Triangle Releases New Stills Featuring the OTP of Gangster Jaejoong and Casino Dealer Baek Jin Hee

There is apparently a love triangle in the upcoming MBC drama Triangle (har har), which isn’t surprising but for the fact that I’ll go out on a limb and predict the end pairing. The synopsis says Jaejoong, Baek Jin Hee, and Im Shi Wan will be involved in a messy love triangle with one girl and two brothers. To keep the angst manageable, eldest hyung played by Lee Bum Soo will have his own separate love line with Oh Yeon Soo. Whew, if the drama dared to say all three long lost and fatefully reunited brothers loved one girl I might have to break up with drama sight unseen. Back to the love triangle, I think narratively and even my own preference says Jaejoong gets Bak Jin Hee in the end. His character is the rough and tumble gangster who lives at the bottom rung of society, contrast with Im Shi Wan’s character who was adopted into a rich family and grows up to be an educated casino manager.

All signs point to the screwed over middle brother Jaejoong getting the deserved happiness over his much more luxuriously brought up younger brother. I also love the gangster in love with a sweet girl premise, however dated it seems, because there is always a nugget of possibility that a poor downtrodden bastard can turn his life around with the love of a good woman. The first stills are out of Baek Jin Hee playing a casino card dealer who is the sole breadwinner in her family. She looks fantastic and I love her casting choice of going from delightfully evil Empress Tanasiri in Empress Ki to the hardworking Candy character in Triangle. It’s great acting range and I have a good feeling that she’ll be solid in this effort. MBC also released new stills of Jaejoong with his gangster buddy played by Shin Seung Hwan. I find aejoong is giving off believable vibes as a loutish wastrel type character even if it’s still a stretch to see him as a gang leader capable of winning all fights with a fist.


Triangle Releases New Stills Featuring the OTP of Gangster Jaejoong and Casino Dealer Baek Jin Hee — 9 Comments

  1. I agree on Jae winning because the conflict with the older brother can only be resolved by him not being a criminal anymore and love of a Candy could be a motivator

  2. Jaejoong was so miscasted as an officer in Dr Jin. He was alright in Protect the Boss. I can see him pulling off this role well because he is pretty good at projecting a rebellious image and his natural strut could be considered gangster-ish. Yeah, scrawny Jaejoong thumping other thugs is a stretch; maybe he can win with smarts and the help of his beefy buddy.

    Don’t know if the Poor Middle Bro will end up getting the girl though. Despite his privileged upbringing, the Poor Chaebol might have some great angst of his own. They could go for a poignant ending where the Screw-over Bro sacrifices his life/love for his young bro.

    Visually, they look so gorgeous together. Hope that the chemistry is there as well. Ugh, I can see myself flipping a few tables watching this show. But Korean melos, when done right, can tear your guts out.

  3. This series loves triangles. There is actually another female detective who digs Dong Soo (Lee Beom Soo). So the two young ones go after one girl while two women go after the hyung. Yes, it will be hilarious.

    I agree Jae Joong looks the part. I personally don’t get the complaints over his looks. Pretty people can be damaged and criminals as well. Sure, someone who has lived a tough life would not look so “clean”, but it’s Dramaland. That is the least of their worries. As long as he can pull the acting required, looks don’t matter.

    I do not expect much from this pairing which I call ODP (One Doomed Pairing) and we might even get someone’s death, if they go really dark, but it would be nice if he got to live and got the girl. Just for a change, dudes.

    Hopefully the series won’t have one of those ever so popular half-baked endings where nothing is explained/resolved and nobody really wins. Well, ‘Giant’ succeeded with a satisfying, bittersweet and contemplative ending, but that was ‘Giant’…

  4. He’s playing a gang leader? A gang minion maybe but ok i’ll go with it. He passed just smidgeon as a gang member to me, lookswise because i’m so used to him being my pretty pretty jaejoong. Siwan on the other hand, seems totally miscast. He’s still so boyish looking, i’m rather surprised he’s going to play a casino manager.

  5. Hi Koala, did you know that Baek Jin Hee previously a leading cast in a movie with now one of your fave actor, Hongki?

  6. well, they certainly look good together and I hope they have chemistry and that Jaejoong’s performance is good. She is a good actress, I have no worries on that score.

    Though the brothers-in-love-with-the-same-girl thing can be messy, I think Answer Me 1997 was one show that did the triangle well.

  7. I like Baek Jin Hee as an actress. She’s fabulous as bratty prince in Empress Ki. Jaejoong is alright. But where’s Lee Bum Soo and Shiwan. I wanna watch it for them, although I don’t like the plot. Too makjang.

  8. OMG Jaejoong and Jinhee!
    i remember Jinhee form Empress Ki and Passionate Goodbye(she acting as the dying girlfriend to Hongki)

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