Yu Zheng Releases Teaser Trailer for Return of the Condor Heroes Amidst Other Plagiarism Allegations

I don’t recall any producer/screenwriter who gets as much hate as Yu Zheng does in China, and frankly it’s all well-deserved. He hasn’t churned out a single watchable drama yet his dramas keep bringing in the ratings. Last week C-ent was abuzz with the biggest news concerning Yu Zheng’s currently airing Gong 3, a drama that even when I watched the trailer immediately made me think Yu Zheng copied famous Taiwanese writer and drama producer Qiong Yao‘s Plum Blossom Brand. Normally all the writers whose work Yu Zheng has copied over the years have just called him out for being a douchebag, but this time Qiong Yao actually penned a letter to SARFT outlining the blatant idea plagiarism and asking for Gong 3 to be taken of the air. She then promptly had conniptions and is currently recuperating in Taipei and her distress had led to actresses that got famous doing a Qiong Yao drama such as Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin to speak out on her behalf. Yu Zheng responded that he didn’t copy anything. Sigh. Due to the popularity of Gong 3, Yu Zheng just dropped the first teaser trailer for his upcoming remake of Return of the Condor Heroes to strike while the iron is hot. I’ve given up on this remake having any semblance to the source novel or even watchable when half the characters are miscast and/or being rewritten in personality and motivation. The release of the teaser immediately garnered the expected levels of netizen scorn for chubby-cheeked Michelle Chen playing lithe lissome cold beauty Xiaolongnu while everyone is heaping excitement over C-actress Dong Xuan‘s gorgeous cameo turn as Ancient Tomb Sect founder Lin Chao Ying. I’m in for Chen Xiao as Yang Guo even of he’s styled as a hobo and has to act opposite Michelle. The teaser is watchable and at least I’m not tempted to spork my eyes out afterwards.

Official teaser for Return of the Condor Heroes:


Yu Zheng Releases Teaser Trailer for Return of the Condor Heroes Amidst Other Plagiarism Allegations — 24 Comments

  1. The only thing I took from this is that Jade Lockheart Palace has 3 seasons…WTF?

    I dislike ROTC the most of the trilogy so I was never going to watch it anyway

    • Apparently he already has plans for a fourth season next year and seeing how well gong 3 is doing (last i checked, online views was second only to the well deserving winner Perfect Couple) so i guess he will have his away (again). I’m guilty of watching gong 3, tempted by Lu Yi, but the plot got so that not even the man can stop me from dropping it..

  2. Trailer looks decent but I hate the CGI and I can’t stomach sitting through so many episodes with Michelle cast as XLN.

  3. but the ROTCH 2006 got the best ost!! I love the theme song so much! its haunting and beautiful plus the cast as drop dead gorgeous compared to this… the lead actress is not pretty enough… hands down, Li Yi Fei is the prettiest among of the remakes. She is a symbol of pure beauty. Huang Xiao Ming is also still the best then, his smile could swoon many ladies including me!!

    • Liu Yifei may be pretty, but she feels like such a wooden actress. Luckily the role of XLN doesn’t require great acting talent >.> I found Huang Xiao Ming to be incredibly annoying as the young YG.

      I don’t mean to sound shallow, but it’s really jarring that XLN (Michelle Chen) is the least-attractive woman in the newest adaption.

      • IKR! Lin Chao Ying is so beautiful in comparison. As for Liu Yifei’s XLN, at least she was pretty to look at!

      • OMG, yes! Huang Xiao Ming was so annoying he kept spitting water up when he was fooling around in some scenes. >.<

  4. Er, why do people in China watch his shows anyway if it’s bad? I am one of those people who will avoid doing things if it’s unethical or help someone continue to be unethical. So unfortunately, wish my not watching would have helped. If I had a ratings box or be part of an audience that counted.

    • That question is the same question I got for “Tiny Times”. Apparently, Part 3 is coming out this year. -_- Can’t believe ppl actually like that movie.

  5. I found that whole plagrisim thing really annoying and Urgh. Well it’s clear that people really don’t care enough to actually speak out where it counts. As in not watch his stuff so the audience of viewers are indirectly supporting his methods. Plus he must be in cohorts with people in high places. Oh well. Money talks.

    • Qiong Yao was hoping that her open letter would make the tv station would pull the series off the airwaves because by the time a lawsuit is filed, the drama would have finished airing, but I don’t see why the tv station would do so, since the drama is really bringing in high ratings. But today Qiong Yao announced that she has appointed a legal rep and is putting in a lawsuit against Yu Zheng and potentially the media channels that are going to buy over the rights to air the show…I really hope she wins the lawsuit. That Yu Zheng has to be taught a lesson on plagiarism. A hard lesson.

  6. it feels so hollywood with that dramatic background music and the full on typography not to mention those english words lol. The costume looks nice tho.

  7. For now, big talks only seems to resulted alot of big rating, high money, popularity & success for Yu Zheng. He knows how to be commercially successful.

  8. IDK…I might be the oddball here but I’m looking forward to this. I don’t mind Michelle Chen and I LOVE Chen Xiao. (:

  9. i don’t know how many times they remake this show already. for me, the original with Andy Lau is the best. I’m not watching any other version. I am surprised people are still watching the remakes. I lost counts.. what else is there to watch?

  10. Now I’m gonna watch Gong 3 just because I’m curious why the drama got bad review but high rating at the same time. LOL..

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