Baek Jin Hee Makes First K-drama Return in 4 Years with KBS Weekend Drama The Real One Has Appeared Opposite Kwak Si Yang

The title of this drama is so apropos with the casting lol but it’s nevertheless good news to hear. K-actress Baek Jin Hee and underrated K-actor Kwak Si Yang have been cast in the next big KBS weekend drama titled The Real One Has Appeared. It will premiere in April 2023 and by then it would have been four years since Baek Jin Hee was last onscreen in a lead role in Feel Good to Die. She broke out with weekend K-drama I Summon You, Gold! which is makjang classic amazingly fun drama to watch from ye olde days of 2013 so I’m glad she’s coming back with a weekender after her last few dramas have been just meh prior to the hiatus. And starring opposite Kwak Si Yang is doubly awesome so I’m looking forward to this one.

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All Employees Wants to Kill Boss Kang Ji Hwan in Previews for KBS Office Drama Feel Good to Die

The posters and teasers for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Feel Good to Die actually look good but I’m not terribly optimistic about the drama getting high ratings. Recent office dramas have been middling to flops and this one looks a tad … Continue reading

Kang Ji Hwan, Baek Jin Hee, and Gong Myung Lead Script Reading for KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Happy if You Died

The Wed-Thurs time slot remains a ratings depressed zone and I’m not feeling optimistic that the upcoming KBS drama Happy if You Died will inject a boost to the proceedings even if I love the dark humor of its drama … Continue reading

K-stars Attend Wedding of Top Announcer and MC Couple Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young

This weekend was the star-studded wedding of famous Korean annoucing and MC couple Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young, both super photogenic and quite popular in the industry judging by the parade of famous faces and names in attendance. … Continue reading