New Stills and Written Preview for Episode 18 of Miss Korea

With three more episodes left in Miss Korea, I have a feeling we’re headed towards a one-way exhilarating ride to the finish. There is no sign that Hyung Joon and Ji Young have even wavered in their commitment to each other, and are instead working towards paving a way to be together for the long run. MK has exceeded every expectation and then some in terms of writing. Haven’t seen any shakiness in creating really moving stakes for all the leads as well as delivering thoughtful resolutions for conflicts and misunderstandings. Yoon has tried so many times to get between Ji Young and Hyung Joon and each time he comes up against a brick wall and ends up looking like the ass that he is. With only one episode aired last week due to an Olympic preemption, the story slowed dramatically for the regrouping phase before the final push. Ji Young needs to start doing her Miss Korea duties and prepare for the Miss Universe pageant while Hyung Joon actually surprises me by brushing himself off the floor of complete and utter failure and using his smart brain and come up with another solution. So he lost Vivi and the Vivi cream? Is the entire cosmetics market just one product of a magical new foundation? Of course not, so when he suggested the pushing the lip gloss as complementary to the Vivi cream make up less look, I was nodding my head at his ability to make lemonade out of lemons. This gives him all the incentive for Bada to sell the heck out of the Vivi cream and thereby increase the market for ladies looking to tone down their entire make up. The new stills are out and I found myself giggling in appreciation at the new and improved Hyung Joon. Goes to show what a new haircut and confidence can do for a man. Ji Young’s going to find it even harder to keep her hands off her oppa. The written preview is also out and her birthday snafu might still be an issue, which makes sense since Kang Sik doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’ll let a trump card go that easily. I’m good with a few more giant bumps in the road for this story, I’ve come this far with it and haven’t been let down once.

Written preview for episode 18:

Hyung Joon finds out that Ji Young’s birthday might become a problem and he does everything he can to protect her. Hyung Joon uses the V brand name to start selling the new line of lip gloss but it’s not easy when Kang Sik starts to interfere………


New Stills and Written Preview for Episode 18 of Miss Korea — 3 Comments

  1. Last week you expressed incredulity at the speed with which the age issue got resolved and sure enough, this week we get to see that no, Bada is not going to be upstaged by little Vivi, so they’d use any means necessary. Good call there, Koala. I am constantly amazed at your insight.

  2. In this ep 17, Yoon solved JY’ problem by 3% discount, so I guess there is nolong danger for JY’s crown. But after read your review, I think Bada director will use JY’ birthday is a deal to buy VIVI again.

  3. I can’t wait! That Miss Korea title is probably burdensome for Jiyoung. I’m glad they let us see the aftermath of the competition, even if the storyline has slowed.

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