Filming Starts on C-movie Heirs From Another Star Mashing Up Two Popular K-dramas

In what might be perfect as a parody project but is instead a serious undertaking, China is capitalizing on the success of the two biggest K-dramas last year by mashing the the two together into a nugget of sure-to-be pure awful. Filming begun last week on a C-movie called Heirs From Another Star (來自星星的繼承者們) which is literally the spliced together unholy union of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun‘s alien-meets-actress romance You From Another Star with the Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye led rich kids high school inheritance outing Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstands its Weight: The Heirs. Clearly this thing is ripe to be mocked and the C-netizens are appropriately horrified as anyone else who hears this news. The production has announced that it’s reaching out to both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun to make a cameo and is quite confident one or both guys can be persuaded since both are making concerted headway into the Chinese market.

The fact that Heirs From Another Star is a movie rather than a 40-episode C-drama does make it easier to digest. The movie cast did the prayer ceremony in front of the Forbidden Palace while the leads were dressed in Qing dynasty garb, making one wonder if there is also a time-travel element being tossed into this bibimbap production. I think it’s probably swapping the Qing for the Joseon era for the alien who arrives on Earth segment. The leading lady is newbie actress Zhao Yi Huan who is known for her big chest more than anything else. The arrival of this K-drama mashup has given C-netizens a field day in devising dramas and titles to combine into some tentacled monster of makjang. My favorite is this mouthful: Heirs From Another Star is at Soonpoong Clinic watching Winter Sonato and discovered My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and escaped to Full House to see the Rooftop Prince and Dae Jang Geun standing at the Stairway to Heaven having an Autumn in My Heart romance. Okay, I need a stiff drink now. Check out the first glimpse at the hilarity to come below.


Filming Starts on C-movie Heirs From Another Star Mashing Up Two Popular K-dramas — 26 Comments

    • I think I’d watch this movie just to see both of my Oppas in the same frame. Imagine if they ever did a drama together though, there will be endless fanwars.

  1. Oh lawrd. They could’ve at least gotten a better actress both in appearance and in acting skills. But whatever, I just want to see how this is going to turn out. It has got to be hilarious.

  2. Doctor Stranger is quite popular in China these days, maybe later on they’ll change the movie’s title to Strange Heirs From Another Star and involve a mindfuck of conspiracy between Earth and another planet. LOL

  3. At first I was horrified then I felt excitement! Lol, this will be priceless! It’ll be fun to watch to pick apart

  4. Oh boy. IMO,that’s ridiculous. Gladly, I don’t watch many C-Dramas or C-movies so I have no problem with skipping this one for sure. They’re just rubbing the popularity of the two Kdramas. Pop K-dramas and TW-dramas are getting remakes from left and right.

  5. Yeah they can go to School with the Vampire Idol to learn what a Gentleman’s Dignity is so they can pull the Heartstrings and become (you’re)Beautiful. I hope they won’t do a Mackarel Run but turn to be a City Hunter over Flowers that can fight Secretly and Greatly.

  6. LOL! From then till now, you never fail to make me laugh with your insights Ms.K .

    … and I really found the news funny enough to make me come out again..

    *hops back to my hiding place

  7. Ahhh, I remember Zhao Yihuan as the female lead’s seductive younger sister in Never Give Up, Dodo with Godfrey Gao and Yin Hang.

    As terrible an idea this is, it’ll probably be a hit in the box office.

  8. Just like most of the people here… I’m also speechless. I can’t imagine how are they going to pull this mash-up. Intriguing.

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