in the end couldn’t possibly be edited out for some annoying reason, is pulling Da Jeong into a hug and giving our OTP time to at least say they missed each other, even too much to ask?!?!

    What a waste! I was already prepping myself for drama withdrawal syndrome mode. You know that kind were I would feel “aww..that drama is so awesome I would not be able to forget it in my lifetime until I find another beautiful drama again” but then, I guess the ending helped me skipped the part. Should I even be thankful?

    I’ll just put in mind that PM changed writers during the last few episodes so that I won’t hate the drama as a whole. I’m not even sure if doing that would be worth consoling. Writer-nim…wehh?!?!

  65. Am surprised that the lead pair KY and NDJ didn’t implode because of all the passion being bottled in. This is sheer ridiculousness to not have any whole-hearted skinship and kissing when from the word get go the leads were having great, crackling chemistry.

    Expected a lot more openness from the leads (ie the writers of the series) towards the end to actually show the natural progression of this relationship. The writing initially was pretty good – what with KY exasperatedly telling DJ to stop sexually harassing him, to the ‘forced’ kisses and accidental skinship between them. Then all of a sudden we get this? Gosh, LBS and Yoona should have given a damn and started kissing and making out furiously in that last scene. This is so unrealistic even in K Drama terms. God, I wasted 2 months waiting reading watching , re-watching PMAI. These writers, makers who cop out should be ousted for sanity’s sake.

  66. Sorry, but I could not get over this just as of yet so I am here again just to vent off my frustrations…I am still ranting and I just couldn’t help it. This writer, I could not even find words to what I feel about him/her.

    Yes,Da Jung just had a lobotomy or probably was possessed by some spirit as she veered away from what she was once was. No traces of the old Da Jung whatsoever so she must have been possessed. Why would she act that way and was able to stay away from her love, if she does really love Yul. Goodness! Where was that thing she was saying that Yul stay in one place while she moves towards him? That was forgotten, of course. She maybe needed time but she should have put her act together and should have come back to Yul the moment she realised that Na Young could never be Yul’s wife again. But no, instead she has taken her time, twelve months in fact, to finally come to her senses (if the ending means that she did).

    Well, Yul was quite a disappointment either. He should have been more persistent, like the man that he is. He should have doggedly chased after Da Jung and woo her until she buckled and give in. I mean who could resist Lee Beum Soo, er Yul? He should have felt that the girl loves him and would have egged on. I mean come on, one whole year? Would the prime minister, I mean this Prime Minister Yul, sit on his ass to wait that long? No, it’s so not him at all. What was he saying about walking towards her or something? I was impressed with those lines really, but it meant nothing towards the end. I mean he was supposed to be getting romantic, starting with those baby’s breath. This IS, by the way, romance. What has become of it? Well, we might as well just label it a horror drama, okay a horror drama during its last few episodes, as I enjoyed everything before Na Young (urg! was this character really necessary) showed up, to be rather fair. Yes, I am being fair.

    The kids were also sidelined. Those cute ones that made this drama cuter. I mean the show should have showed them happy with Da Jung and their father or whatever. I mean there was too much potential for this to be one of the greatest rom-coms ever (never mind the ratings, we’re talking about enjoyability, if there is such a word)! I mean we just needed a happy ending, that is all. Rom-coms should be like that, as the word implies: romantic and has comedy, you know, happy! Well, writer, there’s absolutely no romance and nothing to be happy about in the end. Whatever the hell have you done?

  67. Makes me want to write to KBS or whoever is in-charge with PMI to tell them about their sucky ending… anyway sorry for being bitter about this. Its…just…so… grrrrrrr!

  68. I liked the ending, the slight pause before they held hands made it special and it linked in with what Da Jung had said earlier about holding his hand next time. Having said that, it would be wonderful if they could make special episodes which could show us Da Jung and Kwon Yul’s married life, with a kiss thrown in 🙂 They did it with ‘Mischievous Kiss’ because of its international popularity. Please, please writer-nim!!!

  69. In my perpective, this drama is happy ending; PM and Da Jung meet again to start a new life, and a new relationship. Kwon Yul become President’s nominee. So, hopefully will be the sequele drama “President and -L with LBS & Yoonaa reunion; and will tell us story about their happy marriage. Love this drama

  70. I never think it was a great drama but it was nice. But the story of the no dead wife was a big mistake and it ruined the story and the end.
    More, if I drive and my passenger wants get out of the car, I stopped the car the fastest possible… The happy ending gor the wife is really weird, she doesn’t deserve it so fast.

  71. Well, the ending is abit bland to me too…one good hug after the handshake would have been nice…

    ms koala, to forget your disappointment, I strongly recommend you to watch Can We Love (Eugene and Uhm Tae Woong), hehe..waiting for ppl to recap but there seemed to be none. It’s a refreshing drama (the way conflicts are handled) and more ppl should know about it…:)

  72. The ending was a bit bland.. i totally agree
    and i feel like their last conversation were forced and yes a hug would be nice.
    And i don’t see any resolution with the children. Yes, woo ri meet her mom, but what next? what about the other two? what about Da Jung? Can i just conclude that everything okay, only from nice family outing in this episode. And I want to see more DaJung moments with the kids.

    Thats my opinion for this episode, a bit disappointment for the ending. But overall this drama has been so sweet and really nice to watch 🙂 And it make me like yoona more than before.

  73. The ending was so disappointing for me. I got so pissed off with Da-Jung’s character at the end. Why in the world would you leave the man you love and three kids that you painstakingly took care for an entire year??? Weren’t you just telling him a few episodes ago that you loved him?

    At the end of the episode, I started to wonder if Da-jung even loved Yul. I mean, who meets the man they love after one whole year, plays cool and give him a handshake? Character consistency went out of the window the last few episodes and Da-jung, who was so bright and opportunistic at the beginning of the series couldn’t even grab Yul when he was standing there right in front of her.

    It’s a pity, because this drama started out so, so well. I had really high hopes for it, but things went downhill once the not-dead Na-young storyline came to the fore.:(

    • I think Da Jung went for her year trip mainly because of her Dad finding out. So she had to sort through her feelings and whether she should be with Kwon Yul when her Dad had disapproved. Also I guess there would need to be time for the divorce and everything to do go through so it makes sense that she took a break. It was clear that Yul was looking out for her during that time (he knew about her book as soon as it was published). I’m guessing she kept in contact with the kids and that they would have been told she needed space cos her dad died.
      The ending was realistic I think. It showed a very natural and comfortable meeting where both people have sorted through issues and are ready to move on. Though it would have been nice to see a hug or kiss, I think the smiles and eye contact told us a lot about their feelings. Lee Beom Soo and Yoona were great – their chemistry (considering the age gap) was amazing!

  74. AS much as I have seen this in drama and even more in my student essays, I never understand it. I have sat in my office talking to a student who had a very good, even brilliant beginning to an essay and even a stellar middle only to get to page 8 or ten with only two more pages to go and completely run out od gas. I look at them and say that even if they merely followed through with the threads they had set up, the ending would have been at least satisfactory rather than a flop. I have never had a student be able to explain to me what happened. They are often as baffled as I am as if someone drugged them and they woke up with someone else’s ending but the deadline was in ten minutes. It is always such a shame and such a waste.

  75. Whatta closure -_- ugh. But actually watching this drama just until the episode before NY turned out to be alive is somehow okay. Just delete the scene with SH and IH in the hospital and we’re all good. And end it at the scene in which DJ and KY confessed their love.

  76. First off – thank you Capt. Koala for the recaps.

    I am still reeling from the lame fizzle that was the ending of ep 17. Like everyone else who absolutely loved the first 14 1/2 episodes to death and waiting in anticipation of all that chemistry building up between Yul and Da jung – wham!!!
    There were so much gems that could have been mined!
    Da Jung and Yul have always been open and frank with each other. Yul was always the person who weighed all before acting and Da jung the go getter – so why couldn’t the 2 of them say – yes I love you – but Da Jung, there’s lots I have to untangle seeing that the undead has risen – which, i concede is a sticky thing to solve; and Yul, i am still grieving my Dad who found out that we lied, but I’ve read his journal entry to me and I’ll be brave and stand by you, but you need time and I need time.
    Then Yul and Da Jung can agree to meet on their wedding anniversary (which if i am not mistaken is a matter of 6 months or less)at the church – which would give Yul time to sort out and finalise his resignation, the fall out from finding his dead wife undead, divorcing said undead, reconciling the kids especially Man Se to the fact that he has a living birth Mother.
    Da jung can grieve all she wants, restart her aborted dream to write and dream of a life with Yul.
    on said wedding Anniversary, have Yul meet up with Dajung at church, have him propose – as Da Jung was the one who proposed first, take each other’s hand – if we’re so set on the “hand thing” – walk into church and find all the kids, Hye Joo, chief Kang and the clergy there for an intimate wedding for real – and Chief Kang better have that marriage registration ready!!
    Cut to end of ceremony – DJ/Yul dashing to the car where cupid driver is beaming ear to ear and driving them to their honeymoon.
    Have them getting ready to turn in and Da Jung getting nervous to be a room with new hot sexy husband and having Yul teasing her to turn around and whip out 1001 Arabian nights and see them snuggling in bed as they always do and Yul staring as DJ reads to him, then, he reaches over, slides the book out of her hands, murmurs Nam Da jung ssi,Da Jung-ah – leans in…. and

    Howzat!! did not mean to write an essay – but I’ve been imagining 1001 other ways it could have ended.

  77. OH writer how could you give us awesome drama crack then serve us baby powder
    at the end

    at least they ended up together but i will have to just imagine it

    thanks koala for the awesome recaps though

  78. I have no idea what everybody saying about the ending of PM&I. I thought it ended two weeks ago, while Kwon Yul holds Da Jung hand and says he won’t let go of her hand, at the end of episode 13. So what if I insist on living in denial? This is the sane choice, at least for me, or the knowledge that I wasted so much precious time in the end as I saw yesterday, totally takes me out of my mind.

  79. What we hope from this wonderful story (just like been promised from flow of story)is a warm lovely family…but they cut that story at a handshake ending….they can at least give us some scene after that, like PM hug DaJung from back as watching their kids on the yard…or epilogue where DaJung kiss PM than distrubed by ManSe coming or another this lovely cute warm family kind ending, just like what happen in All Ep except last three…just a HANDSHAkE…..WtTF

  80. so,,,so,,, lame
    why KBS always have a weird ending? MHIYD was very dissapointed, why PMAI following,,,
    the first episode until 16 was great, but why only have 2 minute ending to explain yool and da jung issues
    how about relationship da jung with PM, da jung with kwon brother,,,,, arrg,,,!!!!
    i hope special episode like the other dramas,,,

  81. I’m so disappointed that the ending was so lackluster… I kept screaming “That’s it?!” I keep hoping for a season 2 now that the PM is running for president. The President and I??? Hmm…

  82. UGH, I’m so aggro with the ending!!!!! After holding hands, Nam Da Jung should have had a clutzy cute moment and fallen into his arms or something. UGH! Plus, there were way too many unanswered questions…UGH!!!!!

  83. I cannot agree more or less with opinion of the writer of this blog. He captured the emotions and feelings of many of us so aptly that there is nothing more to add. What could have been a wonderful romantic ending was so abruptly messed up that one is forced to think that the play writer suffered a mental block towards the end, and failed to give the expected satisfaction to the viewers. The aim of any good drama is viewer’s satisfaction. In the Philippines if they feel that opinion is sharply divided, they ask viewers to vote on what type of ending they want, especially in melo dramas. But I have come to the recognition that, that is one luxury you do not ask of Korean dramas. Most endings leave one sad rather than happy. So let us take this ending as another variation in Korean dramas usual sad endings. This drama even ended well by Korean standard, though lacked all the ingredients of the romance that should color the ending. I thought that Yoona would have shone better with this drama but the ending messed it up for her, more so when she is not particularly a good actress judging by her earlier works. In any case the actors all did well given the material they had to work with. However, it is not a drama I will be pushed to watch twice.

  84. Not over PMAI yet. Somehow this series grab onto me like super glue.

    Am re-watching it and noted many small details which flew by when I marathon the first time.

    The smile and facial expression KY gives DY is very unique compared to how he usually smiles. He gives a “employer to employee” kind of smile to Manager Seo. But for DY from the start, his smile was full of warmth. Would so want to add the word “love” to the smile.

    DJ coming into his life is by no accident or fate. Guess she is meant to be. She brings KY closer to his three children and the kids to him. She is like the gel that bonds them. KY begins to understand the role of a father and how to communicate with his kids and not command them. He has always been a disciplinarian to his kids. But DJ change that. Imagine the closest of the kids to KY as days go by… Man Se asking for hugs from him, Na Ra voices her unhappiness with her dad’s lack of interest and that got KY listen as he bought her a hair band to Na Ra’s delight.

    Even Woo Ri warms up to KY later as one can see him bicker with dad over grades and being in the band. See how he even hold on to his dad which is something not happening before DJ.

    As the kids warm up to KY…they also warm up to DJ especially for WR and NR both whom already warn DJ they will not be like MS to warm up to her at all. WR even chose a winter jacket for her. And NR just cosy up to DJ.

    Yes…i like PMAI for all the warmth, hugs between the kids and adults. How the maid not liking DJ even warm up to her.

    Everything just gel in so wonderfully. Even the bodyguards like DJ.

    As to the ending, finally I can accept it as the handshake between DJ and KY carry more warmth than any kind of handshake. They are squeezing each other’s hands affectionately with their eyes blink blink.

    KY not stopping her to disappear after her dad’s demise was partly of those words hovering over his head when in the beginning he agrees to the contract marriage that one day he will have to pay for his decision. Also letting her go is another way for him to clear up the mess left behind by Na Young and the 7 years void was not easy for KY as well as WR. That is KY’s homework which he must complete before accepting DJ back into his life wholeheartedly with not string attached to Na Young.

    KY is definitely sure of his love for DJ. He did not wavered at all from the day he promised to hold her hands and not let go. DJ was the one wavering although she confessed to her dad she loves KY and KY loves her. Her guilt to her dad discovering the truth of the contract marriage and Na Young is too strong for her to handle. DJ made many decision regarding Na Young on her own without having a sit-down discussion with how KY feels. DY just decided giving up to NY is the best for KY and the kids.

    Hmmmm…not pleased with DJ on that especially when KY shared so much about his resentment and unforgiveness towards NY and NY’s affair, etc. How can she just push NY back to KY after all the pain KY has gone through. Imagine even the stubborn Joon Ki can understand in the end why he should not push KY to accept KY back into his life.

    Ok… too lengthy but just had to let every thing out.

    PMAI is one series that will stay with me for a long time.

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