Bride of the Century Releases New OST Lee Hong Ki’s Version of Words I Have Yet to Say

I showed my sister a scene from Bride of the Century and told her who Lee Hong Ki was and she did a double take and went “omo, that’s the dude who played Jeremy?” That’s pretty much been the exact same reaction anytime a non-Lee Hong Ki fan who has only ever encountered him via You’re Beautiful reacts in seeing him Choi Kang Joo in BotC. I know he’s an idol boy and likely quite flamboyant and playful in real life, but can I ask the boy to keep his hair black forever and wear suits more often? He looks so good in BotC it’s mind boggling, or maybe just good as in exactly my particular dish of tasty man candy. I’ve loved Choa‘s song off the OST “Words I Couldn’t Say Yet” ever since it was released, the entire soundtrack is thus far fantastic but this definitely my favorite track. Which makes it doubly awesome that this song is the one Lee Hong Ki gets to release a version of and the full song just dropped. It was first used in the drama in episode 7 when wuri Kang Joo starts thinking about his time with Doo Rim but I’m guessing we’ll be hearing a lot more of it going forward. I actually hope Lee Hong Ki releases another song for the sountrack, I confess that not only did I gloss over his scenes in You’re Beautiful, I also glossed over his singing for that drama as well. I never understood the hullabaloo over the so-called bus singing scene. Miahne Hong Ki baby! Noona will make it up to you by devoting the next four weeks to waxing rhapsodic all about you and BotC. All you need to do is kiss Yang Jin Sung more in the drama, preferably at least three times per episode. Accidentally kissing will also reluctantly be accepted as counting towards the kissing requirement.

Lee Hong Ki’s version of “Words I Have Yet to Say”:

[youtube id=”rXW3SK987fE” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Bride of the Century Releases New OST Lee Hong Ki’s Version of Words I Have Yet to Say — 21 Comments

  1. You crack me up! Does this mean that you’re going to check him out in We Got Married? I believe you skipped him on your last watch. While he & a Fujii Mina were no where near as adorable as Gui Gui & Taecyeon, Lee Hong Ki was adorably clueless, dense, and so sweet at the same time.

    • ewww…don’t watch his wgm. it’s totally going to ruined kangju’s perfect image lmao!
      his wife is so needy and annoying, i prefer taecgui!

  2. I also glossed over him in you’re beautiful because I thought his character was such a filler that most of the time he was on screen it was non existent. The bus singing was not all that at all but the title song that he sang in you’re beautiful was nice. Other than that you wouldn’t even have noticed him if not for his characters silliness in that drama. But in BotC it is totally different and you probably wouldn’t have connected the two if you don’t google his name. That is because the 2 characters are so different. Can’t wait for your next BotC update.

  3. Actually I’d skip all of the personal stuff on him in order to enjoy him as Kang ju on Bride of the Century. It’s like Kim Soo Hyun – what do we know about the guy really except that he’s a good actor and maybe a couple other tidbits. This is coming from someone who liked hongki – even when he he used to be fat, blonde, jeremy-esque, mischievous, etc. And I still like him for his singing voice, transparency, the way he takes care of his prims, and now as an actor.
    He is doing such a good job in Bride of the Century and it took me awhile to get used to him like this, but it really does ‘suit’ him.

  4. Ohh.. You got the right idea my dear koala…
    3 kisses per episode… Excluding hand holding, hugging…
    Wait can’t … Hope the writers are reading this and make our dreams come true… 😉

  5. I can listen to this song all day with a crazy smile on my face! Hope they release some official MV for this so we can watch him singing this song!
    How I wish that he gets to sing this live in any of the music variety shows!

  6. Ahhh! Thanks. I have been playing he one from the drama with the dialog over it – which isn’t horrible, but short.

    Mostly, I have been playing “My Girl” on repeat as I do the tedious stuff at work.
    “Baby sweet, my gurrrr. ‘Cause you’re my gurrrrr…”

    I think that LHK was very smart in choosing this role. Kang Ju allows us to not see Jeremy on screen anymore. I really hope he does another “Roy” like role again – with all the wardrobe choices that go with – before receding back into the cute.

    I have stayed away from most spoilers so far, not that it matters in a wonderfully predictable show like this…counting down to when the raw is released…

  7. I don’t think Hongki will have his hair forever black. But I’ll be his forever fan when it comes to his singing. He’s so underrated in Korea with regards to his singing (and his band for that matter). But I’m glad he keeps on reinventing himself. I hope that someday he will be able to act his dream role of a villain.

  8. *agree*
    he looks good in suits…
    i love him as a singer too…
    this newest song definitely is gonna be an addition to my collection…
    i dunno if you’ve listened to “Don’t Love Me” by LHK, you’ll definitely love it.
    thanks for the post koala sis. 🙂

  9. Yeah, I agree…LHK shud just let go of his flamboyant style & more of this manly boy next door image….His handsome & so cool here, that having a hard time matching him with the eccentric FTIsland lead singer. However now when looking at his face clearly, he is really bless with good features, not the pretty boys type but more of the Jimmy Lin boyish type…hope he’ll keep this image even after BotC

  10. ℓɑℓɑℓɑ -(´▽`)/ ‎​ℓɑℓɑℓɑ \(´▽`)- I love the song too.. And yess I love his voice… Really beautiful.. Indeed…!!! Lee hong ki wgm cannot see it.. Make my heart pain.. ◦°(ʃ☐ƪ)°◦ hope this drama could have happy ending… 🙂

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