Seung Nyang Tenderly Tends to a Poisoned Ta Hwan in Empress Ki Episode 34

I think the last few episodes of Empress Ki have been slowly setting the stage for the second ship to sail in Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang. If she had become his consort unwillingly or unwittingly, then I can imagine the drama making it so she doesn’t ever love him and spends her days pining after Wang Yoo. But Seung Nyang chose to become his consort, chose to fight with him to take down Yeon Chul, chose to spend the rest of her life serving beside him. As such, it’d be lame if she continued to reject consummating her marriage with him. Knowing Seung Nyang, if she chose to sleep with them then that means she’s softened towards him to have some romantic feelings. New and improved Ta Hwan continues to be a decent feller I can root for. Compared to Wang Yoo he’s still rather ineffectual, needing Seung Nyang to help him all the time, but I don’t like to compare them because each has what makes them a great romantic choice for Seung Nyang.

The new stills are out for episode 34 and shows Seung Nyang tending to the poisoned Ta Hwan. She was dragged off at the end of episode 33 after being framed, the charges sticking because Wang Yoo seemingly threw her under the bus. But knowing Wang Yoo, he’s obviously either helping her without her knowing it, or he’s doing this because it’s the lesser of two evils. Clearly Seung Nyang hasn’t been tossed in jail hence she’s tending to her Emperor. The casting calls have gone out to find two new babies for the drama, one a newborn and one a few years old. That makes me think a time jump is coming up, with baby Star growing up a few years while the newborn is probably Seung Nyang’s baby with Ta Hwan. Since this drama is about Empress Ki and I love me a female empowerment story, the fact that wuri kick-ass Seung Nyang has two husbands now, and will likely have a baby with each, makes me want to high five her for being so strong willed and going after what she wants, and along the way she finds two men, one King and one Emperor, who love her to the ends of the world and back. Not at bad haul at all.


Seung Nyang Tenderly Tends to a Poisoned Ta Hwan in Empress Ki Episode 34 — 10 Comments

  1. OOh, I’m looking forward to the prospect of a baby with TH. It makes more sense for them to consummate the marriage already, she is his consort and her job is really to extend the royal line. I would love for her to have another son, maybe both these heirs will fight for the throne.

  2. Anticipating the 2 episodes to come.Is it Monday already? SY is very lucky to have 2 men loving her. Hoping that she’ll also have feelings for our baby emperor or not a baby anymore.Empress KI fighting. HJW looked very lovely with the blue winter coat.She doesn’t seems to age.

  3. SN will get pregnant gain and she’ll probably kicked out of palace.. That’s what I read in soompi.
    I’m glad SN’s dlowly accepting Ta Hwan. I’ll probably be mad at the writers if SN never accept him

  4. Finally, she shows some affection for her husband. Frankly, I stopped watching since episode 12, I was bored with her always mooning after Wang Yoo, Maybe I can just Fast forward through all the other scenes and get to this. Ta-hwan and Tanashiri were the only things that delighted me about this show, but I heard she was exiled from the palace, No reason to watch anymore.

  5. I was over the moon with the consummation in episode 34! But boy, Seung Nyang is rather fertile. She seemingly spends one night with a man and then is pregnant. I heard she’s going to get kicked out of the palace while pregnant but gosh, again?! Can’t the woman have her child in peace for once?
    My question really is though what happens to her Byul. Does she recognize him? Apparently, this kid is going to end up as the Goryeo crown prince but I’m not entirely sure how, considering he’s currently the Yuan crown prince and Wang Yoo doesn’t know he exists. So, I’m assuming if he finds out, he’ll take Byul back to Goryeo? But then how does one explain an infant son with no mother in sight? And Wang Yoo is married to a Yuan girl of El Temur’s clan so I can’t imagine her accepting a baby that isn’t hers. I’m interested to see how this is going to go.
    I don’t know how people stopped watching this drama; it just seems to get better and better for me with every episode.

  6. You’re right koala, maybe SungNyang has a feelings towards TaHwan, well that would be great.


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