Dr. Stranger Drops Additional Character Stills and Waits an Extra Week to Premiere

I like Kang Sora a lot because she’s one of the few among the young actresses that doesn’t rely on the cute or the charm to buoy her acting. That’s not to say she’s not cute or charming but merely an appreciation for how she acts first and then her natural ease on the eyes is like the cherry on top of the sundae. She’s changed a lot since Sunny and it’s clear some work was done but nothing jarring and if she stops there I’m totally cool with it. She now looks like a younger version of Kim Sun Ah and her acting style is all hard-ass Kim Sun Ah without the side of aegyo. To say I’m looking forward to her acting opposite Park Hae Jin in the upcoming Dr. Stranger is an understatement. I’m pretty much going to give it a try for the two of them and the strange story about a North Korean escapee medical genius surgeon and first love dopplegangers.

Last week God’s Gift: 14 Days wrapped up on SBS Mon-Tues in the most frustrating WTF way but Dr. Stranger is not premiering this Monday and will instead wait until next week to make its debut and avoid the big finale of Empress Ki this week. The production released a lot more official drama stills last week so check out the new characters stills as well as the spotlight being shone on the two female leads Kang Sora and Jin Se Yeon. I think Jin Se Yeon playing two characters will definitely garner interest from the audience to see how she fares as well as what those two characters mysterious purpose is in the drama. I’m hoping the drama keeps the two sets of OTPs intact even if from the synopsis it appears Kang Sora’s character will have wavering feelings for Lee Jong Seok once she meets him even though she’s already engaged to Park Hae Jin. Drama owes me Kang Sora-Park Hae Jin make outs if I’m to dive into what sounds like a wacky premise.


Dr. Stranger Drops Additional Character Stills and Waits an Extra Week to Premiere — 9 Comments

  1. Can jin se yeon have lee jong suk?? I really really like Kang Sora with Park Hae Jin. He needs to have a girl at the end. ESP after Song Yi!!

  2. LJS’s hair looks like in School 2013. I really don’t want to watch Jin Se Yeon, but she keeps being paired with actors I love. Why??
    Kang Sora’s dress in the pic after Haejin’s still is unflattering though.

  3. JSY looks really good with the short hair. She may just fare well if they make her characters as distinct from each other as possible. Or it could totally fall flat. I dunno if I’ll be watching this. Crazy, whacky premise that I feel would only sustain for a few episodes after which it would get medical on us. Hope I’m wrong because I need a good drama – and I have none atm.

  4. I would have been so 100 percent on board with this if Kang Sora was the main female lead, and I really hope she has a good bit to do here and not just play one angle of a love square/typical second female lead.

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