Written and Video Preview for Bride of the Century Episode 13

In the ongoing speculation over whether Doo Rim gets pregnant in Bride of the Century, which may be a deus ex machina way of solving a lot of impasses, I think a new cast picture below answers that question. I find all the twists and turns in BotC entertaining and mostly unexpected. I don’t over think this drama at all, sitting around conjuring up future plot points or analyzing the morality of Doo Rim marrying Kang Joo as Yi Kyung or her getting guilted and cowed into giving him up. These are minor dust-ups in the bigger picture, which is that both Kang Joo and Doo Rim are alive after the wedding and managed to find the one person they love so much they are willing to put everything on the line. I think that bottom line understanding between them shapes how this drama will head towards its ending, namely Kang Joo and Doo Rim doing what is right but holding true to their love for each other until the time comes when they can be together.

The written preview for episode 13 is out and builds on what we see in the video preview. I loved how quickly Kang Joo absorbed the Doo Rim as substitute princess deception reveal in episode 12 and still wanted her. The problem is he’s no aware of the bigger danger lurking out there, namely that President Ma and Yi Kyung have his mom on the leash with the threat to reveal his grandma’s homicidal past. He also doesn’t know the pressure Doo Rim is under, with the order from Kang Joo’s mom to stay away as well as her understandable consideration for poor comatose Yi Hyun. I’m so glad he woke up at the end of episode 12, he slept much longer than I expected but his return to he story will add another weapon to the good side to counter President Ma. I also want to find out more about his back story and how he ended up in that family. There is still so much story left to tell I really hope the drama crams it all into the remaining episodes and not be stingy on the OTP making out either.

Written preview for episode 13:

Kang Joo and Yi Kyung visit Yi Hyun at the hospital and run into Doo Rim. Yi Kyung purposely takes Kang Joo’s arm as they leave. Doo Rim sees this and because she can’t hold onto Kang Joo her heart hurts. Kang Joo throws himself into his job to forget Doo Rim, and doesn’t open his heart up to Yi Kyung continuing to treat her coldly.

Preview for episode 13:

[youtube id=”7uLsJTJyKVM” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Unless Yang Jin Sung just ate an entire 16 pound fried turkey all on her own, then that is a fake belly I see on her which means Doo Rim is pregnant! Yay! I’m so relieved Kang Joo doesn’t believe a word Yi Kyung says (it annoys me when blatant villains spout lies and the trusting hero believes it even for a nanosecond) but he’s not going to be of much help in bringing her side down unless he is fully aware of what is at stake. I also think grandma’s actions need to be revealed no matter what, if it’s going to be buried then it’s not fair to Kang Joo’s dad, plus it’s clear Kang Joo’s mom wasn’t complicit in it. I thought Kang Joo took a back seat to the action in the middle episodes but now he’s coming to the forefront and I’m thrilled to see how he uses his heart and intelligence to win himself a bride of the century.


Written and Video Preview for Bride of the Century Episode 13 — 41 Comments

  1. omo pregnant after one try?! lol go Hongki. i still feel bad for the dad, he really loved his first wife. feel bad for the mom but she knows she can’t get much loving from her husband.

    • everyone says pregnant after one try, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but that it’s all it takes, one try, so be ready once is enough for humans, sometimes you do sometimes you are lucky and no but it is like Russian roulette… I thought it was common knowledge. Unprotected sex leads to stds or pregnancy.

  2. thank you for writing this..it helps me a lot to endure the pain while waiting for the next episode..
    luv kangjoo and doorim so much..saranghae hongki ssi..

  3. Thanks for the written preview and recap.exciting episodes ahead.thank you koala for recapping this series coz i need to wait next tuesday for botc to be sub (sob sob) always open your recap and watching raw to make sense of it lol

  4. Omg super excited for friday !!!! Too bad the written preview is just the same as the video one since Im expecting something different as it used to be hehe

  5. Can we have a faint? Come on, this show has had everything. Give us Doo Rim fainting and KJ finding out she’s pregnant. We might as well go the whole hog.

    • Yes please! DR fainting would be awesome!I mean, while KJ is near and getting a whole cute and surprised face…
      By the way, this is my first time wwriting about a K-drama … and I’ve been watching them since 2011… I think I’ve seen a very good ones…. but it’s funny how none of them made me write a comment… Sure I did comment them with other friends, but never (til now) on the web!! Don’t know who’s “fault” is this… probably it’s ‘donsaeng’ Lee Hong Ki’s good acting…(yeah I’m a noona to him)

    • Yes, we need a fainting to prove she is pregnant, followed by another princess carry and a doctor’s pronouncement that she should be put in bed rest. After all, this drama is determined to leave no cliche unmolested…

  6. Whaaaa! KJ bull’s eye! That was a heck of a job if he got it right away.. cross finger.. I really hope he did. I like KJ’s character alot he is not a dummy or stupid character very rare in Kdramaland. I know he’s up to something, he wont go down easily.

  7. Oh by the way… I forgot to mention on my last comment… THANK YOU very much for your recaps OCKoala… Although this is definately not my first K-drama (watching since 2011), this is the first time I’ve seen some episodes RAW (from ep.11)… that’s a whole new experience…

  8. JooRim baby??? yes please give it to me. I really hope they reconcile mid episode 13 so they can work together and kick President Ma and Yi Kyung’s butt.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love what you said… use his heart and intelligence to win himself a bride of the century. That to me is the exciting part, how he’s going to do this!!!!

    • LOL, it was easy to miss – they were both wearing a ton of clothes (including a huge honking necklace on her part) and sitting up in bed and we faded to black with one chaste kiss. Steamy, this is not.

      • LOL, he was still wearing his cloths including his turtle neck when he woke up.

  10. I really love this otp. Love kj character because he’s so different from all the other leading men in kdramaland, and jr can kick ass! Plus i love hongki and ftisland…haha.

  11. OMG! A baby?ds is so cool,love ds drama sooooo…much.yk & president ma really deserve whts coming their way.bt i knw dt its goin t b an easy ride for dm & kj.cnt wait for the next episode

  12. A baby??? Good!!!! Someone mention above saying that don’t want this drama to end, so do I.

    How I wish they extend more episode. Kkkk I become more greedier for this drama.

    • Or what about a sequel?? hehe I know K-dramas usually don’t do 2nd seasons but… I can keep dreaming right?

  13. Finally watched ep 11 and 12 with subs. I have loved this drama but my enthusiasm for DR is g-o-n-e GONE!!! She was the liar, the deceiver, etc., and now she treats JR is cruelly. She doesn’t deserve him anymore. I’m disgusted! What time is live stream eastern time tomorrow? I always try to catch it and end up missing it!

  14. I finally caught up with this show.
    I really like how they are handling the separation and the fact they are fighting again…over nothing again…I was afraid that once they got all lovey-dovey the spark be gone.

    I also noted the difference in the way KJ from the beginning is able to treat YK with distain and dripping sarcasm. But when he tries the same sh^t with DR, she shuts him down and he ends up sputtering.

    The fighting has a cold indifferent feel with YK, but with DR, he can’t stand her having the upper hand, and she can’t stand him being so bossy.

    HOW DO THEY DO THIS? It’s the same actress, but I totally believe there are two of them.

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