Bride of the Century Gears Up for Joint China-Korea Production C-drama Remake

Anyone ready for round two of Bride of the Century? No, I’m not talking about a sequel maybe involving a reformed Yi Kyung meeting her perfect man who ends up having a family curse spanning generations. What’s coming is a Chinese flavored Bride of the Century courtesy of a C-drama remake that is right around the corner. This is the second popular K-drama this year to get scooped up for a remake, the first being You From Another Star. BotC was popular streaming on the Chinese drama watching sites and garnered a lot of buzz which quickly led to a production company approaching Chosun TV to discuss buying to rights for the remake. The only saving grace that would compel me to even check out the C-version is that the remake will be a joint Chinese-Korean production and behind the helm will be the PD who directed BotC as well as his entire directorial team from lighting to costuming.Β Part of me wonders why they don’t just buy BotC and dub it in Chinese and air it directly, but then I remembered SARFT being totally hard-asses lately and grinding down on foreign dramas airing on Chinese television.

The C-version of BotC will reportedly star a Korean actor paired with a C-actress, with the production looking for a Korean male actor who has Lee Hong Ki‘s warmth and appeal and promising a C-actress who can play both roles of Yi Kyung and Doo Rim as well as Yang Jin Sung did. I think this remake will also need to hope for lightning in a bottle that the two leads will generate as much natural chemistry as Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung sparked with each other. That stuff can’t be predicted and is either there or it isn’t. I can’t stop this remake from happening but I don’t think botching it (highly likely) will ruin my affection for the original. The production has stated that the remake will be tweaked to infuse it with Chinese flavor for the local audiences, which leave me scratching my head as to exactly what that means. I’ve watched plenty of C-dramas and I honestly don’t know what C-flavor is since the dramas coming out of China are all over the place. I’ll keep an eye on this as it develops but for now it’s keeping Bride of the Century in the news longer. Check out the latest pictures the PD posted with Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung on set.


Bride of the Century Gears Up for Joint China-Korea Production C-drama Remake — 25 Comments

  1. Can they remake chemistry? The most important thing in BOTC was the two leads. You don’t have them you got nothing. It would be safer to cast hong ki and jin sung again and dub them since everything on Chinese TV is dubbed anyway. Hong ki needs to act more.

    The pd did say that the story will be different and it won’t really be a remake. I hope he is not lying.

  2. The most important about BOTC was the leads. Their chemistry is undeniable. Look at the way she is holding on to hong ki in the first picture off camera. They connected during this drama. It is very hard to remake that. They could always use the lead actors again and dub them. That would be the safe route.

    I am just glad hong ki got some notice for his work. He needs the confidence. Meh can do great things but he needs to practice. Practice means more acting.

  3. I am looking forward to it . I belief chinese actors have more to give in showing feelings that touches the heart of viewers . Concerning the chemistry between both actors it most likely will be great. So bring it on

    • What does being chinese have to do with showing more chemistry? Didn’t you read the article? It says KOREAN actor with CHINESE actress!!!! I personally think it’s an insult to hongki to replace him with another KOREAN actor πŸ™ Boo.

  4. I hope that they would at least star it with chinese actors and not korean actors. Not that I’m scared that they will outshine Hongki and Jinsung, but I think it would be more appropriate or Why don’t they just hire Hongki and Jinsung to act as leads again? That would be a whole lot better. I would honestly watch it all over again. Just hire the original OTP.

  5. I love it when Ockoala still spazzing over BotC and even sharing BTS of BotC from the director’s Instagram.

    well. I just ‘don’t mind’ whatever they’re trying to do. try to make a remake, novel, anime or whatsoover. the original BotC played by Lee Hongki and Yang Jinsung isthe best for me. no one can beat JuRim couple. yeah, that’s all my opinion.

  6. This is a remake that could work.
    The story has so many cool neato elements, and it’s romantic AND spooky.

    I’d watch it!

  7. c-heirs
    c-you who came

    all of them remakes and all of them will star a Korean male lead? haha that’s a little funny but im sure ill watch them all once they get subbed

  8. I don’t think you can compare a k-drama to a c-drama. K-drama are well executed. Bride of the Century was one of a kind and I loved it. The chemistry between Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung was on fire. You can’t fake that. Good luck with finding actors as good as them. I doubt that c-drama remakes will surpass the original k-dramas. Remakes are never a good idea.

  9. i don’t think they can replicate the chemistry between Hongki and Jinsung.
    BOTC using a Korean male lead and a Chinese female lead. how on earth they going to communicate and understand each other in a deeper level in order to create those romantic feeling?

  10. i totally agree with the chemistry thingy..why i like BOTC a lot is due to the chemistry followed by the story line…without it i usually will just skipped the whole series..

  11. Thus Friday in at 2pm South Korea time tv Chosun is going to lives stream a BOTC staff reunion. I cannot read korean so I have to go on what others have said. I has been posted on several blogs so hope it is true.

    I will try to get the link and post it.

  12. the best thing about BOTC was the two lead. they both just look so good together. hope they both can pair up again.

  13. just love watching BotC over and over again. Yes, it is the chemistry of hong ki and jing sung that makes it all worth watching for the nth times

  14. Kang ju and Doo rim’s affection is a very special affection and no any other korean leads have ever had that kind of affection and i think Botc is the best korean drama ever πŸ˜‰ & i keep watching it over and over again. Their characters cant be portrayed unless they redo the role

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