Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Confirm Breakup as Trot Lovers Finalizes Casting with Leading Lady Jung Eun Ji

KBS is going the method acting route in casting its upcoming music industry drama Trot Lovers. The main cast consists of all musician/actor hybrids without a single weak link in the mix. Ji Hyun Woo already confirmed his casting as the male lead when he was discharged from military service last week. KBS had courted one of its favorite young stars IU to be his leading lady but she ultimately turned it down purportedly due to conflict with her upcoming scheduled new album. Stepping in is A-Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji, who I actually got to know first as an actress from her turn in the wonderful Answer Me 1997. While the two girls have very different acting and singing styles, at least both have strong chops in the two mediums and I’m assured with Eun Ji onboard at least Trot Lovers won’t falter with uneven leading talent. Also signed on are other singer-actors, notably You From Another Star‘s resident baddie Shin Song Rok with his musical stage experience and Son Ho Jun from Answer Me 1994 who actually debuted in 2007 as member of Tachyon, a 3 member boyband. Former child actress Lee Se Young from Goddess of Marriage has also been offered a role as Jung Eun Ji’s frenemy and rival. I’m looking forward to Trot Lovers with a premise that promises fun music, lots of rom-com style bickering, and an underdog success story. But on the same day the drama gets its main cast all lined up comes the expected and weaksauce official confirmation from both Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo’s agency that the two have broken up. They broke up towards the end of last year (when the break up rumors surfaced) but Yoo In Na’s side didn’t want to confirm it for Ji Hyun Woo’s sake and affect his post-discharge work offers. This couple was cute when it lasted and this tanked relationship is probably a good reminder for why not to start a new relationship right before the guy goes off to the army for two years.

The entire story centers around a leading lady who aspires to be a trot singer and the leading man is a renowned songwriter who gets roped into developing her talent. Shin Song Rok will be playing the CEO of Ji Hyun Woo’s agency while Son Ho Jun is Ji Hyun Woo’s manager who once harbored dreams of becoming a trot singer himself.

It’s a shame IU passed on the project, whether due to her upcoming album conflict or the awkwardness of acting opposite her good friend Yoo In Na’s now ex-boyfriend. It sounds like a meaty role for a young singer-actress and I’m glad if IU didn’t take it that it went to Eun Ji. Oh wells, sisters before work, right?


Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Confirm Breakup as Trot Lovers Finalizes Casting with Leading Lady Jung Eun Ji — 26 Comments

  1. Ah I’m a bit disappointed they broke up…they looked so cute. Also its too bad IU isnt going to act in the drama. She has such a good voice and wonderfull acting skills. I’ll just watch Hyun Woo and Eunji for now ^_^

    • I’m not to worried, they’ll be plenty of other opportunities for IU to shine vocally and with dramas too. Here’s wishing the best for all of them.

      Lesson learned: I can see why a great majority of Kdrama stars keep their relationships under wraps until they reach the altar stage. It seems like there’s little to be gained from such publicity. If I were to view this whole situation in a different light, I might even suspect that the whole thing was a publicity stunt to keep the spot light on them. But I love Yoo In Na too much to think that.

  2. Sorry to say this, but I don’t believe they were ever dating; posing for the camera before his army stint….yes, real dating…..don’t think so.

    • But aside from publicizing a drama that had already finished airing (more or less) at that point, what’s to be gained from such a charade?

    • They were barely together before he left, so you aren’t wrong lol. Not sure I consider a month of hanging out and some phone calls while he’s away dating. I can see why people are upset because the QIHM OTP was awesome, but their breakup I saw coming a mile away. I bet they probably broke up when the rumors came out last year.

      How he handled the whole thing really killed some of my love from him I had from QIHM. Eunji sounds like a great choice for this drama though.

      • I guess I should read the whole post, so yeah they have been broke up a while it’s confirmed. Such a messy situation.

    • Yea exactly. Honestly, I’m one of those who think it was quite selfish of him to publicly confess to her a month before going to the army. If he did it quietly, they could’ve dated a month and if they broke up, at least the media wouldn’t know about it unless they get caught somewhere in between. It seems the netizens were sympathetic towards YIN (a rarity in today’s time) so that’s a relief.

      None of us know who’s fault it is, but I hope the media doesn’t haunt them with this story even 10 years from now.

  3. I am asking this because I am trying to understand: how would the news of his breakup have affected JHW’s post-discharge work offers? Wouldn’t the producers (or those who offer roles) focus on his acting (and singing) skills and work ethics? Why would his personal romantic life affect whether he gets offered roles or not? This is not a bad “scandal” (like being caught doing drugs or gambling), is it?

    If we were to compare this news to Kim Woo-bin and his girlfriend’s agencies confirming that they have broken up, how is JHW’s news different? KWB is not any less popular since the news of his breakup, it seems. And both couples had broken up privately, before it was made public later.

    I do wish all four people well, going forward.

  4. Ji Hyun woo wears his heart on his sleeve. He can’t hide his emotions. The moment he got discharged and talked I knew it was over. I didn’t need no press release to know this romance was over.

  5. will not suprise me one bit. if it was yoo in na who ask IU to not take the role cuz of her break up with JHW. IU could really shine in this drama if she was cast cuz of her singing and acting. Eun ji is good to.
    she look pretty/her acting is good to.

  6. I love this casting Eunji is great young actress, and i love Ji Hyun Woo.

    I`m sorry to hear he broke up with Yoo In Ah but i guess that`s what two years of military does to a relationship.

    I just hope for Lee Seung Gi and Yoona to survive.

  7. I have mixed emotions right now! I feel so sad because of Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo but I’m really happy to hear about Jung Eun Ji will be a leading lady again.. I really love her and Yoo In Na as well. *sigh*

  8. Jung Eun Ji is the icing on the cake <3

    I'm soooooo glad she's taking the role and got the opportunity to shine again. I loved her in AM'97. She's one of the main reasons why I enjoyed AM'97 so much more than AM'94.
    And I can see that she'll totally fit the role here (don't wanne talk about TWTWB…)

    BTW, the whole cast is a treat. Thanks :))))))

  9. Relationship in milatary services doesnt work well right..I never thought they will break-up since they can still meet each other during the two years. Hyun Bin, Song Hye Gyo and Choi Woo Jin break up is a sad dating post drama stories and break up.

  10. @flore. yoona will wait for LSG. she not one who will break up just cuz of not seeing him much for 2 year.

  11. im heartbroken when i heard the news that the two broke up!
    no matter what, his confessions was priceless!
    thank u for the romance and for share it with all of us!
    it was so cute!
    army ruin it! thank u two years later…..

  12. Read about MGY and KM break up too…

    I dunno, I just think that MAYBE half of K-actor/actress idols out there were dating, either with someone in the industry or normal people outside their circle. It just that they don’t get caught and willing to publicize it.

    And I believe some of this celebs that broke-up, were actually still an item but for career’s sake, they just say that they’ve broken up.

    OKAY.. back to Trot Lovers,

    I’m glad it’s Eunji!

  13. I’m curious to watch this drama. I loved Eun Ji In Reply 1997 but not so much in That Winter, the Wind Blows. I think if the music is good it can be a good drama.

  14. I love Eunji and she’s a fantastic singer so hopefully this will be good.

    Too bad about our QIHM OTP, but it must have been difficult for them anyway. Hope they both do well now, this month has seen a lot of breakups!

  15. Excited to see where this leads! IU is an amazing singer in her genre, but I believe that Eun Ji is a much better fit for the role because Eun Ji can sing in the classic trot style. So many real trot songs require a really big voice and crazy control of vibrato, which IU can’t do very well (but her remakes of old songs in her style are so good!)

    Plus, trot is kind of seen as a country/rural thing and I think Eun Ji really has that feeling to her. I saw her on the variety show 4 sons 1 daughter singing trot songs with the grandparents, and she fit in so well and knew so many songs they called her the trot jukebox. 🙂

  16. I’m such an Eunji fangirl omg I am so glad for her! I have no doubt that she’ll do well, but I hope netizens don’t make nasty comments about her appearance and etc like they did during The Wind Blows~. Ugh.

    Iu’s new single is fantabulous.

  17. im so worried about of break up …. yoo in na is my idol and ji hyun woo is so very cute couple why you are break up im so glad ………… yoo in na is very beautiful ji hyun woo why are you break up

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