Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Show More Couple Chemistry in New 7-11 CF for Rilakkuma Goodies

It’s T-minus one week left of In a Good Way and that means the time is also winding down for cute couples promotions featuring leads Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen. They are still one of the cutest onscreen couples to come out of TW-dramas in a long time, even cuter than last year’s power couple Aaron Yan and Puff Guo from Just You, and way way cuter than the previous year’s couple du jour George Hu and Annie Chen from Love, Now. While Rong Rong is on the tall side to be paired up with Lego, and even he’s commented that he’s never worked with a leading lady who is about his height, they someone still convey this adorable quality much like an owner toying with a pet kitten. The fun part is that they take turns being the owner and the pet kitten. SETTV has already slapped them on the cover of its home published SPop magazine along with its sister IWalker publication.

Both Rong Rong and Lego have also seen their individual CF engagements explode in the last few months though both have only selectively accepted a limited amount due to filming constraints with IAGW as well as Lego’s recent back problem is curtailing his work load. That means the just released Couples CF featuring the delightful duo shilling for Taiwan’s 7-11 chain is about as precious as can be considering it might be one of the last we’ll see featuring both of them. 7-11 is rolling out a series of Rilakkuma freebies that can be procured with points gathered from shopping at the convenience store. As cute as Rilakkuma is, I can usually restrain myself unless the giveaway features Hello Kitty and then I’m all over it. Lego and Rong Rong filmed three adorable CFs, one featuring a line of cute coffee spoons, another showing fuzzy pens, and a final one with tape post-its. Check it out and get ready to plaster a giant grin on your face.

Lego-Rong Rong 7-11 CFs:


Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Show More Couple Chemistry in New 7-11 CF for Rilakkuma Goodies — 16 Comments

  1. no to winding down! there’s hope that there will be more once the movie comes around again. im sticking to that hope.

    also love sassy rong rong. if and when settv matches this couple again, hopefully rong rong can play a similar character and lego can be more goofy like in real life.

    • yessss to this 😛 I swear when I saw the BTS I was like… omg he’s like a little kid xD I love their interaction off screen too~ SO adorbs. I seriously am not ready to let this couple go and wish the movie would come soon ;___;

    • haha that was the first thought that came to my mind!! pretty sure that this commercial would be lame if it wasn’t helmed by these two cutie pies!! 😀

  2. Ms. Koala, George Hu and Annie Chen were from Love, Now, not Inborn Pair! 🙂

    Rongrong and Guoyi are way too adorable!! Those Rilakkuma goodies are gonna be a hit for sure.

  3. i never knew 拉拉熊 is what they called rilakkuma! it’s adorable! but not as much as their derpy rilakkuma faces in the second video 😛

  4. These two are too adorable for words. I watched IAGW on a whim and fell absolutely in love with them as the OTP. These 7-11 CFs and that other couple “date” they filmed should be called Instant Smile. As soon as I see them together, all coupely I smile instantly. 😀

  5. RongRong and Lego should definitely do a romcom! Sassy RongRong meets nerdy-shy Lego..The CFs are such a tease! They have to do another drama! Please drama gods make it happen!

    • I agree, but it needs to be well-thought out and not something like Love Around. Those producers seemed to think that it could have a show based on the chemistry between George Hu and Annie Chen without really bothering with a real script or plot. Our adorable pair here deserve better. George Hu and Annie Chen deserved better. (Okay, anyone would deserve better).

  6. Wow, cuties! Rilakkuma reminds me of Office Girls, where poor Rilakkuma becomes a substitute for Roy Qiu’s character subjected to Alice Ke’s torture 🙂 Thank goodness 7-11 doesn’t promote Pooh freebies, which keeps my crazy hoarding tendency in check 🙂

  7. They are the cutest couple to come out of TW in recent years that I’m crazily shipping them…lol! Yeah, love the sassy RongRong too! It’s a welcome change from her innocent JiaEn character.

    Btw, another RY cf just came out and as expected, too adorable for words 😀

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