Triangle Releases First Teaser Featuring the Three Separated Brothers

With all the drama preemptions in the last few days, start getting used to the next batch of upcoming dramas getting pushed back premiere dates. Triangle won’t be one of them since Empress Ki airs on Mon-Tues so last week’s episodes aired prior to the ferry tragedy while MBC elected to not preempt this week’s episodes. That means we’ll be making the acquaintance of the Jang brothers come May 5th and yesterday gave us the first glimpse of what to expect. The first teaser for Triangle at least looks good, even if it also looks like the mashing together of East of Eden with Giant. I still can’t get over how Lee Bum Soo is styled exactly (hair and wardrobe) the way he looked in the early adult sections of Giant. His character in Giant was a henchman of sorts in the beginning hence the jeans and leather jacket look, making it all the more hilarious that his cop character here has the same dress code.

This time around Jaejoong gets to try out being a gangster for size and I have to say he needs to eat a whole lot more for me to believe that he doesn’t get his ass kicked in every street fight. I do find the older two brothers a whole lot more interesting that Im Shi Wan‘s maknae rich boy gambler. He is already coming across as young and smarmy making me itch to punch him in the nose, and it doesn’t help that he has that split part hairdo in some scenes which gives off the image of a suited schemer. Lest we forget this drama has ladies in it, the trailer gives us a glimpse of Oh Yeon Soo looking smart and sharp as Lee Bum Soo’s love interest while Bae Jin Hee makes a blink and you miss you appearance as the woman both younger brothers will fall for. Apparently the boys get separated after their parents die but will reunite in adulthood and then deal with the fallout of their conflicting paths in life.

First teaser for Triangle (English-subbed):


Triangle Releases First Teaser Featuring the Three Separated Brothers — 4 Comments

  1. I adore Lee Bum Soo and Im Shi Wan, but Jaejoong has managed to ruin Protect the Boss for me. The trailer looks good though, we’ll see.

  2. Not too sure if I want to watch this one! I’ll wait until you all comment on it, if its a good response then I may watch, otherwise it hasn’t really pique my interest as a must watch.

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