Tong Hua-penned Drama Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan Premieres April 21st

There are two C-dramas scheduled for airing towards the end of April and I’m interested in both just to stack the odds that if one sucks I still have another shot at striking a watchable one. The more high profile is Bu Bu Jing Qing, the modern day sequel to the Qing dynasty period drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. BBJX was adapted from the Tong Hua novel but the famous writer is not involved with the sequel other than letting the production company use the characters from her original novel. This is exactly what makes it so coincidental that the other C-drama about to air Perfect Couple is actually filmed from a screenplay written by Tong Hua herself! Yup, the upcoming period rom-com-with-a-side-of-melo Perfect Couple (金玉良缘 which literally translates Golden Jade Good Destiny but is a classic phrase for a fated couple) starring Wallace Huo and Tang Yan is actually the first screenplay Tong Hua has penned which is why I’m dying to check out whether her style and story construction works when constructed solely for the television screen.

I’m curious if the scheduling of these two dramas was intentionally to go head-to-head – Perfect Couple premiering April 21st and airing three episodes a night on Jiangsu Television while Bu Bu Jing Qing bows the day after on April 22nd also airing three episodes a night on Zhejiang Television. Thus far the only thing about both dramas that is a total win with me right off the bat is the theme song for Perfect Couple. All the released OST tracks for BBJQ has been uninspired to say the least but the brand new theme song for Perfect Couple is the perfect period ditty duet performed by Della Ding and drama leading man Wallace Huo. It’s called “Good Times” and is composed by Richie Ren and ColaKai and I can’t stop listening to it. It is so good. If that theme song alone makes Perfect Couple worth watching then so be it. Check out the short preview, the just released theme song, and watch the long 22-minute official trailer.

First official TV preview spot:

[youtube id=”afPiiqr7vHI” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Opening theme song “Good Times” with Della Ding and Wallace Huo:

[youtube id=”Mu8r4FZYWjM” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Official long 22-minute trailer:

[youtube id=”KhaAg7VZPVo” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Did you guys like the OST theme song “Good Times”? I love love Wallace’s singing voice (always have), but paired with Della it’s just magic. Of course narratively it would have been great if Wallace and Tang Yan could have sung this duet, but Tang Tang’s voice is just annoying and she can’t sing. I hope she continues to rock her incredible chemistry with Wallace from Chinese Paladin 3 all the way here. Click here to download the song “Good Times” (mediafire mp3 file).


Tong Hua-penned Drama Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan Premieres April 21st — 24 Comments

    • I doubt it. These are airing two or three episodes a night five nights a week. I’ll die trying to recap and eventually be overwhelmed until I give up.

  1. I’m excited about both dramas but looking forward to Perfect Couple more. I’m sooooo happy TongHua penned a happy ending because I’ve been craving their happy ending we didn’t get in CP3. After 6 years, Wallace Huo and Tang Yan still look so good together! LOL, I’m even excited about the angst and misunderstandings that take place midway through in the drama (according to the 20 minute trailer) because it means grovelling from the hero.

    Will have to download BBJQ for my mom once it airs, unless it’s available on the TVPad. It’s funny and a bit weird for my mom to have a fandom, but she’s a sucker for Feng Shao Feng (*meh* he’s so-so) and Nicky Wu ever since his TVB and HK movie days.

    • You’re a nice daughter. ^^ Your mom’s tastes are typical of the older generation, nice blank wholesome leading men are definitely easier to watch.

  2. Finally! My mom can’t wait for this drama – she literally asks me when it’s going to air like everyday! I’m really picky about my C-dramas though, so maybe will check it out. I do hope that with all these recent airing dates that the drama that Ruby Lin & Yuan Hong will air later this year too. One can only hope~!

  3. well perrect couple is going to be better than bbjq since tonghua worked on it. =) i hope april 21 comes soon i am really looking forward to perfect couple.

  4. The OTP pairing can’t be any more perfect. Wallace Huo and Tang Yan’s chemistry explodes on-screen! I thought it would air next year so this is definitely a pleasant surprise. I’ll be adding this onto my LONG list of shows. At this rate, I’m going to fail my finals. That’s the sacrifice of being a drama addict.

  5. I can’t wait to watch this drama. The only thing that turned me off was when Wallace stabs Tang Yan and the sword is like thru her heart all the way to her back. Unless she’s immortal that is one deadly stab..

  6. Sorely need a good drama to scrub Gong 3 off my mind (but images of Lu Yi to retain :P).

    Looking forward to Jin Yu Liang Yuan! It seems so cute.

  7. Whoa, did I just watched the entire series in that 22minute trailer?

    It’s been years since I last watched a chinese drama, perhaps this will be a good starting point 😀

  8. I Love Tong Hua and was absolutely thrilled when I saw the trailer, I’m excited to see the characters she’s crafted. Wallace has a brilliant comedic side I’ve loved since Love At First Fight, he was such a rascal. His serious characters are broody and smexy but I think that boy’s face was made for comedy, he can do about ten expressions in a milisecond.

    BBJQ has potential, but I’m anticipating 犀利仁师 as it’s more comedy oriented.

  9. Gosh the dubbing is horrendous and it looks campy. If you could be so kind as to let us know when the last week rolls around? I will just catch the ending.

    I was severely put off by the stabbings.

  10. I just finished watching the entire Perfect Couple (even without subs for most episodes).. It wasn’t perfect and had it’s ups and downs. But I’m amazed by Wallace Huo’s improvement in acting. Prior to this, I watched three of his dramas of the following order, At the dolphin bay, The sound of colors, Love at first fight (which i dropped). I dismissed him as flower vase actor after that and stopped watching his dramas. However, I was fortunately proven wrong in the Perfect Couple. Now I’m off to watch some of his dramas.. Can anyone give me suggestion which ones should I watch (where Wallace has better acting chops and the plot isn’t too bad).

    • How about some of his popular ones: Chinese Paladin 3 w/ Tang Yang (but watch it for He Ge & Wallace, BROMANCE), Qing Shi Huang Fei w/ Ruby Lin.

      And the recent one, Battle of Changsha. Heard he’s fantastic in it.

      • Thanks annefam. I’m watching Chinese Paladin 3 right now and I’m on episode 25. I have to say other than white tofu everyone is annoying me a bit. But White Tofu makes it tolerable.. My only grudge is he doesn’t have enough screen time.. I’ll give other dramas a try as well.

      • I’m watching Battle of Changsha.. OMG … One word, AMAZING. Normally I shy away from war movies of any kind. I watched the first episode and I got hooked. Currently I’m on episode 11. Non-Wallace Huo fans can still enjoy it for the plot.. It is so well acted, executed and directed.

        I found myself annoyed with the bratty spoiled twins and their wealthy self absorbed family. But this war is teaching them a hard lesson in life and enabling them to see the harsh reality of a war. Also, Gu QingMing (Wallace Huo) is so super awesome that I want to marry him.

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