Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung Pour on the Cuteness at Media Event for Bride of the Century

I think it’s official that we have the birth of a new epic and memorable onscreen pairing, peeps! The leads of the currently airing cable K-drama Crack Bride of the Century attended a mid-drama open media event this week to drum up more interest in a drama that has all the makings of a mania hit plus it’s ratings have been increasing steadily since episode 1. I thought BotC would be a 16-episode drama but some places have said it’s 20-episodes, so until it’s confirmed I’ll just be content to have lots of juicy delicious episodes remaining since only 6 have aired so far. Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung are so unexpectedly cute and chemistry-laden together it boggles the mind. Where’d all that spark come from? And how come both of them can turn it off when Yang Jin Sung plays the bitchy doppleganger Yi Kyung, yet when she becomes our favorite plucky heroine Doo Rim, I always get the sense that they are mere inches and seconds away from making out against a wall? At the media event this week, it was fanservice galore as the two leads got all cozy and playful with each other for the cameras, and then action shifted indoors where a giant roaster was churning out delicious sweet potatoes which they then fed to each other. One of the picture literally has Lee Hong Ki biting on Yang Jin Sung’s finger, which I can’t imagine is all that G-rated enough to post online. I think BotC is responsible for the outbreak of roast sweet potato mania everywhere. This drama is indeed very tasty to snack on and I really need to thank the production for being such good sports and doing fanservice media events and generally trotting the two leads out to showcase their great camaraderie and give fans more cuteness to squee over. It’s all in good fun, right? During this media event, the two leads revealed that Doo Rim and Kang Joo’s relationship continues to grow especially after the two moms nefarious plots are revealed. I can’t wait!


Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung Pour on the Cuteness at Media Event for Bride of the Century — 49 Comments

  1. They look so adorable esp. the last picture. They bring back the best snack- roasted sweet potato. Now, I wanna try it with kimchi.

    • Yes, do try it. It’s very tasty. Just when I thought I’d had enough of roasted sweet potato and kimchi, I think I want more.

    • I laughed in one of the early episodes when his character was dissing Doo Rim for being short while she was clearly taller than he was! 🙂

      Thanks, ockoala, for bringing this cute and fun drama to my attention! I would have totally bypassed if not for your enthusiastic recaps!

  2. They make a cute couple. Maybe the drama gods will see this a shoot an arrow.
    I was not a fan of hong ki before, but this drama has been listening to his music, watching his variety shows. I feel very teenage like.lol. They do have great chemistry.

    • I know what you mean. Don’t know how they do it but every time I watch this drama, I feel like a teenager squeeing over cute parts. I just can’t act my age when I’m watching BOTC.

  3. OMG I’m literally dying here. Why are they so cute together? :”> Huhu I can’t take it anymore. Friday and Saturday please come faster! I want to see more scenes from these two! JooRim couple ftw!

  4. OOOWWW!!! They look so adorable together, they´re very sweet and cute. Love the drama BotC, at first I thought that Lee Hong Ki, wasn´t suited to do a roll like this, because I was remembering the YAB days. But I´m happy to realize that I´m very wrong about that, and he’s doing an excelent job. Love him in everything he do. I’ve never see her before, but she’s very good in her portrait of both of the characters. Thanks Miss Koala por your efford and to give us this amazing and cute drama.

  5. I think for me the reason LHK has become my new K love is how his character is playing against his cutesy clean-cut image – whether it is the real him behind the curtain or not. Does he LHK have a wild side in private? Hmmmmm…

    Initially my interest was piqued when he showed his assiness at the necklace scene – that he was willing to play against the Jeremy type.

    But when offered to show his fiancee the Full Monty in his bedroom, went after a kiss TWICE before he succeeded in kissing her in the public, I was happy to meet this new version.

    The cute from the sweet potatoes and being nice to the house ajumma and ajussi keeps us from hating the cold chaebol, too.

    Mostly I like my K/J/TW drama heroes to be hot for their ladies because that is how boys are!!!

    I love KJ – we need more OTP closeness this week!

  6. Ugh! They are so cute. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I love this show, so deliciously cracktastic.My second favourite OTP this year after Do Min-joon and Chun Song-yi.

  7. What did you do to me? I was ignoring this drama until you got me hooked. I thought this is some Taiwanese drama with 20+ episodes. I did not really like LHK until this and I’ve never even heard about the actress. She really makes the other character really cold. I can’t wait for the next episode. Now, I have to go and buy some sweet potato.

  8. Thanks for the update. Both of them really look like a loving couple. I am sure more will be attracted to this show. LHK is really cute and you can see it when he filmed reality show Global WGM with the Japanese Actress Mina. I did not know that Yang Jin Sung appeared in Secret as the first love of JiSung. But I noticed her acting in that show. I know she acted well but it was so short bec she is just a supporting actress. This show really proves that she acted very well. You can tell 2 different character. You can love one and dislike the other one. I am happy that tonight and tomorrow, we can see more scene of LHK and YJS. Koala, hwaiting. 사랑해요

    • his wife keep using her tears for everything and she keep correcting Hongki’s words like she a school teacher. what’s wrong with her geez..

  9. Gah! Who could be any sweeter! Sugar overload! I’m so sold with this OTP! That finger in Hong Ki’s mouth reminds me of Cha Chi Soo in Ramyun Shop…Hot! 🙂

  10. Thank you soo much for bringing this drama to my attention. I was not interested in this drama initially.. but after reading your recap got interested and not i am sooo addicted and obsessed… cant get enough of this pair.. thank you soo much for these pics as well..

  11. I just started watching this and blew through all six episodes. Crack, indeed! It’s not the best drama (in anything, really), but it is probably the most easily entertaining one I’ve watched in a while. No unnecessary angst so far, and even the bad characters are fun to hate. Let’s hope it stays that way!

  12. Thanks Koala! Like many, I only started watching after reading your recap. And now I’m so hooked! I think I’ve watched the first 6 episodes a FEW times while waiting for the next episode to air!
    I was just wondering what if you did not recap then many of us would have missed out a good drama! Simply shows the power of blogging as a form of marketing. How Powerful!! Anyway, I’m grateful that I get to watch this and sail along the JuRim ship! Ep 7 come quickly!!

  13. Why is LHK wearing a ring on his left hand fourth finger? In korea does that mean the same thing as in the U.S. that he is married or is that just part of the show?

  14. i want to ship Hongki and Jinsung in real life so bad. they’re so freaking cute and sweet together in those sweet potatoes pictures from yesterday. thank God nobody cares about his previous ship with his wgm wife because it was so bad and the girl kinda looks like his mother lmao. Jinsung will be the girl i ship Hongki with forever.

  15. Okay, while watching this, i suddenly think yang jin sung would be the perfect nodame, if they are going ahead with remake.

  16. This drama really got me. The first episode appear things that later we can understand. I saw the 6 episodes in a row. I love this couple!!!

  17. They have the best chemistry onscreen and offscreen!!!! LOVE Them so much, the drama’s like the best drama on air atm. Very nice plot twists and breathtaking romance plus extremely funny scenes!! 😀

  18. Ultimately perfect! I hope they make more movies & dramas together… I so love to see both of them, especially Yang Jin Sung… She is so gorgeous <3

  19. Love them sooo much! Just too sweet! I’m always a fan of Lee Hong Ki, and now after this drama, I’m totally falling in love with Yang Jin Sung! Superb Acting and really beautiful! Can’t wait for the last 6 episodes!

  20. Thru this drama, ive found new love & respect for hong ki. Its like how can he played that part so well? ( not perfect, just well. But i dont care). He just used to goof around his dramas n movie. Here, its 대박! Na doo rim too. While most lead guy his age still played a highschooler or bachelor ( im not against them), on the other hand he fought for a girl, married her, even had honeymoon, and had a kid. Must say the people who made the drama must b given full credits too as they were able to pull a wonderful story+ drama+casts. I like how choi kang ju was made a snob with a heart and a man who who cant be pushed around by the villains and situation, not even by his own mother. He is younger than the female lead in real life but was appeared to be like around 29 in the drama mybe thats why most people say he is unfit for the role not to add the fact that he is naturaly baby faced and goof off but thats hw life is supposed to be, not perfect. I knw im totally fan girling but cant help being a squeeling teenager again bcs of botc. And since he just broke up with his 2 wk gf bfr ths drama and has dated noona before, ehy not date for real…i totally ship u two.

  21. I hope they end up like the couple from Queen In Hyeons Man. The two main leads also had tons of chemistry and after the show finished confessions we’re revealed and they’re still going strong. I really hope that’s the future for these two. Amazing costars and hopefully soon to be amazing couple.

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