Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min Sizzle Up the Screen with a Run and Hug in Episode 3 of Big Man

I was waiting to see if episode 3 of Big Man narratively inspired me enough to pick up recapping it. Sadly it doesn’t. Structuring an entire story around a far-fetched heart theft murder attempt only works because the writing takes it seriously and deals with the fall out, plus Kang Ji Hwan sells the heck out of leading man Ji Hyuk, but so many other characters are bland and the corporate backdrop makes me yawn. But I still enjoy it solely for Kang Ji Hwan and the still fascinating character of second female lead Jin Ah played by Jung So Min. Other than Ji Hyuk, she’s the only other character who seems to be alive and kicking in the show rather than going through the motions. By episode 3 Daniel Choi‘s Dong Seok still hasn’t returned from whence he was sent to get a heart transplant and that leaves Lee Da Hee‘s Mi Ra to try and deal with Ji Hyuk at work and their interactions are so snooze-inducing I actually did go back to bed and take a short nap before coming back to write this post.

It’s Goddess of Fire all over again, where Moon Geun Young had way more chemistry with second lead Kim Bum over lead Lee Sang Yoon (who is capable of smoking chemistry as evidenced right now where’s he’s lighting up the screen with Gu Hye Sun in Angel Eyes). I did weekly GoF posts just for the alterna-coupling and as long as there is a juicy or entertaining scene between Ji Hyuk and Jin Ah then I’ll write about Big Man every week to highlight their cuteness. Episode 3 deals with the Chairman publicly giving Ji Hyuk an executive director position to continuing the lie that he’s the family’s long-lost son. Ji Hyuk is wary but goes along with it when the Chairman pulls the “woe is me, I really owe you big time for abandoning you” card. Jin Ah acts out hearing gruff hottie Ji Hyuk is now her oppa and moves out of the house. She runs into Ji Hyuk on the street and what follows is a hilarious scene where she purposely antagonizes a bunch of passing gangsters just to get Ji Hyuk in trouble. They end up running for it and hugging it out to avoid detection. These two are so destined for angry make-out sessions, but first Jin Ah needs to be disabused of the lie that Ji Hyuk is her oppa.

Jung So Min-Kang Ji Hwan cut Big Man episode 3:


Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min Sizzle Up the Screen with a Run and Hug in Episode 3 of Big Man — 17 Comments

      • Thank you recapping Big Man, Ockoala. I haven’t watched the full episode 3 yet but I was laughing so hard watching the portion that you have posted. I love JiHwan and Somin’s interactions – they’re both so good together. I hope they have more scenes in future episodes.

    • Same. The drama’s bland but they have great chemistry. Such a shame she’s the second lead and likely destined for crazy town.

  1. She changed her her again! I loved the cherry red colour on her. But she still looks prettt here…Hmm maybe the writer can still put her character and kang ji hwan’s character together? We can hope 😀

  2. I don’t understand Korean and I found myself giggling at them. She has been sitting to play this type of character, I’m so glad she finally got to as she’s great at it.

  3. I can totally understand you! I had a feeling Jung So Min would steal the show!

    I hope you’ll keep posting about it, even if you don’t recap it.

  4. Koala ji-hyun-woo was officially discharged and when asked about Yoo In Na he said it was a hard question to answer… guess they are no longer together even though her agency denied it :((

  5. Hi koala i’m just a silent follower of yours since the King 2 hearts,& now i’m loving Angel Eyes so hopefully you can write more about it since from your previous post you have a favorable opinion of the drama.this is the only drama i have an interest with since King2Hearts.More power!

  6. Thanks for your post koala^_*:) I enjoyed watching Jihwan and Somin’s together! Very cute and funny (: Really hope they have more scenes! Loves love their chemistry!!! 🙂

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