So Ji Sub Models Watches for High Cut and Plans to Release New Hip-hop Album at the End of June

The Summer of 2014 will mark the first time in two years that So Ji Sub doesn’t have a Summer drama lined up. In 2012 there was Ghost (Phantom) and last year in 2013 who can forget The Master’s Sun. I’m pretty bummed about it because I’ve gotten used to So Ji Sub as a cool lollipop on a hot day, so to speak, but at least his TMS co-star Gong Hyo Jin is sticking with her Summer output and coming back next month with It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung. It’s such a Pavlovian drama reaction anytime I write So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung’s names in close proximity to want to throw in Ha Ji Won as well. The hurts so good scars from What Happened in Bali never really goes away. Even though So Ji Sub doesn’t have a drama lined up, he’s got other things planned but first have an ode to his biceps, a lot of watches, and his patented brand of hot smolder in the recent Spring edition of High Cut magazine.

Those of you with sharp eyes not focused on his come hither look or massive tattooed guns may notice that he’s wearing a different watch in each picture. The pictorial is for Archimedes watches, a Korean brand that has sighed So Ji Sub as an endorsement model. That’s a smart move because So Ji Sub might just have the prettiest set of man hands in the industry. I’m not sure why two of the pictures has a model in a nude leotard posing with her rear end right behind his head which neither strikes me as aesthetically pleasing nor comfortable a pose. Despite taking a break from the acting side, So Ji Sub is diving back into his music dreams with the scheduled released of a hip-hop album at the end of June in collaboration with hip-hop trio Soul Dive. His Asian fans will also have an upcoming multi-city fan meeting to look forward to in July, which will likely include performances of his latest “songs” off his new album. I gotta give to the man, he is fearless when it comes to pursuing his passion for music despite producing mostly underwhelming to supremely bad stuff so far.


So Ji Sub Models Watches for High Cut and Plans to Release New Hip-hop Album at the End of June — 9 Comments

  1. I get that he’s the angsty-type, but by the time I reached the last photo, I thought “why does he have the same constipated (and miserable) look in all the photos?”. I’m sure he looks great smiling too. Duh.

    • Hahaha, I was reading it more like he’s tortured and then towards the end he looks more annoyed. -.- is it that torturous to come up with different poses for watches?

  2. Wasn’t the theme with the woman supposed to be desperate lovers meeting again after a long time or something along those lines?

    Who cares. SJS is hot. Only man I like tattoos on. *yum*

  3. Omo Omo SJS is HOT!!! Are korean artist allow to have tattoos in korea??? I heard they are not allow but wasn’t sure…

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