MBC Unveils the Leading Ladies in Evening Gowns at the Miss Korea 1997 Pageant

I’m genuinely nervous about the upcoming two episodes of Miss Korea. That’s a good place to be in because it means this drama has really gotten to me. I’m not watching dispassionately like observing a particularly well-drawn painting. I feel like I’m one of leading lady Ji Young’s friends and family cheering section and personally sitting behind the computer but cheering her on nevertheless. So far nothing in MK had led me to question its ability to keep the storytelling quality high and this faith also makes me certain that win or lose the Miss Korea crown Ji Young will still be in a far better off place than when she started out in the drama. There remains so many conflicts to resolve and with 6 episodes this drama can do it if it understands how to structure the final pay-off. Will the baddies like Kang Woo’s brother at Bada and even resident jealous relationship wrecker Lee Yoon get their just desserts? Will Jae Hee gain the freedom to be herself in the public eye? Will the two competing queen makers Madams Ma and Yang continue their bickering rivalry with an eye towards Miss Korea 1998? What job will Ji Young do in the long run? I’m sure Vivi will survive and the Vivi cream a blockbuster item but will the team stick together, or will the lovely Dr. Ko marry a certain gruff softhearted gangster ahjusshi. Of course there is the question of whether Hyung Joon and Ji Young will be able to stay together since every K-drama loves to throw in a final minute separation anxiety for the OTP. Before getting to all these questions being answered, the actual Miss Korea 1997 pageant is right around the corner in the drama as the first stills have been released by MBC showing the two most promising contenders in their evening gowns. Ji Young’s entire look is absolute perfection, her hair a lustrous wavy waterfall to the side and her blue, green, and silver embroidery ornate gown the stuff of legends when seen on stage in the visual arena of a beauty pageant. Jae Hee’s normally stunning buttercup yellow chiffon strapless ruched mermaid gown is classy but just doesn’t have quite the pop and pizzazz as Ji Young. MBC went all out in re-creating the pageant and even has the MC showing up to make it as authentic as possible. Seeing the pageant filming completed makes me realize the pageant scenes are likely coming in the next 2 episodes which then begs the question as to what the drama will do with the final 4 episodes after revealing who is Miss Korea 1997. Please continue to surprise me, drama. I sorely need some picking up after a disappointing start to this drama week.


MBC Unveils the Leading Ladies in Evening Gowns at the Miss Korea 1997 Pageant — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this alert. I am surprised that with 6 more episodes to go we are already at the last day of the pageant this week. I had initially thought the drama would end with the announcing of the winner, presumably the heroine. But I guess many of the conflicts do need to be solved after the winner is announced, and that is just fine by me. Here’s hoping the last 6 episodes are even better than the previous 14. And that we’ll see even more cute and romantic OTP scenes. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  2. One more thing, I am glad the lion’s hair is a lot more tame here compared to the time Madam Ma did it for her. Her make-up is a lot better here, too.

  3. I love Jae Hee’s first evening gown, not the 1 above. She looked washed out with that colour. I disliked Ji Young’s 1st evening gown, but her beautiful smile & self-confidence made up for it. LOVE Ji Young’s 2nd evening gown here, along with everything else about her–definitely makes her worthy to be Miss Korea of 1997. Drama, please make this, if not all, our wishes come true…PMAI ending didn’t do that for many of us…

  4. Oh, is the final competition in this tonight? SO confused and don’t know the continuous plot after the competition.
    OJY is so fabulous with evening gown. JH’s dress is not impressive. I like her blue dress.
    Enjoy waiting the ep tonight.

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