Big Man Starts this Monday as Long Preview and Stills Teases a Kiss Scene with Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min

KBS delayed the premiere of Big Man intentionally for two weeks after its predecessor Beyond the Clouds (Full Sun) finished up its run in the Mon-Tues time slot. The intention was to avoid the ratings dominance of Empress Ki, but someone over at KBS couldn’t count because Big Man would have needed to be delayed for three weeks to dodge Empress Ki. Big Man is airing this Monday (as I’m posting) which puts it right up against the last two episodes of Empress Ki but I guess Big Man avoided God’s Gift: 14 Days which ended last week and will have one less competition since SBS is not premiering Dr. Stranger until next Monday. I genuinely have no clue about what ratings Big Man can expect to garner since this drama has seemed rather oddball and hard to pin down since it started releasing story and character synopsis. The general premise of a rough-and-tumble orphan adopted by a rich family out to steal his heart for the real son fairly screams horror and/or melodrama. Then the first teasers hit and there was this weird laugh track vibe and hijinks galore.

I still can’t logically figure out how heart stealing works other than to kill a person and then harvest the heart for a transplant, which totally goes beyond even the far-fetched parameters of K-drama angst. I also don’t know why heart stealing would require first lying to the guy that he’s a long lost son of the family. KBS released a long six-minute preview that piles on more questions than it doles on answers. The best part of the entire preview was the too-short scenes between Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min where he plays her designated driver after she’s been out clubbing but then he needs to evade the cops and there is even a forced kiss that made me squeal. One of the biggest problems I have with the drama after watching the long preview is with Lee Da Hee‘s character. She’s been in love with Daniel Choi‘s character since they were small and is dating him as an adult. She is helping to steal Kang Ji Hwan’s heart but then starts to feel sorry for him and eventually appears to find her heart wavering between the two men. I’m sorry but I do not like her character in the least and so far only Jung So Min’s bitchy rich girl comes across as remotely interesting. I’m watching for her and Kang Ji Hwan and might have to pretend they are the OTP just to stick with this drama.

6-minute long preview for Big Man:


Big Man Starts this Monday as Long Preview and Stills Teases a Kiss Scene with Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t know what to expect.Even from the preview, everything seems so messed up.The only thing that attracts me is the character of Kang Ji Hwan.I find his character quite interesting and it seems he’s going to be awesome it it.This is the only reason I’ll be giving this drama a try…at least the first couple of episodes.

  2. It looks so messy but I’m genuinely looking forward to it. Seems like the messy frustrating yet addicting sort of thing to watch. I hope it turns out good!

  3. Wahhhh Jung So Min! I luff her! I wish she was OTP…I feel like kdramas have lately had leads that don’t end up together (even if they should), ex. God’s Gift–14 Days, 2 Weeks, etc. this could totally happen hereeeee right?

    • I disagree about Two Weeks. It wouldn’t have made sense for the OTP to get right back together. She was just out of a serious relationship, he was just on the path to becoming a good man and they hadn’t seen each other in years. And they left on very bad terms too. I love the way it ended, realistically with a ~promise that he would come back a better man and father.

      • Oh, whoops I was actually talking about Kim So Yeon’s character. Wasn’t she the female lead? And I misspoke when I said “even if they should” since that I think that really only applied to God’s Gift (Dong Channnnn!!) but my point was that the leads don’t have to end up together if they’re working together to take down the baddies/or are trying to be a united front against something. 😀

      • Also, maybe my differentiation between “leads” and “OTP” wasn’t super clear :p Park Ha Sun was clearly the female love interest in Two Weeks, even if she wasn’t necessarily the female lead…I think Kim So Yeon was more of the female lead 😀

  4. From the trailer I thought JSM was his love interest. When I read LDH will become his I put that Drama from my watch list. Maybe that twist can make the story interesting but I would have liked it more to see how far she would go to save her lover despite knowning right from wrong.

  5. I’m intrigued to check this out mainly because I’m not sure what it is. Is it melo? Comedic? Dark? Not sure. I’m definitely interested in seeing how the writer ties the heart stealing premise in.a way that doesn’t make the audience laugh or roll our eyes. I guess there is only one way to figure out what it is…I will have to check out the first few episodes. I really like Jung So
    Min and I’m glad to see her in a drama as well.

  6. The only reason I considered watching this was for Jung So Min. Kang Ji Hwan was secondary. However, all the promotional material has turned me off entirely.

    Meanwhile, Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye need to do a project together stat! They would own the screen.

  7. I think they don’t want to steal his heart ny force, but instead by telling him that Daniel Choi character is his brother they hope he will give his heart readily? Or maybe they try to make him their son so that they can take his heart legally after they kill him?

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more about the OTP! I quickly lost interest once I found out the female lead was Lee Da Hee, and not Jung So Min.

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