Darling Yoon Si Yoon Quietly Enlists in the Marines and Commences Military Service

My baby boy went off to the army! Not just to any military division, Yoon Si Yoon quietly enlisted in the most hardcore marines this past week with no media coverage until after he left. I heard about it a month ago when his agency confirmed that he had been accepted into the marines and that he was planning to quietly enlist after promotions for his movie Mr. Perfect with Yeo Jin Goo. When Hyun Bin enlisted in the marines it kinda made sense because he’s always struck me as a very focused intense guy but I was taken aback with Yoon Si Yoon electing to join the marines. It’s exciting that he applied and got accepted because he’s going to challenge himself the way he wants and I have faith he’ll come back enriched from the experience. I tried to ignore his enlistment this past week in an useless attempt to pretend it didn’t happen but now I’ve dealt with my sadness I can say farewell to this very talented young man as he heads off on a new two year journey in his life.

Thankfully I’ll have his Jae Hee from Me Too, Flower! and his Enrique Geum from Flower Boy Next Door to rewatch anytime I miss him, and maybe even a side of his Kang In Ho in Prime Minister and I if I’m really desperate and have run out of things to watch. He’s due for a dark gritty role when he comes back. I have a batch of Yoon Si Yoon magazine spreads from the last few months gathering dust in my files so now’s the perfect time to share as I blink back tears to send off another of my favorites. He did an Allure Korea spread for the February 2014 edition that is adorable and full of hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day, plus late last year he was promoting Flower Boy Next Door in Japan and did a couple of magazine shoots for the Japanese publications. One particular spread feature him with his FBND co-star Park Shin Hye so that’s a double treat for me.


Darling Yoon Si Yoon Quietly Enlists in the Marines and Commences Military Service — 13 Comments

  1. Good for him. He seems down to earth and I will miss him in dramas. I hope to see him in more dramatic roles when he returns.

  2. YSY is really talented,I was blown away with his acting in ” Bakers King” and been his fan ever since. I admire him even more now, looking forward to his comeback in 2 years.

  3. Me too, I love him since Baker King. He has his own special charm that stands out and make him unique to me. I simply can’t resist his smile. So cute!! But what I really love the most about YSY is his down to earth personality. Fighting YSY!

  4. awwww that FBND photoshoot brings back memories, he and PSH were so adorable together (and Heirs actually made me forget what it’s like to see her actually looking like she’s into a guy so thanks for the reminder!)

    I hope our favourite panda flower boy goes well and comes back in 2 years’ time an even better actor, like so many before him. He’s so talented.

  5. I’m impressed he enlisted quietly with no fanfare at all. I’m further impressed he chose the Marines. I wish him all the best.

  6. I watched the variety show Barefoot Friends just for Yoon Si Yoon. In that show he overcame his fear of water and I think heights while training for an Idol diving competition.

    It was pretty cool to watch him push through the fear. Now I can’t believe he’s going to be a Marine after overcoming fear of water just that last year!

  7. He was the main actor in a Chinese drama called Happy Noodles. You can try to catch it online but I am not certain how good it is. I have yet to watched it.

  8. Oh I’m going to miss him. He seems like such a nice, caring and down to earth person. When I think of him…Enrique comes to mind 🙂 I wish him well and hope that the 2 years fly by.

  9. I loved him as Kim Tak Gu, and enjoyed his antics and clumsiness in Barefoot Friends. After Barefoot, I really cannot picture him as a marine, but good for him! And cute pics spread you’ve got here, ockoala, I enjoyed them, thanks!

  10. i m very happy to hear about yoon si yoon to join in marine.so “best of luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” and i wish to come back soon to ur family and friends.

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