You Light Up My Star Freezes Janine Chang and Joe Cheng in Romantic Snowy Kissing

I don’t quite know what to expect from the upcoming Director Winnie helmed TW-drama You Light Up My Star starring Janine Chang and Joe Cheng. It’s set in the acting industry and the male lead apparently suffers from depression. It sounds rather serious except all the media accounts of the filming has been nothing short of a laugh a minute. There was Ivy Chen in a guest cameo as a dead body, then Janine and Joe doing an action scene that involved her breasts pressing against his back and Joe precariously sacrificing the safety of his male parts, and finally the cast is currently in cold and gloriously beautiful Hokkaido Japan filming a location shoot that gives us the first peek at the OTP kissing. Joe is a phenomenal kisser even if Janine is nowhere at his level, but as long as she relaxes then I trust Joe to bring the heat enough for the both of them onscreen. Hilariously they are going to need more heat because this kissing scene was filmed at a famed national park right after a major snowstorm dumped beautiful new snow for the cameras to take advantage of. Joe and Janine were dressed in pretty period attire since they play actors in the drama and in this scene their characters are playing characters in a period movie.

Both of them came prepared and wore four top layers and four bottom layers each underneath their period costumes which are notoriously flimsy, especially the gauzey pink one on Janine. The kissing scene took 2 hours to film and the two leads kissed over 20 times as they frolicked in the snow before rolling around and making out. Afterwards both of them were frozen to the core and complained that this was the hardest kissing scene each has ever filmed before. Despite the below freezing temperatures, they were asked to do it so many times that they playfully experimented with various combinations and went all out for Director Winnie. Janine revealed that this drama is her one acting project with the most kissing in one show, though her co-star that she’s kissed the most remains Peter Ho since she’s done multiple projects with him. The moment the cameras paused, Joe would fly right off Janine and holler for fire for the both of them since they were so cold their extremities had lost all sensation. After filming wrapped, Janine told the gathered media that kissing in the snow looks all romantic and such but was actually super painful and she highly does NOT recommend it. Joe felt the media was having a blast witnessing their painful but still needs to look pretty kissing that he ended up lobbing snowballs at the reporters to get them back for watching him suffer. I really need to watch this drama NOW.


You Light Up My Star Freezes Janine Chang and Joe Cheng in Romantic Snowy Kissing — 9 Comments

  1. I’m actually looking forward to this. There’s nothing much to go on but all the fun these two are having makes me all the more curious. It’s always so nice to know actors are enjoying the company and working with friends, even projects that aren’t that great have a certain charm.

  2. I have no idea why but when I saw that kissing scene, I thought I saw Meng Jue and Yun Ge from YZG..haha..I guess that novel is still stucked in my head..Joe Cheng would make quite a good portrayal of Meng Jue, anybody thought so too? His chiseled side profile melts the female species away 😉

  3. I must say that I am totally craving this. I miss some of these guys since they are my generation actors. Anyhow – it gives me to tw drama vibe and you know how much I love that. Gotta love the tw media haha… By all counts, filming of any kissing scene is completely unromantic but its so great that the actors go all out so that it can look romantic to the viewers.

    Joe and Janine – cannot wait… I love Winnie… Is he making a cameo? 🙂 this really can’t come fast enough. I hope it’s good. Either way I am still watching it.

  4. Naah, I still think REAL kissing in the snow would be romantic. For a few minutes anyway. You don’t have some impatient, dissatisfied director yelling ‘Cut! NG!’ 20 times over in order to make it look ‘perfect’ and a whole crew with cameras and lights on top of you. I love Joe Cheng! I really look forward to seeing this drama.

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