Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo Reportedly Still Going Strong as He Finishes Military Service in One Week

It’s been decidedly quiet on the enlistment front these days but there have been plenty of murmurings about who is heading off to the army soon. Two of my guys are currently in the army and Yoo Seung Ho won’t be released until December while Song Joong Ki doesn’t come out until early 2015. A talented male actor is coming back soon and that’s Ji Hyun Woo. Anytime I hear his name it’s impossible not to think of Queen In Hyun’s Man. He enlisted shortly after that cable hit drama wrapped back in late Summer of 2012, but that alone wouldn’t have kept his name in the limelight as much as his very public and high-profile relationship with Yoo In Na. They co-starred in the drama and pretty much fell in love with the cameras rolling and the audience rooting for them. Their characters were super adorable and endearing and they had so much chemistry together they could bottle and sell in.

There hasn’t been that many openly acknowledged onset couplings so Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na are definitely one of the most memorable. Last year there was Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum in Goddess of Fire and I wonder which onscreen pairing will turn reel into real this year in 2015. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo’s relationship was reportedly on the rocks late last years as tabloids speculated that she was ready to move on from a boyfriend in the army and her own rising star in dramas after doing The Best Lee Soon Shin. Yoo In Na has denied them breaking up and said the relationship is still ongoing. I like her well enough but I’m much more looking forward to Ji Hyun Woo’s return to acting. He’s been in army musicals after enlisting so his acting and singing skills are clearly not rusty. Since it’s been a drama rut lately with a bunch of dramas ending and the news ones not yet arrived, I highly recommend Queen In Hyun’s Man as a great drama to marathon and fall in love with an extraordinary leading man and experience a lovely love story. Check out a great MV below to get swept away.

Queen In Hyun’s Man MV:


Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo Reportedly Still Going Strong as He Finishes Military Service in One Week — 38 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. So funny because I was just looking up yesterday and noticed he’s coming out of service. Timely of you to report this because it’s really silent on the media about his return. I mean there was much news about Hyun Bin. I cannot wait to see these two together again. I got so excited I started watching Taming of the Heir.

  2. One more has gone into the marines quietly, Yoon Shi Yoon. I really admire the way he went. Ms Koala, I thot u like him too? 🙂

  3. What worked for this drama is a combination of a fresh depiction of time travel during a period where time travel dramas flood the market, a smart and collected male lead who is so different from all other kdrama male leads who typical harbour some painful backstory/have a cold hard exterior/start off with bickering with the female lead, an endearing and relatable female lead, and of course good acting and even better chemistry. Ji Hyun Woo was so lucky to clinch this role!

    Who can forget the scene where we finally see how Boongdo had to make an active decision to risk his life so as to travel to see the only thing/person he knows on the other end? And the scene where she cried her heart out thinking that he had died!

    The out-ing of their real life romance was ….so romantic! I wish them all the best!

    • Also what worked:
      – lack of chaebol corporate shenanigans
      – lack of shouty MILs
      – lack of bitchy, interfering female 2nd lead (the gisaeng was awesome)
      – adorable sidekicks

      In short, it’s as close to perfect as a kdrama can be! 😀

    • I’ve tried twice to watch this twice but couldn’t get into it and I don’t know why 🙁 I got up to episode 6 and it felt like nothing had happened. I loved the leads chemistry though, very cute.

  4. i was thinking about him a week ago. I was wondering when he would come out. now i know. i expect to see a wedding soon.

  5. can’t believe that 2 years rolled by already. im so glad for them and for being patient with each other. i hear wedding bells in the near future for these two! lol

  6. Wow! Thanks for the news.
    Really 2 years? Really YESH! is coming back soon, too?

    They were awesome in this show – KBD is the perfect man…who doesn’t exist anywhere in time.

    One of my favorite directing choices was how they talked to each other without words. Remember when she shows up in her hospital room and they have Psycho Stalker, aka KBD, locked in the shower stall with the umbrella?
    When she comes in, in under ten seconds of eye movement, he narrates all of what happened to him and she understands. It is perfect. I can’t read the subtitles because they don’t matter at all.

    I must have watched the library stack conversation + kiss 2oo times.

  7. Ji Hyun Woo is one lucky man. I liked both actors in QIHM but it was Yoo In Na who cinched it for me. She was downright lovable and slightly ditzy as Hee Jin.

    And of course, who would not squeal over JHW’s very public confession of love. They are adorable together. I hope to hear wedding bells for them…not anytime soon but hopefully in a few years down the road.

  8. Yay! I hope he picks a great role to come back with. He and Yoo In Na had so much chemistry. QIHM is one of my favorite dramas of all time and I think it’s time for a rewatch.

  9. I posted a new picture from this show as my screen saver for three months to make sure that my family knew what I wanted for mother’s day. I wanted to be able to watch in bed, I loved the show so much. Perfect couple and perfect male lead. No petulance. No wrist grabbing. And a heroine who took the initiative and stole the first kiss. I think my favorite scene is when he comes back after she has been convinced that he was just a figment of her imagination. The look on her face when she first sees him again . . . my heart feels full just thinking about it.

    • Their acting in that drama was umbeliable. You just couldn’t help your self to root for them. 😉
      Did you see the video where she reponded to love declaration?! And she explain how she made him wait to make sure it wasn’t just because of the drama that she was having feelings for him. It’s really cut

  10. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. This remains one of my favorite dramas ever. I’m really excited for his return! He was just reaching his stride when he had to go do MS and had finally picked a really good project. I’m happy they are still together. She stayed so busy while he was gone I’m sure the time flew by.

  11. He wasn’t really gone, YIN could see him because in the end of day he was home, and she could visit him. Rain and Kim Tae hee also dated while he was in army.

    • I don’t usually reply to comments but in this case, I think I must…

      The Korean mandatory military service is a cruel, cruel experience for all involved. It involves isolation from the outside world and two years of your life wasted. I had to see off so many of my university classmates, and although they tried to put up a brave front, you could tell it did kill them a wee bit. And when they returned, it took them so long to return to normal.

      If I remember correctly, Ji Hyun Woo enlisted into the ‘normal’ army, and the fact that his name didn’t come up at all when the whole military entertainment division scandal happened suggests that his time in the military was spent following rules and regulations. The musicals that he appeared in were army propaganda musicals – that was his given ‘special task’ within the army.

      So I think it is quite unfair of you to say ‘he wasn’t really gone’… not only to Ji Hyun Woo but also to the tens of thousands of Korean men (many of them still boys, actually) who have to give up more than two whole years of your life.

      • it isn’t unfair since he was in the celebrity unit, where they get away with a lot, they do musicals but while practicing for it they have free time to get visits or visit others, KTH and rain dated like this, rain would always go tp meet her after practising, since they were give 2-3 days out of their base. JHW was also in this unit, and only after Rain scandal he and other celebrities were put in other unit and behaved like real soldiers, doing what others did, this was fair enough.

      • I think Rain’s status and therefore the positive image the army wanted to gain from him are a lot higher than Ji Hyun Woo’s. Not every celebrity soldier got Rain’s treatment or e.g. Seven’s freedom, I’m sure.
        The army utilizes the stars’ image for their own purpose. It is highly unfair to crucify the actors for doing what the army wants from them.

        I remember an interview with the participants of this army musical and Ji Hyun Woo was asked about their relationship. He answered, that Yoo In Na still took all his phonecalls. He couldn’t go home.

        Looking forward to his release and to hearing good news from this sweet couple. (Although Yoo In Na was quoted lately as not being able to be in love with the same person for more than a year. I hope this proofs to be wrong.)

    • No. Rain got a lot of shit for his dates with KTH and the massive amount of time he took off, but even he still didn’t go to own home at the end of the day. Public service people go home, but not celebrity soldiers. There are perks and special treatment, but definitely not to that extent.

    • From what I know, the military itself clarified that JHW was never part of the now defunct celebrity soldier unit, he was always mistaken coz of the musical. I think him and Yoo Seung Ho (pre SJK) were the only 2 celebrity then who were not part of the celebrity unit and opted to enter different military divisions, hence were not involved in the celebrity soldiers scandals. So, I am assuming that since they served their MS in a much more controlled environment, hence regular soldier holidays for them and not the special holidays afforded some celebrity soldiers. 🙂

  12. Please God let them together forever or i’ll be broken heart T__T. AHHHH love inhyun couple so much. I hope we will hear their wedding announcement soon.

  13. They have some of the best chemistry from any drama ive seen. Its one of the few shows ive rewatched… the only other romcom ive seen that has that much chemistry and squeal moments is the thai full house.

  14. Omo, oppa is going hoome!
    What would be the exact date?
    Omo he’s free to see In Na unni soon! *so excited for them*
    And i could just imagine oppa giving Inna the Kim Boong Do look everytime he comes back to the present and In Na would melt and smile like Hee Jin.

    The best news!^^ thanks Okoala!

  15. My favorite drama. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!!! Now I want to watch it again. I so so loved their chemistry. Looking forward to seeing what he’ll do next.

  16. I agree this is definitely one the best dramas, at least in my book. The plot is not so stereotypical and packed with great OST. Also the chemistry between the leads is just so special that you don’t see it in any other Kdramas.

  17. Coming from someone who RARELY watching Rom anything, this is a must-see! So glad to hear their relationship weathered the separation and now we are a week away and a month before seeing him again on the screen! YEAH!!

  18. could someone please tell me when is the prosecutor guy from City Hunter going to be released from the army? i thought he was supposed to be out by now, but there aren’t any news….

  19. JHW and YIN will you please get back together and give us a happy ending?!? It’s irritating to see Bongdoo with different “Queen”.<//3

    However I enjoyed the Trot Lovers…Pink has a very good voice.

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