God’s Gift: 14 Days Ends on a Nonsensical Unsatisfying Ending Leaving Viewers Fuming

Today God’s Gift: 14 Days wrapped up in what amounts to a giant slap in the face to its small but loyal group of viewers. This drama never garnered ratings but generated a good amount of buzz due to the best thing about it – the performance and character of male lead Jo Seung Woo. The unnecessarily twisty and turny plot was actually its crutch but was made bearable by the sheer pleasure of watching Jo Seung Woo blaze a path through the drama filled with plenty of other good actors like Lee Bo Young and Kim Tae Woo. I loved the first gripping episode but it went downhill fast for me once the plot overly relied on red herrings, shock tricks, and plenty of Lee Bo Young doing stupid things. Her leading lady character was godawful, a workaholic mom who turns into a raving mother hen lunatic once she gets a second chance to save her daughter Saet Byul.

It didn’t help that I also found Saet Byul beyond annoying, not saying even dramatically I wanted her character to die because she’s done nothing wrong, but goodness half the problems in this drama would have been avoided had Saet Byul obeyed her parents and used her brain before running off all the time. I kept watching because it was easy to watch once I stopped taking the story seriously and just wanted to see how the time-travel back twist got resolved and also see the bad guys get their comeuppance. In the end it was thoroughly deflating with a side of “let’s cram all the final exposition and revelations into ten minutes and thnxbai suckers!” I spent the last ten minutes with an expression best described as a cross between “da fuq is this?” and “you gotta be kidding me!”. This post is devoted to venting about how bad this drama ended without delivering any narrative satisfaction. My takeaway is Jo Seung Woo and a stinging reminder that K-dramas are not to be trusted until the very last credits roll.

How does the drama end? Jo Seung Woo’s character Ki Dong Chan commits suicide for no reason other than some fortune teller lady claiming that “one must die for this cycle to end” and he figured it had to be him. Turns out Dong Chan was Saet Byul’s killer in the original timeline after being set up to think his mom killed her and thus he tossed her body in the river much like his brother Dong Ho was set up. Then Dong Chan was tossed in the river by gangsters at Ji Hoon’s orders to avenge Saet Byul’s death. This was being repeated in the current timeline except Saet Byul managed to move in the last second and Dong Chan realized she was still alive. Then there was a huge plop in the river and cut to black as Dong Chan decides he needs to die. Come again, Dong Chan? Plus we don’t even see the heart and soul of this drama actually die? WHUT? In a super quickie ending, the President reveals all of his families and subordinates crimes and Dong Ho is released from prison while Soo Hyun and Saet Byul happily walk by the river. If the drama has any legitimate reason for Dong Chan to die then it needs to be damn straight about it because his ending smells like crap to me. Ugh, this drama was already just middling but the ending vaults it into raging inducing pile of shit territory. Feel free to vent here until you can wipe the bitter taste from your mouth.

Poor Dong Chan! *sobs* I’m not upset his character died, cinematic death is part and parcel for dramatic impact and narrative payoff. Except here it had zero impact since we didn’t experience it and there was no narrative payoff because it made no sense! That is why I’m mad. Once I get over my rage I’m sure I’ll settle down to reach the calm conclusion that it was totally worth watching this drama just for Jo Seung Woo’s perfect and darling Ki Dong Chan.


God’s Gift: 14 Days Ends on a Nonsensical Unsatisfying Ending Leaving Viewers Fuming — 77 Comments

  1. I guess no drama right now would compare to Bride of the Century in terms of OTP, narrative, time travel and plot. At least in BotC it was worth spending 16 hours of my time watching a good decent well written drama.

    • Yeh tell that to those who watched Prime Minister and I and waited for spectacular ending kiss to bound our OTP again. What we got was a handshake. A freaking handshake ughhhhhhhhhhh.

      • and then there’s this drama called Marry Him If You Dare. No one got married, no one dared. absolutely nothing happened in that drama.

      • This. It started out as a happy happy romcom, complete with slapstick and ended up praising zombie wives and with the epic “passionate handshake”. Not even rom-com is safe in dramas anymore.

        The writers/channels/whoever is doing it think they are being cool if they don’t finish what they started and just leave it all open and ridiculous. Pretentious to the max. Someone should knock them down a peg and tell them their medium is not fine art to begin with, let alone if they keep ruining the only things they *can* do well.

      • hahahaha i’m laughing to keep from crying because that drama’s ending body slammed me.

      • Haha.., you guys are funny…esp reyna and the author of this article too.., ‘vault into raging inducing pile of shit territory’ had me rolling..

  2. I thought I missed something and went back to re-watch the last 10 minutes! The ending was sh*t!! I have to say tho that I salute to the actor JSW for bringing the role of Ki dong chan to life!!

  3. Thanks Captain Koala for this forum. I too am baffled by the ending. When Saet Byul moved and I thought Dong Chan noticed it, I thought he would then abandon whatever he was planning to do, and everyone gets a happy ending. But instead we get ??? Was there an editing snafu that deprived us from understanding what happened to Dong Chan? Was the writer/director trying to be too clever? Hmmm…Too bad.

  4. Oh tell me about it! They should atleast have showed him dying so that I could stop second guessing his status in k-dramaland and now all we’re left with is a 5% chance that he might just have lived from the rear-end of someone standing beside Young-gyu when Dong-ho got out of prison. I hope they clear it up with us in the drama special.

  5. Thanks for confirming the crap ending because I was so confused by it and didn’t / couldn’t believe that Dong Chan died in the end. There was no reason for it at all. If there was some “cosmic” something or other, and maybe if the Loch Ness monster appeared and demanded a sacrifice and would only allow one person to leave the lake / river (whatever!), then I could have accepted that Dong Chan chose to die.

    In this case, it was more like WTF?!

    So in a moment of clarity (Dong Chan’s not ours!) – we are to believe that Dong Chan decided to run backwards, drop Saet Byul, then continue his walk into the river because he thought there needed to be an exchange?!!! Why did Soo-Hyun not stop him?

    If in a moment of flashback he realised that he was Saet Byul’s killer in the first instance, then it would have made perfect sense for him to redeem himself by saving her this time round. But no, our hero goes to drown himself?!

    Then again maybe Dong Chan decided to drown himself because the ending was so stupid and he couldn’t take it and it was a case of “kill me now” for him! =(

  6. I have been refreshing all sites just to find a place to vent. Unlike, some other people, despite the crazy of the plot, I really liked this show. It kept bringing surprise after surprise in a genre that does not surprise me nearly enough. And I love Jo Seung Woo. He has IT. I have been known to say (only have jokingly) that I’d leave my husband for him, but that is another story.

    I really feel that the ending failed his character and the depth and redemption that his character deserved. I would have been sad at his death, which I thought was coming, devastated even if there has been any narrative sense to it. And there were many ways there could have been narrative sense (as I said, I thought he would have to dies and was dreading it); however, suicide and no closure and to show Seat Byul and her Soo Hyun walking happily by the river? In what future is this? They were all too bonded to not have some reflection as if they have just forgotten all about him.

    Sigh, this is not the first time I have been outraged by a drama that I liked up until the last couple of minutes–I’m talking to you Iris!), but I am still not used to the taste of bile.

    • I totally agree about the ending not doing enough with his death. It’s supposed to come off as a noble sacrifice but lands with no impact, and worse, seems a little silly even. I think it was always going to end up with him making this choice, but whoa, it’s either a time/editing/directing fail that made it seem so unsatisfactory. I have no problems with his death if that’s the way the drama wanted to go, but don’t undermine it by being wishy washy. I guess that’s what irks me the most–we don’t even get to see him die in some stupid attempt at fanservice seeing as how popular his character was.

  7. I can’t believe I invested so much of my emotional energy into this drama only to be smacked in the face at the end. I spent the whole evening yesterday yelling ‘screw you, drama’ at my screen. Much calmer now.

    The only thing I’m grateful for is the character of Dong Chan. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with any character in a long time like I did with Dong Chan. I don’t know if I’m projecting the character onto the actor but jo seung woo is such a beautiful man and I don’t mean just his looks. It was a pleasure watching him play this role.

  8. I didn’t watch the drama but I followed along with reaps and loved every minute of it until the last episode. WHAT THE HECK. Are you kidding me? You can’t KILL the male lead off. that’s…just wrong no matter WHAT type of kdrama this is rom-com or action or drama. And yes, I agree, Dong Chan was the SOUL of this drama, and you just get rid of him? That’s just wrong…kdramas lately have been SO flat and ruining endings it’s like people went to writing classes and and weren’t taught how to write endings…instead just told well fuq the ending do whatever you want, kthxbye…UGH. I keep getting burned by kdramas I’m turning to kentertainment shows instead.

  9. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After loving it for 7 weeks straight, the final week made it into one of the worst dramas for me…

    The only good thing about the drama: JO SEUNG WOO ♥ ♥

    • I totally agree with you! Here I was telling anyone who cared to watch! It was great throughout….why oh why did they have to end it so crappy? Which may then explain Dong Chan dying of shame here…..

    • Same here.. I was liking the drama even Soo Hyun and Saet Byul’s behavior, but the ending just made me annoyed. Like why? There was no logic in it whatsoever.. I would have been ok with him dying if he died for a legitimate reason and not some “oops, gotta die to make a prophecy true!”

      The good thing about watching this drams: Jo Seung Woo and Dong Chan.

  10. In my other timeline, Dong Chan is alive and a happy uncle playing with Saet Byul and Young Gyu.
    It seems like most dramas have crappy endings. Please let Cunning Single Lady and Three Days at least have a decent one so my invested time watching are worth it.

  11. Im trying to convinve myself that he is still alive. She was holding sae byul in the water with soo hyun running towards him. By the time he cam back to drop saet byul on the ground and go back to drown himself soo hyun qould have found him…also the drop that we geard sounds like someone dropped themselves from a height into the water which int possible simce that river was shallow.
    Personally I think that the death that should happen has been fulfilled…min woo’s dad. If he hadnt died then he would have continued to find justice for his kids murder and we clearly saw hi

  12. Im trying to convinve myself that he is still alive. She was holding sae byul in the water with soo hyun running towards him. By the time he cam back to drop saet byul on the ground and go back to drown himself soo hyun qould have found him…also the drop that we geard sounds like someone dropped themselves from a height into the water which int possible simce that river was shallow.
    Personally I think that the death that should happen has been fulfilled…min woo’s dad. If he hadnt died then he would have continued to find justice for his kids murder and we clearly saw him get stabbed unlike dong chan who just thought that should die! Also when dong ho was released, him and his family would not be so happy unless he saw dong chan there as well. The director was trying to tease us with the back of that guys head.
    I know that these theories mean nothing if the writer clearly intended for Dong Chan but if there is one thing I hate its stupid endings that dont make sense! I did not spend 8 weeks loving this show for this to happen!!!

  13. The best part of this show was ki dong Chan. He may very well be my favorite leading man of 2014. And the actor behind it — Jo seung woo — made his way into my list of favorite actors. You don’t get this kind of film actor/musical performer in dramaland everyday, which is why I cherished every bit of his performance and his complex character. Angry that his character ended up that way since it made no freaking sense, but I’ll try to forget that bad ending and remember the fun ride this show was until the last 15 minutes..

  14. Jo Seung Woo better be in a nicer, well written drama soon. sucks that his talents were just wasted by the writer and PD’s poor judgement.

    • How was his talent wasted in this show? The show makes people fall in love with his character; earns him new fans who think he’s a great actor. The show gives him a platform to showcase his acting talent and the audience see that. Just because the last few minutes of the show do not make any sense, doesn’t mean his talent is wasted. In fact, Ki Dong-chan is probably the most well written character on this show as whole.

  15. Thanks for the opportunity to vent! What a stinking pile!!! They killed off the best thing about this series…Dong Chan! So many loose ends where to start…..Bad Guys? Cheating husband? Seriously?!

  16. The only reason I can find for Dong Chan killing himself is that he was still hopped up on goofballs and couldn’t make a clear decision. One must die or what was going to happen? Saet Byul would disappear in a puff of smoke? That would be the only ending that would make me more crazy than this one. Grrrr! How could the writer and directer do this?

  17. I was in shock after the episode ended and could not believe that the show actually killed of Dong Chan. I sat on it for awhile though and …I actually like the ending. This show has always been tragic…there was no way it would have had a happy ending- not with the way that most people in this drama world were corrupt.

    Also, I think they probably edited the death scene or left it out. I don’t know if they could have shown Dong Chan drowing right now- especially with the Ferry Incident

  18. The drama itself was fantastic and obviously Ki Dong chan was the best! Jo Seung woo pulled off an amazing role and i couldnt be happier with his character.. I mean hes funny as hell, witty, smart, handsome, caring and come on.. Damn right sexy… BUT….
    What the hell was that ending!?!?!?!
    I agree that Saet byul was hella annoying.. never listening, always buggering off.. but i too didnt wish death on her. But still, what in the hell went off at the end?!
    I understand what Dong chan was doing and everything that lead up to that to fit everything together but (theres gonna be a lot of ‘buts’ in this hahaa)… just because some bloody fortune woman said one of the two have to die! What the hell was that!?
    The ending did completely ruin it and not just because poor Dong chan died but because it is like they tried to fit way to much information into the last part just to add a ‘holy crap’ twist of an ending. I mean i didnt for one second think this drama was gonna end all happy dappy, we’re all one big happy family!
    All in all, all I can really say is What the absolute bobin uncles was that!?

  19. I’m very happy now, that I stopped watching after ep 9 although I ADORE Jo Seung Woo (I even watched the whole looooong Horse Doctor just for him) and I liked his character here. But God’s Gift as a whole was too much. All those forced twists, Lee Bo Young increasingly becoming not my cup of tea, I only watched for JSW, but even he couldn’t make me finish it. I would have tried, had the ending been better though.

    See, I even managed to post once without mentioning Secret Love Affair. Oops. 😉

  20. Maybe there was a Dong Chan drowning scene with overlaying exposition(that explains the conclusion) which couldn’t be aired because of the ferry tragedy. I’m just gonna chose to be that scenario.

  21. This article basically sums up everything i have to say about it. The ending was way to quick, and Dong Chan literally dies for NOTHING. WTF. Praises to great acting from Jo Seung Woo and Bora.

  22. Thank God I got bad vibes from the beginning and stopped watching it. My friends always laugh at me because in most Kdramas I’m always saying someone’s going to die…in this case that was true.
    I learned from Single Dad in Love and Fashion King to wait until some dramas end to finish watching it!
    Anyway it also explains why I stick to rom-coms most of the time

  23. Not only the last 15minutes suck..but the whole ending episode. I mean it makes no sense how saet byul’s dad already has her in his arm and he can’t just run to the car and get the hell out of there? Her mom could stall the guy longer before handed the evidence. And the same thing happened back and forth. SB almost got saved and captured again. Also, isn’t it stupid for SB’s dad to clearly say several times that the president knew nothing bout the incident, yet the dad didn’t think to let the president know to see what he would do? We hv to wait until the last minute for the mom to finally think straight and talked to the president abt the truth? And dong chan is supposed to be the smart one here. So his reaction after finding out her mom killed SB was to hide her body in the water??? Really? And SB mom could not just yell “hey SB is still alive. Your mom didn’t kill her. Its a trap” other than yelling “saet byullllll..all over again” .. ki dong chan died because the writer wants to give a shock ending to us..which failed terribly.

  24. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can;t understand the ending for the life of me and I can’t take Dong Chan’s death too. Why, drama, why??
    I don’t understand the last 10 mins, everything happens so fast and it might be a bit editing fail that I see DC in the middle of river, then in riverside. The ending doesn’t make sense anymore.

    Why kdrama writers love to write bad endings?? So many dramas have failed spectacularly at the final episode, leaving me enraged.

  25. How true! I was soooo disappointed by the ending. Simply no reason for ki dong chan to die?! Where his logic came from! Thought the person that was supposed to die for saet byul to survive was ji hoon! Why did the good guy die instead of the guy that indirectly almost killed his daughter?! Nonsense!!!!

  26. When I first started watching kdrama, I would only watch completed dramas, and I would fast-forward through the last episode before beginning, to make sure that the lead characters were not killed off. It doesn’t ruin the story for me…I hate it when the heroes die and don’t even want to begin a drama with a depressing ending! I have been lazy lately but plan on doing this with some of the new dramas, like Golden Cross. I will just sit and wait.

    By the way, I know that some stories really require a sad ending, but those stories are for people who don’t have enough sad endings in real life.

  27. I don’t think DongChan died.. o.O When DongHo came outta prison, DongChan’s mom, Yong Gyu and someone else was there too but never showed his face.. and he’s wearing a suit.. I think that was him.. I dont think SooHyun would be standing at the lake and smiling at the lake, knowing that DongChan killed himself for SaetByul.. She wanted both to live..

  28. Glad I did not watch this! The ending sounds as bad and WTF as the drama Bad Guy…after being burned by that drama I don’t watch dramatic/revenge/thriller dramas until I hear the ending was not crap crazy.

  29. I only watched until episode six because of Dongchan but I somehow felt that no matter what he was going to die. Even I felt annoyed by the girl that plays the daughter. All she had to do was listen to her parents and she would have been safe. I will finish the drama just for Dongchan.

  30. There were annoying bits to this but this was the drama I enjoyed the most this year. But that ending was disappointing. I hope the ferry incident didn’t affect the writing of this, because that was such a cop out at the end.

    After attempting to cheat Fate for the last 14 days, he gives up and walks to his death //while// holding Saet Byul in his arms? And after Soo Hyun has eliminated the source of threat for both their families? I don’t think he died. It’s very likely they were able to save Saet Byul with her mom not far away and the rescue team coming, so it’s just as likely they were able to save Dong Chan as well. The writer wanted us to reason about the open ended ending with that last question “Did the knight survive?”

    • I think they were going for a “The Lady or the Tiger?” effect: you can line out evidence for either ending. The fans may hate it, but they will remember it.

  31. honestly, the way i wanted it to end was happyish…. at least not have dongchan die

    i wanted (after the president found out) for dongchan (which i still don’t understand why he killed saetbyul in the first time line in the first place, i mean just because he was under the influence doesn’t mean he had a reason to just throw saetbyul in the water, unless i’m missing something)to walk out in the middle of the lake contemplating like he was (because i understand why he was doing what he was because he understood his brother’s sentiments from 10 years ago and he was on crazy high alcohol) and then for soohyun to call out saying “she’s alive, you got tricked”

    and then even if he still didn’t stop, she would run into the water and cling to him yelling that she’s alive and no one in his family’s a murderer and that he wasn’t either, then he’d probably gain some of his sense back and plop in the water. Saetbyul would then wake up saying “ajusshi? you came to save me?” or whatever aegyo she would say with a smiling tired face.

    *** good ending
    then they would cut to whatever they were doing for the present day, the president explaining and cleaning up his family’s mess, dongho coming out of prison with his family waiting, the police station acting normally-ish and hyun woo(the hospitalized police officer leader) would wake up and fulfill his punishment and possibly reinstate dongchan as a police officer but he’d refuse (lol), maybe even see byungtae and jenny, then cut to no minwoo (just to see how they’re doing)
    then finally to jihoon (bandaged up and whatnot) in his office looking at a divorce paper, then final cut to saetbyul and soohyun walking with her mother by the lake in mujin where maybe dongchan would be waiting (XDDD) i wanted them to end up together if it were a happy ending… maybe we could even see the fortune teller on the top of the hill looking at them with the photo of saetbyul and soohyun in her hands as they walk towards dongchan (maybe even have the telling of the ending of the mother story)

    **** sad ending
    if it were sad, then whatever was said from the president to the police station would happen, maybe a bit grimmer than the happy ending, then i’m not sure if jihoon would still be looking at the divorce or not but cut to soohyun looking at the lake while saetbyul stands with her grandma.
    cut to flashback
    dongchan explains to soohyun about the fortune teller’s prediction about one dying then she says that it doesn’t have to end as how the fortune teller said but he refuses and hands saetbyul over to her saying that this is the only way for them and his hyung to truly be saved and he runs away from them with soohyun yelling for him to come back as she struggles (with saetbyul in her arms) to run after him
    then cut back to the present
    saetbyul yells for her “umma!” snapping her out of her thoughts, and she plasters a smile on her face and walks towards her family and then end with the story that dongchan was telling his ‘wife’


    its not perfect and there may still be many loose ends not covered but that’s exactly how i wanted the story to end (more or less)
    it’s kinda long so sorry about that, but i just wanted to get this off my chest
    this is just my personal view of this and i was very disappointed with the ending, whether dongchan died or not (which i’m hoping that sillouette behind baro was actually him) but if its due to the ferry tragedy, then i can deal with it because i guess not everyone would want to watch a drama where many people die when thats going on…
    condolences to those families in south korea
    (~T ^T)~ i wanna hug someone~~~~

  32. Maybe he didn’t die just think of dong chan as the man patting behind yong guy n that’s why his brother n ajumma can smile happily at the end 🙂

  33. Omg. Had to vent somewhere! Soooooo mad. Whey kill off the best character in the end?I Makes no sense because of a stupid fortune teller. I dedicated time every week and watch this show religiously only to find out that the main guy commits suicide. Kill me not for wasting my time on this drama. The only good thong out of this drama is that nowe I’ve become a fan of Ki dong chan.

  34. Ok here’s what I keep thinking about. There was a huge splashing sound, he was knee deep in the water. Surely plopping down to the water from that spot wouldn’t make such a huge splash. And it didnt look like there was anything he can jump from. And how would he have been able to drown himself without drowning saet byul too? He would have had to walk back to shore and set her down then walk back into the water. Thinking about that takes away from the dramatic impact of the scene.

  35. Although I’m far from being happy with this ending, I’d just like to point out that SB moved in the first timeline too. There was a button among the 3 pieces of evidence after her body was recovered, and it matched the button on DC’s shirt. Also in episode 2, if you look closely at his shirt/jacket, there was a button missing in the middle, matching the button SB grabbed in the last episode. I guess DC was in too much of a daze in the first timeline to have noticed that SB moved.

    Also, maybe this is to tend to my very broken heart, but I take the ending as an open-ended one (even if the writer will insist that DC died, I refuse to believe it). If you look closely on the scene when DH get’s released, there were 3 people waiting for him, YG, DC’s mom (the shortest), and a man with short hair shorter than YG but taller than mom. Also, DC never answered whether the knight died or lived.

    • Oh. And that plopping sound could have been from SB’s mom jumping in the water, since she was pretty close.

      It’s actually more illogical that he committed suicide, given that he had to bring SB back to land to save her, and then go back to the water, and we know he can swim from the 1st timeline when he saved SH. But given how close SH was to them, this would be pretty much impossible to do.

      Though the ending with DC’s death seems more thematically resonant to me. Still, doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. >_<

  36. You know what, I loved this drama, it was beautifully written and directed. It made us laugh, made us cry and most importantly it too us on such a thrilling journey through out with a completely unpredictable ending.
    I’m sad that it’s a sad ending and it was kinda rushed bu story wise… It’s almost poetic!!!! The hero was all along the one responsible and he finally was able to make things right even if that meant sacrificing his own life.
    God’s Gift-14 days =10/10

  37. As Korean reporters couldn’t put it more adequately, “the real gift of ‘God’s Gift'” is the happiness being together with Jo Seung Woo.” For Korean audience, it is difficult to come by a ticket to see JSW’s musicals and being able to see perform at home in front of TV screen is indeed a gift from heaven!

    Quite frankly, right from episode 2 whether they did the live broadcast scene of Lee Bo Young’s character crying and begging for her daughter, I know that this drama is going nowhere. Everything is so contrived.

    I kept watching this drama for the sake of Jo Seung Woo and Kim Tae Woo. Jo Seung Woo in his heydays can turn a mediocre project into gold. He is also a show stealer. When I watched “Classic” for Son Ye Jin, I ended up taking with me Kim Tae Woo and Lee Ki Woo. I don’t need to mention more about KTW, who is a solid actor who shines even in the smallest roles. (He is the best thing from That Winter the Wind blows). I am just so happy that the international audience get to know JSW through God’s Gift. And quite frankly, I think he is only using 70 % of what he is capable of.

    Lee Bo Young does not quite fare well in this drama, especially compared to JSW, KTW and even the actor who plays JSW’s brother. Her performance sometimes can verge on being mechanical. But honestly, it is also related to the way her character is being written.

    I am feeling sad..because when can I see JSW again on TV dramas???

  38. After watching the finale, it made me feel like I wanna strangle someone…that someone preferably the writer!

    They already mucked up all the other characters and then give Dong Chan such a shitty ending that sends the wrong message to a country prone to suicide.

    It may appear like I’m insensitive but IMO, SB should have died but since the ferry tragedy of people mostly losing their child, we got that one helluva terrible ending. That’s why for me it feels so rushed and doesn’t seem to fit in the narrative for me. SB should have died and God’s Gift would have been SH being able to spend some more time with SB as well as discover the reason behind her abduction and death so she can find the closure she didn’t get on the first timeline in order for her to be able to move on.

  39. You got to be kidding me!!! After all the waiting it was a shity ending. It was totally rushed at the end! Instead of getting revenge it was just a stupid poor ending. I was hoping for one of the bad guys to die the ministry even I wanted to choke him. They would have a short version of part 2! Let the dad die its all his fault the presidents son should of been hung!! Justice!!!

  40. The sequel! The writer probably is thinking about writing a sequel of God’s Gift. Dong Chan is not dead, but has amnesia (like Sun Mi in All About Eve). He lives far far away from everyone he know. The prophecy is fulfilled because ‘Dong Chan’ is dead. But after some time jump, Dong Chan is remember his past, thus the prophecy comes back.

  41. Well, first i was indeed angry that DC died since he could have just carry SB out together and have a happily ever after. But he decided to listen to some prophecy and it pissed me off. -.-
    But i must say after sorting through it was really good, it gave viewers a right to think from our perspective since we always like hero alive, haha.
    DC and SB holds a very good relationship in the show, his ‘wife’ so he must have sacrifice himself or felt the guilt because he did actually killed SB. After their return, he just basically trust the prophecy more but it was really stupid though.And i think the blurry person was WooJin. But the president life is so sad, a killer son, deceiving wife, crazy worker and he needs to reveal the crime when he did nothing. LOL.
    Overall, i think it was a really good plot and i’m satisfied. 😀

  42. They didn’t show us DC dying because the ferry accident happened and lots of kids died drowned, so I think they decided not to show DC dying drowned. But what the fuck was that?

  43. I don’t know why so many people disliked the drama. It was amazing, and I have fallen for cho seung woo’s acting and his character. The storyline was twisting and it left me curious, which I loved about it. O course some characters pissed me off but thats normal in dramas.. About dong chan’s death or not.. I think the writer is leaving it off to let is believe in whatever we want to. He could have died and i would not be surprised he made the decision because he was not in the right state of mind anyways and he may be alive as some pointed out the man with the suit.. HOWEVER, that man in the suit could have been the police officer who takes care of that family out of guilt and on behalf of dong chan. WELL, I WANTED DONG CHAN AND SOO HYUN TO END UP TOGETHER . And about how some people are complaining she just ended up sounding like a lunatic or whatnot.. Thats what a mom would become for her child. It is portraying reality. What mom would be in their right state of mind.

  44. Well, maybe the reason they did not show dong Chan die and we only hear the splash, is that he simply DID NOT DIE!!! That’s it. Simple enough. Hahaha!

  45. I enjoyed the drama episodes except for the last one. Why did Ki Dong Chan die??? Ji hon should but not him. It was all because of him. I am not watching another drama until I have great reviews. That’s it!!!! I’m beginning to hate kDramas. They don’t make it as they used to…..

  46. This was an awful ending, but I am consoling myself with the idea that they left it open for a possible sequel. Idk how that would with though. I thought when the prophecy said one of two must die, that the other was saet byuls dad, which would leave room for a new match between soo hyun and ki dong chan. Even if 10 years passed and he met up with saet byul it’s still better than this!!!! Even if that age difference was a little icky lol. This has to be the worst ending to a series since the American show the sopranos ended with two characters in mid conversation. Terrible!! The little girl would become agorophobic after this, afraid to go outside, many nightmares! Cute little girl but all the crying she did kind of annoyed me, when it was crying just because someone displeased her. That kid got passed around like crazy.
    Here’s a question: WHY NO TRACKING DEVICE ON SAET BYUL?? That made things too easy maybe lol

  47. Plus I’m tired of people in dramas being nonsensically tragic, not telling people things when they should, pointless martyrdom, it’s stupid. And people lying to protect others from painful truths that are completely necessary. That’s a very stupid thing to do, get someone all mixed up and thinking the wrong things for no reason. Hate it!!!

  48. I actually loved the show and the plot. I really liked all the twists and turns and that we never knew who was going to be the next link in the chain. However, I 100% agree that the ending was horrible. I would have much preferred an ending where Ki Dong Chan and Kim Soo-hyun end up together or something. I wish there were more K-dramas with plots like this one rather than the typical goofy romances.

  49. uh huh in 2017, i finally finished watching this drama in the middle of night and then google-ing about the ending.2017 yall 2017 and i have to scro down 2014’s comments. thanks for the ending tho

    • i did a typo there but whatever because i still can’t believe that that f 10 minutes would change my life, completely. Btw hello 2014’s commenter, me from 2017 just watched this drama WHY I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT FRUSTRATED OVER 2014 DRAMA FML

  50. Holy shit I just finished watching this drama. What the fuck was that ending?? Just WHAT? THIS was the best option they had? If you want to kill a character go ahead but this lame suicide was so poorly done, the last 5 minutes were so rushed, the ending of this show is just garbage. The show overall was pretty enjoyable but that ending was just a huge smack in the face, very lame.

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