First Peek at Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi in Character on the Joseon Gunman Set

Last week was fantastic for a K-drama fan, so many new dramas premiering with many quite watchable. I remember dry spells when nothing beckoned other than lackluster dramas one would watch because nothing else was on. Even if the Spring arrivals have mostly met expectations, that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking forward to the Summer fare. My most anticipated is none other than Joseon Gunman (The Joseon Shooter) which doesn’t premiere until the last week of June following Golden Cross on KBS Wed-Thurs. The drama comes from the talented and successful production team behind The Princess’s Man, a sageuk that blended romance and political intrigue with equal parts intensity not to mention being insanely beautiful to watch with poetic visuals. Joseon Gunman reunites one of my favorite OTPs of all time in Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi who costarred in Time Between Dog and Wolf together.

The first peek at the two beautiful leads from the set have leaked courtesy of the social media account of one of the child actors who is in the drama. He snapped a picture each with Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi and also appears to film a scene with Lee Jun Ki’s character which means the little boy isn’t playing the childhood counterpart of one of the leads. I wonder if there will even be a childhood sequence here? Seeing Jun Ki dressed like a yangban brings back memories of Arang and the Magistrate and I just want to yell out “Sato!” since he looks just like his magistrate character in that supernatural sageuk. Nam Sang Mi is rocking the hanbok in her picture below though the combination of bright yellow and green is a bit too bright for my tastes. Thus far the Joseon-era outfits in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love remain the gold standard of drama period dressing. Second male lead Han Joo Wan also posted a picture of him in character on his own social media account and he’s looking mighty fine. Please be awesome, drama!


First Peek at Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi in Character on the Joseon Gunman Set — 11 Comments

  1. aaaah it’s sageuk Jun-ki!!! <33333333333

    I'm not feeling that hanbok colour combination on Nam Sang-mi either, but I hope to god this will be good. May has given us some really promising dramas, and I hope June continues that with this one.

  2. I’m so happy this is happening. So far, everything works perfectly on paper. I hope the drama will be as fantastic as I hope. I’m so excited for this.

    • And im glad that Joseon Gunman is at work. Both Lee Junki and Nam SangMi are great actors… and i could already see their sparkling chemistry❤ onscreen and hopefully Offscreen, hehege!

  3. Finally…
    I Love Lee Jun Ki in Historical Drama.
    Satto….!!!! I Miss You…
    But…I don’t like lead actress…

  4. I really like segeuk drama especially Lee Junki, but Sang Mi she looks just as noona for Junki -_-
    JunKi has a cute face and baby face, if moon geun young or moon chae woon. may appear to be better 🙂

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