In a Good Way Holds Celebratory Wrap Party with the Entire Cast in Attendance

While In a Good Way still has a few episodes remaining to air, the cast of the drama has reached the end of the road and it’s time to part ways. The adorable and wonderful cast of IAGW wrapped filming last week and this week held a much deserved wrap party with SETTV footing the celebration bill. Everyone showed up as opposed to some other dramas which limp to a finish and oftentimes half the cast skips the wrap party akin to making a speedy getaway without glancing back. Lego Lee went to get a haircut and colored it as well just to fully put Liu Chuan behind him. I have no clue why he would want to do that, whaddya mean he’s not Liu Chuan in real life? I refuse to believe it, a guy as almost perfect with a dash of prickly like Liu Chuan has to exist in this world. Bonus points because he looks as gorgeous as Lego does. I’m going to miss this drama but I’ll be missing Liu Chuan the most. It’s easy to dismiss loving his character because he’s the quintessential male that that has looks, brains, and wealth.

I appreciate his whole package but love him the most for his sensitivity and how he lives his life. Jia En is like the every girl but Liu Chuan manages to feel both elusive and grounded at the same time. The wrap party didn’t look as boozy as some of the previous ones I saw, but perhaps the boozing there was to take away the sting and memories from working on a crap drama. Everyone involved with IAGW should feel proud that they were part of something good from the first til the last drop (fingers-crossed on that). The four leads including Lego, Kirsten Jen, Jay Shih, and Smile Wen all posed for the cameras and toasted each other. Better yet they switched up the toasts and even had Jay and Lego satisfy some alterna-shippers hearts from wishing Liu Chuan and Ren Wei getogether. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lego and Jay are wearing a couple’s outfit, LOL. I’m going to miss these babies so so much when they are off the air but am content knowing how easily rewatchable this drama is.


In a Good Way Holds Celebratory Wrap Party with the Entire Cast in Attendance — 15 Comments

  1. I’ve been wondering what acting direction Lego will go. He seems to want to be a better at the craft and I can easily see him follow in the footsteps of his last co-star Vic Zhou in acting method and charisma. He has a lot of room for dramatic growth, but will he forsake his idol roots completely to go in this direction? The selfish fan in me hopes he won’t, and luckily we have the movie to keep him as LC for another year or so. But of course I’m happy to see him in any project he does and will be following his role choices very closely. I just hope he stays grounded and happy, because non-teasing pranking Lego is not the real Lego. Even Vic Zhou still has a lot of love for his F4 buddies and can partake in idol fanservice.

    • Lego still has few more years to do idol roles. I want him to take advantage of his new-found popularity before he starts going the direction of serious roles. Once he gets all these benefits in the bag then he can pursue his craft. Hehe…sounds selfish of me i know but I believe even if he takes on typical idol roles, he can shine on it and make his character meatier because of his acting ability.

      • count me in on that..Lego can do more idol roles and he can challenge himself by making it extraordinary and give more life to the character like what he did for LC.I still want him to do a few more romantic roles ๐Ÿ™‚

        And as for RongRong love this girl too..She has improved so much in her acting since IAGW started.And i noticed she is able to control her voice when she delivers her lines as well as her emotion.Can’t wait to see her tackle more projects in the future!

  2. Just know I’m going to suffer from IAGW withdrawal after the final eposode airs. Looking forward to the movie though. Hope the movie gets released in multiple countries (fingers crossed). To all IAGW fans, happy graduation!

    • Nope, not making a typo. Taiwan uses Wade-Giles so the last name ไปป is written as “Jen” and not “Ren” which is in Pinyin. It could go either way but I’ll stick with Kirsten Jen since her sister goes with Selina Jen and also because both girls are Taiwanese entertainers. Doesn’t matter really.

      It’s the same difference of why the last name ๆŽ is written as “Lee” in Taiwan and “Li” in China. So it’s Lego Lee and not Lego Li.

      • Ah, thanks for the clarification. I only ever learned Pinyin, so I thought you were continuously making a typo.

      • As an example, Janine Chang’s family name is ๅผ , Zhang in Pinyin. In Bu Bu Jing Qing, Liu Shi Shi plays ๅผ ๆ™“, Zhang Xiao in Pinyin. There is a company in episode 3 named Z & X, which she realizes are her initials. Since the setting for BBJQ is China, she thinks in Pinyin. Now in Taiwan, the company would have had to have been C & X.

  3. I heard an album would be one of the things we can look forward to from Lego. Couldn’t agree more since this guy can sing, and play the guitar to boot! Producers should really capitalize on this, i’m sure what with Lego’s current popularity, an album would be an instant sell out.

  4. I can’t believe its already been <6 months since I first started watching the drama (upon your recommendation…./forever grateful/). I now have two more TW actors to follow in RL, Lego and Rongrong.

    And the synopsis for ep 24…. KISS….KISS….KISS. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’ll definitely miss this gang! Their great camaraderie offscreen translates well onscreen which has been one of the reasons why this show has been enjoyable.

    I prefer dark hair Lego. I don’t think he’ll easily get away from being identified with his character. He owned it and really left an indelible mark to the viewers.

    Lol at the bromance! I love them for being cool about it and teasing us more in their bts scenes!

  6. I’m gonna miss this show. I love In A Good Way! I discovered your site about a week ago and read the recaps and was so happy to reminisce what happened to the In a Good Way gang ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much :)It was also great to get news about them. I have a question about the BTS, can you recommend a site that has English subs?

  7. I just cried and cried after watching episode 26. What a sad and painful ending. It should not stop here it should carry on with either a film with the entire gang or another continuation of the series :in a good way – part two. Since the title says In A Good Way, I don’t see the good way Please please Director Make it a good way for the casts like LC and JE, and the rests of the couples like Tracy Ah Chin to be together. For LC and JE the development of their love have blossomed from naught to deep love as they confessed to each other. Great couple LC n JE what a chemistry these two A good pat to your shoulder Director – enjoyed the show so much but the last is too much to endure.

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