Lovers in Music Showcases the Colorful Cast Led by Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji

Seeing the official stills of all the leads in the upcoming Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) makes me want to yell “Avengers Assemble”, with music lovers substituting for Avengers of course. It’s just three weeks away from the premiere of what is billed as a musical rom-com success story starring Ji Hyun Woo, Jung Eun Ji, Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young, and Son Ho Joon. KBS released stills of the two leads last week but today we get the stills showing the two leads interacting as well as the characters still for the rest of the main cast. I hope the drama dispenses with the usual backstabbing villain trope, the very premise of trying to make it in the hyper-competitive Korean music industry is a tall enough mountain to climb for aspiring trot singer Choi Choon Hee played by Jung Eun Ji. Luckily she crosses paths with top music producer Jang Joon Hyun played by Ji Hyun Woo who is tasked with guiding her career. Shin Sung Rok plays a good guy agency director who reps both the producer and the trot starlet while Son Ho Joon is Joon Hyun’s hardworking manager Seol Tae Song who has always harbored trot dreams himself. I would love to see Eun Ji and Ho Joon do a trot duet at some point in the drama. Rounding out the cast is rising young actress Lee Se Young as Park Soo In who is another singer at the same agency who views Choon Hee as a rival. Writing is the scriptwriter behind Baby-faced Beauty while the PD is a KBS veteran with a light touch with dramas like Sons of Sol Pharmacy, Three Dads One Mom, and Dalja’s Spring under his belt. Start getting ready for trot music to hit the small screen and hopefully bring some laughter and brightness to the currently much too somber Mon-Tues time slot.


Lovers in Music Showcases the Colorful Cast Led by Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji — 15 Comments

  1. I feel like Eunji set the bar too high for herself after a great debut like Answer Me 1997. She’s got a very natural screen presence and good chemistry with her costars plus good emoting ability, and I hope it shows up here.

    I miss Ji Hyun Woo’s old teeth though.

    • Me too! Only the second pic looks remotely like him. :/ He lost lots of weight, got a different hair color and cut. On top of that the teeth. I’m still waiting to see a closer pic of the ‘new’ JHW in civilian outfit.

  2. One thing about the cast- they all have distinctive looks and don’t look generic. Thank goodness for that.

    I was listening to some trot music yesterday in preparation.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this even though I know nothing about trot music. Does anyone remember the name of the movie starring JHW as a rock singer? It was really good and I would love to see it again.

  4. I feel him more of a man now ! After the army of course ! I cant wait to see how the rest will look like imagine lee min ho being more sexy ! Is that even possible ?
    oh I googled trot music actually

  5. I am SO looking forward to this it’s not even funny! This recent crop of dramas has been disappointing to say the least with doctor stranger going haywire and you’re all surrounded being so underwhelming. The only two dramas I am following are golden cross and a new leaf.

    Also, I finish my finals this week and so will be waiting on pins and needles for this and Joseon’s Gunman.

  6. I so very, very much want to watch this, but so far there’s no sign of it coming on DF, viki or – very, very disappointing!

  7. Imagine Shin Sung Rok saying in the middle of the drama, “Take care of your health, You know I like you.”

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